What is the Best Tool For Content Marketing To Use in 2022?

What is the best tool for content marketing to use in 2020

Each New Year comes with changes in the world of digital marketing and content marketing strategies. New trends appear and take over the leading role, while some of the old ones simply seize to exist. That’s why content marketing professionals need to keep their eyes wide open and look out for new tools, strategies, and trends to follow in 2022.

The year ahead of us will bring something new to the spotlight. This raises the question of which tool for content marketing will be the best one to use in 2022? If you’re curious to find out and you feel the need to stay informed about the future of content marketing tools, just keep reading.

Let’s try and break it down to get some answers.

» Staying Current: Buzz Sumo

Regardless of what business you’re in, you always need to keep an eye on your competition and fight for your place on the market.

With the rise of technology, social media, apps, tools, and various success strategies, the fight for your target audience and customers is just going to get harder.

This is why in 2022 you need a content marketing tool which can ensure you’re using the right resources to get to your goals.

Buzz Sumo is a tool which can help you with the following:

Reveal which topics you should be covering
Discover what the influencers have been sharing
Follow the likes, shares, and engagements of various pieces of content
Curate your own strategy for staying updated

If you don’t cover the topics, your audience and your competitor’s audience is interested in, there’s no chance you’ll make any progress in 2022.

That’s why this tool might just be what you’re looking for, to help you move forward in the upcoming year.

» Cross-Teams Collaboration: Trello

Content marketing is like a piece of complex machinery. No one person can handle it all.

In fact, there are usually several teams working simultaneously on a single content marketing strategy.

Since there’s no room for mistakes and showing weaknesses, these teams need to work shoulder to shoulder and have an uninterrupted, stable communication.

Since many people work from home or don't share an office, a tool for cross-team collaboration is a must in 2022.

Trello is one of the best collaboration tools which come with features such:


These enable you to:

Create team tasks and mark them once done
Schedule meetings or conference calls
Keep track of deadlines
Schedule content writing, posting, and sharing

Content marketing teams need to be ready for all the upcoming challenges in 2022, so this collaboration tool might be something they can’t go on without.

» SEO: Yoast

SEO is never going to get old.

What you write and how you write it, influences your ranking on Google. SEO helps you rank higher, reach more people, and get organic traffic.

Luckily, Yoast is a tool which does all the SEO for you. All you have to do is know how to use this tool.

Here’s what it helps you out with:

Focus key phrase analysis: length, distribution, density, etc.
Title adequacy
Style of writing

Before you paste your content to Yoast, proofread it for mistakes using tools or services such as BestEssayEducation, Grammarly or Grab My Essay services.

Yoast isn’t going to let you post or publish anything that’s not optimized for search engines. And with the amount of content being posted on a daily basis, you’ll need this kind of help in 2022.

» Visual Appeal: Canva

Not everyone can afford to hire a graphic designer to take care of the visual aspect of the content they publish.

Yet, it’s the visuals that make your audience start scrolling and focus on the actual content. It’s like bait that you desperately need if you want people to hear what you have to say.

A free graphic design tool called Canva might just be the solution to your problems:

It’s easy to use
Available for anyone
Creates beautiful and stunning social media posts, infographics and other types of marketing materials

In an article for Forbes, Mallory Walsh, a VP Marketer said that “visuals play an integral role in a brand’s content strategy” and that she finds that “visuals are often the quickest, most compelling component a brand can leverage to increase engagement.”

Use Canva to increase your engagement in 2022, and set higher goals in terms of brand awareness and audience retention.

» Twitter Audience: Tweroid

The marketing potential and power of Twitter should not be underestimated.

If you have a certain base of Twitter followers, you need to analyze their behavior and learn when and how to post content for them.

Tweroid is a free tool which can analyze the behavior of your Twitter followers and tell you:

When are they mostly online?
When is the best time to post your tweets?
When is the peak of your followers’ engagement?

This way, you’ll know exactly when to post to Twitter, and you can expect an engagement increase.

This content marketing tool enables you to focus more on your Twitter strategy in 2022 and improve your content marketing strategy for better engagement and reach.

» Email Marketing: MailChimp

Email Marketing remains one of the best and most effective ways to deliver clear messages to the right people. Every content marketer needs a specific email marketing strategy to stay on the right track.

Email marketing is based on:

What you write
How you write it
Who do you send it to?
Why do you send it?

These are the essential features of a great email marketing strategy.

In case it sounds complicated, you can use MailChimp, one of the best email marketing tools available today.

For your 2022 email marketing effort, use this tool to:

Build a contacts list
Analyze data to personalize your messages
Test different versions of emails
Focus on segmentation
Get more subscribers

If you care about email marketing, which you should, you need a tool to help you nail it in 2022.

» Social Media Sharing: MashShare

The number of social media users might just hit 3 billion by 2022. The power of social media isn’t declining so nor should your efforts to stay present on these platforms.

One of the ways you could ensure your social media presence is strong and stable is to inspire people to take actions on their social media accounts.

Simply inviting people to share your content isn’t going to do the trick. You need to simplify the process and almost make it a necessity.

MashShare helps you:

Create attention-grabbing social media share buttons
Increase engagement
Motivate people to share your content

Make sure you stay focused on social media in 2022 and get your audience to promote your content.

» Social Media Management: Hootsuite

Finally, we can’t end this list without adding a tool to help you manage all the social media platforms you’re using to promote your content.

For your content marketing efforts to be a success, you need to use all the major social media platforms to promote what you’re publishing.

Since managing different accounts and various sets of followers can be confusing and overwhelming, you should use a tool like Hootsuite to ensure you’ve got it.

Hootsuite is a tool which enables you to:

Manage all your social media in one place
Schedule social media posts in advance, for the peak hours
Store pre-written content in a cloud-based storage
Track data and measure results
Monitor your social media presence

One tool for managing everything you’re doing on all social media platforms is something you most certainly need.

Make it easier on yourself in 2022 but make sure you perform better.

» Which Tool is the Best?

The list above provides useful resources any content marketer needs. However, it doesn't answer our initial question:

» What is the best tool for content marketing to use in 2022?

The truth is, no one tool can make a drastic improvement in your content marketing strategy. You can't fix what's wrong or make better what's good by choosing a single tool to introduce into your content marketing strategy in 2022.

This means that every content marketer needs to:

Define their content marketing strategy’s week points
Choose a tool they need to remove the weaknesses and issues

The best tool for you in 2022 is, therefore, the tool you need for your specific situation.

Final Thoughts

All of the above tools are going to help you improve your content marketing strategy in 2022. Use them to improve ranking, increase engagement, work on audience retention acquisition or remove other issues you may be struggling with.

Work on improving your entire strategy and making it invincible in 2022. Choose the tools you need and never stop looking for ways to improve.


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