Capsule CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Suppose you are a small business or company with limited sales team members. You may require a CRM tool that is simple, easy to use, and contains essential features to fulfill your business needs. Capsule CRM software might be the all-in-one solution for you. It is simply a CRM system with straightforward usability. Capsule offers a free version with limited capabilities for up to two users. It is the best solution for businesses with limited budgets. Users can manage their contacts and sales pipelines effortlessly with the tool's essential features. In our thorough review of Capsule CRM software, you will find crucial system details, like its pricing, features, benefits, limitations, and more. Continue reading this review till the end, and you will find our honest final verdict about the solution, along with its pros and cons.

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What is Capsule CRM Software?

The Capsule CRM software is a cloud-based solution specially made with ease of use kept in mind to manage and maintain business relations with leads, prospects, and customers. The developers have done a marvelous job by providing powerful yet easy-to-learn functionalities, like contact management, sales & reporting analytics, tasks management, and calendar management.

Using Caplsule’s features, users can perform various activities like capturing leads and organizing & analyzing them. Moreover, users can monitor overall communication between sales reps and leads.

The solution might be the best option for a small team leader. It allows them to quickly and efficiently assign different tasks to team members. Furthermore, users can track winnings and losses to identify top sales reps and learn how the team performs.

Using the software, users can quickly import contacts from their address book and manage their to-do lists and calendar to keep track of activities.

Most importantly, the solution provides a comprehensive view of a sales pipeline. Users can identify leads' positions in the sales pipeline. They can even track the process of converting leads into paying customers to streamline the workflow.

The solution also supports third-party integration with other crucial apps like Gmail, Outlook, QuickBooks, and MailChimp to expand the user's capabilities.

What Business Sizes Are Using Capsule CRM Software?

Different sizes of businesses or companies in every industry use the Capsule CRM tool. They are as follows:

    • Freelancers
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Public administrations
    • Large businesses & enterprises
    • Medium size businesses
    • Small size businesses

Which Languages are Supported by The Capsule CRM Software?

In research, we found that the Capsule CRM software only supports the English language. So users who do not know English can say goodbye to the Capsule CRM tool even if they are willing to subscribe to the Enterprise package.

Does Capsule CRM Software Provide Mobile Support?

The Capsule CRM software does have a free mobile application so that users can access Capsule on the go from anywhere. The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. Users can instantly start a call, send a message, or email from the Capsule CRM app.

Does Capsule CRM software Support API?

Capsule CRM supports APIs and even regularly updates them to enhance the APIs continuously. I.e., adding extra resources, parameters, and elements to the APIs.

What Other Apps Capsule CRM Software Supports Integration With?

Capsule CRM supports third-party integration with many applications from vital categories, such as Customer Success, Google, Help Desk, Invoicing & Accounting, Microsoft, Migration services, Project Management, and Marketing.

Is The Capsule CRM Software Good For Your Business?

The capsule CRM software is beautifully developed by keeping simplicity at the center. Even users without technical knowledge can easily understand the tool’s features quickly. Furthermore, the software’s intuitive interface made feature implementation easier.

Capsule CRM offers its free version as a starter CRM tool, including essential features like customized filtered lists, API access, task management, contact management, iCal subscription, calendar, project management, and log activity. If you are a one-person team or have a partner, this free version would be your best choice. It contains all the essential features to take your business to the next level.

However, the free version provides functionalities only for 2 users. And It offers 250 contacts and 50 megabytes of account storage. This might not be an ideal situation for many small businesses or companies.

The Capsule CRM tool offers other advanced features, such as integrations, automation, API access, customizations, analytical abilities, and reporting. Users can facilitate them based on the pricing package they select.

Moreover, Capsule CRM is fully customizable. Users can use advanced customization features and tailor the solution per business requirements. The customization features include customized filtered lists, customizable sales milestones, custom training, and custom fields.

The Capsule CRM tool is made for easy accessibility and usability with a budget-friendly cost suitable for new startups and small-sized businesses.

The Capsule CRM Software Easy to Use: Explained

While Capsule has many powerful features to offer, they are effortless to get familiar with. The tool’s user-friendly interface makes it easier if the business requirements are simple and basic, like managing contacts and customizing fields. The solution also made tracking or creating tasks for day-to-day work simple.

The solution has many third-party integrations with vital tools like Gmail, MailChimp, Microsoft 365, Zapier, and Outlook. The integration creates a perfect bridge between the two tools and makes it simple to share information effortlessly. Users can easily access integrated tools within the CRM environment.

However, some tools need smoother integrations with Capsule. I.e., MailChimp. Additionally, it needs the capability of listing contracts alphabetically. According to some users, the solution requires a more structured user interface.

Is The Capsule CRM Software Worth Paying For?

The Capsule CRM tool has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to explore the software effortlessly. Users can learn any feature in no time. Although it has an easy-to-use UI and affordable paid plans, the solutions still need some advanced features and analytical abilities. However, it is more than enough for small and medium-sized businesses and new startups.

In our in-depth research, we found that the Capsule customer relationship management software has 4 different plans to offer: 1) Free Plan, 2)Professional Plan, 3) Teams Plan, and 4) Enterprise Plan. And the pricing for plans differs based on the number of users. It is also notable that Capsule has monthly subscriptions, and users can cancel them anytime. Capsule CRM also offers a 14-day free trial for each paid plan. The trial starts from the day of registration.

1. Free Plan

Capsule CRM provides an entirely free plan with lifetime validity. The free plan includes essential features like contact management, import customers, contact history, Gmail & Outlook add-on, unlimited custom fields, integrations, API access, customization, tracking, and iCal subscription. Even though these features are not enough for medium or large businesses, they are sufficient for new adventures and small teams looking for the tool to grow their business.

However, it is a free plan, so you should understand it has limitations. It is suitable only for 2 users and only allows 250 contacts. Moreover, the free Capsule plan only offers 50 megabytes of storage space. It does not provide any email templates as well.

2. Professional Plan

The Professional plan offers everything that small businesses may require to scale the business. The plan starts at $18 (USD) per user per month. With this plan, users get many fruitful features, along with all the free plan features. The beneficial features include AI-based content assistance, project management, email templates, sales pipeline management, contacts, and activity reporting.

What’s more, the Professional plan has other perks and benefits. It offers 50,000 contacts, whereas the free plan only provides 250 contacts. While the free plan has 50 megabytes of file storage space, this plan offers 10 gigabytes of file storage space. This plan provides 5 email templates, whereas the free plan has no email template.

Nevertheless, the Professional plan has its limitations. This plan needs some essential features, such as custom activity types, multiple sales pipelines, workflow automation, multiple project boards, reporting by the team, and advanced sales reporting. Moreover, this plan supports only 10 AI-based content assistance.

3. Teams Plan

The Teams plan starts at $36 (USD) per user per month. It suits every business or company, regardless of size and type. Teams plan offers outstanding features that can assist users in performing many crucial business tasks, like tracking teams' performance, segmenting data, and updating users' access levels. The features it offers are multiple sales pipelines, custom activity types, workflow automation, multiple project boards, advanced sales reporting, and reporting by the team.

Moreover, the Teams plan offers 100,000 contacts, whereas users get 50,000 contacts in the Professional plan. Teams plan users will get 50 email templates, while Profession plan users will get only 5.

Yet, the Teams plan has its flaws. With many advanced features included with the plan, this plan still needs some features, such as implementation support, import assistance, custom training, and a dedicated customer success manager.

4. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan starts at $54 (USD) per user per month. This plan contains every perk and benefit that Capsule CRM offers, from a dedicated customer success manager to implementation support. It is an all-in-one package for every size of business and company. It provides users with advanced features to manage their business relations with clients and leads successfully.

Using the Enterprise plan, users will get many advantages, like 200,000 contacts, 40 gigabytes of storage space, 500 email templates, custom training, and import assistance. However, many users think this Enterprise plan needs to include more advanced features to facilitate enterprise-level businesses, like A/B testing and chatbots.

In our research, we learned that the Capsule CRM tool has straightforward and easy-to-understand pricing packages. The Professional plan provides all the essential features that small teams or businesses require to grow business at budget-friendly pricing. It works like a charm for businesses that only want to manage contacts and customer interactions simply and straightforwardly. However, according to some users, its Enterprise plan requires it to include more advanced features.

Capsule CRM Software: Free vs. Paid

Every software that provides a free version of its tool leaves its backbone features for a paid version, and when we say every software, it includes Capsule CRM software as well. Although its free version has everything a business requires to manage customer relationships, it has some tricks hidden in the sleeves.

If you are in the accounting business, Capsule CRM’s free version does not support integration with accounting platforms. In the free version, users will not get any email templates; in the paid version, users can get up to 500 email templates. The free version does not support premium add-ons, while all paid versions support it. In short, the free version is good but not that good for medium and enterprise-level businesses.

The Best Features Provided by Capsule CRM Software

The Capsule CRM software has lots of fruitful features to offer. Some of them are as follows:

› Contact Management: Using the Capsule CRM, users can save new contacts and edit or delete contacts from a centralized, secure contact management database.

› Sales Pipeline Management: Capsule CRM allows users to manage a sales pipeline effectively. It helps users identify leads’ positions in the sales pipeline to determine which leads are ready to transform into customers and which need more nurturing.

› Task Management & Automation: The solution lets users create and manage tasks like meeting scheduling, appointments, and work submission. Users can also set a series of tasks that are executed in sequence.

› Sales Analytics & Reporting: Using this feature, users can generate crucial metrics related to sales. Using the metrics, they can create vital reports that provide actionable insights. It helps users measure overall business performance.

› Marketing Automation: Capsule CRM offers marketing automation through integration with the easy-to-learn marketing tool Transpond. With the help of the integration, users can easily set rules and triggers to start the automation sequence.

› Email Templates: The solution offers many predefined email templates. These templates can save users time by auto-filling customer data from the customer database and help complete email-related processes in less time to improve productivity.

› Third-party Email Integration: The software integrates third-party email with popular products like Gmail and Outlook. The integration allows users to access the Capsule CRM directly from their integrated product accounts to perform email-related activities.

› Two-factor authentication: Capsule CRM offers an extra layer of security for their mobile CRM app users with advanced two-factor authentication.

› Customization: Capsule CRM software allows customization in many ways, like customizing fields, tags, milestones, and a mail drop box. Moreover, it will enable customizing activity types to add out-of-the-box activities for the business.

› Mobile Apps: The software is mobile responsive. It has a mobile app that can run on devices like Androids, iPhones, and iPads.

Does The Capsule CRM Software Provide Good Customer Support?

Our research found that the Capsule CRM provides good 24/7 customer support. The system has a 99.99% uptime rate on average. For common issues regarding Capsule CRM features, customers may solve them by themself using the available online knowledge base. It has all the learning material like blogs, documents, and video tutorials.

Furthermore, suppose you require any additional assistance from the Capsule CRM customer support team. You can always email the customer support team; they also have a quick response time. However, you need to send an email between UK business hours. It is also noticeable that the solution does not provide phone support, which is not acceptable for some users.

What Different Ways Does The Capsule CRM Tool Provide Customer Support?

Our researchers found that Capsule has many different ways to provide customer support. They are listed below:

    • A knowledge base
    • Email/help desk
    • FAQs/Community
    • Chat

Users can leverage customer support in the ways mentioned above based on the selected subscription plan.

Which Industries Are Using Capsule CRM Software?

According to our research, the Capsule CRM tool is famous for its simplicity and straightforwardness. Due to that, it is suitable for every business industry. Yet, in our research, we found that Capsule CRM is used most in the following industries:

    • For Accountants
    • Hotel and Hospitality Industry
    • Construction Industry
    • Travel Agencies Industry
    • Real estate Industry
    • For Startups
    • For Small businesses

What Are The Major Pros & Cons of The Capsule CRM Software?

During our extensive research on Capsule CRM, we have found many eye-catching facts that might interest you. We have listed them in terms of pros and cons. They are as follows:


    • Straightforward dashboard
    • Lifetime free version
    • A 14-day free trial for paid versions
    • Mobile responsive
    • Supports premium integrations
    • The incredible uptime average of 99.99%
    • Simple and budget-friendly pricing plans
    • Built-in API for integration with Transpond for marketing automation
    • AI-based content assists in every plan (in Beta)


    • Limited features in the free plan
    • Integration with the MailChimp is not smooth
    • Phone support is not available
    • No annual subscription
    • No invoice & quote generation tool
    • The Enterprise plan lacks some advanced features

What are The Best Options For The Capsule CRM Software?

The Capsule CRM tool is one of the high-performer tools in the market. Even though it has robust features to offer, they might not be enough for some users. Hence, we have done extensive research and compiled a list of the 10 best CRM tools that might be the best alternatives for Capsule CRM. You can find the list below:

Capsule CRM Software Reviews

There are other software review platforms available where you can learn more about Capsule’s credibility and reliability. They are as follows:

Technical Details of The Capsule CRM Software

During our research, we found some interesting technical data about the Capsule CRM tool, like the different ways it can be deployed and what training modules it offers.


We found that you can deploy Capsule CRM in the following ways.

    • SaaS, Web-based, and Cloud
    • Desktop - Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook
    • Mobile - Android, iPad, and iPhone


Capsule CRM offers training in different modules. Users can choose whichever they are comfortable with. The modules are as shown below:

    • Videos
    • Webinars
    • Live Online
    • Documentation

Final Verdict

According to our comprehensive research on the Capsule CRM software, it is one of the market's most powerful yet simple and straightforward cloud-ready CRM solutions. It is the symbol of budget-friendliness and ease of use. Although it does not have tons of features to offer, it comes with all the features that any small team or startup can use to run the business.

The tool allows tracking and managing the sales pipeline for efficient leads management so users do not have to work more on the leads ready to convert. Capsule CRM also supports integration with many premium tools, like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp. The integration connects the tools with Capsule so users access both tools’ customer databases from a single space.

In a nutshell, Capsule CRM is the best option for small teams, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses that require a straightforward cloud-hosted system for 24/7 accessibility.

Nevertheless, for account-based large businesses requiring advanced features, like integration with accounting software and built-in marketing automation, they should consider other best options in this review.

There is no other best way to use the tool by yourself to decide whether it suits your business. Luckily, the Capsule CRM tool provides a free trial for every paid plan. It would help if you tried a free trial to get the exact idea about what you will get.

Good Luck!!


Is Capsule CRM cloud-based?

Yes, Capsule CRM is cloud-based. Users do not require to download and install the Capsule CRM tool. They have to register with the company and log in with the credentials to access the account and the features. Users can access the software on mobile devices from anywhere around the world.

Is There a Free Version of Capsule CRM?

Yes, Capsule CRM offers a free version with lifetime validity.

What is The Cheapest Version of Capsule CRM?

Capsule CRM’s cheapest package is the Professional plan. It starts at $18 (USD) per user per month.