List of Top 10+ Trello Alternatives 2023 (Free & Paid)

Top Trello Alternatives

Are you looking for Trello Alternatives? Here we have discussed the top 11 Kanban tools which can be a perfect alternative to Trello Application.

» What is Trello?

Trello is an interactive and collaborative project management software. Stay organized with Trello as it is available for all kinds of planning and project management. You can create a list and assign tasks with this Kanban tool as it offers drag and drops buttons to arrange the task cards and organize workflow for your teammates. Also, attach details with the task cards while assigning. You can add comments, details, and deadlines for the team.

Trello is a very popular project management tool for teams and side projects. The UI of the application is simple and navigable. Create beautiful, attractive Kanban boards for your teams to motivate them with Trello.

» Why do you need an alternative to Trello?

Trello can be very popular and mostly used project management software for small and limited teams. If you are working with a larger team, Trello is not an apt choice. Despite, it is a Kanban tool for online work management, but it is too simple and does not offer all the necessary features of the project management software. The application lacks in three areas mainly-

It does not have any planning features.
There are no timeline features for team management.
It is expensive.

» Here is a list of Trello Alternatives

1. is a powerful alternative to Trello software as the platform consists of processes and task management tools which make the project handling easy with teams and remote working. It connects your team with the digital workspace created by the project manager, manages work, and sees results with timely deliverance. Centralize the project communication in one platform by eliminating the need to email all the communications and file sharing. Setting up the project is also very easy with software; there are hundreds of templates for setting up projects about any kind of industry. Simply use the template and get started. You can also see your team members on the platform and create a group chat for brainstorming and discussion.


Enables smooth and seamlessly remote working
Integrated marketing tools
Media tools and productivity enhancement features
Integration with several popular platforms like Monday time tracking from TimeCamp, Zoom, Slack and Zendesk
Plan the project in different phases

Pricing Basic plan starts from $8.00 per month per user if paid annually.

2. Wrike

Wrike is a powerful, productive software for managing and organizing remote teamwork for business and projects. This Trello alternative is the perfect application for larger teams and massive projects. The software has all the necessary tools for the management of the project and increases the productivity of the team members. Virtually collaborate with your team and share ideas, get feedback, and track the progress in real-time. Wrike is the perfect platform for creating a digital workspace for your office work with tools needed for the deliverance of work. With Wrike, you need not follow up teams with email. All the chats, messages, and emails can be documented and stored in the Wrike application itself.


Customize the project priorities
Communicate effectively
Complete toolset for planning and share workflows
Accelerate feedback from clients
Report and track progress


Wrike Professional plan starts with $9.80 per user per month.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork is the Trello alternative that offers cloud-based project management software with integrated collaboration with the team members, tracking your project timeline, and seamless working with the clients and managers. Teamwork is the complete platform that offers a set of features to the managers for organizing and delivering the project on time to the clients. However, you can manage and centralize the project details for your company in a Teamwork application. The main steps involving the right project management software are- customizing workflow of the team, working seamlessly on one platform, and centralizing the project details for teamwork. The application is the right blend of features that promotes work from home and collaboration with team members in real-time. Planning a project with Teamwork is very easy as you can plan and assign tiny bits of tasks with the application flawlessly.


Time-saving application
Collaboration platform for efficiency
Manage and optimize resource for project management
Automatic board view and workflow tools
Track the project timeline with Timer App.


The Teamwork Pro plan starts with $10.00 per month per user (up to 5 users)

4. Asana

Asana is a work management tool that is a perfect and top alternative to Trello. The application is the complete set of tools that are needed by the project managers to manage a large and small team. The application allows you to keep track of the project and timeline. The board visuals are also very clean and simple. You can view the task in the list form and Kanban board form. With the assigned schedule for the progress of the project, you can keep a record of the project and access the points where the delay in projects is seen. Use the Asana application for automation and work management.


Map and modify projects with Timeline feature
Set the team’s priority and monitor progress in real-time
Organize the workload of the team and team members
Forms creation tool
Sync tasks across projects


The price plan for Asana starts from $10.99 per month per user

5. ProofHub

ProofHub is another competitor of Trello and the best alternative, if you don’t want to use the Trello application. ProofHub lets you plan, collaborate, and organize your projects and team members. With this application, you can manage your teams from the remote area also. You can view your project tasks in the Kanban board style and the form of Gantt charts. The application is intuitive; however, it's not free of cost. Chat with your team and tag them in the comments for better conversation techniques. It also allows you to discuss the project in real-time within the application.


Start a simple discussion with no messy threads
Kanban boards for work visual
Calendar view for keeping track of project
Attach and send files within the application
Add and assign custom roles


The Essential package of ProofHub starts with $45.00 per month if billed annually.

6. ClickUp

ClickUp is the feature-rich software that can be used to manage teams and projects efficiently. The software is a bundled suite that offers ranges of features that can be used to assign a task, lead the team, share ideas, and organize the workload. If you are switching to ClickUp from another platform, the application also offers you easy importing of the to-do lists and task cards for the former project management software. Also, create and share your documents in the software with your team members. The application is the all in one solution for all the project management needs. With ClickUp, the team managers keep a record of the workflows and progress of the project with ease. Integrate with other platforms like Toggl, GitLab, and Webhooks for seamlessly working.


The complete toolset for task, process, and time management for the project.
Advanced reporting tool with real-time commenting and editing.
Team collaboration in real-time.
Integration plugins for various platforms
Assign custom roles to team members.


The Unlimited plan starts from $9.00 per month per user.

7. Workzone

Workzone is power-packed project management software which is an apt alternative for Trello. The application offers all the necessary toolsets for mid-level management of the project. The application is popular in the industry as it offers dual functionality of project management and document storage platform so that the team can seamlessly work with only one software. You can keep track of the project and keep your clients notified about the progress. Collaborate in real-time with your team and share your work and get comments and approval from the manager. However, the application does not have a free plan and does not support multiple project views.


User-friendly UI
Smart reporting and tracking tool for team and project
Cloud collaboration
Mapping and report generation for the project
Automatic reminder for the team


The Team plan of Workzone costs $24.00 per user per month.

8. Podio

Podio is a simple alternative to Trello. Podio was developed as the platform for project and task management. Whether you are a professional or freelancer, simply bring your members to the free Podio platform and collaborate with them on a single platform. No need for long threads of emails or bulky file sharing. You can manage, organize, and deliver the project with Podio. The best features of Podio are the customization of processes according to the need of the project and the number of team members. You can add or eliminate the steps which suit your needs. Make adjustments with the role assignment for the admins and members with the Podio with simple one click. The application is a reliable platform for maintaining your project and delivering it on time.


Complete set of integration with marketing tools and popular file-sharing services like GoogleDrive, EverNote, and Zendesk.
24/7 reliable customer service
Easy task management tools
Availability of Podio mobile app
Add-ons and plugins available


Podio Basic Plan starts with $9.00 per month if paid annually.

9. Basecamp

Basecamp is a complete tool kit for the project managers to remotely manage the projects, plan, and deliver to the clients. Create a digital workspace for your team, assign a task, discuss the work details, and see the results. Basecamp software is an alternative to Trello Application that offers tools and features for automated scheduling and to-do list, documents and files sharing, and message board for effective communication. Working remotely can be challenging, as project management requires constant monitoring and planning of the schedule. However, Basecamp makes it easy for the project managers to work with the team from a long distance.


Dedicated message board for announcements, assignments, and feedback.
Automated to-do lists
Automatic check-ins
The facility of group chats
Document and file sharing plugins


The flat rate of Basecamp Business plan costs $99.00 per month.

10. is standard software that offers a choice for the Trello application. Make your project management easy with software and concentrate on the timely deliverance of the projects. The software allows the users to collaborate, plan, and assign tasks for the members so that no staff is underworked or overworked. Check the progress and modify the plan as per the requirement of the project. Launching projects is very easy with the application, as the UI is simple and very easy to set up. The import tools in the software are platform friendly and help you import all the project elements from one platform to another easily.


Intuitive dashboard for quick on projects
Multiple view styles for projects
Automated planning and scheduling tools
Manage project timeline with Gantt Chart view
Simple timesheets for time tracking of the team and project
Reporting tools integrated

Pricing Personal plan starts with $15.00 per month per user.

11. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is an online task management tool for the teams for managing and organizing the elements of the projects remotely. The application is an alternative to Trello application as it offers an easy to use environment for setting up the project, managing and planning the project phases and customization. The Kanban-style board view in the MeisterTask helps the automated workflow charts and quick bird’s view for an overview. MeisterTask is a web-based software, hence no need for installation. Simply sign up and register and start your project management from anywhere.


Section and segment your workflow
Manage multiple projects in one application
Manage project timeline with Gantt Chart view
Automate workflows for eliminating repetitions
Assign task and dates to team members


The MeisterTask Pro plan starts with $4.19 per month

Final Thoughts

Hope we have covered the most useful and similar software that can surely be an alternative to Trello App. Nearly all the software, as mentioned above, has identical features and advanced tools when compared to Trello.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trello used for?

Trello is an online list-making application. You can track the progress of all your projects via this app. You can also communicate and distribute the tasks with your teammates. You can collaborate and organize all your works can keep track of them individually by reminder settings and the board-like interface.

How much does it cost to use Trello?

You can use Trello freely with unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists. The “Business” plan offers you some additional features like advanced checklists and 250 MB per file attachment for $9.99 per month. You can also opt for the “Enterprise” Plan for $17.50 to unlock the advanced admin and security features.

Why is Trello so expensive?

Though Trello offers a free version too, its Business plan is expensive. It costs $10 per month for every user and offers only a few extra features. Despite this, Trello does its job extremely well. It can handle unlimited boards, cards, and tasks with all their respective files, notes, and deadline, which is needed in today’s virtual world. So people are tuned to it for its service and attractive interface.

Does Trello offer a free trial?

Yes, Trello does offer a 14-days free trial for business class. You can work with unlimited members, unlimited boards, and tasks and also unlock advanced features and automation. After that, you have to pay $10 per month for a user.

What are the top Trello alternatives?

  • Asana
  • ProofHub
  • ClickUp
  • Workzone
  • Teamwork
  • Podio
  • Wrike
  • Basecamp
  • MeisterTask


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