Top 12 Wrike Alternatives You Must Consider In 2022

Top 12 Wrike Alternatives You Must Consider In 2021

Anyone who’s part of a project management team, or leading one, must be aware of one of the most popular project management and work collaboration platforms i.e. Wrike.

It could be that you are using Wrike at the moment to synchronize communication, project management, and collaboration within your team.

Used by thousands of customers across the globe, Wrike has proved itself to be an efficient and functional tool for managing remote teams of any size and handling complex projects.

Even though Wrike offers some great features, this tool cannot be termed as perfect by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, when it comes to Project Management Software, no tool is a one-size-fits-all solution.

Wrike has its shortcomings or limitations, and many teams might be looking for a better alternative that can offer more than Wrike. So what are some areas where Wrike lags?

Read on to know more about it.

» What Are The Limitations Of Wrike?

Imagine a gorgeous Armani shirt that is gifted to you by your friend on your birthday. It looks dashing, is expensive, and anyone putting on it is likely to attract some eyeballs in the upcoming party.

You put it on and it’s not the right size! It’s a great brand but does not serve you any purpose because it’s a misfit for your needs.

So, what do you do next? Buy a shirt that is the right fit.

Similarly, Wrike might work charms for some teams, but many of them need more out of project management and team collaboration tools than what Wrike has to offer.

Let’s take a look at Wrike’s Achilles Heel.

Wrike is not open-source software, which means users have to solely depend on the vendor to make code adjustments / implementing feature requests

At $24.80 per user/month, Wrike is not the most pocket-friendly tool for small and medium-scale enterprises

So many features make it hard to master and use

Steep learning curve

Mobile apps have limited functionality

Onboarding can be difficult

Best Wrike Alternatives That Offer More Features & Functionalities

1. ProofHub

Awarded as one of the top three project management systems in 2020 by GetApp, ProofHub is probably the most feature-rich, easy-to-use, and affordably priced project management and team collaboration software solution for teams of any size. Whether it’s reviewing and proofing files, creating custom roles and assigning tasks, managing and visualizing tasks, or modifying schedules as deadlines shift, ProofHub lets you do all that easily and more easily and efficiently.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

To-Do Lists
Workflows and Kanban Boards
Online Proofing
Gantt Charts
Task Management
Timer and Timesheets
Group Chat
Custom Reports
Third-Party Integrations

› Pricing

The Ultimate Control plan with unlimited users and projects is priced at $89/month, billed annually.

2. nTask

nTask is an online collaboration platform that is designed and developed mainly for small businesses and individuals. nTask offers a set of useful tools for users to improve collaboration with team members, simplify task management, meetings, time tracking, and more. nTask has a simple interface, which makes it easy for users to get a hang of it and use its wide range of features and modules. With nTask, you can say goodbye to overdue tasks and juggling tools to do things by keeping everything in one place with its dedicated workspaces.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Reporting and Visualization
Online Time Tracking and Employee Timesheets
Bug and Issue Tracking
Risk Management
Dedicated Workspaces

› Pricing

The paid plan starts at $2.99 per user/month.

3. Workzone

Workzone is a cloud-based project management solution that’s powerful yet easy to use. Unlike Wrike, Workzone is simple and offers more features than starter project management tools like Basecamp. This tool allows team members to collaborate securely in the cloud and share, review, and approve documents online. You can see at once what’s the progress of your project, which ones are on track, which ones are slow, and what every team member is working on. Workzone is more intuitive than Wrike, offers the same visualization tools, but is simple enough for your whole team to use.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

To-Do Lists
Secure File Sharing
Gantt Chart
Status Alerts
Project Templates
Task Dependencies
Project Request Forms
Workload Reports
Time Tracking
Group Calendar

› Pricing

The paid plan starts from $24 per user/month.

4. Hibox

Hibox is a detailed and intuitive task and project management tool that lets users effortlessly create tasks, assign to specific people, and set a deadline with a project calendar view so team managers have a clear picture of what your team is working on and what needs to be done next. Hibox is a reliable productivity application that simplifies and improves task management and team collaboration.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Task Management
Company Chat
Group Video Chat
Personal AI Assistant
Apps Integration
File Sharing
Mobile apps for iOS and Android

› Pricing

The paid plan starts at $4 per user/month.

5. is an award-winning project management software solution that combines robust project planning and scheduling features with collaboration tools. Teams can plan large or small projects in sprints or waterfall methodologies on the interactive Gantt chart. Project Manager helps you manage and monitor team progress and projects, collaborate, track time, and make project status reports. It’s easy to use and requires little to no training, self-explanatory, and user-friendly. Project managers can improve estimating as they can record and reuse task data on their projects.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Gantt Charts
Resource Management
Task Management

› Pricing

The paid plan starts from $15 per user/month.

6. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management software that allows teams to easily collaborate with a sleek, modern, and intuitive interface and advanced task management functionality. ClickUp was designed and developed to replace multiple apps with a single, powerful tool that can integrate multiple types of workflows. ClickUp features a sequence of different project views and boasts of an easy-to-use user interface. This tool works with devices like Alexa and Google Home and offers many features for task and time management to make project management much easier as compared to Wrike.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Process Management
Task Management
Time Management
Real-Time Editing
Apps and Devices
Real-Time Syncing

› Pricing

The paid plan starts at $5 per user/month.


Sendtask is another worthy contender amongst top Wrike alternatives. It offers users a common, single platform to collaborate with teams, clients, and suppliers even if they don’t have an account. This useful feature allows you to streamline your workflow, and manage tasks at a glance. Sendtask makes it incredibly easy to manage, monitor, and schedule tasks, and communicate with teams and stakeholders. One of Sendtask’s more unique features is that you can connect with anyone within seconds in case of urgent changes and updates, regardless of having a Sendtask account.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Task Monitoring and Scheduling
Email to Task Conversion
Team Collaboration
Email Management
Beautiful, Minimalistic Dashboard
Layouts, Filters, and Sorting Options
The Magic Bar

› Pricing

Free to use indefinitely.

8. is one of the most popular and versatile project management and CRM tools available today. You can use to manage all your projects, use it as a CRM, track bugs, manage ad campaigns, manage customer projects as well as manage video production. Monday helps teams visualize all projects via boards and phases of approval. Make your team more productive and motivated to their best work with that helps to make project goals, processes, and decisions more transparent.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Workflow Automation
Workload Management
Timeline View
Time Tracking
File Sharing
Guests Permissions

› Pricing

The paid plan starts from $8 per user.month.

9. Clarizen

Clarizen is an award-winning project and portfolio management software that promises to deliver more features and functionalities than your traditional project management software. Ideal for both smaller teams and large enterprises, Clarizen empowers you to execute your ideas and strategies into actionable plans so it’s easy for you to adapt to changing market conditions. Clarizen takes team engagement to another level by providing real-time visibility over workstreams, in-context collaboration, and configurable workflow automation.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Personalizable Workflows
Budget Tracking
Tasks Management
Project Portfolio
Project Progress Reports
Project Dashboard
Risks Management
Documents Management

› Pricing

Pricing available on quote.

10. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a cloud-based top Wrike Alternative that gives you ultimate control over the work. ActiveCollab is an integrated collaboration and project management software solution that is well-designed and easy to use. This tool offers advanced features to enhance team collaboration and productivity for all types of organizations. ActiveCollab is a highly configurable tool that allows you to organize your projects, tasks, and files in one place, so your teams are on the same page from the onset. You can divide tasks into manageable subtasks, track time spent on tasks, and monitor time across multiple assignments.

› Some Powerful Features Include: 

Plan and Organize
Multiple Time Views
User Role and Permissions
Track Time
Create Estimates

› Pricing

The paid plan starts from $7 per user, per month.

11. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is a dynamic project management software. LiquidPlanner can meet the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises. You can manage resources and risk, and get instant insight into progress, risks, and budgets for all your projects. LiquidPlanner organizes project information, which enables you to make well-defined decisions based on factual data. This tool can also be integrated with GoogleDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Automated Resource Leveling
Estimated Ranges
Project and Task Level Priorities
Smarter Time Tracking
Card View
Powerful Dashboards
Advanced Analytics
Project Costing

› Pricing

The paid plan starts from $45 per user/month.

12. Scoro

Scoro is an all-in-one business management solution that is designed and developed for small and medium-scale businesses. Use Scoro’s automated reports and personalized dashboards to track progress and share results with your team in real-time. Get your work done no matter where you are located, and create a fully interlinked digital workspace to empower your team to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

› Some Powerful Features Include:

Project Management
Customer Management
Automated Alerts
Configurable Statuses
File Management and Sharing
Resource Planning
Scheduled Invoicing

› Pricing

The paid plan starts at $26 per user/month.

Choosing The Best Of Them All

If you’re looking for a top Wrike alternative, you would need to figure out what your team’s requirements are. Different tools serve different purposes for different types of teams and businesses. Once your preferences are well-defined, choose a tool that offers you all features your team needs under one roof at an affordable price.

The chosen tool should have an intuitive interface and should have a minimum learning curve so it’s easy for new users to get hold of it. If you look carefully at the tools listed above, you can easily find the right solution without much effort. Good luck.

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