The Importance of Research before Developing a Mobile App for a Business

The Importance of Research before Developing a Mobile App for a Business

The digital world is on a constant evolutionary spree with more and more people spending more time on their mobile devices and smartphones. It would give you a competitive edge if you can take advantage of this and build an app that would increase your visibility and take you ahead of the competition. If you want to build a mobile app for a business, you can hire a developer who would be dedicated to creating this app. You must be sure of what you want to achieve with the app and how it is going to drive business for you.

Why Should Research Be Done?

To understand the importance of research before starting on the mobile app development process, keep the following points in mind:

› In-Depth Research of the Market

A detailed analysis of the market is a must for app creation as this will give you valuable insights about your competitors- what are their strategy, strengths, and weaknesses. This would help you in not making the same mistakes and being more careful in your dealings. You should also carefully analyze customer reviews as this will help in gauging what customers like and dislike in an app. Take care of the pain points of customers and resolve the issues in your app so that you have the edge over others in the market.

› Being 100% Efficient

Don’t do something if not done perfectly- this is what users expect out of mobile apps, and this is an expectation to be met under any circumstances. In this scenario, a ‘perfect’ app means an app that is data-efficient as well. Numerous apps consume a lot of data and are forgotten. To ensure that your app is not a forgotten one, make sure it is data-efficient and useful.

› A unique App

Humans get bored very easily and move on to something more interesting. It is the same case for apps. Apps are in millions, and it takes no time for users to move on to the next one if it is not serving the purpose. So research such a fashion that your app is both unique and interesting so that users stay glued and engaged.

› Declining Patience Levels

Patience too is ever declining, and users cannot be made to wait. It is fatal if your app takes more than a few seconds to load. Users might get a negative impression and think that the app is surely malfunctioning. Research and find how to make your app work fast to suit user need.

› App Price

Since pricing is a critical factor, a humungous amount of research needs to be done on what the app should be priced at. The popularity of the app is greatly dependent upon how competitive your price is, and therefore, it should be correctly done.

› Target Audience

An important factor in the mobile app development process is that understanding the target audience. Without knowing who the app is going to cater to, the app would be of no use. This is the best way to make the app more popular.

› Master of a Particular Platform

You need to know the platforms on which you want to launch your app. The main platforms for apps are iOS and Android. Android has more users, and iOS is a more popular and secure platform. In case your budget allows, you should develop the app on both the iOS and Android platforms as you would be able to reach more users. If you have enough budgets, it is advisable to develop your app on both platforms as you will be able to reach a wider number of users. If there is a budget constraint, then you should pick the most popular platform and build the app on it. In this way, you would become the master of one platform, and then if there is enough budget, you can launch your app on other platforms.

› Marketing Strategy

Creating a buzz is of utmost importance. Conduct research on how to strategize your marketing policy so that maximum number of people can get to know about your app. Most app developers fail in the execution of their marketing plan, and therefore, there is no buzz before the launch, and users are not aware that there is something so interesting in the market. So ideally, developers should start marketing campaigns, 2 or 3 weeks before the launch so that the word travels as much as possible and this to a certain extent contributes towards an overwhelming response. Chalking out a suitable marketing strategy is an important factor in mobile app development.

› App Testing

Though creativity and applicability are major components of an app- you also need to test whether it is applicable or not, and this should be done before the app reaches the market. After the alpha testing stage, you would need to iron out the glitches as much as possible so that at the beta round, the app performance improves. There are numerous tools to test apps, and it is through these rounds of tests that you would get to know the true value of your app.

Why Are Organizations Laying Stress on Research?

Organizations are completely aware that research is extremely important in the process of mobile app development for business, and still, funds are deficient in this particular sphere. User research and UX design are both intangible and it is almost impossible to convince investors that without this important phase, the entire app journey can end up in failure.

Without research, the entire process would become headless and directionless- not knowing whom to target and what to provide in the app. In case there are budget restraints and not enough research has been done, the app might result in slow loading and an interface which is not user- friendly.

Research and its impact

Research is of utmost importance in every stage of mobile app development. Getting relevant details and taking care of what the user needs would aid in the development of an app that is useful, unique, and popular with the masses. Continuous tests to understand the suitability of the apps, paying attention to detail, staying updated with what the end-user wants and detailed analysis of the market would be good ways to ensure that your app hits the right note in the market. It is research that ensures that the path towards a successful is a smooth one. Always remember that the market is flooded with apps and what you are unable to provide, some other app will and take your market share. To stop these gaps, research is the only tool to help in filling these for the app to create an impact that it should.

Tablets and smartphones are acting as connecting hubs for important facets of our daily life, work-related communications, relationships, on-the-go shopping, information searches, management news what is happening in the world. It is not restricted to only our business world but has completely engulfed our personal lives as well. Therefore what the end-user wants what he needs and knowledge about the needs can make the app successful. To reach the greatest number of users and devising ways to keep them hooked can only be done through market research and therefore, its growing relevance in the market.


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