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A marketing project management software is an advanced technology and a fantastic tool that you can have for the entire team to develop the most effective plans, strong communications to track the projects with little or no effort.

Salient features of Project Management Software for Marketing

The Project Management Software for Marketing features you with project and resource planning like budget allocation, client management, team collaboration, preparing invoices, tracking time, and generating reports. However, in comparison to some marketing project management software, you can find more advanced characteristics like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and timesheets. The best project management software would provide you with 100% end-to-end support in planning and implementing workflow management and campaigns. Using the project management software for marketing benefits you in implementing the innovation in your process, increasing team efficiency, better team coordination while performing specific tasks. If you want to know the best marketing project management software that would suit your business, have a look at some of the best marketing project management software

5 Best Marketing Project Management Software for 2023

It has always been challenging to select the best marketing software as each marketing department would have its unique requirement. The year 2021 comes to you with the best marketing project management software with great recognition in the market.

1. Wrike

Wrike Best Marketing Project Management Software

Is there anything like getting a single source of accurate information and effective communication for smooth leadership? All you need is creative marketing management software to stay in the loop or build a new team quickly that helps you to mitigate the risk of tasks falling through the cracks! As the marketing trends changing, a transformation of your work strategies richly rewards your business. Wrike would bring drastic changes & empower your team to deliver quality work with excellent efficiency.

› Features of Wrike:

It transforms your working pattern according to industry standards.
Explore & enjoy the features like customization, high visibility, and scalability under a single roof.
Experience the working of AI & find a way for smart work.
Understand the requirements of your team better.
It comprises customized request forms.

› Benefits of Wrike

Make your collaboration possible with ant geographical location via collaborative management tools.
Get the tools that give you a central location for communication.
Obtain increased visibility & transparency that updates the stakeholders.
Stop wasting time on meetings & spreadsheet management.
It increases your agility at the hour of need.
Inspire your team with greater collaboration & innovation

› Pricing

Wrike comes with free marketing project management tools. The professional, business, and enterprise project management software come under the paid versions. If you have a team of 5 members and don't want to invest in the initial stages, the free version would suit your requirement. Are you looking for something more with additional features that you can manage up to 15 users? Well, you would need a professional package in which you can accommodate 15 users for your project.

The pricing for the pro version would cost $9.80. The number of users in a business plan would vary from 5-200 users that would cost $24.82 per month, depending on the number of users. For an enterprise version, the number of users varies from 5 without any upper limit. The business and enterprise would include a free trial before you finally make the payment.

2. Asana

asana Best Marketing Project Management Software

It is one of the best marketing project management software designed for enhancing the collaboration of the team & work management. It helps the team in project creation, management, & assigning the task to the teammates for completing the project within the stipulated time. Asana also helps in direct communication regarding the allotted tasks.

› Features of Asana

Set strategic goals & track the progress of the team in one place.
Get your task completed with great accuracy within the deadline.
Activity feeds
Email Integration.
Automated updates.
Get all types of mobile support HTML5 mobile sites.

› Benefits of Asana

It provides you with project segmentation & prioritization.
Find the task & subtask in project history & permissions.
Get the highly customizable dashboards to meet the requirement.
Obtain the smart inbox to send corporate messages via the communication portal.
Get a unique view & a prioritization list via automated notifications.
Highly secured storage

› Pricing

You can get Asana in different versions, like the basic version termed as one of the best free marketing project management software. If you opt for the paid tools, you can either opt for Premium, Business, or Entertainment versions at $10.99 & $24.99, respectively. If you wish to know the Enterprise version's pricing, reach out to the vendor's sales team.

3. Zoho Projects

Zoho Project Best Marketing Project Management Software

It's one of the world's top cloud-based marketing project management software that helps in project creation and management. Planning plays a vital role in creating and completing the project before the deadline. Zoho Projects helps in the efficient work plan, project tracking, and effective collaboration with your team members, wherever you may be.

› Features of Zoho Projects Management Tools

It provides you with the most comprehensive tools for project management.
Divide the project into manageable parts among the team members.
Get the automated task workflow that sets up the blueprints.
Social project management.
Get the overall coverage of the projects via charts and reports via dashboards.
It helps in the practical usage of tools that allow you to follow the schedule.
Track & resolve the issues that hamper the project workflow.

› Benefits that you get from Zoho Project Management Software

It enables better coordination with your peers via collaborative tools.
It helps you to manage the tasks efficiently.
Highly interactive discussion boards.
Import Microsoft Project files quickly.

› Pricing

Zoho Project Management Software for Marketing offers you a free plan comprising two active projects with 10 MB storage and accommodates three users. The Free Marketing Project Management Software in Zoho Project provides you with a view or Gantt charts in a single project feed and the feature like task management, document sharing, calendar, and forums.

If you are looking for six to ten users with additional storage, the standard plan will suit your needs, for which the package would cost $3 per month. The Express plan pricing would cost $4 in a month and accommodates 12 to 20 users with 20GB storage. The Premium plan comes to you at a rate of $5 per month, depending on the number of users. You can have 20 to 100 users and a storage of 100 GB.

4. ProofHub

ProofHub Best Marketing Project Management Software

One of the rare solutions among all creative marketing project management software, ProofHub is a one-stop solution compatible with all types of project management tools. Also, ProofHub is a SAAS-based software that includes integrated group chats & online project discussion. Are you eager to know the feature the software has in store for you? Well, have a look at some of the exclusive features.

› ProofHub Features

Find the most efficient annotation tools & online proofing.
It helps in the efficient completion of tasks & provides substantial file storage.
The tool allows the team to work together in a smart & efficient way.
Gantt charts.
File sharing.

› ProofHub Benefits

It's well-packed with features that help in delivering the projects on time.
Avoid long & messy email threads.
Security of essential data.
It helps in allocating the tasks without having to decide who works on the next part.
Avoid poorly-managed projects & missed deadlines.

› Pricing of ProofHub

ProofHub comes to you with the free trial version to get the information on its expiry date. The Essential comes to you with a monthly package of $50, with 15GB storage, while the Ultimate plan would cost $89 per month with 100 GB storage. Both packages can accommodate unlimited users. Another difference between the Essential and Ultimate package is that you will get to work on 40 projects, while in the latter, you can work on any number of projects.


ProjectManager Best Marketing Project Management Software is a project management software designed for the marketing team that's hungry for success. is well-known as the central hub for the teams that plan and work together with coordination and achieve incredible results for themselves and the organization.

› Core Features of

The offers you core features like:
Gantt Charts
List of tasks
Boards for Kanban
Cloud-based software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
Simple installation

› Benefits of

Get assistance in the systematic scheduling of your daily routines and tasks with due dates.
Get a simple dashboard view for monitoring the progress of your project.
It helps to create different projects for various clients.
Get high storage for your documents, images, and design assets.
Measure and control your budget
And more!

› Pricing offers you a sign-up for a 30-day free trial! You can try out the software before finally opting for project management software for the marketing department! provides you with three plans like a personal package, team, and business plan with the cost of $15 per month, $20 per month, and $25 per month, respectively.

Final Words

When it comes to running a business, the entrepreneur compares the marketing project management software and considers the factors before making a final decision. Some of the elements are performance, budget, compatibility with their system, and others. The opinion about a tool would vary from one user to another.

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