A Detailed Guide to Email Marketing Strategies

A Detailed Guide to E-mail Marketing Strategies - Ultimate Lead Generation Tips

Ever wondered what is the go-to digital marketing activity which converts prospects into leads and nurtures relationships with customers

Yes, the answer to this fascinating question is ‘Email Marketing.’

Email Marketing

Source: https://www.propology.co.uk/3-email-marketing-ideas-for-estate-agents-on-a-budget/

Before digging into its detailed guide we must take a glance at some Email Marketing statistics. 

Isn’t these email marketing statistics exciting for you to learn more about how to do email marketing, So here is the comprehensive email marketing beginners guide that gives detailed information about the entire aspects related to email marketing and popular strategies that can boost the ROIs of your email campaign.

Let's dive into the description with the understanding of the term “Email-Marketing”.

» What is Email-Marketing?

E-mail marketing is a digital marketing process that involves sending emails to connect with prospects. Email marketing has these fundamental reasons:

      • To build brand awareness.
      • Enhance loyalty
      • Gain trust
      • Acquire new customers 
      • Build brand loyalty
      • Nurture leads to a long-term relationship, i.e., increasing the lifetime value of customers.

These days businesses incorporate effective email marketing strategies as a powerful sales driver.

» Types Of Email Marketing

There are different types of emails used these days by various organizations to communicate with their audiences. Some of the most used emails are detailed below: 

  • Welcoming Emails

Welcome Emails are sent to give the introduction of your organization. These Emails provide a personal touch to the receiver. In this type of marketing email, the primary focus isn’t about sales rather briefing about the organizations’ value add in the reader's life. Thus, initiating a relationship and building trust is of utmost importance in Welcome mails.

Welcome mails

Source: https://stripo.email/photos/shares/Blog/Stripo-Welcome-Emails-Omnisend-1.jpg

  • Newsletters

These are the mails that update the receiver about the recent happenings in the organizations. Newsletters include the details about the company, new product announcements, and feedback requests.

These are generally sent out in a regular period - monthly, weekly, etc. because 40 % of marketers state that a newsletter is the best content marketing tactic to keep your audience informed.

Newsletters emails

Source: https://forbesma.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/July20201720Newsletter20Cover20Image.jpg

  • Dedicated Emails

These types of Emails are known as stand-alone emails that mean to convey a direct message. E.g., an invitation to attend an industry event, a detailed mailer for new product launches, etc.

  • Lead Nurturing Emails

These are tightly connected series of emails with purpose and educational content for the targeted audience. Good examples of lead nurturing emails are discount codes, opt-ins, and guides, etc. The main aim is to provide relevant information at the right stage of the buying journey.

  • Sponsorship Emails

If one wants to reach a different audience and gain a new lead, they must write Sponsorship emails. These are super-specific and directly reach the target audience.

  • Transactional Emails

These are the mails that give information about your order confirmation and the date it will get delivered. These emails are pretty standard for e-commerce businesses. These are generally sequenced to keep the customer up to date about their purchase tracks until it is delivered. 

Transactional Emails

Source: https://www.conversion-uplift.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Transactional-email-from-Amazon.jpg

  • Re-Engagement Emails

To prevent the increment of inactive users, re-engagement emails are pivotal for any organization. As the name suggests, it drives dormant users’ engagement on the website and wins back their lost subscribers.

Re-Engagement Emails

Source: https://www.activecampaign.com/blog/re-engagement-email

  • Brand Story Emails

Storytelling is always exciting and helps in the engagement of the clients. These emails tell brand stories and mention the purpose of the industry.

  • Review Request Emails

These emails request the customers to give a review about their experience. The emails sometimes include incentives like a chance to win a gift card. Sourcing reviews via email communication is one of the best strategies to build trust and attract new customers.

» Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategy is a plan of action that connects the audience with the brand promotion via email communication. This helps brands or organizations send promotions, time-sensitive deals, etc., effectively. Creating an Email marketing strategy is the initial step towards achieving desired results in email advertising.

Email marketing strategy is an organized process where a marketer identifies and sticks to it for achieving desired marketing goals via practical and informative emails.

This is the simplest email marketing definition given by a senior analyst.

How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy

Here is the step-by-step guide that will provide an effective way of creating the right Email marketing strategy plan for the right audience and sending them at the right time.

1. Set Goals

The setting of goals is the crucial step in Email marketing. These goals should serve the purpose of achieving maximum results and strengthen customer relations.

2. Pick Perfect Tools

Secondly, choosing the perfect tools for effective Email advertising is necessary. There are many automation tools available that create, organize, and send Emails, making your work easy.

3. Determine the Target audience

It is crucial to identify the target audience which your company serves. Thus this will eventually send the Emails to the desired audience.

4. Identify the tactics

Subscription is a tactic for building mailing lists. You can add subscription forms to your site and collect quality subscribers ready to hear about your company or your brand.

5. Divide the mail list into segments

Segmenting helps convey your views to the viewer effectively and quickly. Segmenting is the most presentable form of sending Emails.

6. Choose the type of Email

Selecting the type of email depends on the aim of your campaigning.

7. Create the schedule 

Sending emails at the proper time slot is vital. It will help to engage the client.

8. Format the Email content

The content should be clear, specific, easy to understand, and systematically arranged.

9. Optimize your emails for different devices 

Most users operate via mobile these days. Hence, the email must be optimized for all devices - Tablets, Mobiles, etc. 

10. Split-testing

Split-testing is essential for gaining insights into which email version will perform better for the target audience. Split testing should be done on the smaller subset of the actual target audience. It is to check the worthiness of the Email. 

11. Monitor email performance reports

The process of monitoring involves keeping track of the analytics. It helps to measure the effectiveness of our Email advertising. Important KPIs to look out for are - Open rate, Click through rate, Conversion rate, Delivery rate, etc. 

» Effective Email Marketing Strategies in 2023

It requires a lot of skills to master the art of effective Email Marketing. Here are a few Email marketing strategy examples that will help your email to get clicked.

  • Personalize your Email

Personalization is one of the easiest ways to build trust with the prospect, thereby turning the prospect into a customer. It’s by leveraging the prospect’s data and main info to make the email communication even more relevant to the reader.

For example, sending out emails triggered on birthdays, intelligent personalization like calling a reader by the name, age, location, email list segmentation, etc.

  • Short Subject lines to the rescue

The subject line plays a crucial role in email communication as it’s the first thing the user reads. It must be intriguing enough for the users to open the mail to read the entire mail ultimately. 

According to researchers, subject lines fewer than ten characters long had an open rate of 58%, while 60-70 characters of the subject line is a dead zone. It’s better to avoid a lot of characters. Hence, short and straightforward always works.

  • Primetime

Primetime is the time of the day that receives more leads. Prime Time depends upon your location’s time standards. Generally, it’s posted from 8 pm to midnight.

  • Free Content

Initial content pages should not be chargeable as this will mislead the customer. Free content must be provided to attract readers.

  • Mobile friendly

Emails should be designed keeping in mind accessibility on mobile since most of the readers operate via mobile devices. Email designs must accommodate design features that cater to most mobile devices to increase readability. 

This strategy is considered the most effective email marketing strategy in 2023. In the era of instant working, mobile-friendly emails are clicked in a second where 81% of people check the emails on their mobile phones.

  • Emailing on weekends

The volume of the emails on weekends is generally less. Thus, it is suggested to send emails during weekends so that emails don’t get wasted. With a relaxed mind and time on hand, users read the email and might deliver better conversion rates.

  • Re-engagement

Businesses lost 22.5% of their email lists each year. One of the most effective email strategies to revive dormant users is via re-engagement emails. This helps to cater their attention back to your company and its products/services.

» Best Email Marketing Tools

With millions of emails being sent out each day, it is most important to stay on track with exceptional tools. Hence, investing in valuable email marketing tools is a necessity for every marketer. Not only, it helps in detailing out plans but also with performance analytics of all the email marketing campaigns

Here are some of the best marketing tools to ensure you hit the mark every time.

1. Hubspot Email marketing

It is a reliable tool that is good for growing businesses. It helps in creating professional Emails that help in the engagement of customers. It facilitates the increase of the audience with drag-and-drop email builders.

Price- Free

2. MailGenius

The main work of MailGenius is to avoid your Email from going to spam. MailGenius detects the problem and runs a test to ensure that you are following the proper procedure.

Price- Free

3. Litmus

Litmus is used for testing and tracking the email. The tracker is also available in devices like Android, Apple, and Windows. This tracker enables us to know how much time the client spent reading the email and whether it gets prints or forward.

Price- Litmus comes with a free 7-day trial. The Premium version is available for $399 per month.

4. MailChimp

A vital tool that helps in collecting statistics, sending Emails, and improving performances. It also has a fantastic feature for tracking, which links to your website. MailChimp also allows integrating social channels.

Price- It offers a free subscription for 2000 subscribers. For an unlimited account, pricing starts from $10 per month.

5. Target Hero

Target Hero has a prominent editor, image hoster. It has a broad spectrum that requires enormous businesses.

Price- Their free plan gives you 1000 contacts with unlimited Emails. The mini hero plan is for $9.9 per month; the Pro Plan is for $39.9.

6. Reach Mail

It helps to see the direct performance of your Emails. It facilitates a test of the campaign that is essential to check the validity of the email. It gives the option of customization. It also helps to track the Emails and allows the follow-up email campaign.

Price- $10 per month to $70 per month

7. Mad Mini

It helps in creating as well as copying the campaign using the clone tool. Mad Mini use to know about the statistics of the emails sent. It helps in comparison to analytics.

Price-$10 per month for 500 contacts, and the pro package costs $42 for 10,000 contacts.

8. Cake Mail

This tool’s specialty is to facilitate A/B testing to determine the ideal mailing list to ensure your emails don’t end up in spam. It provides twenty default templates with custom options.

Price- free starter allows 500 contacts and 500 emails. The basic package starts at $8 per month.

9. Drip

It is a versatile platform that comprises many useful features like message personalization and integration with eCommerce platforms. It supports a pair of unique tools for Emails.

Price-Initially free up to 100 subscribers, The basic package starts at $41, and the Pro package costs $83 per month.

10. Flashissue

Flashissue is one of the best apps for email newsletters. It automatically summarizes the content for you. It enables us to make changes in the headline or to the description, according to our readers. Flashissue allows users to choose the banner and decides on the best way of delivering it. The newsletter sends through Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or flash issue itself.

Price- The free solo plan gives you 25 contacts a month with unlimited emails, and a group plan starts at $25 to $50.

11. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp is an email signature generator that helps businesses easily create, manage, and distribute email signatures across the whole company. The tool makes it possible to add promotional banners to an email signature, as well as a CTA or links to important pages you want to bring to your recipients' attention.

Pricing: Newoldstamp comes with a free trial. Branding plan – $8 per month. Marketing plan – $11 per month.

There are many more effective Email marketing tools, but it depends upon the business’s size and requirement to choose a useful Email marketing tool.

Email marketing tools make our work more straightforward and more comfortable. They help in giving productive results to the business.

» Major Email Marketing Benefits

These days thousands of businesses use Email Marketing to grow their brand name. Still, many are unfamiliar with the importance of Email marketing. Here are TEN reasons why email marketing is considered an effective marketing channel when it’s done with worthwhile email marketing strategy and planning

1. Low costs

Compared to traditional marketing channels such as billboard advertisements, print media advertisements, etc., email marketing is low-cost. Also, these are targeted to the desired audience instead of the spray and pray strategy in traditional marketing channels.

2. Reach An Already Engaged Customer

It is essential for brand image, not to message unnecessarily to the one who is not subscribers. Email Marketing Software enables us a list of the customers who are engaging with the company.

3. Easy To Use

Email Marketing tools are efficient and easy to use. These tools save time and effort, thus making our work quick and hassle-free. 

4. Easy To Measure

With the help of various in-built statistical tools, it is now easy to measure the effectiveness of Email Marketing strategies. These tools provide results in a jiffy. 

5. Easy To Share Preventable

Email marketing tools design in such a way that they become easy for users. They can easily share in no time. 

6. Reach Global Audience

Our one click will take us to the global audience. It is now easy to quickly reach a person far away. Email Marketing is an easy way of connecting people globally.

7. Instant Impact

Email Marketing is one such medium that produces instant results. Businesses used to wait for weeks for their marketing results, but now instant results are available. According to research, 21% of emails were opened within an hour after delivery.

8. Fantastic Returns

Ultimately, all that matters is revenue generation. Email Marketing gives unrivaled returns on investments. It takes time to set a path, but things become easy and effective as soon as we catch on to the audience.

» Email Marketing Strategies For B2B

Apart from Perfect landing pages, call-to-action, forms, engaging content, proper subject line. It is also crucial for businesses to have appropriate Email Marketing Strategies because 93% of B2B promoters use email marketing for sharing their content to drive warm leads into their sales funnel. 

Below are the top Email marketing Strategies for B2B to follow in 2023 and beyond.

  • The Power Of Purchased List

The purchased list includes the list of the customers who are the subscribers of your brand/company. These are the customers who know about your company. Purchasing List is a cost-effective decision. This will help us grow further and a larger audience who have never heard of your solutions. Purchased lists can be a real asset for your business with quality data and the right email marketing software.

  • Lead Nurturing

A Lead Nurturing System is a system that shows where the customer sits in the sales cycle. The system helps a customer to deliver the most relevant information possible. It pushes the customer to the sales funnel. A Lead Nurturing System effectively works with a Lead scoring system.

  • Importance Of Personalization

The power of personalization works like magic. It is always good to give a personal touch to the Emails. The best way to provide personal touch is to avoid copying any template. Try to create the magic of your own. Try to write a message that focuses on the pain point of the buyers.

  • Direct Speaking

Speaking Straight-forward always works. It would be illogical if you are beating around the bush. No customer loves to hear unnecessary information. It is still recommendable to provide only quality information. This not only saves time but also gives a good impact. It is necessary to have a strong subject line that sparks interest in the reader and aligns with your email’s content.

  • Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation Software is a must-have software for effective Email Marketing. This Software helps us to generate marketing campaigns and also accelerate the leads. It helps to turn cold contacts into warm leads.

» Email Marketing Strategies For eCommerce

Email marketing plays an essential role in running eCommerce businesses. For Building a strong relationship with clients, it is vital to adopt email marketing strategies.

Here are the best marketing strategies for eCommerce that will be fruitful for your business.

Start With A Welcome Email

As soon as a customer subscribes, they wait for the welcoming Email. The Welcoming email gives a sense of importance to clients and makes them feel attached to the company. Welcome Email has an 86% higher open rate than other emails.

Welcome Email

Source: https://cdn.optinmonster.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/adwords-welcome-email-1-e1490710958114.png

1. Use Personalization

Personalization can drastically help to improve open rates, clicks, and engagements. It is crucial to segment the list and effectively personalize the email. Personalization will give meaning to various things, and it will help customers to connect with you.

Use Personalization emails

Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/uGVwpXdNBsqI7DoqUca3-wKSzIgrPqHv0WmZo7CF2HqC9v6_CKgXyFc4XI4gr6V0Ci075nRneL_7ypktADR-GEXcmwwjTbr6C-lnf8V2TeSQOif8dvaXOhNutVMWG3RG1kTMIOZqnGCQbkg1AYwxtBIxnkbr42ED-A15grM

2. Offer Discounts

It is always good to offer exclusive discounts to loyal customers. It helps in growing a meaningful relationship. There are many ways by which deals propose, that is by creating a loyalty club.

Offer Discounts emails

Source: https://www.pngitem.com/pimgs/m/219-2192681_loyalty-discounts-loyalty-discount-hd-png-download.png

3. Create Responsive And Well-designed Emails

Emails should be made responsive, well-designed, attractive, and understandable. Emails should not confuse the receiver, and they should be practical and easy to understand. Email must be-

      • Visually appealing
      • Look good on mobile
      • Easy to understand
      • Capture reader’s interest

4. Ask for Reviews

Reviews help us to grow more. Reviews tell us about the loopholes and allow us to know our customers’ needs and interests. We must regularly ask for reviews from engaged customers.

Ask for Reviews

Source: https://q3p9g6n2.rocketcdn.me/wp-content/ml-loads/2014/09/reviews-ratings-stars-ss-1920.jpg

5. Send Notifications about Back in Stock

If the product is out-of-stock, it’s a fabulous idea to let shoppers sign up to receive notifications when that item is available again. Email automation will help to update customers about sales, discounts, and back-in-stock orders.

Send Notifications about Back in Stock

Source: https://d35z3p2poghz10.cloudfront.net/apps/ecwid-apps/backinstock/imgs/screenshot_4.png

6. Use eCommerce Email Marketing Automation

eCommerce email marketing automation is the best choice for scalable and consistent email marketing. It helps to focus on the big picture without disturbing relationships with clients. It makes our work quick and hassles free.

eCommerce Email Marketing Automation

Source: https://www.hiveage.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/email-marketing-automation.png

7. Track Your Results

To check the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, it is of utmost importance to track your results. Importance of tracking-

      • It helps us to know productivity.
      • It helps in improvement.
      • It helps to judge
      • It helps to check the quality.
      • It helps in processing effective management.
      • It helps to grab opportunities.

It is not easy to manage your relationship with customers and also run your business smoothly. So to manage good relations, it is essential to have a separate team for email marketing  The team will be responsible for growing the business by getting more leads as well as it must ensure a smooth flow of email marketing strategy for eCommerce. The system will facilitate good company-customer relations. Eventually, things will change for betterment.

» Email Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Email Marketing is not only for big enterprises; in fact, small businesses can also take advantage of email marketing to grow their business. Building a successful email marketing strategy for small businesses is necessary to grab the complete edge.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Quality content is more appealing than quantity content. Make sure to invest your time in creating excellent and compelling content for your emails.

2. Encourage sign-ups

Make sure you give enough chances to customers to subscribe to your brand through Emails. Provide the option of subscribing during check-in and check-out time.

3. Mobile Friendly

There is a habit of checking Emails through mobile phones. Thus emails must be mobile-friendly so that they can be easily accessed using phones. The layout and design must be according to mobile phone screens.

4. Create a List segment

A separate list for subscribers and the desired audience makes it easy to send them various discounts and offers. It directly helps increase sales. 

5. Accessible Emails

Email accessibility means having content accessible to visually impaired subscribers using voice assistants and screen readers.

      • Make your content concise and legible.
      • Use bullet points, short sentences
      • Choose the proper font, layout, colors to make it presentable.
      • Provide helpful description
      • Usage of proper language
      • Fair use of Pictures and graphs

6. Stick to your promise

Always stick to your sign-up promise, as subscribers will not take time to unsubscribe your brand if they find your content irrelevant. It is good to stick to your vision and mission of the company. Customers remain loyal to the ones who are adamant about their goals and priorities.

7. Emails Reflecting your brands

Emails should design in such a way that they reflect the brand. An effort is necessary while creating an Email that meets the need and achieves the desired results. Email must be attractive, practical, and understandable.

These strategies help achieve the perfect email that will serve your purpose of growing your small business. Useful Emails develop by hard work, practice, and knowledge. There are many tools available that facilitate easy email marketing. Formulating the Proper email marketing strategies for small businesses indeed gives the best results. 

» What Is The Email Marketing Campaign?

The email marketing campaign is the series of emails sent by a business to their desired audience. The Email Marketing Campaign aims to persuade customers to engage with the company. 

Execution of an Email Marketing Campaign is essential to get effective results. Below are the steps that will lead to the perfect performance of the marketing campaign.

1. Identify Your Goal

      • Decide your target
      • Set the purpose
      • Create a target that you want to hit
      • Be determine

2. Empathize

      • Understand the customer
      • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
      • Why will the customer value your campaign?

3. Build target List

      • Make a list of the desired customers.
      • Make sure how they will receive your emails.
      • Define enrollment criteria

4. Decide the time

      • Choose a right time 
      • Maybe weekends
      • Time 8 pm-midnight is just perfect.

5. Plan the Sequence

      • Follow-up is  must
      • Hassle-free work

6. Catchy Subject line

      • Click-worthy subject line
      • Precise
      • Effective
      • Use personalization

7. Create your Brand asset

      • Story format
      • Intentional and well-played imaginary can give good clicks.

8. Include clear calls to Action

      • Don’t confuse the customer.
      • Be simple
      • Follow a single course of action.

9. Monitor

      • Monitoring is essential to check the effectiveness.
      • Ask yourself a question - are you on the right track to hit the targets?

Upgrading the strategies from time-to-time is of great importance. Best results are achieved when we use the latest technologies and methods that provide remarkable Results.

» Best Email Marketing Examples

Here is the list of some email marketing examples that have set the bars high for Email Marketing campaigns strategy. There is a lot to learn from these brands about their remarkable achievement in Email Marketing.

Uber’s campaign is simple yet attractive. They are straightforward when it comes to the writing of newsletters. Uber always provides unique maps of your rides. Uber makes sure to add a link for customers who want to learn more.

Uber welcome email

Source: https://www.pagewiz.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Uber-Welcome-Email

Litmus uses the strategy of graphics and animations to make their Email look attractive. Their Email headlines create wonders and are directly on point. Litmus uses eye-catchy techniques that stimulate people to read more about them.

Litmus email marketing

Source: https://designmodo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/litmus-email.jpg

They are best at creating excellent content. They write one of the best newsletters. BuzzFeed uses catchy content having stories to bind the readers.

BuzzFeed email marketing

Source: https://www.hellobar.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/2018-06-13-10_56_22-How-BuzzFeed-uses-email-marketing-to-drive-growth-_-Campaign-Monitor.png

Taylor stitch designs are simple but add attractive pictures. They design keeping in mind the needs and preferences of customers.

Taylor stitch email

Source: https://assets.mailcharts.com/emails/70118539-a1ab-1074-56a5-c9da748d5182/300x400.png

Flock creates well-designed emails and sends them at the right time. They know when to boost productivity. Their Emails always say we are there to help you.

Flock email marketing

Source: https://verifybee.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/flock-email-marketing-campaign-examples_b4433b6e562a6ddb35167f9ff9bb6c4b_800.png

Headspace always designs brief and straightforward newsletters. The structure is perfect for those who don’t have time to read emails.

Headspace email

Source: https://sendgrid.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/headspace-1.png

Starbucks truly studies its customers. They use the method of personalization to attract clients. They serve the useful Emails that are enough to cater the attention.

Starbucks email

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b2/4c/2a/b24c2a5e775a0abadacde0fa0679d835.png

Airbnb is sophisticated yet straightforward at designing. They use fresh, bright colors, a clear objective, and minimalistic copy.

Airbnb email
Airbnb email

Source: https://chelucas.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/airbnb_email_marketing-e1539253920280.png

Sweetgreen is a salad serving company. It is innovative in its layout. They use green as the primary color.

Sweetgreen email marketing

Source: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/5-email-campaigns-01.jpg

Aesop designing has everything you need. They use unique shades, choose different layouts, use attractive graphics and give a short description but a classy one.

Aesop welcome email

Source: https://organiksoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Aesop-1.jpg

Thus it is crucial to make your emails attractive so that they can become click-worthy.

» Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation is a strategy that sends timed promotional emails to clients on mailing lists. It facilitates online marketers to send out personalized messages to both prospects and customers on a schedule.

Advantages of Using Email Marketing Automation

      • Improves engagements
      • Helps in getting leads
      • Improves efficiency
      • Builds relationships
      • Creates segmented mailing lists.
      • Increased revenue
      • Connects with customer’s buying cycle

» How Email Marketing Works?

1. Design a branded email template 

Create a unique template that you can use every time while campaigning. This will not only save your time but will give uniqueness, which is a must for brand recognition.

2. Send an onboarding series

This step helps in setting the first impression on the customers. This section will showcase what your brand can do? And what is the purpose of your brand?

3. Start segmentation

The stage is for segmentation, where customers are divided based on similar features and interests. Segmentation helps to keep customers engaged.

4. Nurture clients

At this stage, clients are provided with good content so that their interest remains the same. Useful knowledgeable emails are sent at this stage to make customers more connected to your brand.

5. Send milestone emails

These Emails send on special occasions like on customer’s birthdays. These Emails automatically deliver details about customers’ saves in the software.

6. Bring Clients back to shopping carts

This stage helps in bringing clients back to their shopping carts, and this helps in increasing sales. Here customization is done by offering time-limited discounts.

7. Ensure to upsell and cross-sell 

Through email marketing, a brand can upsell and cross-sell its products. Also, through these emails, brands can promote products, engage the audience, and also caters to more sales.

8. Send transactional emails

These are the emails regarding Confirmation of the order, shipment status updates, password reset. These emails help to maintain customer retention.

9. Re-engagement

The email sends to passive clients who have forgotten about a brand or have not opened an email for months. The email sends for the re-engagement of the clients. Basically, to draw their attention towards your brand again.

10. Manage your mailing list

Email automation facility enables to shift the customers automatically to a different list according to their preferences. This stage is the updation of mailing lists.

» Digital Marketing vs. Email Marketing

      • Email marketing is a subset of digital marketing; the only touchpoint is via emails, while in digital marketing, there are multiple touchpoints such as SMS, App notifications, Advertisements, etc.
      • Digital marketing comprises Email marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and many more, while Email marketing is a niche terminology.
      • Email Marketing works to build customer relationships with businesses, while digital marketing has no such aim.
      • Email marketing is a channel that generates the highest return on investment.
      • Digital marketing aims at informing the public about products and services.

» The Future of Email Marketing in 2023 and so on...

Future brings abundant opportunities; it’s time to grab them and use them for a better tomorrow. Below are the predictions made by researchers on the end of email marketing.

  • Machine Learning, AI, and cloud-based technology will change the future of email marketing.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are booming. In upcoming years, it will make workflows quick and effective. Researchers suggest that email marketing will leverage both to gain insights on reader’s interests and behaviors to deliver the best email marketing campaigns even in the digital marketing space.

  • Personalization matters

Hyper-Personalisation is the future of email marketing. Emails can be made more personalized by using details about the clients - try to add location, name, find user’s interests via cookies. Personalization attracts and grabs the sudden attention of the customers. It drives customers to feel important. It gives a sense of interest among clients. Thus, the era of hyper-personalization will require an in-depth study of clients.

  • Interactive Email will bridge the gap.

Researchers say the more interactive you can make something, the more people look forward to using it. Interactive components bring innovation and next-level creativity that helps in customer engagement and also builds more strong relations. 

Interactive elements such as CSS-animated buttons, star ratings, embedded surveys, rollover effects on images included in the email content are some of the most used to garner attention. 

  • Captivating storytelling will change the game.

Storytelling is the new pillar of email marketing. Storytelling creates magic for the targeted audience. It increases engagement by providing relatable content, thus, building a connection with the reader. Newsletters and educational mailers make a valuable customer journey incorporating effective storytelling practices.

  • Mobile friendly

The future of email marketing awaits mobile-friendly emails. People these days use mobile phones more effectively than their laptops to access Emails. Thus Emails need to become mobile-friendly.

Researchers say there is a direct correlation between the decline in desktop email open and the increase in mobile email opens. Emails with colossal content and heavy images are difficult to open on mobile devices and are not visible on mobile screens. Thus email marketing campaigns for mobile devices will soon become necessary—a constant effort to make mobile-friendly campaign development.

» Best Email Marketing Tips For 2023 to get Productive Results

Email marketing is involved. It requires the amalgamation of all three - right content, targeting, and segmentation of email lists. There’s always scope for improvement on all three. Continuous practicing can create the correct email. 

Here are some email marketing tips to excel in writing various sections of emails.

Tips For Writing Subject-Line 

The subject line is the first impression of an email as 47% of the audience opens the emails when they find its subject clear and worthy and if failed then 69% of people marked it as spam. Thus draft it very creatively.

      • Test subject lines before sending out actual mail. There are multiple tools available online which help test which subject line will land under which tab on Gmail - Promotions, Social or Primary. 
      • There are various tools available that help in the optimization.
      • See the emails how they will look in the recipient’s inboxes.
      • Use the real name in the sender’s field.
      • Add personalization to create more impact.
      • Use powerful words that inspire readers to take action.
      • Including a number or a percentage can influence a decent increase in clicks and replies.
      • A/B test is necessary
      • Avoid all-caps 
      • Use emojis to make it attractive and showcase real feelings but never go overboard to impact brand image.

» Tips For Email Copywriting

      • Try to keep sentences under 25 words
      • Keep it brief
      • Introduction about what is the subject matter of an email 
      • Include CTA(call-to-action) to relevant landing pages 
      • Add postscript for extra links
      • Offer something relevant
      • Always keep yourself in the reader’s shoes
      • Try to talk more about the benefits your brand will provide 
      • Don’t showcase more of your brand features
      • Create your innovative template 
      • Choose the distinctive style of writing

» Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

      • Make unsubscriber links clear and comfortable; this will help in gaining confidence.
      • Never mail to a receptive audience. Segmentation always results in better KPIs.
      • Choose the mobile-friendly design
      • Select  a particular time slot
      • Optimize your email sending frequency
      • Use list segmentation to make sure the right emails go to the right people.

Tips For List Building

      • Upgrade your content frequently to get the best results
      • Use a CTA on your website to drive more signups. mediums
      • Leverage social pool by mentioning the number of subscribers.
      • Launch a contest and giveaways with the landing page or sign up
      • Run a list building social media campaign
      • Use an optimization process to improve lead quality on email lists.
      • Get more sign-ups with intended exit pop-ups.

All these tips and tricks ultimately lead you to increase your profit and you must follow these email marketing tips to increase sales volume.

» The Best Email Marketing Template

Here are the ten best online sources for Email Marketing Templates that will make your emails look attractive and save your time.

Mailchimp is the most popular Email marketing strategy template. They provide 100+ designs that you can use in your business to send emails. Just pick the best layout and start your work with ease.

They provide free mobile-friendly templates that work well with different devices. Campaign Monitor offers 50+ email templates to choose from.

Their templates divide into different categories that can easily be used according to the business needs.

Sendgrid offers mobile-friendly layouts that are a necessity today. They provide a whole gallery of modifiable email templates. They offer 40+ templates for free.

CakeMail provides free email and newsletters templates. Ready-to-use templates are available suitable for different kinds of emails for every business.

Email octopus does not have a vast number of templates but has uniqueness in its templates. This is not a popular source of the template but offers good results.

Stripo is an excellent source for email templates. They provide customized email templates for different industries. The software has over 300+ templates that will make your emails useful.

ActiveCampaign tries to make engaging templates by using different colors, layouts, and designs. You can also customize these designs and make them comply with your brands.

BEE free has divided its templates into various categories of emails. They have 200+ designs to choose from. This is not a popular source for templates, but it is good at templates.

This website has thousands of email templates and designs, out of which  39 templates are free of cost. Colorlib templates are catchy and unique. One can access them easily from any device.


Email Marketing is one of the easiest and innovative mediums used by organizations to market their products and services. With the flourishing of the internet, email marketing has gained popularity. Successful email marketing requires a full-proof plan, a creative team, and many more. Email marketing is not the work of a single man; instead, it needs many minds full of creativity and innovation. Email Marketing is fruitful when you understand your customers well and use this in your email marketing strategies. There are many tools and software available that help in the easy creation of emails. Various templates are available that make your work easy and attractive. These templates save your time and effort. They give you the best design in no time. Email marketing is modernizing day-by-day says, researchers. We need to catch up with the latest trends and technologies.

Researchers say Email Marketing has a bright future. There is a need for hyper-personalization to make Email marketing a great success. Artificial Intelligence will take a good hold in making Email marketing more effective. This will save a tremendous amount of money and time.

Thus we can say that there is a lot to learn each day; the more we know, the more we become profitable. Learning and practicing will make Email marketing strong and effective.

Email Marketing is all about serving people the right things at the right time.

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