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How you plan while building a tower or software is different from an event planning project. That is why engineering projects require specific software for planning and organizing, different from the non-engineering ones. From management personas to stakeholders, and obviously, the team members, engineering project management software tools come to help all kinds of people in the industry. An engineering project management software offers some high-quality tools like the budget planner, Gantt chart, Agile boards, project overview. These automate a considerable part of the project management, these also help to view and track the current status and progress of the project. Using these engineering project management tools, teams working with other departments, companies, or even contractual recruits can stay on the same page.

The features that the engineering management software offers vary a lot, but there are six principles that every software has in common. These are- planning and scheduling, collaboration, documentation and tracking of progress, reporting, resource management, management of the project budget.

This project management software for engineering holds tremendous value for the managers and workers of any engineering projects. Some of them are- better planning and scheduling, easy collaboration, proper distribution of tasks, budget management, risk mitigation, remote working, better communication, ease of access to the files, etc.

There are tons of engineering project management software in the tech world. But in this article we have handpicked the five best engineering project management software and tools and discussed their perks, so you can tally them with your needs, do an engineering project management software comparison and choose one.

1. Asana

asana Engineering Project Management Software

Asana is one of the most simple engineering project management software solutions. It is flexible for any requirements you might have, powerful to accommodate too many complex tasks and parameters, and adaptive to give you the view of how you want to arrange and perceive the data. It can be the best option for working with multiple teams for its simple holistic interface.

› Features

With more than 100 integration options, it lets you choose from mails, files, emails, and more.
It also helps you divide the priority of your tasks wise inside your weekly task sheet.
You can sort feedback and even view the product roadmaps at a glance.
It is flexible, can adapt to any kind of project, and can support long-term projects.

› Benefits

You can set strategic goals and also track the results continuously using this software.
The Gantt chart gives you a visual display of the entire timeline so you can know the whole status with a quick glance.
It lets you plan in sprints, programs, and even in the traditional way- so you can apply any methodology with this software.
You can manage your portfolio in real-time, so Asana can ease up your engineering project management work a lot.

› Price

The most simple and basic plan of Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people. The Premium plan starts with $10.99 per month if billed annually and $13.49 if billed monthly per user. And the business plan that they offer starts with $24.99 if billed annually and $30.49 per month if billed monthly.


ProjectManager Engineering Project Management Software

In terms of task management, risk management, and resource management, has covered all the possible requirements that you might have. Whether you work under a start-up or a government organization, this civil engineering project management software gives you all the tools you might need. The diverse and dynamic approach of lets you manage all kinds of engineering projects- from aerospace to civil, electronics, mechanical or electrical.

› Features

You can access the data from anywhere in real-time, and it is powerful enough to let you plan your long-term projects here.
You can plan projects, approve timesheets, store some online documents like blueprints, RFIs, etc.
It provides you with so many custom project templates so you can start planning projects on the go.
You can assign tasks to team members, allocate resources, collaborate, and even set a budget with this app.

› Benefits

The team chat and file-sharing options here can give you a real boost in team communication.
The importing project from excel and Microsoft project option also gives you a dynamic approach to build and change your project plan.
The real-time dashboards and easy reporting are the USP of this software.
It can run on any device and manage multiple portfolios at once.
You can access the Gantt chart, task management software, project management software, and project planning software in a single platform.

› Price

The basic personal plan for up to 5 users starts from $15 per user per month, while the team plan will cost you $20 per user per month. And the business plan will be for $25 per user per month that offers you some excellent services like the Gantt charts.

3. Easy Projects

Easyproject Engineering Project Management Software

Easy Projects is the one tool that you need for all your engineering project management needs. This mechanical engineering project management software has tools like Gantt chart, project calendar, and resource loading simulations that give you a smooth project management experience. In 2020, it got rated first in the easiest to use, highest user adoption, and high performer categories in project management and professional services automation.

› Features

The resource management feature lets you check the actual availability in real-time and assign them accurately.
The interactive Gantt chart gives you a visual representation of the different parameters of your projects.
It lets you know the status of the project with a glance.
The communication and client engagement features can strengthen your teamwork and make sure you all are on the same page.

› Benefits

You can get real-time visibility of your project here.
You can check the profits, track expenses, and calculate the budget with this software.
It gives you the daily operations report and creates graphs that show the performance index of individual employees for a strategy.
The AI support lets you accurately predict the timeline and budget of the project too.

› Price

The team version of Easy Projects is available for $24 per month per user. You can also get a free trial. It has three more services like Enterprise for personal projects and Team and Enterprise for professional works. Contact the website to check out the rate of these three services. You can also request a demonstration of this product.

4. Accelo

accelo Engineering Project Management Software

Be it the IT industry, construction, and architecture, or other engineering works, Accelo provides you solutions to all types of engineering project management. You can serve your client consistently with the quality too with this integration. In this all-in-one platform, you can nurture your relationship with the clients, make invoices, track progress, and even make detailed reports. This engineering project management software free of redundancy and complexity has also got an award as the leader of small businesses in winter 2020.

› Features

The automation and collaboration feature helps you take your project management to the most organized and chaos-free experience ever as you can integrate it with all your current tools and software.
It has six divisions of services. These are- project management, contracts, automated workflow, billing, invoicing, automated ticketing.
You can track progress, plan your strategy, and set a budget in real-time.
You can even automate your emails and communicate with your team members easily.

› Benefits

You can integrate all your project requirements and steps into the cloud.
You can easily deliver consistent services.
Reporting becomes easier as this single software holds all the necessary information you might need.
Accelo can accompany your journey as a team member throughout the lifecycle of a project.

› Price

You can access all the plans freely for the first 14 days. After that, you have to choose one of the four plans that they offer. The Projects, Sales, Retainers, and Services plans come with $39 monthly for one user, and the most popular All-in-one ServOps will cost you $79 per user per month. Minimum 3 users have to register here at once for a plan.


monday Engineering Project Management Software is the best project management software for the IT industry. It manages the budget, time, complexity, and many other factors that a software engineer has to face. Whether you are working with Scrum, Agile, Kanban, or any related project methodology, this initially free project management software has the best equipment to support you and lets you create customized boards providing real-time views along with it.

› Features

Preplanning and collaborating with different departments gives you the chance to prepare a wholesome strategy and implement it.
Though it specializes in software projects, the construction management option lets you manage all types of field projects too.
It gives you a flexible and dynamic environment so you can work on the project.
It gives you an accurate prediction of the time and effort you need to give in each task.

› Benefits

You can streamline your requests and let manage your entire creative process.
You can also collaborate and execute all your marketing campaigns in one place.
You can speed up your work process with the help of the scrum software.

› Price

The basic version comes at Rs.1800 per month, and the standard version that is the most popular, comes at Rs. 2250 per month. You can access the Pro version with Rs. 3600 per month. You can get a free trial for all these versions. But for the Enterprise version, you have to contact the company for detailed and customized pay.


As you can see, various project management software specializes in different parts, while most of them offer the same basic features, more or less. You need to perform detailed market research to figure out the specific needs of your project before choosing software. Also, ask for a demo and leverage the free trials to ensure your project is a good fit for that software.

In the end, the necessity of this software will only increase as time will go, and the complexity of projects will increase. So investment in these software subscriptions can never go wrong for you.

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