A Top-Rated Salon Software Platform Fresha.com is 100% Subscription Free


Spending money on your salon management software? It’s time you meet Fresha - the only booking platform for salons and spas, totally subscription free.

Fresha is spearheading the revolution in the salon and spa industry with its unparalleled booking system and management software. Rated as the number one Salon and Spa Booking Software by Capterra, a Gartner subsidiary, Fresha has won hearts in the Best Value and the Best Ease of Use Spa Software category.

The online booking platform is known for its simple yet flexible functionality that suits the business’s unique needs. While it helps spas and salons in the effective management of their staff and services, it assists customers with hassle-free self-booking and personalized messages. Its integration with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, makes booking even smoother for clients. Moreover, it is easily accessible from any device, no matter where you are.

With its subscription-free model, Fresha (formerly Shedul.com) serves more than 50,000 salons, spas, and beauty centers in over 120 countries. Apart from that, over 150,000 stylists and professionals are using this software for better business management and growth. The platform has booked more than 250 million appointments thus far, and the number is only increasing!

The Top 12 Reasons Why You Should Select Fresha as Your Salon and Spa Software:

1. No Monthy subscription

Save hundreds of dollars every month by switching to Fresha — the world’s largest and top rated subscription-free booking software.

Free unlimited calendar bookings - super easy to use with free iOS and Android apps for mobile phones, tablets and desktops

Free unlimited team members - invite your team to join your account and stay up-to-date with appointment notifications

Free unlimited locations - manage multiple venues from one main account with no limitations

Free unlimited clients & notifications - track client history, keep notes and stay in contact with integrated email

Free unlimited Point of Sale use - a complete POS solution supporting barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers (excludes payment processing rates)

Free Unlimited product inventory - record and track stock inventory with support for supplier ordering Unlimited business reporting and much more - everything you need to manage your business in one easy-to-use solution.

"I love that is a free platform! They are continually updating new things to make it easier and things to run more smoothly. You only need to pay if you upgrade to Fresha Plus"

- Britni E.

2. Appointment Scheduling

Fresha packs in professional and easy to use calendar tools that work equally well on desktops, tablets, and cell phones. That relieves your customers from any kind of booking hassles while helping the staff to always stay on top of their schedules. Also, there is no upper limit on the number of calendar bookings.

"For 18 years I have used a pencil & appointment book to run my hairdressing business. Then Covid hit. I knew I had to move with the times. Fresha was my solution - i have loved the client friendly features such as reminder texts, online booking & card processing. I haven't had a single no show since I have had fresha, especially if you upgrade to Fresha Plus. With all the new features is getting better & better. The fees are only the same as normal card payment processing too. Ask yourself can you afford not to have fresha!"

- Rebecca B.

3. Inventory Management

From tracking the usage of your existing salon products, whether for retail purpose or professional use, to placing new orders with your suppliers; Fresha aims at simplifying the entire stock management process.

"Fresha is the best salon software. It has an amazing amount of features to successfully run my business and makes the scheduling of all of my stylists a breeze. It is easy to use. I also love the reports that it gives and the way I can keep account of the inventory. I am in love with it."

- Tara D. A.

4. POS Solution Support

You will get the complete Point of Sale (POS) support necessary to run your spa or salon. Whether it is barcode scanners, cash drawers or receipt printers, recording your sales, as well as tips and incentives, will become easier.

5. Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Thanks to a live dashboard, you will be able to obtain real-time insights on performance through its analytics tool. Additionally, you can rely on its financial reporting for thorough details on salon finances.

At Fresha we’re incorporating intelligent features for our online booking system to help salons grow revenues. For example, smartly displaying price and availability options, based on the client’s purchase history and the salon’s projected schedule. Our system analyses client preferences and the business’s activity, providing an unbeatable booking experience. This frees up salon staff to do what they do best and spend more face time with clients. says CEO and co-founder William Zeqiri.

6. Built-in Marketing Tools

The Fresha system comes in with a range of smart, automated marketing tools for targeted marketing. It helps you accelerate your bookings while also providing a means to connect to, expand, and retain your customer base.

"Fresha provides excellent customer service and great marketing advice. Love the new webinars with opportunity to ask questions. It has really helped me grow my business and I feel much more confident now. Clients love the easy-to-use of fresha online booking system. The no-show protection has really helped prevent no-shows and time-wasting bookings. You should also definetly consider upgrading to Fresha Plus."

- Emily E.

7. Seamless Payment Processing

It offers in-store terminals for payments, along with in-app payment processing with saved customer cards, to ensure your business zero troubles when it comes to payment processing. Fresha also offer the best payment processing rates in the market.

8. Multiple Venue Management

If you own a chain of spas or salons with more than one venue to look after, you can easily manage all your different locations from a single primary account without any restrictions.

"Over 80% of our appointments are booked online directly by clients. We run our whole business on the Fresha platform for salons. The system is very easy to use, our team and clients love it!"

- Leith Matthews, owner of Akin Barber & Shop.

9. Client Management

In a business like a salon or a spa, personalized service is of utmost significance. Therefore, Fresha enables you to keep notes on your clients and track their history. It also enables you to remain connected via integrated emails.

"Booking appointments is very easy, client interaction is made effortless with reminders, confirmations and thank you messages. It's been a great service to use for the free features included!"

- Britni E.

10. Unlimited Team Members

You can add as many members of your team to your Fresha account as you please. That not only assists in streamlining your appointments but also facilitates better coordination and planning.

11. Multi-Device Support

You can use the system on your mobile phone, desktop/laptop, or tablet with complete ease. Fresha mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.

"Love the fact that you can control your bookings from anywhere from any device.. love all the features and benefits .. and love the new email blasts .. excellent."

- Marie M.

12. Social Media Integration

Your clients will be able to book appointments in real-time through Google, Facebook, and Instagram as the software offers seamless integration with these leading platforms.


With back-to-back services and demanding working hours, salons and spas have to be on their toes all round the year. On the other hand, customers want the easiest way to book and attain the service.

Understanding the requirements of both, Fresha comes armed with its sleek features and easy to use functionality for which it is rated as top salon software and spa software by SoftwareWorld. It is changing the way salons and spas operate through intelligent appointment scheduling and subscription-free platform while ensuring the customers get a pleasant experience.

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