Vtiger CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Vtiger is a reliable CRM that has helped over 300000 businesses worldwide. It is central to the marketing, sales, and support teams and enhances their collaborative efforts. Vtiger allows you to peek into the marketing pipeline, know the potential closures, and take them through conversions. What makes it efficient and different is the use of ChatGPT. According to our detailed evaluation of the software solution, this is the most successful small business CRM powered by AI technology. It ensures intelligent tracking, smart insights, and data-backed recommendations to help teams generate more sales. We have reviewed each aspect of Vtiger CRM, including but not limited to the features, advantages, and pricing. Here's our take on the software solution and its abilities. Let's take a quick tour of Vtiger CRM.

Vtiger CRM Review & Ratings
Capterra 4.3/5
GetApp 4.3/5
Crozdesk 4.3/5


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What is Close CRM?

Vtiger is a growth-focused CRM software incorporating ChatGPT for better sales enablement and automation. It gives you a complete view of your customers and enhances your understanding of more personalized campaigns. It helps the sales, marketing, and support teams to align towards a single goal to improve the business outcomes effectively.

As it is built using standards such as GDPR and ISO, it is a highly secure and stable software. You can easily build a sales pipeline using the available data to streamline your lead-generation campaigns. You can improve your sales team's performance by using routing, segmentation, and other sales enablement features.

The mobile app ensures you can easily manage all the work while on the go. There are a lot of productivity features that allow sales reps to focus on increasing customer experiences and enhancing their sales.

Who Uses Vtiger CRM?

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, you can bolster customer relationships and enhance sales outcomes with Vtiger CRM. According to our research, freelancers and large enterprises can also use this CRM software solution.

What Languages Does Vtiger CRM Support?

As per our assessment, Vtiger CRM software supports multiple languages, along with English. It supports foreign languages, including

Italian,Hungarian, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Polish, French, Hungarian, Chinese, German, Arabic, Japanese, Danish, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Dutch.

Does Vtiger CRM Support Mobile Devices?

You can access the Vtiger CRM via web browsers and mobile devices. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, including the iPad.

Does Vtiger Extend API Support?

According to our research, Vtiger CRM supports REST-based APIs to improve third-party integrations. They use form-encoded requests to authenticate an integration. With these APIs, you can extend the app's functionality.

Is Vtiger CRM the Right Choice for Businesses?

After thoroughly evaluating the Vtiger CRM, we believe it is equally useful for all business sizes and types. Whether a freelancer or a large-scale business, you can automate most of your sales and marketing processes efficiently with this CRM.

The CRM enables users to access real-time data concerning the sales pipeline, improves deal management, and offers a proactive understanding of high-potential conversions. The sales rep and marketing teams can make the right decisions, thus improving business profits.

The mobile app allows you to stay at the helm of your affairs, giving you quick access to the data and planning your moves accordingly. You can use a single dashboard to enhance the collaboration between the different teams, majorly sales and marketing. There are exceptional features for the individual teams, which makes it an excellent business platform.

Your marketing team can easily create, manage and activate lead pipelines to enhance customer journeys. They can ably create sales-qualified leads using this CRM software.

The sales team can use features like lead routing and segmentation to work on highly convertible leads and increase their profits. Detailed analytics from the platform ensures you get complete details regarding the team's performance, overall sales of your business, and other aspects important from a business perspective.

Automate the sales workflow with usable email sequences and defined playbooks for increased team productivity. You can access important metrics such as your profile and engagement score to improve your abilities.

According to our evaluation, companies have seen a boost in their team efficiencies and productivity with this tool. It is also useful for all types of basic tasks, including project management and task assigning. It is easy to customize and use, which makes it every company's best friend. You can access the different communication features, including Email, Calling, and notetaking, enabling better sales journeys.

With solid pricing and extensive features, it can help even the smallest of businesses from avoiding risks. You can take a 15-day trial before you choose to go with one of the pricing plans.

Is Vtiger CRM Easy to Use?

If you are talking about usability, this CRM poses slight difficulty. You will need to go through a steep learning curve before accessing the workflows or automating your pipelines. The complex navigation system is just another icing on the cake. Overall, it adds to the challenges faced by the user.
In the case of multiple sales pipelines, you may find this CRM slightly confusing and unusable.

What Are The Prices of Vtiger CRM?

When we began studying the Vtiger CRM pricing, we found it offered a forever free plan. This is the biggest advantage of opting in for this software. You can still use the CRM with certain basic features at the end of the 15-day trial period.

The forever-free plan is named the one-pilot plan. The software also offers two paid plans- One Professional and One Enterprise. Each plan provides distinctive features.

You can use the software's pricing calculator to know how much you must pay for the features, plan, and users you selected. You can even take a free trial of one of the three plans, depending on the one that best fits your sales or marketing journey.

The One Pilot Plan

If you are just implementing CRM in your business, you might want to stay low on budget. The free version can help determine if the CRM fits your business requirements. It will help you get started, check if automation can help, and improve customer record management.

There are some incredible features that you can get with the free version. Here, we have detailed the plan for you to evaluate and embrace.

    • Get all your deals in a Kanban view, which can help improve the graphical view of your data. It will enhance your understanding of the data.
    • Complete project management view that can help you understand the tasks assigned, milestones achieved, and allocations are done.
    • You can check how much time a sales rep spends within a particular stage.
    • This data can help make processes more efficient.
    • Communication tools such as Email and Phone can help sales rep improve their ability to stay connected with potential and cold leads.
    • The marketing tools within the software, such as profile scoring, Email template builder, web-to-lead forms, and list reports, can help with segmentation.
    • You can create email sequences and workflows for better sales enablement.
    • Mobile applications can help with real-time notifications, leads, and contacts management and real-time view into sales & marketing data.
    • The maximum number of users is 10, and the maximum number of records you can manage is 3000.

The One Professional Plan

We evaluated the first paid plan- One Professional. You may be billed monthly or yearly, depending on your selection. This plan comprises Standard User and Single App User plans.

When we researched the cost of each plan, we identified that the cost is per user. If you want to extend access to more than one user, you might need to pay extra.

The standard user plan will cost you $30 per user per month when billed annually. However, it will cost you $42 if you opt for monthly billing.

In the case of the single app user plan, you will be charged $20 per month per user for annual billing. The cost would increase to $28 in case you opt for monthly billing.

    • You can use Salesforce Automation for multiple pipelines with this plan.
    • You can also enhance lead scoring to know the most potential conversions for your sales team.
    • Improved team collaboration with the real-time communication tools
    • Live chat for better connection and communication.
    • Set the agent business hours so that you don’t lose out on your leads
    • This plan can help your support team with different help desk tools, including social ticketing and least-loaded ticket allocation
    • This plan allows you to manage the inventory, such as subscriptions and purchase orders
    • You can improve business process automation and flowchart designs with this plan.

The One Enterprise Plan

According to our assessment, you can choose to opt for monthly or yearly billing with the One Enterprise plan. You can go with the Standard User or Single App User plan.

In the standard user plan, you must pay $42 per month per user if you choose the annual billing cycle; however, you will be $58 if you go with monthly billing.

Similarly, you have to pay $30 per month per user for the single app user if you choose the annual billing cycle. In case you go monthly, your charges increase to $42.

For every extra user added to the plan, you must pay a certain specific amount. If you want to know whether this plan fits your business process needs, let’s dive into the features.

    • Get insights on when to contact your lead so that you can get assured conversions
    • The internal ticketing system offers all the insights you need to enhance the support and sales processes
    • Transact in multiple currencies, thus taking your business beyond your geographical region.

Vtiger CRM Pricing Review and Comparison

Here’s our comparative analysis of the three plans that are available for Vtiger CRM. We have dived into the differences to help understand which plan fits your process requirements and budget.

Factor One Pilot One Professional One Enterprise
Help Desk You can access basic-level features for the help desk, including- first response, business hours, and Email to case. You can improve ticketing solutions such as agent-level business hours and social ticketing.  In the enterprise plan, you can incorporate work order management. 
Sales Pipeline & Automation Get a complete graphical view of your sales stages and ideal deals.  Get a detailed view of lead and profile scoring.  You can even manage deals and conversions in multiple currencies. 
Project Management Simple Gantt view, subtasks, and Kanban board to manage projects. Automate the task end times. Know all the dependencies for a particular task. Track the time taken for a particular project task. This can help with billing. 
Contact Management Know when your deals are idle. You will get a single view of all your contacts across the lifecycle.  Know when your deals are idle. You will get a single view of all your contacts across the lifecycle. Know when your deals are idle. You will get a single view of all your contacts across the lifecycle.
Contact Engagement Integrate with your phone and Email for smooth conversations. You can conduct document management and integrate with Google/Zoom.  Integrate with your phone and Email for smooth conversations. You can conduct document management and integrate with Google/Zoom. You will also learn when to contact your leads for increased conversions. 
Sales Enablement You can improve your sales cycle with different enablement tools like email sequences, workflow management, and social media. You can improve your sales cycle with different enablement tools like email sequences, workflow management, and social media. You can improve your sales cycle with different enablement tools like email sequences, workflow management, and social media.
Process Designer This feature is not available with the forever-free plan You can enhance business process automation, workflow management, and fast-track approvals with the designer. You can also improve task management. You can enhance business process automation, workflow management, and fast-track approvals with the designer. You can also improve task management.
Conversations You don't get this feature with the free plan The conversations feature can help businesses improve collaborations between marketing and sales teams. It encourages real-time communication. The conversations feature can help businesses improve collaborations between marketing and sales teams. It encourages real-time communication.

After thoroughly evaluating each plan and understanding every feature, we believe that Vtiger CRM is useful for freelancers and small businesses. It is a cost-effective tool to get started with CRM software and enhance your lead-to-conversion management. 

Most features can help you improve internal communication, enhance collaboration and support your marketing activities. You also get a booster plan to customize your CRM software to meet unique needs. 

The basic plan (Free) allows you to use it for 10 users maximum. You might need to pay extra for each user you add to the plan. 

You get a 15-day trial, after which you can continue with the free plan or upgrade to a better version. The best part is you can take a trial of whichever plan you wish.

What Top Features Does Vtiger CRM Offer?

› Contact Management: A detailed view into all your contacts, including their names, Email, history of conversations, and other aspects to improve sales journeys.

Lead Management: Automated lead assignment to the different sales representatives to improve lead journeys and manage your conversions.

Sales Automation: Get an in-depth view of all your contacts, potential conversions included. Create funnels and pipelines that bolster your relationships with the customers. Manage, monitor, and implement the design for business processes.

Sales Enablement: Know how engaged your customer is, personalize your communication and enhance your sales outcomes. Manage appointments for each customer in your pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Management: Know the exact status of your deals, monitor the sales team's performance, and optimize the processes for better sales journeys.

Shared Inbox: Increase visibility and collaboration with the shared Inbox that allows all the sales representatives to see the emails.

Reporting and Analytics: Get complete insights into the sales team's performance and analyze the data for better decisions. A detailed report on sales targets, achievements, and other important details.

Team Collaboration: The teams can stay collaborated and aligned via tools such as internal communication channels, Emails, and calendar events.

Helpdesk Automation: Prioritize your customer support cases, issue tickets, auto-assign, and manage the responses using automation. A self-service portal enhances the customer's experience.

Marketing Automation: A diverse range of marketing tools, including Emails, Webforms, Social modules, and Landing pages, enhance your team's outcomes.

Email Marketing: Automate your email marketing campaigns using pre-defined templates, nicely designed workflows, and personalized messages.

Task Management: Improve your team's productivity using automated tools that can help assign tasks to the people within the team.

Project Management: Manage the projects, know the milestones, keep track of the achievements, and assign tasks with the project management application.

Inventory Management: Know your vendors, track the inventory and manage purchases from this software solution.

Mobile App: On-the-go sales teams can get immediate access to vast information about sales and marketing leads, track projects, and improve conversion success.

Does Vtiger CRM Provide Reliable Customer Support?

According to our analysis, we learned that Vtiger provides unmatched customer support. Users can contact the support team via email/helpdesk at any time. Response time is good. For users who want quick resolutions, there is a knowledge base, FAQS, and Forums available 24/7 with highest quality articles and blogs.

Below is a complete list of the different ways that users can contact Vtiger’s support team:

    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Forum
    • Knowledge Base
    • 24/7 live chat
    • Chat
    • Phone support

What Industries Are Using Vtiger CRM?

As discussed earlier, the Vtiger CRM supports small to large-scale businesses across diverse industries. It is quite popular in the following industries.

    • SaaS Industry
    • Real Estate Industry
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Legal Industry
    • Insurance Industry

What Are The Pros & Cons of Vtiger CRM?

If you are planning to choose Vtiger CRM for your small/medium/large scaled business, you should know the pros and cons in detail. It can help you make a more informed decision.


    • Improved collaboration between sales, marketing, and support teams
    • Smart notifications when a user opens the Email or shares the document
    • Integration with all Google and Microsoft products
    • Calling, recording, and email options are available for communication
    • Track the deals assigned and check their score to know if they have conversion potential
    • On-the-go access via mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • Multi-lingual support available
    • The forever free version of the application is available


    • A slightly steep learning curve
    • Convoluted navigation that can add complexities
    • Lots of automation features can be difficult for people who aren't tech-savvy.

What Are The Best Alternatives of Vtiger CRM?

If you have been using Vtiger for a while, you would know it best fits all business outfits. If you are still contemplating or want to know a few alternatives before deciding, here are our top choices. You can check these immediate alternatives to choose a fit CRM solution for your business.

The Technical Review of Vtiger CRM

We evaluated the technical side of the Vtiger CRM to understand the implementation or deployment methods. The technical aspects can help you make an informed decision.


We identified that the Vtiger CRM extends support to the following deployment methods

    • Cloud-Based
    • SaaS
    • Web-based
    • Mobile- Android
    • Mobile-iPhone
    • Mobile-iPad


You can access the different documentation or live training to learn the product in-depth. Here are all the possible training methods:

    • Live Online
    • Webinars
    • Comprehensive Documentation
    • Videos
    • In-person

Final Verdict: Is Vtiger CRM For You?

Our team evaluated all aspects of Vtiger CRM, including the pricing and features, to help you know if it is a good fit for your business. We found the CRM useful owing to its multiple collaboration, lead management, and pipeline management features. It can help automate the marketing and sales workflows for better customer journeys and increased conversions.

The pricing suggests it is a good fit for all business types. You have the forever free plan, which can easily get you started. If you have multiple pipelines or need to manage different sales workflows, this CRM is definitely for you. The pricing might seem like a lot if you have a large sales team, as you must pay more per user.

They offer you a 15-day trial period, which you can upgrade if you wish. However, you will not lose your basic features, as you will be downsized to a forever-free plan.

The mobile app makes accessibility and usability easier for the sales and marketing teams. You can easily access the different leads and track their performance.

On the flip side, you might feel slightly overwhelmed with the diverse tools if you haven't used any marketing or sales tool.

Overall, a good solution if you are getting started, and we stand by that.