7 Groundbreaking Truths about Custom Software Development

7 Groundbreaking Truths about Custom Software Development

Technology adaptation is prevalent, and without it, our routine will be at a halt. Organizations of all sizes are leveraging the power of smart technology to improve their efficiency, automating business operations, and overall reducing efforts and costs.

As per a report by IDC, the global information technology industry is set to reach 5 Trillion in 2019. Technology has elevated internal business processes, employee efficiency and productivity and customer engagement to a commendable level.

Worldwide ICT Spending

The technology of today has allowed companies to improve their quality of services, build and maintain a rapport in the market. As senior professionals - CTOs, CEOs, and project managers are always looking for better tools and software to improve their growth rate. Hence, the companies are continually seeking productive yet engaging tools that can strengthen the effectiveness of the team, environment, and duly enhance the quality of services.

Today, I am going to show you how custom software development companies are helping their customers to improve the bottom line significantly as compared to one-size-fits-all or packaged software solutions. Here we go:

1. Build a Collective Entity

Any organization has to manage several internal departments like accounts, marketing, communication, human resource management among others. Each of these departments has a unique approach and different styles to operate, and all of these entities have to work collectively to create a cohesive working environment.

For example, what goes inside the sales and marketing department might be completely different compared to how things are managed in the logistics and warehouse department. Similarly, if you are into production, then you might have to oversee supply-chain management, logistics, warehouse, transportation, etc. Because if new stocks of a product are available but the supply-chain management department does not update their data- logistics and accounts departments will suffer.

These areas require different management fundamentals and a unique approach to gain efficiency. You cannot apply the marketing department’s way of functioning to the warehouse department.

If you maintain different platforms for different departments of your company, then you cannot effectively amalgamate the overall output of the company.

You have to club all of these departments under one roof to be able to manage it efficiently. Therefore, a customized software development company can provide you that liberty to successfully do so. Every reliable custom software development company can give you technology solutions to manage, assess, and evaluate the performance of different departments effectively.

2. Budget-Friendly

If you are going for readymade or packaged software solutions, there would be a subscription cost or license to purchase to use the tool effectively. Additionally, if you want to increase the capacity of the software, you need to invest more and buy a costly package to use the software to its fullest potential.

Off-the-shelf software might be capable of handling complex tasks, but simplifying the complexity of bigger organizations requires more recurring investments. And for any company, it would not be a smart decision.

On the other hand, hiring a custom software development company can turn out to be a rewarding one-time investment. Once you get the software and install it in the current system, you can leverage it for as long as you want. There would be no additional cost of installation or licensing any further.


3. Develop a Personalized Layout

You can decide with the custom software development company about the entire user experience and interface of the software. So, you are in the driver’s seat to navigate easily.

Moreover, if your company has a unique flow of operations, you can replicate that flow into your custom software for better team management.

4. Flexible at Scaling

If you wish to add or remove features or tweak the layout as per your wish, any packaged solution would not provide the same user-friendliness. Scalability can also turn out to be a significant challenge. You cannot add features or increase the capacity of such software easily. Eventually, scalability would be costly in terms of efforts and costs for the whole process.

Even if the ready-to-go software can provide you with more data storage and controlling, but they seldom let you tweak the layout or add more features of your choice. In that case, as a business owner, you are forced to use the given features even though you are paying a monthly subscription.

Any custom software development company can give you scalable software. As your company grows, you can create customizations without any hindrance. You can implement a dedicated server for your custom software to increase the capacity for delivering to more users.

You can not only add more features but also strengthen the overall organization management through scalable custom software. With such extensive benefits, custom software development services could be an excellent choice for smooth processes and better performance.

5. Excellent Customer Support

The readymade software works with the philosophy of ‘no-strings-attached’. Moreover, the software is crafted by a team of unknown developers. So, after deploying, you will have to train your resources to maintain the system. It will cost you extra efforts, time and manual hours.

If the vendor provides support, you will have to raise a ticket or shoot an email conversation to resolve your queries. Hence, even though you have paid a subscription or purchased a license of the software; you might have to wait longer to get solutions.

Moreover, your in-house team might not be able to assist you as they don’t have a thorough understanding and enough rights to manage the software.

A software development company can be your lifesaver as it will provide dedicated professional support of talented developers to solve your problems. So, you can get assistance from the people who have made the software in the first place.

If you feel so, you can also hire dedicated resources like network administrators, programmers, and quality analysts to manage your software correctly.

6. Reliable User Experience

Readymade software is mostly hosted on a third-party cloud of the vendor. So, in the case of server downtime, there are chances that your business will suffer hindrances. In case of a security breach, your company’s confidential information will be at high risk.

That’s why a Custom Software Development Company would be an ideal fit thanks to the assurance of reliability. You can either host it on the owned server or deploy it independently in all the local systems.

7. More Adaptable

Every readymade software might not synchronize well with the unique functioning of your organization. It is imperative for the software to sync up smoothly with the internal processes and dynamics of your organization; failing to do so, your teams will have to work harder even with software in place.

Additionally, ready-to-go software might not be a suitable option for certain types of projects. For example, highly secured and confidential government projects wherein regulations and restrictions are strict.

For these types of individual software development scenarios, custom software development services would be the only choice. You will get full adaptability of the software as you can design it exactly as per the needs to deliver a seamless user experience.

Custom software development services are profitable in the long run. Do let us know in the comments what thoughts for the reign of custom software development are.

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