Copper CRM Review & Product Details: Features, Price, Pros & Cons

Suppose you are a growing business that wants to increase ROI. You need a tech-driven CRM platform that is affordable and fully featured. Moreover, convenient and reliable customer support around the clock is essential. If you are one of the growing businesses and want to leverage all the benefits mentioned above, you are at the right place! In our hunt for a tech-driven, affordable, and fully featured CRM tool, we found Copper CRM one of the best industry-leading CRM tools in the market. Throughout our research, we found more detailed information about Copper CRM. The information, including from what Copper CRM is to FAQs, might help you gain a deeper understanding of Copper CRM. It also includes how Copper CRM can help you grow your business and streamline your operations. The cost of its robust features can assist you in improving your processes to provide the best possible results. Let's dive into Copper CRM and fleet to discover how deep it is for you.

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What is Copper CRM?

Copper CRM is a customer-centric and value-oriented CRM tool that provides an intuitive user interface with Google Workspace. It offers flawless integration with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, and other apps. Its flexible automation workflow keeps your sales team working effectively. Copper’s extreme features pride itself on offering unique sales and customer experiences.

Copper CRM has specialized areas of strength that facilitate categorizing businesses. The robust features include lead and contact management, enabling searches for lead generation through linking to Gmail and Google accounts. In addition, it provides alert notifications for valuable leads with automated suggestions. Marketing focuses on generating leads and implementing campaigns.

Copper CRM delivers comprehensive customer support through a CRM interface, knowledge-based FAQs, and guides. Copper CRM combines effortlessly with Google products. Ability to manage projects effectively, automate searches, and update contact information online. Copper CRM is vital for small-size businesses.

What Types of Businesses Does Copper CRM Serve?

Copper CRM provides a customer retention management platform. Copper CRM is a customer-centric tool that boosts sales revenue. Many companies happily use copper CRM. Its qualitative client base includes mid-size, non-profit, and small-scale organizations.

What Languages Does Copper CRM Support?

A significant advantage of Copper CRM is that it understands its customers and is better at taking care of them. So, it enables multilingual and multi-currency functionality globally. Copper CRM currently supports the following languages:

English (en), Spanish (es), French (fr), German (de), and Dutch (NL), more language development is underway.

Does Copper CRM Support Mobile Devices?

Copper CRM supports mobile device compatibility for iOS and Android with tablet optimization. However, it differs from web apps. Though all the features are the same as web apps except for the following:

    • Reporting
    • Calendar view
    • Import/export
    • Account setting

In addition, in the mobile app, you will be unable to use the Chrome extension as well as the Gmail extension functionality, which is limited. It is a drawback for Copper CRM. Copper CRM supports iOS 13 and above. Regardless, they don't support iOS 12 or below.

Is Copper CRM offering APIs?

Copper CRM provides an out-of-the-box Web API enabling you to build and access your applications. Almost all Copper resources can be accessed via Copper's "Dev API" RESTful interface and JSON-formatted responses. Copper CRM continues to expand its API capabilities.

What Apps does Copper CRM Integrate with?

With Copper CRM, you can get seamless integration that delivers easy sync and feeds data accurately, including:

› Gmail: Seamless integration allows you to add leads, track email conversations, find and manage files in the marketing and sales process without switching tabs. It avails aligned Google docs and searching that saves you valuable time.

› LinkedIn: Bright prospects and profiles at your fingertips without requiring data entry. LinkedIn integration fosters qualitative leadership faster. Copper CRM, however, offers LinkedIn integration only to subscribers with the business plan.

› Mailchimp: It offers 2-way sync with super-smooth functionality and covers the complete database and email leads. It allows automation in adding and removing contacts in Copper and Mailchimp. In the basic subscription plan, however, this integration is not available.

As well as many other seamless integrations that Copper CRM offers include HubSpot Marketing Hub, Google Forms, Typeform, Outreach, Slack, Google Contacts, Google Drive, SendPulse, Dropbox Business, etc.

Is Copper CRM Right for Your Business?

In our review, you may learn about Copper CRM being suitable for your business. Copper CRM is one of the recommended CRM platforms for Google-driven businesses. It has some core areas where it plays a tremendous role, such as integration, crucial features, ease of use, and pricing.

Copper CRM has been reviewed against several CRMs to provide you with unbiased information. Copper CRM offers comprehensive Google Workspace solutions. However, some features could be more effective outside of Google Workspace. In order to cover a large CRM area, this drawback must be overcome.

Copper CRM is great for customer retention. It supports real estate businesses by managing client listings. Tech companies use Copper CRM to scale their work without manual data entry. Additionally, it also aids consulting and development firms in managing their deals.

Smooth integration with Google products makes Copper CRM a comprehensive solution for businesses. However, it has limitations in integration that differ by subscription. Copper CRM must open up its other integration loops to achieve better results.

The copper CRM feature plan can help you streamline your Google Workspace processes. This will be useful if you have major work based on Google products.

How Easy is Copper CRM to Use?

Copper CRM offers a convenient user interface for businesses using Google Workspace products. It can be the smart choice if you are a startup or a growing enterprise. However, Robust but limited features and integrations may not be suited to large organizations.

In addition to Google Workspace features, Copper CRM offers intuitive elements such as fonts, colors, and schemes matching Google products. Copper CRM gives sales teams features to create qualified and long-term prospects.

Copper CRM for Google-driven businesses includes a seamless user interface, email integration, lead management, and workflow automation.

What Are The Prices of Copper CRM?

Copper CRM is a customer-centric and relationship-oriented CRM platform that offers a seamless solution for Google-driven businesses. Copper CRM offers powerful features that differ in various plans: Basic, Professional, and Business.

Our deep research found detailed information about Copper CRM features pricing. Copper CRM offers a 14-day free trial on all plans without account details.

› Basic-Tier Plan: This plan costs $23 per user/monthly (if billed annually) with a limit of 3 users with 2500 contacts per month. It offers complete Google Workspace integration. This plan, however, does not include third-party integration with apps or software.

In this plan, you get lead and project management access. Additionally, you can enhance your profile with auto-profile tools. However, bulk email generation will not be accessible.

› Professional-Tier Plan: The most popular plan helps you grow your business by automating your workflow and integrating it with your go-to tools. It costs $59 per user/monthly (if billed annually). You can be benefited from Workflow automation, bulk email, and template features. However, it enables a limited 15000 contacts per month.

In this plan, you can get several third-party integrations along with Google Workspace integration, including LinkedIn, Docusign, and QuickBooks. It also allows CRM integration with HubSpot CRM and Zendesk. A dazzling plan for growing a business.

› Business-Tier Plan: This plan costs $99 per user/monthly (if billed annually) with unlimited access to features. To scale the CRM process with unlimited contacts, customizations, and marketing tools at affordable prices, this plan would be a suitable option for large-scale businesses.

Additionally, it includes other features like reporting, automated email campaigns, monitoring sales targets for the team, customizable pipelines, etc. However, there still needs to be more features for big businesses.

Plan/ Price Basic-tier ($) Professional-tier ($) Business-tier ($)
Monthly 29 69 134
Annually 23 59 99

Overall, Copper CRM offers everything from the start to grow your business to the next level with its extensive features. Undoubtedly, it serves as a prominent solution for Google-driven firms. However, there is a place where its limited features need to be improved.

What Top Features Copper CRM Offer?

Copper CRM offers robust features that help your business to scale. You can see the details of the features as follows:

› Contact Management: Copper CRM provides contact management for Google Workspace. It consolidates all customer data into one centralized contact management solution to simplify project management and marketing automation. Accelerate the sales cycle with auto-fill details.

› Lead Tracking: Tracking, systemizing, and managing prospects faster let the sales team focus on converting leads into customers. Information can be captured from Gmail, managed in spreadsheets, and nurtured through campaigns, and lead conversions can be improved through funnels.

› Lead Scoring: It can help you understand customer needs through integrated web forms and fulfill their expectations by providing relevant information.

Lead Management: It allows for tracking, capturing, qualifying, prioritizing, nurturing, and converting leads into customers by centralizing all lead data into one place.

› Pipeline Management: Create unlimited data with a drag-and-drop option. It streamlines workflow and provides real-time visibility of sales activity from an opportunity to closure.

› Email tracking: You can get real-time email alert notifications. Email engagement is tracked on one unified platform. Allows you multiple email campaign sending options. Stay alert with the real-time activity tracker.

› Email Templates: Convert bulk email content into simple, attractive templates that save time and eliminate repetitive tasks. Easy access from your inbox with Copper CRM's Chrome Extension for Gmail features.

› Sales Process Management: It shapes the sales team and brings consistency to their work process. Using it, you can increase velocity and automate sales and workflow for effective results.

› Sales Tracking: Automates sales tracking across the entire funnel and delivers metrics for more leads and closings. Identify the action and drive to the final step to close the deal.

› Sales Forecasting: It enables forecast reports with valuable insights into potential revenue to keep an eye on pipelines and create a practical roadmap for fruitful results.

› Reporting & Analytics: Provide valuable reports by analyzing entire sales activity to make better decisions and train the sales team to increase revenue.

› Workflow Automation: Automate the entire sales and marketing workflow to improve team efficiency, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue with the auto-magical sales process.

› Mobile App: Activate alert notifications, update the team for upcoming events, and stay informed of ongoing opportunities on iOS and Android apps.

› Integration: Smooth integration with hosted apps increases team efficiency and third-party integration.

Does Copper CRM Provides Reliable Customer Support?

Our research shows how responsive and attentive Copper CRM support is. Its remarkable support is what makes Copper CRM appealing to some people. Regardless, during our research, we found some user reviews about customer support glitches. Copper CRM has various ways to provide support, including:

    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Forum
    • Knowledge Base
    • Community
    • Phone Support
    • 24/7 (Live Rep)
    • Chat

Copper CRM has various ways to provide excellent customer support. Regardless, support is available during business hours only (Pacific time). Support is available through live chat, email channels, and a community web page. You can get tutorial access for relevant solutions through the community web page.

Additionally, FAQs and Forums are offered for knowledge-based solutions. As a result of your subscription, you can participate in other webinars and receive personalized assistance.

Which Industries Use Copper CRM?

Our research discovered that copper CRM is designed for specific sectors. These are some industries that consider copper CRM for profitable businesses. You can check the list here:

    • Advertising and Media Industry
    • Consulting Industry
    • Real Estate Industry
    • Corporate Industry
    • SaaS Industry

What Are The Pros & Cons of Copper CRM?

Copper CRM offers a variety of features at an affordable price for small and mid-sized businesses. Its excellent customer service prevents disruption in the process. In our research, you can see some pros and cons we have covered for your information:


    • Flawless integration with all Google products
    • Effective lead management tools
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Automated features to enrich contacts
    • Supercharge Gmail activities with access to more features


    • Limited third-party integration into the basic plan
    • The Chrome extension is not available on mobile devices
    • Gmail limitations in the mobile app

What Are The Best Alternatives of Copper CRM?

Copper CRM is one of the leading CRM platforms. Yet, if you are looking for powerful alternatives to Copper CRM, you can find a list of alternative CRM companies here:

Copper CRM Technical Support Review

The Copper CRM empowers businesses to differentiate themselves and grow revenue through flawless integration with Google Workspace and enabling product training through Copper Community. To fulfill the business desire, Copper CRM provides technical support at various stages, such as:

› Deployment: Copper CRM facilitates easy implementation and results-driven workflow transformation. Easy deployment on various platforms such as:

    • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
    • Mobile - Android
    • Mobile - iPhone
    • Mobile - iPad

› Training: Copper CRM trains about the products it offers to end-users. Copper offers various product training in diverse forms, such as:

    • Live Online
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Final Verdict: Is Copper CRM For You?

The Copper CRM system supports Google-driven businesses and Google products, including Gmail, Google Calendar, etc. It has effective features that help to align your business processes and drive towards result-oriented.

Features plans can be cost-effective for any business. The robust features have been diverse in 3 pricing plans to scale your business. Some features, such as integration, reporting, analytics, and a comprehensive app, are essential for the sales team. Specific features like lead scoring and workflow automation are also valuable to subscribers. However, it does not offer free plans.

Copper CRM contains an easy user interface. It is undeniable that Copper CRM integrates seamlessly with Google's products and other popular third-party tools. However, at a certain stage, it required technical expertise to operate the system. Moreover, you will also need a tech expert to set up an account.

Copper CRM offers the best customer support that is crucial for any business. It delivers customer support in the form of live chat, email, and phone support. However, this support comes with paid subscriptions.

Overall, Copper CRM is the preferred solution for certain businesses. It indeed has powerful features, integrations, and automated customizations. That may contribute to valuables in your industry. It can be an excellent performer for your business in some specific areas if you measure its expertise and shortcomings. Yet, Copper CRM needs to improve in certain areas beyond Google products.


Does Copper CRM track emails?

Copper CRM email tracking is used to understand your reps' content and activities. A single activity feed tracks emails, calls, meetings, demos, and calendar events.

Is Copper CRM HIPAA compliant?

There is no HIPAA compliance with Copper CRM due to its non-compliance with HIPAA's specific data protection requirements.

Does Copper CRM offer a mobile application?

You can access lead, deal, and customer data from anywhere using the Copper CRM mobile app.

Is Copper CRM totally free?

Copper CRM does not offer a free feature plan; it offers three subscription plans, including Basic, Professional, and Business.