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Encyro is an easy to use service for businesses and professional practices to share confidential data with clients. With Encyro, you can send encrypted messages and files to any email address, without first having to set up any shared folders, install encryption certificates, or creating portal accounts for clients. You can also receive files securely from clients without asking them to sign up for any accounts or remembering additional passwords. As an added benefit, all shared files and messages stay organized into client folders, with encrypted backup at multiple locations, helping you meet several regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, and others.

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What are the benefits of Encyro to the businesses?

Your business benefits from 16-layers of data security and privacy provided by Encyro, while making it easy for your clients to get the secure files and messages without creating any new accounts.

Encyro showcases your brand (business logo and colors) in your secure communications with clients.

Encyro helps you comply with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, and others by providing the required data security safeguards, data integrity, data loss prevention features, and audit trails.

You save on printing, mailing and faxing costs by making it easy to share files securely online.

Encyro Features

 Free Microsoft Outlook Add-in to send secure messages and files directly from within Outlook.

Mobile friendly: clients can send secure pictures of their ID cards or signed documents from their smartphone camera.

Shared files organize automatically into client folders.

Data is backed up encrypted at multiple Encyro data centers, to keep it available not just from the loss at your computer but also major events that may affect an entire data center.

No new password required: you can login using your Google (Gmail), or Facebook accounts. You may also create a separate Encyro password if desired

Clients may send and receive files securely without creating any account or get a free Encyro account by simply creating a password (no setup steps needed for you to add clients)

Unlimited free clients

Manage compliance and brand settings for multiple staff accounts in your organization in one place

Encyro Pricing

 $9.99/month (client accounts are free)

 Free trial available

What is unique about Encyro?

Encyro is designed from the ground up for ease of use. Encyro's modern design provides the latest in data security and confidentiality while making it easy to send and receive files, especially for your clients. You save time and can serve more clients.

Technical Details

The Encyro website can be used from desktop and mobile web browsers

The Encyro Outlook Addin works with outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook ProPlus (Office 365), and outlook 2019

Support Details

Instant support is available through the Encyro help center with searchable self-help articles

Encyro offers helpful and friendly support through chat, email, and support tickets. Live phone support is offered when the issue cannot be resolved over chat/email

Encyro Awards

Top file sharing software SoftwareWorld.

Premium Usability Award 2019 by FinancesOnline.

What customers are saying about Encyro

"Our chief consideration was usability. With Encyro, the setup seemed easy from the start, which to me seemed like a good sign. I think the upload page looks very professional. It makes a nicer first impression." - J L Adamsson Adamsson & Associates for Life, Accident, and Health Insurance

"We were looking for Hippa compliant secure email. We selected Encyro for its ease of use and the ability to not have to create passwords to open. And I like the layout with picture." - Infiniti Benefits

"[Our chief concern was] HIPAA. With Encyro, price for individual was the best." - Jim Lambert CTFCC

"[Encyro] has helped me to be able to send out confidential information securely. I am able to send very large files easily and quickly. Easy to use. Easy to set up." - Evelyn Chow DecodeHR, Asia

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