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Whether you are a student or a teacher, the struggle to manage, complete, and handle projects is real. Especially when you have deadlines approaching for multiple projects or need to work on a group assignment. Or when you want to quickly go back to what you were working on a week ago. Any one of these scenarios has the full capacity to keep you up all night even without those strong cups of coffee!

Fortunately, you can now skip all such project-related headaches and nightmares with dedicated project management software for education. It is a kind of technological solution that empowers schools and universities to let their teachers and students work smarter by efficient project planning, distribution, scheduling, collaboration, and time tracking.

You can think of it as your best friend who organizes and manages your tasks for you so that you can get the actual work done with increased concentration and productivity. A huge relief to both the educators and learners.

But how beneficial are the project management tools for education?

Well, utilizing these tools not only saves your time but also makes you more organized. It boosts team collaborations and simplifies file sharing while letting you meet your individual goals.

What’s more, there are many education project management systems in the market, offering a host of benefits with their varying features. In this research, we have picked the top 5 give you a headstart.

Top 5 Project Management Software for Education 2023

1. Zoho Projects


A comprehensive solution to better learning, Zoho Projects is all you need to up your academics game. It is effective collaboration software for education that offers virtual sessions as well as real-time collaboration between students and educators, peers, and educators and parents.

Through Zoho Projects, you can manage multiple tasks from a single place and set reminders for all of them for on-time completion. To make things interesting, you can even gamify the tasks. Create a template, and all your similar future assignments will get a quick start.

The highlight is, you can use the system easily along with several third-party and Zoho applications, such as Zoho People, Zoho Meetings, Office 365, and Google Drive.

› Features

Calendar syncing to manage and plan tasks as well as events. (Works with iCalendar and Google Calendar)
Forums module to indulge in discussions, make important announcements, and conduct Q&As.
Pages module for hassle-free storage of all your learnings.
Real-time submissions and correction of documents.
Timesheet module to log attendance.
Learning through recorded video lectures, screen sharing, and conferences.

› Benefits

It simplifies task management, saving your time and efforts.
With active discussions and real-time collaboration, teaching and learning become engaging, no matter where you are.
You can revisit past learnings whenever you want.
Teachers and admin staff can distribute the load of work through a resource utilization chart.
Accurate log and verification of attendance prevent cheating.
Integration with other apps streamlines different processes efficiently, accelerating your productivity.

› Pricing

Zoho Projects is available for free for up to three users, two projects. Alternatively, you can choose from one of its four paid plans: Standard, Express, Premium, and Enterprise.

2. Asana


Become a pro-active, organized student with Asana for Students. Considered one of the best project management tools for students, Asana helps you stay up-to-date with all the ongoing things at your school or college in the smoothest manner.

Whether it is a new assignment or regular classwork, you won’t miss out on anything. The deadlines will no longer haunt you, all thanks to the calendar sync and clutter-free management through a single dashboard.

If you thought this online project management tool is all study and no play, then that’s not true. Asana equips students to plan and manage their extracurriculars as diligently as their classwork.

› Features

Easy creation of projects for each subject/class. You can keep your notes, homework and any important details, in distinct projects with a few clicks.
Quick addition of new tasks for assignments, test preparations, or notes.
Set up of task time and due dates that can be synced to your calendar.
Provision to attach files from Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
Direct collaboration with classmates.
Seamless planning and management of events and student clubs.

› Benefits

As all the critical things of your student life get streamlined, you always know where you stand.
You can easily track your progress through a systematic organization of all your projects.
Setting up due dates saves you from missing any deadline.
Collaborative tools make group projects simpler and engaging.
You get a wholesome experience through its iOS and Android app, along with free integrations with 100+ applications.

› Pricing

You can use Asana Basic for free, forever, without limitations on the number of projects and tasks. Its Premium plan is available for free for student groups.

For institutions, the Premium plan costs $10.99/user/month. Its Business plan has a pricing of $24.99/user, every month. Both the plans are billed annually. There is an Enterprise plan too.

3. Redbooth


If you are looking for device-independent project management software for universities, teachers and students, Redbooth should be on your list. It is a reliable system which is already trusted by 500+ educational institutes and counting for their project management needs.

Redbooth takes the chaos out of managing projects across campuses, staff, students, faculties, and departments. You can experience seamless communication, as well as access, from your choice of device, irrespective of your geographical location. Thus, you can always stay on top of things, including who is doing what, what’s next on the list, status, priorities, and deadlines.

› Features

Easy planning and task delegation with task views, their assignees, task status, and their due dates.
Multi-view access to task details in the form of Calendar, Dashboard, Workspace, and Gantt.
Redbooth importer for seamless imports of large projects.
Privacy settings for workspace and individual tasks.
Real-time collaboration and smooth communication between students, faculty, and staff.
Conversions of emails into tasks utilizing the Gmail and Outlook plug-ins.
Trouble-free integration with other big names, such as Slack, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

› Benefits

Your management of teams and projects gets a boost.
Uninterrupted access and multi-device support make sure you stay on track with all your projects wherever you are.
You can easily attach your files and communication from other leading online software.
Project importer and copy/paste tools enable you to get a rapid start.
Collaboration in real-time helps save your time, resources, and efforts, increasing overall efficiency.

› Pricing

Redbooth is available free of cost with two active workspaces and two users. For more features or users, you need to opt for its Business and Pro plans.

4. ClickUp


With ClickUp, you can organize your academics without having to wrestle with hundreds of sheets of paper. Being one of the handy project management tools for teachers and students alike, it helps not only preschools and renowned universities but also high-school students and PhD aspirants with equal efficacy.

It has a user-friendly interface to get things done - be it creating a task or stealing a quick glance at upcoming deadlines and grades. It facilitates note creation and tracking, in addition to multiplayer document editing and sharing. With its custom templates, you won’t have a hard time when it comes to tracking the progress of each of your students.

› Features

Timeline view to plan your schedule for days, weeks, and months ahead.
Assignment and grouping of tasks by priorities, assignees, Lists, and custom fields.
Form view to let students quickly submit assignments.
Collaboration, sharing, and real-time conversation on Docs.
Grant permissions for document viewing, editing, and comments.
Student progress and academic detail tracking.
Integration with more than 1000 other solutions, including Evernote, Google Doc, Slack, Outlook, Zoom, GitHub, Timely, and Clockify.

› Benefits

You can plan your academics and curriculum in mere seconds.
You will never miss any of your due dates.
You can set recurring tasks to repeat triggers and schedules, saving your considerable efforts and time.
Permission setting gives you control of document access, increasing security.
Integrations with other apps streamline various processes, which, in turn, boosts your productivity.

› Pricing

ClickUp has two plans: Free and Unlimited. In the Free plan, you get unlimited tasks and users forever while the Unlimited one costs you $5/user per month.

5. Workzone


Workzone’s robust features and flexibility are enough to turn you into a pro at handling your higher education projects. It offers everything the admins, teachers, and students need to stay up-to-date with their distinct goals of academia.

With its easy-to-move-around design, this higher education project management software accelerates your approvals and processes. You can have a quick look at all your projects across clients and departments. As a result, you always know where you stand and what alterations are needed. Not just that, it also aids working together as a team with its collaborative tools.

What makes it a great choice? Its ability to make automatic updates to the project plans as the team members’ update their individual to-do lists.

› Features

Cross-project dashboard to review the status of all your projects in one place.
Creation of project templates and easy deployment of the same for your recurring projects.
Smooth updation of tasks and priorities as projects evolve.
Easy task delegation and collaboration.
Security and flexibility to offer multi-team and multi-user support.
Customized to-do lists for every user.

› Benefits

Real-time insights on projects’ progress make managing workflows and teams simpler.
Saved project templates give you a head-start to recurring projects while ensuring process compliance.
Multiple user support, along with collaboration tools, fosters team bonding and helps accomplish projects faster.
With its to-do lists, every member of the team is always in the know of their duties and tasks.

› Pricing

Workzone’s Team plan costs $24 a month, per user. Its Professional and Enterprise variants are priced at $34 and $43 respectively, per user, every month.


Project management software for education has become a necessity in today’s digital age. While the solution helps students become more organized and disciplined towards their academic goals, it streamlines management for the faculty and staff. Out of the many paid and free education project management software, the ones we discussed above make for a feasible choice. To pick the best one, analyze your requirements first, and check and compare the features of different solutions against your needs to make an informed decision.

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