Insightly CRM Product Review & Analysis: About, Features, Pros & Cons

Most companies choose CRM software due to its user-friendly interface, intuitive features, flawless integration, and excellent support system. Any CRM platform with such an option can be the most efficient CRM for any business. Traditionally, what you are looking for includes the extensive features, charges, and support any CRM offers. Based on our research, we have found Insightly's robust features that can help your business scale. How can Insightly CRM streamline your business operations? What charges does it apply to, and what support does Insightly offer? Our deep research will answer all your questions. You may have reviewed Insightly before. Throughout our research, you will learn much about Insightly and decide whether it is the right choice. Also, you will learn how Insightly differs from others and how it can benefit your business. Please review our detailed information about Insightly and decide when to invest in it and how to scale your business.

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What is Insightly CRM?

Insightly is a SaaS-based CRM platform that effectively manages sales activities through its powerful features. It can simplify your tasks and workflows, manage a wide variety of pipelines, and execute other general projects as well in addition to sales and marketing.

Insightly provides you with one place to work on versatile processes simultaneously, from lead management to mass emailing.

Insightly is compatible to integrate with Google and Microsoft products as well as a bunch of third-party apps and tools. Insightly offers Android and iOS support that can enhance your sales experience and deliver solid support at your fingertips. Integration with over 250 other business tools available in Insightly.

Insightly offers many powerful features, including lead management, contact management, sales forecasting, sales pipeline, customizable reporting, analytics, etc., to enrich your sales teams and tools. Additionally, Insightly also provides integrated project management tools to deliver a variety of project customizations to clients.

Insightly boosts customer experience with an accessible customer portal. It understands your business and provides elevated customization options. Create customer engagement to maximize conversions. Last but not least, smooth integration and collaboration let you grow with a unified team through a unified platform with Insightly.

What Types of Businesses Does Insightly CRM Serve?

We have reviewed Insightly, a cloud-based CRM platform that offers a wide range of features for almost every sector. It has a multitude of user bases in several industries, such as:

    • Large enterprises
    • Mid-scale businesses
    • Small-scale businesses
    • Non-profits
    • Freelancers

What Languages Does Insightly CRM Support?

An organization must be more concise with more than one language. With multiple languages, there is a possibility of connecting more people and serving them in their home language. This will enable them to keep engaging with you. As a result of Insightly's understanding of customer needs, it provides authentic solutions in multiple languages. Insightly offers email templates and notifications in English (the default language). Other activities will be in the language preferred by customers.

The languages Insightly support:

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Hungarian
    • Chinese (traditional/ professional)
    • Dutch
    • Greek
    • Indonesian, etc.

Does Insightly CRM Support Mobile Devices?

The Insightly mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Insightly mobile apps support iOS 9 and higher or Android 5.0 / Lollipop and higher operating system versions.

As a benefit, you can store all your data online, which is recorded within mobile apps effortlessly. It maximizes security and minimizes mobile application load time.

Additionally, you can benefit from other features, including.

› Objects and Records: Administrators can easily set up roles and restrictions through web application. Users can create, modify, view, search, and covert opportunities to project.

› Email: The display tab can search, modify, and sort emails. Users can easily send emails from mobile apps and get notifications of updated email alerts.

› Business Card Scanning: Mobile apps offer easy lead generation through scanning business cards and importing details into CRM.

In addition, there are other features, such as Recording Audio Notes, Calendar, Refreshing Data, Basic troubleshooting, etc., that enable a more cohesive experience.

Is Insightly CRM Offering APIs?

Insightly offers APIs for any system or application with seamless integration. It provides a third-generation RESTful API. Comprehensive, user-friendly client SDKs to work with nearly major programming languages. Incorporating Android apps, syncing data with another system, and other activities Insightly makes easy.

Some API integrations provide the following:

› Custom Reporting: APIs help you export data into a reporting service to generate customized reports with graphs and charts.

› Smart Lead Capture & Sync: Automated process of capturing leads from the website to assigning them to related team members. Easy syncing of leads, contacts, job tracking systems, etc., with Insightly.

Insightly offers the latest API versions with auto-generated virtual SDKs, such as Swagger. Insightly also uses client-side libraries along with Java, .Net, and Python libraries.

What Apps Does Insightly CRM Integrate With?

In our research, you will learn about Insightly integration. Undoubtedly, it provides seamless integration with all your hosting tools. Insightly CRM offers 250+ sophisticated integrations with your apps through AppConnect. With AppConnect, any team member can quickly adapt, regardless of their level of complexity.

However, it will cost extra for additional integration services and no-code integration. Charge details you will find in our Feature plan section with detailed information. Third-party integration that Insightly allows for the following:

    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Google Forms
    • Groove
    • CallRail
    • Process Street
    • DropBox Business
    • Bidsketch
    • Quotient
    • Zoho CRM
    • Time Camp
    • Campaign Monitor, and more

Is Insightly CRM Right for Your Business? Yes/ No

Insightly CRM is excellent for those who are seeking project management tools. It is precisely for those looking for sales processes with marketing automation platforms. However, all those features are only available on a higher-tier plan, and marketing platforms are separate from the feature plan.

A more powerful combo would include project management, prospecting, and customer management tools for professional-tier subscribers. Business owners benefit from an intuitive interface with impressive features, integrations, and customization options.

It might be powerless for those relying entirely on tracking and analysis to manage sales processes. However, Insightly does not provide phone assistance. Moreover, click-to-dial and call analysis are available only on higher-tier plans at additional costs.

You can review the complete Insightly information with its flaws and strengths. It will help you decide the right choice for your business.

How Easy is Insightly CRM to Use?

Indeed, Insightly CRM provides an easy-to-use interface. Our review shows that Insightly offers a wide range of user-friendly software interfaces, flawless integrations, and frictionless automation workflows. Insightly proposes an all-in-one unified platform for small and mid-sized businesses that need to grow at scale.

Insightly CRM is a SaaS-based platform that tracks leads, opportunities, and other management tasks. Your business can benefit from Insightly if you need a reliable project management tool. Insightly offers a single platform for complete integration with sales automation.

It is easy to get into Insightly and start working. It doesn't require tech expertise with a user-friendly system. With just a few clicks, you can update the details. The dashboard and tabs make navigation easy, and the menu option is highly visible. However, you need to subscribe to its add-on support plans and onboarding program for advanced support and other guidance.

Insightly CRM Price Plan

Our research found some relatable information that may benefit your business. Insightly offers different plan packages based on features offered for specific processes like CRM, marketing, service, and integration. It also offers an all-in-one plan that includes every feature that all packages have to offer. Users can get a 14-day free trial on all plans except the enterprise plan.

CRM & Service Plans:

Price/ Plans Plus ($) Professional ($) Enterprise ($)
CRM (monthly, billed annually) 29 / per user 49 / per user 99 / per user
Service (monthly, billed annually) 29/ per user 49/ per user 99 / per user

Marketing & AppConnect Plans:

Price/ Plans Plus ($) Professional ($) Enterprise ($)
Marketing (monthly, billed annually) 99 (min. 2000 prospects) 499 (min. 2000 prospects) 999 (min. 2000 prospects)
AppConnect (monthly, billed annually) 249 (25k tasks monthly) 799 (100k Tasks monthly) 3,499 (500k Tasks monthly)

All-in-one Plan:

Price/ Plans Plus ($) Professional ($) Enterprise ($)
All-in-one Plan (monthly, billed annually) 349 / 2 users included 899 / 5 users included 2,599 / 10 users included
For Additional Users $29 / user/ month $49 / user/ month $99 / user/ month

› Plus: To subscribe to this tier, you must pay $29 per user/month, billed annually. Users can access this tier with a 100,000 record limit. In this plan, users will get 10GB storage.

Moreover, you can access core CRM features, such as pipeline management, contact and lead management tools, and email tools, with 2500 emails per day in this plan. However, you will need help accessing leads assignment and routing and scheduling outbound emails. Also, automation will be limited, which may require more for mid-size businesses.

Professional: Are you looking to automate your workflow or customize your dashboard? You can subscribe to this tier which costs $49 per user/month, billed annually. In this plan, you can quickly get the lead assignment and routing to align your workflow from lead generation to assigning and closing. 

This tier opens up more doors to features such as email getting more valuable with additional scheduling options and more templates. As part of this tier, you can customize business dashboards, custom objects, and other features. Regardless, to activate the click-to-call option in this tier, you'll need to pay an additional fee, which Insightly provides in add-on plans.

Enterprise: For large-scale businesses, it might be beneficial as Insightly opens up all the features with unlimited options. The comprehensive tier plan costs $99 per user/month, billed annually. As part of this tier, Insightly removes all limits and offers unlimited access to all features, from users to customization, reporting, etc., without any restrictions. Additionally, enterprise subscribers can build product quotation books with custom validation rules.

Marketing: The marketing plan starts at $99 per month (billed annually). It’s the Plus plan (Starting plan). In the Professional plan, users must pay $499 per month (billed annually). The third and most extensive plan costs $999 monthly with annual billing. With these plans, users can get a minimum of 2000 prospects. If you are looking for robust email marketing strategies, these plans will help you.

AppConnects: Explicitly designed for no-code integration with this app, offered by Insightly CRM. It costs $249 per account/month (billed annually) for 25k tasks. Same as $799 per account/month (billed annually) for 100k tasks, and $3499 per account/month (billed annually) for 500k tasks.

All-in-one plan: This plan drives higher satisfaction by saving 30% on the entire Insightly platform. You can get benefits based on your subscription, including Service, Marketing, CRM, and AppConnect. Additionally, you can purchase add-ons for extra assistance.

Overall, Insightly contains effective feature plans which may affect startups and small-sized businesses in terms of cost. On the other hand, you can see the value-added features for large-scale companies. However, many additional prospects and tasks are available in add-on options that charge extra for each plan if required by any business.

Additionally, if you subscribe to the All-in-one plan, you will get access to Insightly CRM, marketing, Insightly service, and AppConnect based on your subscription tiers. Regardless, Insightly only offers annual billing, not monthly billing. It would be wise if you decided to invest in other extra charges and subscriptions when scaling your business.

Insightly CRM Features

Any CRM holds various functionalities to assist businesses in providing productive solutions. You will find how Insightly benefits your business with its advanced features in our deep research compiled here in features information.

› Workflow and Process Automation: Automation enables workflow alignment based on project segments. The integration flexibility allows for seamless data transfer and can be accessed and utilized according to needs.

Email Marketing & Automation: Email marketing helps businesses extend networks to generate leads. It triggers actions in response to emails through a simple visual interface. Email marketing differs in email messages based on segmentation. You can also use mass emailing and A/B testing to increase success rates.

Customization: It distinguishes Insightly from other CRM systems. Using this functionality, you can create custom workflows constantly without losing track of them.

Email Tracking & Management: It tracks and manages all email activities, including response rates, open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and many others, by monitoring sales metrics.

Third-Party Integration: Insightly provides integration with 250 third-party business apps and APIs is imperative. Insightly enriching your business processes by enabling smooth connections through integrations with Slack, Adobe, and many more, as well as cloud file storage services, is commendable.

Contact Management: Insightly gathers all contacts, streamlines them, and presents them in the database. Additionally, emails can be linked to contacts. In addition, contacts from various channels provide new lead-generation opportunities.

Lead Management: It allows for creating an opportunity. It is necessary to start an action. Capture data from various relevant sites and channels. Streamline the process of prioritizing leads and routing them to sales reps in real-time.

Reporting & Analytics: It analyzes actionable insights and enables visualization of data by creating customizable reports. Custom KPIs and critical metrics are visible at a glance.

Mobile: Manage all sales and marketing activities at your fingertips on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can get in touch with contact details by scanning business cards. You can also create new opportunities, update locations, and perform many other activities conveniently through mobile apps.

Opportunity Management: You can easily track processes across sales and pipelines to efficiently manage, nurture, and maximize opportunities in customizable pipelines.

Sales Pipeline Management: Insightly allows you to create, manage, view, and customize your pipeline from any web-based device. With Insightly, you can get sales reports in Kanban style, custom pipeline status, and automated pipeline alerts.

Role-Based Permissions: Admins can grant or restrict role-based access to crucial information. It ensures that the data will not get into the wrong hands by granting permission to responsible users only.

Task Management: Managing tasks ensures clear communication, seamless post-sale transitions, and speedy project completion. Each project can be customized with custom fields and layouts for better customer service.

Project Management: Managing processes and tracking milestones is essential to project management. Transform opportunities into projects without losing any data by enhancing team communication.

Insightly CRM Customer Support Review

Several CRM platforms offer a variety of service options for better connectivity. As a comparison, Insightly scores low in this section as Insightly has limited customer support, even for higher-tier subscribers.

It is available to all plan members to access the help center. Regardless, they do not have access to telephone support. For higher-tier customers, Insightly offers email support (, customized support, a help center, and a community forum.

Insightly's service enables more productivity and better customer interaction. However, it offers support based on subscription plans which still needs to be improved since it does not provide live chat or phone calls. Insightly customized support is available for professional and enterprise-level members for an additional charge.

Which Industries Use Insightly CRM?

In our analysis, you can see how Insightly is popular in the industry. Due to its project management tools, Insightly is one of the most effective CRMs. Through Insightly CRM, you can manage any size of business easily. Insightly CRM covers the following industries:

    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Finance Industry
    • Marketing Agencies Industry
    • For Solar Businesses
    • Healthcare Industry
    • For Consulting Businesses
    • eCommerce Industry
    • Insurance Industry
    • For Professional Services

What Are The Major Pros & Cons of The Insightly CRM Software?

All CRM platforms have flaws and strengths, but what matters most is which one is beneficial to your business. In our research, you will find relevant information about Insightly CRM Pros & Cons. Please have a look at:


    • User-friendly interface
    • 250+ apps integration
    • Powerful project management tools
    • Robust sales management tools
    • Mobile and web access
    • Data sync smoothly with the mobile app
    • A unique variant of dashboards


    • Chargeable built-in dialer
    • Phone support is not available for low plan subscribers
    • All-In-One plan doesn't sound perfect for startups and small businesses
    • No live support is available

Insightly CRM Alternatives

It is possible to find several CRMs with many powerful features on the market. But as a matter of fact, which one is the right CRM for you? Undoubtedly, Insightly CRM is one of the most effective CRM software. Yet, we have other leading CRM alternatives to meet your needs. You can find the list of industry-leading CRM software here:

Insightly CRM Technical Support Review

For any business, getting familiar with CRM is imperative. Simultaneously, deployment is also vital for any CRM project. Insightly has been implemented by many companies and provides a wide range of product training via various resources. You will see the details below:

› Deployment: Successful implementation helps businesses develop processes and attract new customers. Insightly CRM provides various ways of deployment that include:

    • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
    • Desktop - Mac
    • Desktop - Windows
    • Mobile - Android
    • Mobile - iPhone
    • Mobile - iPad

Training: Insightly has different training modules that are accessible to users to learn more about the platform. These are as follows:

    • Live Online
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Our Honest Opinion: Is Insightly CRM for You?

We have thoroughly researched and covered almost crucial areas about Insightly for you. This includes pricing, features, customer support, pros and cons, and other vital details that may help you with business benefits.

Undoubtedly, Insightly offers an easy-to-use interface with cost-effective features. With its variant of plans that differ in features and prices. From low to higher plans, Insightly has numerous features that boost your sales and marketing processes. However, Insightly doesn't allow monthly subscription billing, and marketing charges extra for higher-tier subscribers.

As a matter of fact, features are essential for any CRM platform. Insightly also provides valuable features such as integrating 250+ third-party apps and APIs. Regardless, if you are willing to opt for no-code integrations, you have to connect with Insightly's AppConnect option, which charges you extra even if you subscribe to a higher tier.

Additionally, other features, such as reporting and analytics tools, lead scoring, workflow automation, etc., are available for higher-tier subscribers. Moreover, Insightly also offers a smooth mobile app which should be considered an additional benefit for your business.
Insightly offers an easy-to-use interface. However, technical expertise is needed in terms of usability and account setup.

The majority of entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses might not have in-house tech support. Thus, a flexible and reliable support system is crucial for them. Insightly offers a convenient and reliable help center for low-tier subscribers. Nevertheless, email and community forum support will be available only for professional and enterprise-tier plans. Additionally, customized support costs extra, even for higher-tier subscribers.

› Final words: Insightly indeed has some flaws, but its robust features, flexible integration, automation, and customization cover them. Insightly can fulfill any business purpose by providing aligned processes.


Is Insightly HIPAA compliant?

It complies with HIPAA requirements for PHI security and is DSS-compliant.

Is Insightly cloud-based?

Insightly is a SaaS-based CRM for medium to enterprise sized businesses that features a user-friendly interface. Yet a powerful CRM system for small businesses.

Does Insightly have an app?

The Insightly platform is adaptable, customizable, and accessible through web browsers and mobile apps.

How long is Insightly free trial?

Insightly is accessible at an affordable price when compared with other CRMs. There is no free version. Additionally, It offers a 14-day trial that lets you test features before proceeding.

What is the difference between lead and opportunity in Insightly?

A lead can be a prospective customer or person regarding sales prospects. On the other hand, the data users have collected from various channels will be an opportunity, and users expect to do business with them in the future.