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Did you know that there is a software that helps in the analysis of a business' risks as well as an organization's internal controls effectiveness? Companies require regular auditing to access both internal and external errors. Audit management software also helps an organization's management to understand in detail the results from analyzing internal and external factors and to gauge whether they are complying with the rules set out by the board. An audit management software simplifies the entire process. The audit can be set at a preferred frequency to run reviews at any given time. Audits can be scheduled from different departments simultaneously without causing any conflicts. They also serve as a reminder to auditors to notify them whenever a review is due. Auditors also have the freedom of making amendments even when the program is running, generate detailed feedback, make alterations, and understand precisely what the organization needs. It, therefore, all comes down to choosing the right software for audit management, and software that will centralize, simplify, and automate much, if not all of the auditing processes. Below, I have outlined the key features to look for when finding the best software for audit management.

» Template And Checklist

Get software that simplifies the creation of models from previous old fashion audits to new audits. It should also facilitate the creation new audit checklist, before and during the auditing process.

» Preparation Tools

A good auditing software should also simplify the process of properly planning and preparing for an audit. For instance, determine if the software facilitates the ease of setting checklist questions and specifying the passing score. The software should also be able to let you make sure that every audit is identified and marked as completed, and ensure that the criteria have been met as well as the completion of all the tasks.

» User-Friendly Interfaces

Just like in any other modern software, a good auditing software should feature a user-friendly and intuitive interface. You will find that this eliminates the need for extra training, facilitates the prevention of possible errors, and enables a smoother, faster transition when compared to using software across any business set up. The software provider should be in a position to provide support and training.

» Affordability

Be careful not to pay more than you are supposed to when choosing the right auditing software. Some of the most effective auditing software are available in subscription option, and at a very fair price. It is also advisable to shop around for a while so that you can get a chance to compare features from different software, the prices as well as the support being offered by the software provider.

» CAPA Features (Corrective & Preventive Action)

Prompt action on audit results can be a challenge for most businesses. Therefore get software that features CAPA so that weak areas and non-compliances can be adequately addressed. Ideally, these CAPA features are supposed to facilitate the tracking and initiation of corrective measures. They should also facilitate the issuing and documentation of resolutions.

» Reporting Options

The audit software should accurately provide both reporting and audit closure options. Any generated audit report should enable the analysis of audit outcomes, which includes CAPA results. Also, ensure that the software you are about to purchase lightens the gathering of feedback both on the auditing process and the whole process' results.

» Scheduling

The phrase' time flies' will never become as real as it does in auditing processes. If you are not careful and alert, audit time can sneak up on you. You should, therefore, get an audit software that gives you the option of scheduling one-off and other recurring audits, not forgetting the provision of automated reminders.

» Document Support

The software should also be equipped with features that allow you to attach audits supporting documents. This means that anything that might have a relation to an audit should be stored in a digital, protected, and central location.

» Cloud-Based Options

Cloud equipped software offer several merits, not forgetting that they are generally more affordable and can be accessed from literally anywhere, anytime.

» Automation

To prevent errors, oversights, and duplicated efforts; there is a certain degree of automation that cannot be ignored. This is especially vital since it also serves to vastly minimize the administrative task burden that comes with the auditing process. For example, you will notice that issues that are not immediately addressed can quickly escalate unexpectedly. There should, therefore, be automatic reminders set for specific tasks during the auditing process.


Maintaining a competitive edge in the audit management arena demands a willingness and drive to expand into the modern emerging markets. When evaluation your software options, look for a provider with a significant global presence. This will help to realize the following: Auditors have the required tools to carry out their tasks from any given location effectively Standardization is always maintained, even when you are using auditing companies that have a presence if a lot of companies.
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