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best Grammar Check Software A Grammar Check Software is a tool that ensures that all your writeups, which include emails, articles, blog posts or social media posts, are all framed in a grammatically correct way. Unlike the free Spell check tool that we have in Microsoft Office, this software takes care of multiple functionalities from the grammar fixation perspective. Any Grammar Software can typically identify and notify fundamental grammar issues in your document, wrong punctuations, spelling errors and also use of inappropriate words. However, there are a few advanced ones that are loaded with multiple functionalities and features which make your document look more professional. Some mechanical checks like flagging off double words, capitalization errors, inappropriate use of Subject-verb agreement, errors in parts of speech and tenses, etc. are also identified. A Grammar Correction software, on the contrary, would not only point out errors in the document but also provide probable solutions which could fit in as a replacement. In this research, we bring to you the top ten best grammar check software solutions which could help you better your writing skills and enhance your proficiency.

» What is Grammar Check Software?

Grammar check software attempts to verify the text written for grammatical corrections. The Grammar check features are generally embedded as a part of a bigger program like the Word processor. But they are also available as a stand-alone application that can be used with other editable text applications.

» Here is the list of Top 10 Grammar Check Software & Apps

1. Grammarly


The tag line that Grammarly uses is “Everyone can be a great writer.” Indeed, with Grammarly’s advanced features, you can practically modify everything you write, be it an article/ blog, or on any social media site or while answering to emails as well. Fix the style and the tonality of your documents too. The advanced Tone Detector feature checks for tonality and flashes a report before you hit the Send button. The premium version is a writer’s delight in every way.

“Grammarly allows me to get those communications out and feel confident that I’m putting my best foot forward. Grammarly is like a little superpower, especially when I need to be at 110%.” - Jeanette Stock / Co-founder of Venture Out

2. Ginger Software


Ginger Software is an efficient grammar checking software which not only looks for errors but also simultaneously offers the corrections, thus saving on your time. Just downloading the software on your browser will enable that all texts will be under scrutiny automatically. The contextual spell checker feature intelligently auto-corrects with the best possible fitment for a replacement of the error. Complex grammar errors also can be identified by Ginger and modified easily.

“I am using two other well known grammar programs and have used the others for approximately two years. Ginger is the one that stands out. Ginger finds more potential errors and lets you decide. The choice is usually obvious. Since Ginger is not seeing the actual words, I feel this is necessary to do a more complete job. I am a writer and have written five books.” - Wayne Fox



AI-fueled algorithm generates recommendations for grammar, punctuation, style issues, and provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions. Intelligent snippets speed up your writing by up to 90%. Language learning engine improves your English knowledge. Use Linguix to check grammar, punctuation and style instantly and in real-time on your favorite sites. Get context-appropriate recommendations and speed up your writing with intelligent snippets. Best for: Marketers and SEO experts, non-native English writers and anyone who wants to boost their writing skills.

“Linguix is easy to use and comes with some really nice features — I especially love the documents feature and the snippets feature.” - Chris Acebu

4. Virtual Writing Tutor


Virtual Writing Tutor is a free to use grammar software tool that has exhaustive features to help you in your writing skills. From Vocabulary check to Punctuation check, from Spell check to Word counter, from Paraphrase Check to Target Structure check, the software has all features. This software is also used to practice writing & improvisation before appearing for the IELTS Academic tests, and it also populates a score for assessment purposes.


Sapling is an AI-powered writing and messaging assistant that catches 60% more grammar errors than other leading grammar checkers. It's built for customer-facing teams—such as sales and support teams—but is helpful for most business professionals. Sapling provides a free plan as well as a premium and enterprise plans with extensive capabilities including snippets, autocomplete everywhere, and agent assist. Both API and and self-hosting options are available. Sapling also maintains enterprise-grade security, including being HIPAA compliant, GDPR/CCPA compliant, and SOC 2 Type II certified.

“Sapling is on a whole different planet from other tools...It understands the writing context. You just have to try it.” - Simone Di Somma, CEO, AskData

6. Reverso


Reverso is a Grammar check software which has enhanced capabilities of checking grammar errors and replacing with smart solutions. The unique feature is that it can translate text for you from English in four different languages, namely French, Spanish, Italian or German as well with its Translator facility. Accuracy & speed are critical drivers for this software, hence ensuring better productivity. It has an inbuilt conjugator and online grammar module as well for you to sharpen your English writing skills.

7. WhiteSmoke


WhiteSmoke has been tagged as one of the best grammar check software in the market due to its innovative adaptabilities. It proofreads your documents with the highest quality & accuracy identifying the minutest of mistakes, be it word choice, grammar, tonality or style — the capability of providing tailor-made solutions to large organizations in channelizing their entire business communication. Natural Language Processing technology utilized for text analysis and patented Artificial intelligence used for complex product outcomes.

“The functionality of the software, which allows you to check on your overall grammar:subject verb agreement, readability of our document and the quick response to your grammar checks. I would totally be a loss without WhiteSmoke. Even when I'm not using it strictly professional. I use it to make sure that my casual writing is up-to-par.” - John M. / Regional Vallue Engineering

8. LanguageTool


LanguageTool is a grammar and sentence proofreading software which can detect and modify in over 20 different languages, hence a globally accepted tool. It can accurately scan from more than a thousand patterns of identifying errors. The software is available in three versions – Free version, premium, and the Developer API version customized as per each category’s requirements. Separate Add-ons need to be downloaded for the browser (Chrome or Firefox), Google Doc, Microsoft Word, and Libre Office.

“What I like the most about LanguageTool is that this solution is available free of charge to the owner of any operating system. The great advantage of LanguageTool is that this solution allows us to detect errors in different languages, which is not found in competitive paid solutions. LanguageTool also enables us to correct stylistic errors to make our work more pleasing to the eye.” - Johann Z.

9. PaperRatePaperRater-best-Grammar-check-software

PaperRater is an online grammar checking software which can do a grammar check, proofreading and also check on plagiarism all in one go. Immediate results within 15 seconds on all the three contexts. The adaptability of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence integrated efficiently to give outstanding results. Receive AI-powered feedback on grammar, punctuation, style of writing, tonality, spelling mistakes and also on writing tips to enhance your writing skills. The auto-generated scoring mechanism can help you track improvement.

“When sending out presentations to clients, it is always good to have another set of eyes on the document to make sure that it is grammatically correct. I am surprised that PaperRaters always seems to catch things that I miss after proof reading several times. It is always a step in the process that my documents go through.” - Mike G. / Video Editor

10. ProWritingAid


ProwritingAid is indeed a professional masterclass for all aspiring writers as it provides exhaustive assistance much more than just grammar check or proofreading. Writing deformities like being repetitive, lengthy sentences, excessive use of passive voice, over-dependence on adverbs or complicated sentence formations are also captured through this software. It also suggests a best-preferred alternative to have a polished outcome. Other references or words thrown in by tools like a contextual thesaurus and word explorer to create an impactful document. Auto adaptation of more than 1000 style improvements to enhance writing.

“It was a privilege to expose to our Guild members the ProWritingAid program. Many have told me how profitable it’s been in helping them evaluate their own writing and facilitate their editing and revision. And it works for me too!” - Jerry Jenkins / 21-Time New York Times Bestselling Author

11. Slick Write

Slick Write-best-Grammar-check-software

Slick Write is a dynamic, advanced-level grammar checking software which goes beyond the horizons of conventional proofreading and editing. Vocabulary Variety option enables you to look at the document and reload enriched vocabulary to give it a bright outlook. Key Statistics about your document helps you gauge its readability index and also identifying anomalies and potential stylistic errors. A preferred choice for most writers across the globe – be it novelists, bloggers, SEO professionals or academic writers.

“Slick Write is a good editing software for someone who loves writing. It checks your writing for grammar errors. It is indeed a nice online editor for everyone who loves to write, whether its books or blogs. It is good for business as well as for students in school. There are lots of tools to assist in editing, such as word counter, readability index, which shows the grade level of your words and also reading time. I was amazed how well this tool worked with my writing.” - Beverly A. / freelance writer


SentenceChecker-best-Grammar-check-software is intelligent and thought through an online tool which can highlight and correct all your grammar-related issues in your documents. Sentence Checker, Grammar Checker, Correct My Sentence & Sentence Fragment Corrector are the four significant algorithms that the tool works on. It fixes grammar concerning spell check, vocabulary check, tenses, and punctuations. From the sentence fragment perspective, it checks sentence formation & construction, use of adverbs, subject-verb agreement disputes, errors with clauses in a sentence, etc. It gives a holistic view of the overall writing methodology.

» Is it worth investing in Grammar Check Software?

With English becoming more and more popular as a communication language across the globe, it is important that we convey the messages in the way it is intended. Businesses are realizing the importance of the correct communication for a healthy productivity increase. Multinational companies are paying much importance to soft skills along with technical skills. The cost of poor communication can lead to huge financial losses as well.

Grammar mistakes can sometimes lead to miscommunication and embarrassing situations. These are not favorable conditions any company would prefer, especially when they are interacting with their customers. Many such cases can be avoided easily by the usage of some software that can correct the grammar at the origin itself.

As good communication is getting more priority across organizations, demand for good grammar checker software is also growing. It won't cost much for an organization when compared to the aftermath of getting into a bad situation.

» Before you choose any Grammar Check Software

There are many vendors in the market offering grammar checker software. Grammar check software comes in different forms - it can be standalone software or can be embedded with other applications. The features and pricing will vary among them. So it becomes important to understand the need of your organization before going to shortlist the Best Grammar check Softwares.

Written communication is one of the important ways of exchanging the data or information within and outside an organization. So the stakeholders who can be affected by poor communication will generally be more within an organization. It becomes important to analyze the requirements of all these key stakeholders from different departments to list down the key features which you might be looking out for from a good grammar checker software.

Though the best grammar checker software is generally not very pricy, it is good to arrive at the Budget which the company is willing to shell out for buying the software.

Carefully study the pros and cons of each of the best grammar checker software available, and list down the key offerings they are marketing for. Now try to match these features with your set of requirements. This will help in arriving at the best fit software for your company’s needs.

» What are the key features of Grammar Check Software

There are a number of Software vendors who offer the Grammar Checker Software. The key features differ from one vendor to another. Below are few of the key features one can expect out from the Grammar check software:

› Multiple Platform Support:

Some of the Grammar check software is available as desktop versions on both Mac OS and Windows, and as applications on iOS and Android. They are available as extensions on standard browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge and Safari. They can also be installed as an add-on to other applications like Windows office and Mobile keypads.

› Grammar accuracy:

The Software must be capable of catching almost all the grammar errors.

› Foreign language support:

Some of the software offer support for foreign languages as well. It could help in reading, writing, and translation to other commonly used languages.

› Picking up the correct context:

The software must be smart enough to pick up the context in which the sentences are being made. They use robust algorithms that are surprisingly excellent at catching nefarious spelling errors.

› Personal Dictionary:

This is another feature that helps the user to keep building their customized dictionary words to the application.

› Plagiarism checks:

One of the features of the Grammar Check Software is also to do the Plagiarism check. They make use of the massive indexes of the search engines and do an extensive scanning. This helps you out of legal troubles.

› Autosuggestion:

Some of the Grammar checker software comes with a built-in AI feature, which can start suggesting the words which fill in the context in which the sentence has been started. These are all the latest and trending features of the software. Google editor is one such example that has an embedded application that does auto-suggestion while typing the sentence.

› Service available everywhere:

Many of the grammar checker software is available online, so they can be accessed at any point in time. The only thing that is needed is internet connectivity.

› Text Reader and Personal Trainer:

Text Reader is an interesting feature offered by a few grammar check software. The built-in Read-out-loud software allows you to do the proofreading by hearing your own written text. Personal Trainer feature allows you to learn from your own mistakes and prevent you from making the same mistakes again. It collects the past data and gives practical sessions based on the mistakes that were made to help improve the writing.

› Custom Themes:

Some Grammar check software also provides the feature of customizable themes. This is more to do with the cosmetic function of the document. There will be few out of the box themes which can be used as-is. Also, you can customize the themes or build our own themes and add it to the Themes repository to be used in later projects or documents.

» What are the Key Benefits of Grammar Check Software

As we have already discussed the importance of communication in any business, the key benefits of the grammar checker software would be to help and improve our communication medium. Below are a few of the key benefits from grammar check software:

› Correcting the Mistakes:

This software corrects the grammar, spellings, and syntax of the written document. Many offer just in time correction, by highlighting the mistakes as we are typing the document. This is very helpful, and the mistakes can be corrected immediately. Many software also offers auto-correction and auto-completion of the sentences.

› Improve the writing style:

The Grammar checker software not just correct the common mistakes, but also assists in a way you can understand and remember its modification and suggestions. Upon using this software for a while, it would help in improving the writing skills.

› Boost Confidence:

The grammar checker software used regularly will provide assistance in continuous learning and improving once grammar and writing skills. Over a period of time, this would start building confidence in the users.

› Plagiarism:

One of the features of the grammar checker software is also to do the plagiarism check. They make use of the massive indexes of the search engines and do an extensive scanning. This helps you out of legal troubles.

› Vocabulary Building:

This is one of the added features of the grammar checker software which helps the users to learn more new and sophisticated words and the way to use them. This is intended for the students and people who are not so familiar with the right usage of the words.

» How to choose the best Grammar Check Software?

After understanding the importance and key features of the grammar checker software, it is quite clear that this is one important software that organizations must look out for. We have discussed the activities to be performed before choosing the software. The main output of this activity is the requirements list. The Key features listed above would help in shortlisting the top grammar Checker software.

Once we are ready with this, a few important aspects to be considered to choose the best grammar checker software would be the following:

› Software Model:

Grammar checker software can be online (Cloud Based) and can also be installed on the system. Each model has its own set of pros and cons. Cloud-based online software is more popular these days. They are easy to maintain and also the cost & time to get it implemented is less.

› Budget:

Finalize the Software which can match to your budget outline. Many vendors offer free trials for some period of time. It is better to avail of this to the software features.

› Usability:

The new software must be easy to use. The users of this software will be many and across all the departments, it has to be very easy to be adopted by all. If the final end-users are not happy or if they find it difficult to use, then there is no point in buying the software.

› Support Model:

The Software must come with a highly proficient support team. Any bugs or enhancement must be addressed quickly.

› Easy Upgrades:

All the software undergoes changes over the time period. So the software must offer easy upgrades.

› Reviews:

The online reviews of the software can be obtained from different reliable sources. They provide real insight into the product and help to choose the right software.

› Open Source:

If you are a fan of Open Source applications, then there are some Grammar Check software which is available as open-source. You can embed this to any application and modify the rules to fit your own language standards.

» What is the approximate pricing of Grammar Check Software

Grammar checker software is not very pricy. In Fact, many come for free with basic features offered.

The pricing of the Grammar Check Software varies across the vendors. There are many vendors who offer free software access but with basic features. They can either be used directly online or can be downloaded and used as a standalone application. For the SaaS model of Subscription, the pricing depends on the number of subscriptions and the volume usage.

The cloud-based software is quite popular, and their pricing varies with the subscription model. The subscription can be brought either monthly, quarterly or yearly. The price could vary from $29.95/month to $139.95/year (with discounts) subscription. Also, the pricing varies based on the features selected.

» Conclusion

As the businesses are paying more importance to communication as an important skill, the role of a good Grammar check software becomes important. Most of the communication in an organization happens via a written medium like emails, documents, PDFs, presentations, etc. It is very important that the correct meaning and the intent of the communication reaches out to the target audience. And to have a well-written document or an email, grammar plays a key role.

There is an increase in the demand for the best grammar checker software. This software is playing a vital role in many organizations.

Grammar check software brings in lots of good features and key benefits to the organization as discussed above. They help in keeping the reputation of an organization high, by ensuring all the documents, emails, and any other written scripts follow all the correct grammar and convey the right intended message to its audience. This software gives a lot of confidence for the target users, as it assists them to ensure the document is well prepared.

It's a need of an hour for all the organizations to start using the best grammar check software which fits well for their organizational needs.

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