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In this Article ⇒ What is an email verifier? ⇒ How email verification functions? ⇒ The Major Email Validation Steps ⇒ Why emails go bad ⇒ A few things to keep in mind when you choose an email verifier
Every marketer that has ever run an email campaign knows that email marketing is an efficient strategy. It helps you stay in touch with your customers and boost your sales. Also, a good email service provider allows you to track all of your metrics, which is crucial to your success. Delivery rates, open and click-through rates, and conversions – these are all things you need to keep an eye on. There is one more aspect, though, you must not overlook when it comes to email marketing: how accurate your email list is. Email verification plays an important role here. The more accurate your email database is, the better your campaign's performance will be. Furthermore, it saves you money, time, and the effort of scrubbing the list yourself, which would be impossible to do when it needs an in-depth cleaning.

What is an email verifier?

An email verifier is a desktop program or an online service that allows marketers to confirm a single email address or a whole collection of email addresses, and make sure the contacts exist, are valid and legitimate. Nowadays, many email verifiers are represented as online services, and the reason is quite simple – it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device. They do not require any additional resources besides an internet connection and can be easily supported and upgraded by its developers. However, the most important reason is that you are able to use multiple secure servers for email verification, not run the whole procedure by using your own IP address. The very best example of a modern and feature-rich email verification platform is It's a validation service that offers users the ability to check both single emails, and email lists in bulk. Now that we’ve clarified what an email verifier is, let us take a look at what's behind the system and how it really works.

How email verification functions

Even though a lot of people have heard about email verifiers, or maybe used them, not all know the technical aspects of the service. We’ll explain how it works by describing the main technological features and verification measures.

The Major Email Validation Steps:

Syntax check - That is the core attribute, the very first action of an email verifier. It makes sure the syntax of the email address is accurate. ⇒ Domain check – It allows you to be certain the domain where the email is hosted actually exists, is registered and is functioning correctly. ⇒ Mail ping - This is the most complex step. The response from the server will confirm the email address really exists on the host and that it’is active. Email verification services provide all or only some of these mechanisms. For example, uses each one of the core techniques granting some of the most precise results: 98% accuracy. All of the attributes described above are a must-have in any email verification service, as all of them matter.


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Why emails go bad

There are a number of reasons why an email address may not be working anymore or be considered invalid. Let's take a peek at the most frequent reasons that turns a valid address into a useless one.   People switch to a different email provider/service. Probably one of the most common reasons. Here's a fast example -- someone used their email provider's email service (a local one) and then switched to Gmail, or vice versa. Even if the very first email address is still “active,” a message delivered to it will never get opened. ⇒  They change their email ID. Another common situation -- an individual keeps using the same email provider, but switches to another account with another email address. In many businesses, especially bigger ones, workers have distinct email address types in accordance with their positions. Low-level workers, mid-level workers and C-level employees usually have various formats of email addresses, and whether the person switched places from a mid-level supervisor to a C-level decision maker, or by a hands-on specialist into a manager, the preceding email address can become invalid.   People change jobs. A very common cause of undelivered messages, notably in B2B niches, is where employees change jobs. When a person leaves a business, their email becomes unreachable or is only redirected to another person replacing them. Even though your message might be sent, you won't reach the individual you want to communicate with. ⇒  Dead Domain. That is a frequent reason, and it's quite technical. If the website is unreachable, the domain is dead, or even a mail server on the domain host is down, then you won't be able to reach your contact. It is a good indication that the company is out of business, so make certain to filter out email addresses that are invalid for this reason. ⇒  Public email provider is down or dead. When the email provider has gone out of business or its servers are down, there is no chance for your email to reach the recipient. Online email providers can sometimes experience technical issues with servers (especially smaller companies). An email verification tool uses proprietary algorithms to detect what exactly is wrong with an email address that bounces. It's important to check whether your email verifier operates different verification methods. The more advanced the system is, the better your email list quality. Some services, like ZeroBounce, do more than just validate emails. It also has an appending feature that gives you access to information about your subscribers. Wherever they’re available, the system adds first and last names, location and gender.

A few things to keep in mind when you choose an email verifier:

⇒ Accuracy is essential: See that the system guarantees at least 97% Price: There are quite a few variations on the market, but more expensive doesn’t always mean better GDPR compliance: Make sure the company handles your private data carefully and follows GDPR protocols  Customer support: It’s important to have specialists avaliable to help you. ZeroBounce offers 24/7 support. Also, with a Freemium account, you receive 100 free email validation credits every month.


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