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Rize Reviews is an online reputation and review management tool. It’s a done-for-you service built for businesses who are looking to step up their review game and get more customers. The process is simple. All you need to share is a .csv of your email contacts. The rest is handled by the “review crew.”
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What are the benefits of Rize to the businesses?

Rize Reviews is the perfect tool to supplement a business’s goal of getting greater positive reviews and attracting more customers. It’s ready to use. Simply provide customer contact information (email or phone number) and the rest is taken care of. Now you can effortlessly keep track of how many reviews your business receives with the aid of reports and new review notifications. You don’t have to do anything. The review crew sends out automated emails or text messages to your customers on your behalf asking for a review. Customer reviews and rating (1-5 stars) are filtered. Only 4-5-star ones get published, while others get sent back to the main contact’s inbox and are handled offline. Reviews from 100+ review sites are integrated into one platform, including Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Healthgrades, Houzz, etc. It makes it simpler for customers to compare information. Easy to reach customers. Information from CRM and POS are integrated to get in touch with clients via text or email. Rize Reviews will set up in-store review kiosks for those businesses who don’t have sufficient client contact information. Customers are prompted to leave a quick review. Place a widget on your website to show off the latest positive reviews. It’ll help your website’s SEO by adding review schema. Learn more about all of that Rize Reviews has as to offer here.

Rize Reviews Features

Customizable Design Features:

Website widget Messages or emails that match your brand Dashboard to monitor customer feedback Emailing effortlessly to customers

Customer Outreach Features:

Integration of information from 100+ review sites CRM and POS system integration Reach customers via text messages or email Review kiosks

Business Visibility Features:

Get noticed from every location that your business is established in (additional cost) Incorporate social media reviews Enlist in the Rize SEO-optimized online directory Reviews stand out on Google search through Schema

Rize Reviews Pricing

Almost all review tools are accessible at great attractive prices, but Rize Reviews beats the competition when you’re looking for custom features and dedicated support. It’s available for a $5 trial, where businesses can receive up to 50 reviews in two weeks before committing to the monthly subscription at $250 per month. Pricing is month-to-month with no contract or cancellation period.

Rize Reviews features

What is unique about Rize Reviews?

Reputation really matters for the any-sized brand and we found Rize Reviews as the best solutions to increase online brand reputation. Get all the top reputation management features like customer review platform, response management, review monitoring, sentiment analysis, social media metrics and much more with Rize Reviews. The best platform to generate positive reviews. Congratulations to the team.

- SoftwareWorld Research

It can be difficult for business owners to find the right review tool that fits their budget, but Rize Reviews is a clear winner compared to the competition. With its custom features, integrations, dedicated support team, and done-for-you service, there’s no reason why business owners should not choose Rize. It’s an easy way to collect new reviews, the first step in acquiring more leads and customers. Unlike the other review platforms, Rize Review is a done-for-you service. All you have to do is send over your customer contact information. More importantly, our developers are able to automate the flow of information about your customer from your CRM and POS database, funneling into the Rize Reviews drip campaign. And you can receive in-depth reports in your inbox at your schedule.

Technical Details

Rize Reviews integrates easily with any CRM, POS, and review website. It matches your preferences, whether you simply want new reviews from only Google and Yelp or market specific review sites that match your industry needs.

Support Details

Rize Reviews has a dedicated team of web developers and customer support specialists to answer any questions you may have. Contact the team via phone, text, or email. They can help create custom solutions based on your review goals. The team will assist in incorporating any CRM or POS system that you are currently using.

Rize Reviews Awards

Best Reputation Management Software Great User Experience Award 2017 by FinancesOnline.

What customers are saying about Rize Reviews

"There is nothing that we do not like about this software, we recommend it to everyone, you have to have it." - Shawn B. - Owner
"I like that this is a done-for-you service with a team behind the product. The tool is easy to use and it allows us to consolidate reviews from around the web and intervene with unhappy clients. Our customer service outcomes and online reputation have improved for the agency in our local region and everywhere." - Timothy C.
"Created an easy way for my customers to provide feedback to my company and to the general public. We were consistently told in private surveys that our customers loved us, but we didn't have a good/easy way for them to transfer their strong, positive opinions to Google and Facebook. Rize Reviews helped us achieve over 1,000 reviews in a few short months!" - Eric M.
" The team made the process so easy. I love the widget for my website. I've used other review soft wares and this one just is a little more intuitive." - Jody L.

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