Really Simple Systems CRM Review & Product Details: Features, Price, Pros & Cons

Really Simple Systems CRM is a cloud-based software with marketing solutions for small-scale and large-scale businesses. This review covers almost all the information about Really Simple Systems CRM. Among them are how it automates your workflow, sweetens customer retention, and benefits your business. Throughout our research, we have tried to provide complete information on Really Simple Systems CRM, which provides its core features to businesses and how it costs. Any CRM is crucial for any business due to its importance to its operations that we must focus on delivering. It will also help you to decide that Really Simple Systems is the right choice for your business. Prevailing in this research, what we have reviewed can help you gain actionable insights into the Really Simple Systems CRM with a visionary view. That can allow you to proceed further. Let's look at our depth research.

Really Simple Systems CRM Review & Ratings
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What is Really Simple Systems CRM?

Really Simple Systems (RSS) CRM is the best for small to large businesses. It is designed to manage sales and marketing with an easy-to-use online platform. RSS aims to let the sales team work smarter with its supercharged verticals, including Sales, Marketing, and Service. Streamlining the sales process by automating routine work can encourage the sales team to prioritize work and deliver effective results by generating prospects.

You can monitor and execute your actions through marketing segments, such as campaigns and other marketing activities. Easy email marketing integration helps you generate prospects and keep customers engaged. Lead management, campaign management, email marketing, marketing automation, and other essential features can boost your marketing.

Really Simple Systems CRM aims to deliver an unforgettable customer experience. It eliminates chaos and focuses on providing customers with the best and fastest service ever. With its several features, including SLAs, case management, email integration, case reports, etc., it exceeds expectations for service.

Across the board, Really Simple Systems CRM is dedicated to building excellent customer service. Ensures sales and marketing workflows are transformed to generate more leads that lead to business growth.

Which Business Size Uses Really Simple Systems CRM?

Really Simple Systems CRM is designed to manage the growth of sales. A reliable and user-friendly CRM system that serves small-scale, mid-scale, large-scale, freelancer, non-profit, and government businesses successfully.

Does The Really Simple Systems CRM Provide Language Support?

Really simple Systems CRM presently supports only the English language. In the case of those who need help understanding English, providing only English can present a challenge. At the same time, other CRM tools offer a wide range of languages per the customer's requirement with additional customization.

Although this is the case, you can still input some European characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) with double bytes through their customer support. However, connecting to customer support for other special characters is time-consuming.

Is The Really Simple Systems (RSS) CRM Compatible With Mobile Devices?

Really Simple CRM System that is technically compatible with any device. With simple cloud technology, Really Simple Systems (RSS) runs on any smartphone, tablet, and whatever device you use, with easy access to all real-time data or information from anywhere and anytime.

However, they do not offer a mobile application. It should be a drawback. Mobile apps play a pivotal role in business development as mobile solutions are prime technological aspects in the digitized era.

Is Really Simple Systems CRM Capable of Providing APIs?

CRM API Version 4.0 is available for websites, internal systems, accounting software, and other cloud-based applications. It helps businesses streamline processes and improve efficiency to increase productivity.

CRM API version 4.0 is a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) API. It also accepts JSON format. However, the request to create, update, and delete CRM edition records is only for subscription members. They don't provide API access to free feature plan members.

Which Popular Apps Do the Really Simple Systems CRM Integrate With?

Really Simple Systems CRM offers seamless connectivity with other tools to simplify routine workdays and streamline processes. Really Simple Systems integrates several apps seamlessly.

Integration with:

› Zapier: It automates routine tasks and saves time and data import to cloud applications.

Google Docs: For creation, edition, and real-time data sharing on any device.

Microsoft Azure: Access management tool for security and convenience for cloud apps.

Other popular apps that Really Simple Systems CRM integrates enable stress-free life for the sales and marketing support teams. That includes Gmail, Campaign Monitor, QuickBooks Online, Constant Contact, and many other apps for integration.

Would You Consider a Really Simple Systems CRM For Your Business? Yes/No

Really Simple Systems CRM offers extensive CRM features for mid-size and small-size businesses. Using these powerful features, users can boost customer satisfaction and sales teams’ productivity. An RSS CRM system designed to build strong sales and marketing processes.

Features include pipeline and contact management tools, allowing for effective sales opportunity creation. Customization, sales forecasting, reports, and analytics can contribute value to your business by increasing conversions. However, only the higher-tier plan offers all the advanced features.

We must evaluate that the Really Simple Systems CRM tool provides integration options with various apps. Regardless, third-party integration has limitations as this facility is not available in a free plan. If you subscribe to a higher-tier plan, you will get integration support for many accounting software.

It is undeniable that RSS CRM has some flaws in various sectors; on the other hand, it has advantages that may contribute some value to your business's growth. The RSS CRM does not have a dedicated mobile application, but it is fully mobile responsive. Users can easily and quickly access the RSS CRM on any mobile device’s browser. We also discover that the tool only supports the English language.

You can consider all the details we provided about RSS CRM and the pricing. This helps you decide when to invest and how.

How Easy is The Really Simple Systems CRM to Use?

Really Simple Systems CRM is a brilliant product for startups using first-time CRM platforms. Easily set up thanks to the easy-to-use interface with a few options. Its advanced customization option has attracted users' attention.

However, the system's usability requires technical experience and expert knowledge during account setup. In addition, during third-party integration or with other applications, it also needs expert advice.

Really Simple Systems CRM Feature Plans (Pricing)

RSS CRMs promote sales and marketing in B2B segments. It boosts any business's marketing, sales, and services and lets them work smarter instead of frantically. It delivers robust functionality for a price starting from $0-$50. RSS has 4 versions that differ in features as per the pricing plan.

› Free Plan: This doesn't cost you anything, but features include access to up to 2 users with 100 accounts and 100MB document storage. You will be offered primary contact and sales management features with user interface customization and customer reports.
However, RSS does not provide advanced reporting, customization, and integration on the free-tier plan. Automation will not be offered as well.

Starter Plan: It is based on managing sales and collaborating with fewer team members. It will cost $17 per user/monthly if billed annually. You will get unlimited users, along with 1000 company records for leads. In contrast, you will have limited storage.

In this tier plan, you can get the email modules synced with existing email, an add-on to the marketing module. While the reporting part still needs access to advanced reporting and security even after paying the amount. Also, for additional storage, you will be charged $4 per month for 1GB.

› Professional Plan: It opens up advanced security features. It will cost $33 per user/monthly if billed annually. You will have access to advanced marketing, campaign management, web forms, automation, etc. Regardless, you will get 5GB of document storage. Additionally, you will be charged for additional storage, $4 per month for 1GB. Also, if you require additional automation, it will cost 10 @ $15 per month.

Enterprise Plan: You get unlimited access to all features in this tier. It will cost $50 per user/monthly if billed annually. This plan will support the advancement of your sales processes and support teams. However, for additional benefits, you need to pay extra. It includes an additional automation cost of 10 @ $15 per month and an additional storage cost of $4 per month for 1GB.

RSS Feature Plan (Pricing) Table:

Plan/pricing Free-tier($) Starter-tier ($) Professional-tier($) Enterprise-tier ($)
Monthly Billing 0 21 43 64
Annually Billing 0 17 33 50

› Add-ons to Marketing: To empower your CRM, it offers marketing segments. The cost will differ according to the categories. Such as:

› Simple Marketing: Email marketing lets you engage with your customers easily. However, it will cost $25 per month (if billed annually) for 5+ users on the enterprise plan.

Service Desk: It offers extensive customer service and deliberate experience. Manage, set, and target response priorities. However, you will be charged an extra $50 per month (if billed annually) / 5+ users for the enterprise-tier plan.

Advanced Marketing: Enables advanced marketing that allows monitoring and management of marketing campaigns. In addition, it helps to generate leads and maintain customer loyalty. In any case, you pay an extra $50 per month, if billed annually, for this feature.

RSS Marketing Add-ons plan table:

Plan/Pricing Simple Marketing ($) Advanced Marketing ($) Service Desk ($) Customization Service ($)
Monthly Billing 30 64 64 Connect to support
Annually Billing 25 50 50 Connect to support

Overall, RSS provides seamless, affordable feature plans for any small-scale to large-scale enterprise. Yet, it has some extra costs typically needed for startups and small-scale businesses, which RSS charges even if they buy a subscription. It offers limited storage, even in subscription plans, and charges extra for storage.

In spite of that, since it is not providing automation in the free plan, yet charging extra in terms of additional charges, it costs 10 @ $15 per month for professional and enterprise-tier plans, which is already quite a high amount.

Additionally, you have to pay extra for marketing, which is a drawback. As opposed to other CRMs, they don't charge anything different. In the end, for customization services, you should contact customer support for a quotation.

Really Simple Systems CRM - Free vs. Paid.

Really Simple Systems CRM provides affordable features. However, we see that the free version has limitations instead of the enterprise version. The free plan offers 2 users with 100Mb storage, which is the drawback of CRM. Conversely, RSS charges hidden costs for each subscription plan for storage and documentation.

A free subscription includes contact management, pipeline management, tracking, and sales forecasting, but there is still a limited or basic option that you get access to. Additionally, it allows integration of the calendar to create task reminders. Apart from this, you will not get any other app integrations.

Really Simple Systems CRM Features Review

The following are the robust features that the RSS CRM tool has to offer:

› Contact Management: It gives 360-degree visibility of complete sales activities from lead generation to closing deals. It helps gain contacts, accounts, and opportunities. With advanced access, you can achieve your goal.

› Pipeline Management: Pipeline management can track sales activities effectively. Salesforce automation allows you visibility from sales opportunity creation to closure.

› Sales Quotations: You can get end-to-end sales solutions to manage pipelines and quotations. Instant quotation creation with customer quotation templates helps you prepare documentation quickly.

› Task Management: Manage your appointments and calendar to eliminate missing sales opportunities. CRM task management records meetings, calls, emails, and other timeline activities.

› Email Integration: CRM email integration automates email capturing and creates transparency across email interactions. All chronicles are stored in chronicle order with other options such as summary grids, information selection, and attached document storage.

› Reporting & Analytics: Get analyzing sales and marketing insights with a detailed report that helps you forecast sales revenue.

› Workflow Automation: An intelligent workflow automation system streamlines your sales and marketing processes. Eliminating repetitive tasks, letting the sales team prioritize tasks, and executing effectively.

› Lead Management: It brings sales and marketing together on one platform and gets you a broader view of the entire sales and marketing process through a streamlined database. Utilize web forms to generate leads through automated workflows and capture leads.

› Email Marketing: Simple and personalized email setup with drag-and-drop. Contextual email templates. Schedule and send your emails with just one click. There are reuse options for regular emails and many more options available to make email marketing more effective.

› Customization: Advanced customization enables you to alter customization to meet your business needs. Customization of dashboard widget settings, customer reports, and API integration with your CRM or other apps lets you feel personal.

› Marketing Automation: Marketing automation aims to scale your growth by enabling web integration and workflow tools to streamline the customer experience and team performance. Capture leads and add them to campaigns. Identify high-quality leads with lead scoring and try to convert them into the pipeline.

› Case Management: Deliver exceptional customer service by exceeding expectations. You can manage the entire customer support process by tracking each customer case from opening to closing.

› Third-party Integration: Invoicing, measurement, and account information can be accessed through easy third-party integrations.

Really Simple Systems (RSS) CRM Customer Support Review

The RSS customer support service is one of the best in the industry. RSS provides customer support on several platforms that, include:

    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Forum
    • Knowledge Base
    • Phone support
    • 24/7 (Live Rep)
    • Chat

RSS provides customer support for free. However, it differs in customer support based on the feature plan. As per the free-tier subscription, RSS offers online customer support through email, chat support, interactive webinars, and video tutorials.

Conversely, if you see the starter-tier subscription, it also includes CRM review calls. Additionally, professional-tier subscriptions include telephonic support with CRM review calls.

Those at the higher tier will receive complete customer support and product training. Also, you will be assigned a manager who will monitor and support your business for fruitful results.

Overall, Really Simple Systems has several options for providing excellent customer support. As a result, support is delivered during business hours and on weekdays.

Which Industries Use The Really Simple Systems CRM?

In our research, we have discovered that Really Simple Systems CRM is designed for all sectors. Still, there are some industries that consider Really simple systems CRM to be effective for businesses. You can check the list here:

    • Tourism Industry
    • Nonprofits Industry
    • Financial Services Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • For Consultants
    • Construction Industry

What Are The Major Pros & Cons of The Really Simple Systems CRM Software?

Really Simple Systems CRM offers a variety of features at an affordable price for growing businesses. And excellent customer service to prevent disruption in the process. In the course of our research, you can see some pros and cons we have covered for your information:


    • Free feature plan
    • Termination notification
    • User-friendly interface
    • Email integration is built-in
    • Excellent customer support


    • Mobile app not available
    • Hidden charges in feature pricing
    • No refund policies
    • Limited language support

Really Simple Systems CRM Alternatives

RSS CRM is an easy-to-use CRM platform that supercharges your sales and marketing processes with its robust features. There are also other alternatives available for your reference.

Really Simple Systems CRM Reviews on Various Platforms

If you want to learn more about what real users have to say about the RSS CRM tool, you can explore the following software reviews and rating platforms:

Technical Details Review

Traditionally, Really Simple Systems CRM empowers businesses to streamline sales processes and grow revenue by expanding into the B2B market segment. To fulfill business desires, Really Simple Systems provides technical support at various stages, such as:

› Deployment: An easy-to-use CRM that boosts sales, support, and marketing. It enables convenient deployment through various resources, including:

    • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
    • Desktop - Mac
    • Desktop - Windows
    • Desktop - Linux

› Training: Really Simple CRM provides cloud-based training about the product through support materials, articles, tutorials, and other resources such as:

    • Live Online
    • Support Hub
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Our Verdict

Really Simple Systems CRM offers a user-friendly UI that makes a big difference compared to other CRM platforms. As we evaluated Really Simple Systems CRM in all aspects, which has incredibly spectacular features, an excellent support system, and affordable pricing, yet still lacking somewhere, which you will learn here in the following information we gathered in our deep research.

› Features: If we talk about its features, it undoubtedly has excellent features that may benefit business and enable the wings to fly high.

It has some features essential to CRM businesses, including reporting & analytics tools and integration. These features can help your business gain actionable insights for optimal results. However, RSS only offers some of these features as part of its free plan.

› Easy use: It is accurate and includes easy-to-use UI but on some level while using the platform, it requires technical experts. Additionally, you will need the tech team's help during account setup.

Support: As we know that sales are the backbone of any business, and the same support system is an integral part of that backbone needed at each stage of business running. RSS provides support through live chat, email, and phone calls for small businesses and free plans. It doesn't offer in-house support for free-plan or small businesses. It has in-house technical support for larger businesses and higher-tier subscribers.

Overall, Really Simple Systems CRM provides some basic CRM features. Regardless, it's worth nothing to lack a mobile app, as all CRM platforms provide apps for flexibility.

Moreover, you will receive a notification before the subscription expires. Yet, early termination of service will not be refunded. By delivering robust other features, including advanced automation and customization, there are hidden charges for additional features and services. With different marketing add-ons and operations support, you can subscribe as the need arises to scale your business.