monday sales CRM Review: Pros & Cons, Pricing, Features, Support Review

The best tech-driven customer relationship management tool is a must-have solution to stay ahead of your business competitors. If the solution is right, it can help you manage and maintain business relations with your valuable customers efficiently and effectively. There are hundreds of CRM tools available in the market claiming to be the best. How will you know it is the right choice for your business? We know what you are thinking. You will start looking for online reviews and ratings for the CRM tools. To help you search for the best CRM software, we have done complete research on the monday sales CRM software. It is in a G2 top sales software list for 2023 globally. The solution consists of many powerful features to offer. In this complete review, you will learn all about monday sales CRM, like what is monday sales CRM, its pros & cons, its subscription plans, and other crucial information. Let’s get started.

monday sales CRM Review & Ratings
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What is monday sales CRM Software?

monday sales CRM, or CRM, is a fully customizable customer relationship management software from It is easy to use and lets users do every sales-related process from one place. It has many eye-catching features, such as account management, CRM integrations, dashboards, Kanban, sales forecasting, email management, activity tracking, lead capturing, duplicate data merger, and data import. It is a one-stop solution for businesses or companies to work smarter and faster. Around 180 thousand customers are using it globally for a seamless workflow. Furthermore, offers other products like monday work management and monday dev to provide industry-specific solutions to businesses or companies. CRM Software Typical User Types: Explained

Our comprehensive research found that the monday sales CRM tool allows users to set different access levels for different user types. The typical user types are as follows:

› Administrators: These types of users are like supreme users. They have complete access to the account with unlimited capabilities.

Team Members: These user types are team members working in different departments. They can see information from the central dashboards and are allowed to be invited for better collaboration between other teams.

Guests: These users are outsiders. They have no roles and responsibilities to businesses or companies—customers, freelancers, and vendors.

Viewers: These are also the other user types. Like team members, they can also be invited to the monday sales CRM tool. They also have access to the shared dashboards and private boards if admins give them access.

Custom Roles: Custom roles are more like a unique feature for admins. Admins can choose any team member from any department, create custom roles according to their capabilities, and give them access to specific permissions to complete the job. However, this custom role feature is only available for the Enterprise plan.

If you wish to explore more user types, you can find them here.

Who Uses monday sales CRM Software?

In our research, we found that monday sales CRM is widely used by the following business types:

    • Small-scale businesses
    • Medium-scale businesses
    • Enterprise level businesses
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Public administrations

What Are Languages Supported by The monday sales CRM Tool?

Due to its popularity worldwide, the monday sales CRM tool supports many different languages to leverage its customers. They are as follows:

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Korean
    • Dutch
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Swedish
    • Portuguese
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Turkish

Does CRM Software Have a Mobile Application? CRM tool offers a mobile application for the following mobile devices:

Is API Support Available For monday sales CRM Software?

In our research, we found that the monday sales CRM tool supports API. It is built on GraphQL and provides flexibility to access and change information for a user account. The solution offers API support for admin users and non-admin users.

Does monday sales CRM Software Supports Integrations?

As per our research, we found that the monday sales CRM software supports integrations with many other vital tools that can benefit sales and marketing teams. The tools like Gmail, Excel, LinkedIn, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, OneDrive, Salesforce, Aircall, DocuSign, PandaDoc, and Zendesk. You can find other integrations here.

monday sales CRM Software: Is It Right For Your Business?

As you already know, monday sales CRM software is one of the top CRM software available in the market. It is best known for its fully customizable capabilities. It offers many outstanding features, like contact management, lead management, customer projects, marketing activities, and team tasks & projects.

In our research, we found that many users found the monday sales CRM tool very effective and quick to follow up. However, if you are a one-person team, CRM is not for you. The tool’s all available subscription plans are for at least three users.

monday sales CRM tool’s starting plan provides limitless customizable pipelines, contact, and boards. Moreover, the solution has a mobile app for every plan user to always stay connected with CRM. Still, many users found some features more complex than others and required a bit more time to master them.

Many users found the CRM tool best to track and manage their leads easily. The tool sends notifications for every action. Some users found it a little bit annoying.

Is monday sales CRM Software Easy to Use?

monday sales CRM solution has everything businesses or companies need to take complete control of the CRM tool and customize it as required. Its beautifully built, user-friendly UI makes exploring easy yet provides roust metrics and reports to stay up-to-date with business processes.

The solution supports integration with essential apps like Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. Moreover, it provides 2-way email integration with Gmail and Outlook. However, the Basic plan users will not get this 2-way email integration with Gmail and Outlook.

monday sales CRM software provides a mobile application for Android and iOS device users. The mobile app makes it easy for users to track business activities anywhere. However, we found in our research that users must fulfill 3 requirements to run the mobile app on their mobile devices. They are as follows:

    • Users must have active monday sales CRM account (trial period or subscribed to any plan)
    • To run the mobile app, users must have mobile devices with Android version 4.92 or iOS version 4.60 or above.
    • Users must be subscribed to the monday sales CRM tool on or after 20 May 2022.

monday sales CRM Software Pricing Pyramid: Explained


According to our comprehensive research, monday sales CRM provides 4 subscription plans for businesses with different requirements. The plans are Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise CRM. Subscription charges for the plans differ based on the number of users and billing cycle (monthly or annually). The minimum number of users is 3, and as the number increases, so does the pricing cost.

monday sales CRM tool does not offer any free version to use, but it offers a 14-day free trial of Basic, Standard, and Pro CRM. After the trial period ends, users must subscribe to any of the plans to continue using the CRM software. Users can choose to pay monthly or yearly. Additionally, you can get an 18% discount if you choose the yearly billing cycle. Let’s have a brief look at each plan:

Basic CRM

This is the first plan of the monday sale CRM tool. It starts at $12.5 per month per user. The plan is suitable for small-scale businesses and new startup businesses. It covers all essential features and out-of-the-box functionalities like unlimited contact databases, boards, and customizable pipelines. However, we found some downsides as well. Even after paying $12.5 per user, you will get 5 GB of storage and an activity log for one week only.

In our research, we found that the Basic CRM offers superb collaboration features like embedded documents, whiteboard collaboration, and updates sections. Additionally, you will get a Kanban view as well. On the other hand, it does not provide private boards and docs, integration permissions, and account management.

Standard CRM

This Standard CRM subscription plan is the most popular. The plan starts at $17 per month per user. You can also pay $42/month (3 users) billed annually and get an 18% discount. Here you will get all the features of the Basic CRM along with other cool features like account and contact management, deal management, 20 GM of file storage data, and six months of the activity log. Still, we found some features that are out of your grasp, such as Google Calendar sync, email tracking & automation, and sales forecasting.

Regarding integration, the Standard CRM plan includes some integration support, like Docusign, Aircall, and PandaDoc. But you will still be unable to get crucial integrations like Facebook Ads, Hubspot, and MailChimp.


If you are a medium to large-scale business and your business requirements are higher, you can consider the Pro CRM plan. The plan pricing starts at $30 per month per user. You will also get an 18% discount if you pay annually.

The Pro CRM plan has superb features that provide actionable insights into comprehensive sales cycles and forecasting. The features include sales forecasting, sales analytics, custom CRM automation, Google Calendar sync, and email templates. Even with the Pro CRM plan, there are several features that you are unable to use, such as lead scoring, duplicate warning, and advanced analytics.

While you get crucial integration support, like Facebook Ads and MailChimp, you will not get Salesforce integrations and sales collateral.

Enterprise CRM

The Enterprise CRM plan is the gold-level subscription plan of monday sales CRM software. This subscription empowers users with unlimited functionalities to manage pre to post-sales processes efficiently and effortlessly. In order to subscribe to this plan, users need to contact the monday sales CRM tool’s sales team for a quote.

With this plan, users will get robust security, advanced sales analytics, lead scoring, HIPAA compliance, 1000 GB file storage, five years of the activity log, and up to 250,000 integrations and automatons actions per month.

Top Features Equipped With monday sales CRM


monday sales CRM tool is one of the most popular CRM tools that offer many fruitful features. The following is a list of the features that we have compiled in our comprehensive research after reviewing multiple sources:

› Contact Management: The feature allows users to efficiently add, edit, delete, and manage their contacts in the CRM tool. The tools provide users with a centralized, secure contact database where users can save and manage contacts.

Sales Pipeline Management: This feature allows users to centralize their whole sales pipeline and empower them to manage it efficiently. Users can quickly identify leads' positions in the sales pipeline and track and manage them to streamline the workflow.

Lead Capture: This feature allows users to automate capturing leads from different sources and stores them in one place so users can manage them later. This way, users will get all leads.

Lead Management: Users can easily track and manage their captured leads from different sources. They can qualify leads, sort them, and send them to the appropriate sales pipeline stage for proper segmentation.

Email Integration: The solution supports seamless Gmail and Outlook integration. It helps users to perform all email-related tasks directly from the CRM environment, like sending & receiving emails and logging sent emails.

Email Tracking: The feature allows users to track sent emails, so whenever leads have opened the emails, users will get notified right away. This way, users will know precisely when to follow up with the leads.

Email Templates: The solution provides email templates that can be auto-filled by customer data that users already have. This way, users can save time and send more personalized emails for better customer engagement.

Activity Tracking and Management: Users can log any activity related to leads and contacts, like calls, emails, meetings, and notes. This way, they can track those activities and manage them to keep up to date with the communication.

Sales Forecasting: The solution allows users to generate crucial metrics and create various reports using sales analytics. It can provide users with accurate sales forecasting.

Custom Dashboard: Users can leverage custom dashboards and get instant visualization for crucial reports like deals in progress, sales figures, and overall team performance.

Team Goal Tracking: This feature allows users to track and manage the team’s goal. Users can easily view and track crack deals vs. time periods for individual team members and the entire team.

Integration: The solution offers flawless integration with many top apps users might already use, like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp. Users can perform many processes using the integration, like lead capturing, survey camping, and email notifications.

Does monday sales CRM Provides Reliable Customer Support Service?

During our extensive research on the monday sales CRM tool, we discovered that the solution provides the best customer service with 99.9% uptime SLA. Users can get 24/7 customer support in many ways, such as a knowledge base, email, helpdesk, FAQs, forums, daily live webinars, and a dedicated customer success manager. Notably, live webinars are offered in many languages, like English, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, French, and Spanish. Users can leverage customer support as long as they subscribe to any plans.

According to many monday sales CRM system users, customer support is excellent, helpful, and friendly whenever they contact them. The response time is incredible. However, the monday sales CRM tool does not provide live chat support.

In Which Industries Is The monday sales CRM Software Widely Used?

monday sales CRM tool is one of the best productivity and project management software worldwide. Due to its popularity and fruitfulness, it can be used in any industry. In our complete research, we compiled a list of the industries where CRM is widely used. You can find the list below:

    • For Small Businesses
    • Insurance Industry
    • Fitness Industry
    • Higher Education Industry
    • Automotive Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Services Industry
    • Financial Services Industry
    • Events Industry
    • Banking Industry
    • Real Estate Industry
    • For Photographers
    • For Architects
    • Law Industry
    • For Nonprofits

monday sales CRM Software: Pros & Cons

During our extensive research over the internet and multiple sources, we have encountered several pros and cons for monday sales CRM software. They are as follows:


    • Unlimited contact database and customized sales pipelines
    • A 14-day free trial
    • Variety of subscription plans
    • Mobile app for Android and iOS devices
    • 99.9% uptime SLA for customer support service
    • Daily live webinars in different languages
    • HIPPA compliance


    • No live chat support
    • No MailChimp, Zoom, and PandaDoc integration
    • The pricing structure is a little bit complex
    • Some advanced analytical features are a bit complex to understand

What Are The Top Alternatives For the monday sales CRM Software?

monday sales CRM tool is in a list of the top CRM tools in the market. It offers outstanding features in budget-friendly subscriptions. Besides that, many users do not find monday sales CRM suitable for their business or want to check out other options before finalizing any CRM. Here is a list of the industry-leading CRM alternatives for the CRM tool:

    • Zoho CRM
    • Streak
    • Nutshell CRM
    • Copper CRM
    • Redtail CRM
    • Nimble CRM
    • Bitrix24 CRM
    • Method CRM
    • Act! CRM
    • Odoo CRM

monday sales CRM Software Reviews

If you are interested in learning more about the monday sales CRM software’s credibility and reliability, you can find it in the below software review platforms:

monday sales CRM Software Technical Details

During our research of the monday sales CRM system, we found some interesting technical information that can be very helpful in knowing the solution’s technical capabilities. They are as follows:


monday sales CRM software provides different ways to deploy the solution. You can find them below:

    • Web-based
    • Desktop version for - Mac, Windows, Linux
    • Mobile devices for - Android, iOS
    • Cloud
    • SaaS


Users can get training for monday sales CRM tool in the following convenient ways:

    • In-person
    • Documentation
    • Live online
    • Videos
    • Webinars

Final Verdict

After performing comprehensive research and exploring multiple resources, we find the monday sales CRM software efficient, effective, and reliable. It is one of the most powerful CRM software available in the market. It is widely popular and used in most industries due to its incomparable customizable capabilities. Its combination of user-friendly interface and drag & drop customizable dashboards can be the pillar for any small-scale business to grow.

Yet, many monday sales CRM software users find its pricing structure a bit complex. Moreover, the solution does not provide live chat customer support for any subscription plan. The software’s Basic plan starts with a minimum of three users. This means single entrepreneurs and fresh startups cannot subscribe to the monday sales CRM tool.


Does monday Provide CRM?

Yes, monday provides one of the best CRM software in the market.

Is monday an Israeli Company?

Yes, is an Israel-based company founded in 2014.

Is monday a Good CRM System?

According to our research, monday sales CRM is one of the best CRM tools in the market.

Who Uses monday?

We found many roles suitable for monday. They are administrators, team members, viewers, custom-defined roles, guests, etc.

What is The Disadvantage of monday CRM?

monday sales CRM tool’s main disadvantage is that its pricing plan starts with a minimum of 3 users only.

Is monday Worth The Money For Small Businesses?

Considering the essential features monday is offering in budget-friendly pricing, it is worth the money for small-sized businesses.