Freshsales CRM Review: Product Pricing, Features, and Pros & Cons

Do you know about Freshsales CRM? Have you considered Freshsales CRM? What are the features, and how does it benefit your business? Is this right for your business? Is it easy to use for you and your team? All these queries might have occurred to you at some point. It might be helpful to read various reviews about Freshsales CRM. In our research, we have covered almost all information about Freshsales, from what it is to what is right for your business. We have also covered how it can boost your sales business through advanced features and customer support. Throughout our research, we gathered some information about Freshsales CRM that you might find informative. This review will give you a comprehensive overview of Freshsales CRM with other relevant information. Likewise, it might have advantages and disadvantages that you will learn in our review.

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What is Freshsales CRM?

Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM solution designed for sales teams. Boost sales teams and processes with Freshsales CRM, including affordable pricing, advanced features, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, using AI-powered Freddy, users can prioritize and personalize customer engagement by exploring a 360-degree view of customer behavior on the website and apps.

Freshsales CRM pushes the sales team to increase qualified leads and nurture customer retention by keeping them engaged with outstanding customer service to scale the business. Freshsales enables various sales automation solutions. You can track your customers' complete lifecycle and generate qualified leads from multiple channels through the event tracking tool.

Advanced reporting and automated personalized email can schedule, edit, and automate your email. It provides a customized experience and delivers actionable customer insights to increase performance.

Additionally, other powerful features, such as deal management, mobile CRM, built-in phone & chat support, etc., may help your team streamline sales processes, reduce their workload, and provide efficiency to achieve focused targets.

Freshsales CRM helps businesses maximize sales by automating the sales process. A unified sales CRM suite serves customer-facing reps from a single source for better results, breaking down silos. Its browsing and mobile apps make sales simple and convenient. Its fully customizable dashboard and easy-to-understand interface make it convenient to use.

Does Freshsales CRM Work For Businesses Of Any Size?

Freshsales CRM is an excellent tool for customer retention in sales and marketing. Freshsales CRM suits freelancers, mid-size, small-size, large-size, non-profit, and public administration businesses. It covers several business sectors and offers a wide range of solutions.

Does Freshsales CRM Offer Multi-Language?

Yes, its multiple other features support approximately 32 languages and deal in 165 currencies. As Freshsales operates geographically, its multilingual support is crucial. It has two types of language support:

Account language: It is for newly added accounts that include the administrator's default language. Existing users cannot overwrite the language setting.

User Language: This option applies to existing users only. Users can change the language as needed.

It is important for Freshsales to understand its customers' needs and facilitate their experience in their native language so that they can understand and enjoy their service. You can even check the following Freshsales offers:

    • English
    • Chinese (simplified and traditional)
    • Russian
    • Korean
    • Arabic
    • French
    • Polish, and more

Does Freshsales Support Mobile Devices?

It is now possible for you to have access to sales and leads activity at your fingertips. Freshsales provides easy-to-configure leads; you can get alert notifications, lead appointment details, meeting locations, and assigned lead details on mobile devices. Freshsales is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Does Freshsales offer APIs?

APIs are available to access and manage Freshsales data. An intuitive CRM helps sales reps manage their pipeline and increase conversions. The Freshsales API belongs to the Representational State Transfer (REST) category to perform operational activities such as reading, adding, deleting, and modifying data from the helpdesk.

Freshsales API uses commands like:

    • Post: For creating an object
    • Get: To fetch the newly created object
    • Put: Consider updating an object
    • Delete: You can remove the object

What Are The Prime Apps Freshsales Is Integrated With?

Throughout our extensive research, you will get detailed information about the Freshsales integration. As you might already know, Freshsales is a vital Freshworks product. It has flexible native integrations that fit into your business ecosystem.

Track your events, automate your leads and contacts, and more to boost operations with seamless integration. It provides a wide range of integrations with Freshdesk, Freshmarketer, Freshchat, Freshconnect, Freshcaller, Google Calendar, etc., and many others.

› FreshMarketer: It will create a tuning between sales and marketing processes. As a result, it will generate faster conversions, better context, and make outreach easier.

› Google Calendar: It syncs all your events and appointments with 2-way sync. Google Calendar lets you customize, add, remove, and edit all your events.

› Freshsales for the Web: Here, you can utilize all its technical options, such as Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc. For smooth technical support.

It will grow your business by delivering expert integration with your favourite apps. Includes: Zapier, Segment, Calendly, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Trello, Google Workspace, and more.

Do You Think Freshsales CRM Is The Right Fit For Your Business?

Freshsales is a crucial Freshworks product. Freshsales is a CRM tool with an intuitive interface for startups and small businesses. CRM with robust components that boost sales and processes at an affordable price. You will gain access to its vital features like live data synchronization and note-taking options while working collaboratively.

Freshsales offers one of the most promising phone and email integrations. Phone and email integration ensures all data and interaction records are in one place. You can also get access as needed. However, integrating other activities based on your needs could benefit the company.

Feature cost matters for CRM businesses. It must be significant and meet the company's needs. In our discovery, Freshsales offers powerful features for better usability. Freshsales differs its feature plan into 4 versions, from the free to the enterprise. In addition, you can unsubscribe from the existing sales subscription, which offers refunds. However, the free plan eliminates reporting features and offers basic lead and contact management. If you want more usability, you can move to a higher-tier subscription.

Freshsales CRM provides various solutions to streamline sales processes and increase sales rep efficiency. However, Freshsales CRM is primarily intended for sales, not marketing. You must integrate with other Freshworks products and subscribe to more CRM solutions.

How Easy Is Freshsales CRM To Use?

Freshsales has an easy-to-use interface with flexible customization. Along with an easy interface, it includes a complete menu selection option. You can also receive prompt pop-ups relevant to deployment and customization.

In addition, you will also receive a knowledge-based guide as a complimentary gift. The functionality of Freshsales is versatile and accessible in a variety of ways. It is easy to understand for unfamiliar users. Freshsales is faster to implement.

Freshsales Pricing

Freshsales has four levels of feature plans to explore. In these four levels of pricing, you will understand the variation in characteristics and amounts. Amongst four plans, one plan is free, and the other three plans' level cost starts from $15 to $69. Let's examine how pricing differs by features.

Generally, the primary level plan does not include fees, with unlimited users but limited features. You can get lead management but need advanced sales capabilities. You need help accessing the sales pipeline. Overall, you will get features but limited options.

› Growth Plan: An entry-level plan that costs $15 per user/month, if billed annually, includes automation, AI, and contact scoring. You can leverage automation to streamline your sales workflow. Automated welcome email setup, engagement with existing customers, and renewal are benefits for gaining conversions. Dashboard customization aligns with data display. Also, reports can help you gain insights into metrics for business growth. However, you will get limited storage of 2GB per user, only 20 workflows, and no access to real insights.

› Pro Level: This plan is concise for mid-level businesses and costs $39 per user/monthly if billed annually. You will upgrade based on features compared to the free and growth-level plans. It may be beneficial for customers to have a one-to-one conversation with the WhatsApp integration that Freshsales offers in this plan. The cherry on top of the cake would be AI-powered integration with Whatsapp.

More sales pipelines allow you to nurture sales processes, leads, and customer engagement. However, you will not get the auto profile feature. You can only get 50 auto assignments per module, and it won't include the customer module. But multiple sales pipelines are also limited to 10.

› Enterprise Level: A higher-tier plan costs $69 per user/monthly if billed annually. You will get all the features with unlimited access. Additionally, Freshsales CRM will help you predict sales and automate sales tasks. Moreover, you can get Freddy, an AI-powered option that streamlines your conversions to close deals effectively. The Freshsales team provides a dedicated account manager for any disruption resolution.

Overall, Freshsales CRM provides a free feature plan, but you get basic access. For advanced features, you will have to subscribe to enhance your sales leads.

Price (Annual/monthly) / Plan Free plan Growth ($) Pro ($) Enterprise ($)
Monthly Billing Limited features 18 47 83
Annually Billing 0 15 39 69

Freshsales CRM Free Vs. Paid

A SaaS-based sales CRM tool with advanced features, Freshsales nurtures businesses and helps them achieve their goals. Clearly, Freshsales offers a free plan with limitations. With the free plan, you can get contact management but need access to complete contact management depth. A higher-tier plan is required for advanced contact management.

However, the free version has limited customization options. Moreover, you can intuitively manage deals. In contrast, you cannot use the Freddy AI tool. Additionally, you will get classic web forms but not smart web forms, not even web user tracking. About Freshsales CRM pricing, please review our pricing section.

Overall, Freshsales offers a free to a higher-tier plan to increase storage, benefit from its robust features, and eliminate sales prospects limit. However, it might be challenging for startups and low-budget businesses. Anyone who wants more features should avoid the free plan and subscribe to paid plans.

Freshsales Features

› Contact Management: With Freshsales, you can track contacts, communication and unify data to develop and improve customer engagement for the long term. Along with the Activity timeline, and lifecycle stages, you can provide sufficient engagement faster. It can maximize sales productivity and help you close deals more quickly.

Lead Management: One of the most valuable features that enrich sales by increasing conversion. Lead management enables clear visibility for sales and marketing processes. It helps companies to manage, generate, and track their leads from various social media platforms. It enriches leads, tracks them, and ensures all qualified leads feed into lead management features to nurture businesses.

Deal Management: Freshsales enables AI-powered features that let you stay smart, trigger automatic follow-ups, manage deals and pipelines, and forecast sales revenue. A pipeline management 2.0 tool from Deal Management can provide you with complete sales insights and a breakdown of the actions to be taken.

› Sales Pipeline Management: Pipeline management helps you manage your pipeline and lets you focus on all the activities that must be done daily. It can filter, scan, and search deals and display them on the screen of your website and mobile apps. Drag-and-drop conversion of leads from qualified leads into the pipeline.

› Sales Analytics & Reporting: Analyze team performance, and sales analytics provide visual reports to help you make actionable decisions. It is a robust feature that provides data-driven reporting effortlessly and improves sales team performance rates. Recognize sales department activities, such as campaigns and overall sales performance.

Customization: Flexible customization in multiple fields, such as the contact lifecycle stage. You can create your lifecycle stages as per your business process. Using the Customer field, you can customize your pickers, checklists, dates, and formula fields that store and gather business information. Additionally, customization in language, sales activities, modules, and many more can take your experience to the next level.

› Workflow Automation: Sales teams require eliminating repetitions, and routine work must be streamlined for effective conversions. Workflow automation improves task accuracy and systemizes the work process so the sales team can focus on priority work. It allows workflow creation per the requirements, such as task creation, email/SMS sending process, field update reminder, webhook trigger, etc.

› Freddy AI - Specific URL provided for this feature: To deliver an exceptional customer experience, AI-powered Freddy provides you with actionable insights. It automates sales tasks, such as lead generation and qualified leads, and changes the strategy to provide engaging prospects. AI Freddy helps you understand customer needs smarter and deliver the most appropriate insights to businesses.

› Salesforce Automation: Using salesforce automation, you can automate your sales and focus on selling. It encourages sales teams to work smart and let the business sales reach the mountain's peak. It is found that sales automation reduces the sales cycle by 18% and increases sales by 30%. Through this, you can automate your qualified leads, upsell and cross-sell become more straightforward, and support gets more systemized.

› Email Tracking: With Freshsales CRM, you can sync and integrate your email in two ways. It is possible to track how many people open and click on your emails. In order to track emails, the CRM syncs and integrates emails with various clients.

› Live Chat: You can take advantage of its 21-day free trial without credit card details. It also improves customer service and engagement. Live chat contributes valuably. You can personalize the customer experience and strengthen brand interaction with live chat. With live chat, customers can get an instant reply, the conversation stays consistent, and provide a cohesive customer experience.

› Integration: Freshsales CRM has native compatibility and seamless integration with many popular business apps. It provides an easy-to-understand interface and multiple third-party integrations.

› Mobile App: Mobile apps enable convenient retrieval of data from anywhere. Now you can manage your business from your fingertips. You can easily connect, record, access, and close deals worldwide. You can optimize the sales process and track sales activities with a single tap. The Freshsales CRM mobile app lets you stay connected with your prospects quickly.

Freshsales CRM Customer Support Review

In Freshsales CRM, you can access the knowledge base and customer support to contact any representative. You will get assistance 24 hours a day on weekdays. You can get in touch with the support team in various ways, such as:

    • Support
    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Forum
    • Knowledge Base
    • Phone support
    • 24/5 (Live Rep)
    • Toll-free number

Freshsales has limited customer support availability. However, it is not even set for standard U.S. timing. The knowledge base includes 30 categories of content, such as sales pipeline, lead and deal management, and account management. Additionally, with the enterprise-level plan, you can get a personalized account manager to resolve software queries.

Overall, Freshsales offers various customer support as per its feature plans. However, it has customer support only on weekdays, as other CRM tools provide 24/7 customer support.

Which Industries Are Using Freshsales CRM Software?

Managing interactions with existing customers is the key focus of Freshsales CRM. Its features, such as sales management, sales leads and tracking, event tracking management, and more, can streamline your sales process and increase conversions. With this solution, several industries are willing to use Freshsales. You can check the list of its client base here:

    • Real Estate Industry
    • CRM for Small Businesses
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Insurance Industry
    • SaaS Industry
    • Media Industry
    • Retail Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Logistics Industry
    • Financial Services Industry

What Are The Major Pros & Cons of The Freshsales CRM Software?

Freshsales CRM offers an easy-to-understand feature and user-friendly interface that benefits any business format to scale revenue. However, each tool has its weakness and strength. Here are some Freshsales CRM pros & cons:


    • User-friendly interface
    • Seamless integration
    • There is a built-in phone dialer included in each feature plan
    • The low-priced feature plan includes automation
    • Customization of dashboards and reports


    • For the free plan, there are no reports
    • Customer Support (only on weekdays)
    • User limitation on file storage
    • Third-party Integrations are limited
    • AI is applicable only to the higher plan

Freshsales CRM Alternative

Freshsales CRM is undeniably one of the leading CRM software. Freshsales users evaluate the service's benefits and features before purchasing. However, if you are looking for powerful alternatives to Freshsales CRM, you can find a list of industry-leading CRM software here.

Freshsales CRM other Review

Our review and rating platforms provide you with more information about Freshsales CRM's credibility. It is easy to get a sense of Freshsales CRM's popularity and performance based on reviews provided on these platforms.

Technical Details of The Freshsales CRM Software

› Deployment: Freshsales CRM provides easy implementation to increase sales productivity. Currently, Freshsales CRM is deployed on 4 pillars of easy adoption: strategy, process, people, and technology. There are the following sources to implement Freshsales:

    • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
    • Desktop - Mac
    • Desktop - Windows
    • Mobile - Android
    • Mobile - iPhone
    • Mobile - iPad

Training: Freshsales CRM and Freshworks are like two sides of the same coin. All product training sessions are conducted at Freshworks Academy. Freshsales enables knowledge-based training sessions to save time. It has various sources to provide training that, include:

    • Live Online
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Final Verdict

Freshsales CRM is a productivity-driven tool encouraging sales teams to grow business revenue with the ultimate sales tech stack. Freshsales empowers sales managers to monitor sales team performance through robust features. It bridges the gap between sales reps and customer engagement.

You can experience sales on your mobile device with Freshsales CRM. Additionally, you can easily integrate with a host of business applications. Undoubtedly, it has compatibility to provide an easy-to-understand interface and a forever-free plan. However, it has many limitations compared to the free plan. There are also charges for manager monitoring and voicemail.

Furthermore, enterprise-level plans are the only ones that include social data contact, advanced customization, and territories. A disruption occurs during the customization process.

Freshsales features, including integrations, reporting & analytics tools, and workflow automation, contribute to the success of businesses. Freshsales mobile app is also a significant factor in sales rep flexibility. However, there are limitations to the free-tier plan, and it can pose challenges for new startups as they need more features initially.

Although Freshsales has some flaws, its advanced features and services make up for them. There are dynamic AI-powered sales solutions, mobile apps for easy sales from anywhere, and many other features that streamline the sales process. However, Freshsales CRM simplifies sales, not marketing.


Is Freshsales free forever?

Yes, Freshsales CRM offers a forever-no-cost plan with unlimited users.

Is Freshworks a CRM?

Freshworks is SaaS-based CRM software focusing primarily on simplicity, liberating complete sales, marketing, and customer support teams.

Are Freshsales and Freshworks the same?

Freshworks CRM is now Freshsales. It is a freemium CRM tool that combines sales, marketing, chat functionality, and built-in mobile capabilities. It is specifically designed for the sales process. It includes tools for managing leads, customer deals, and the entire sales process.

What is the purpose of Freshsales?

Freshsales is a comprehensive sales force automation platform. That allows the sales team to create geographical pipelines and manage team processes, pricing, discounts, and tax information. With AI-powered insights, it helps salespeople attract quality leads, engage in contextual conversations, drive deals, and nurture customer relationships.

What is a workflow in Freshsales?

Workflow automates sales routines and eliminates repetitive work. In addition to letting the sales team stay stress-free, it aligns their sales process, such as follow-ups, leads, sending emails, raising invoices, etc.