NetHunt CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

NetHunt CRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions that offer many fruitful features. Due to its popularity, we have conducted deep research on the product. In this comprehensive research, you can find everything you need to know about the NetHunt CRM tool. We have done extensive research over the internet and collected crucial details from multiple sources to provide you with accurate data, like what NetHunt CRM is, its features, pricing plans, ratings, and other critical information. Let’s dive in.

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Capterra 4.8/5
GetApp 4.8/5
Crozdesk 4.7/5

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What is NetHunt CRM Software?

NetHunt is a customer relationship management solution that automates sales and marketing-related tasks. It offers flawless lead management and customer relationship nurturing features to keep an eye on the sales process to crack more deals. The key features include contact management, sales pipeline management, lead management, calendar management, and email marketing. One of its robust features is its seamless integration with Gmail, Google Workspace, and LinkedIn.

What Other CRM Platforms Does NetHunt Provide?

We found that the NetHun CRM offers flawless integration with other platforms like Gmail, Google Workspace, and LinkedIn to facilitate businesses to serve their customers in a better way.


It is the best solution for businesses using Gmail for email marketing and sales. Not to mention, who already uses Gmail for their business, it can work like a golden charm for them.

This solution can get you all the essential Google Workspace tools next to your working place. Users can use these tools along with their routine work and increase productivity.

This CRM can bring LinkedIn to your door. Using this CRM, you can easily discover which LinkedIn companies are new and already in your contact database. The CRM can automate lead generating processes and helps in lead nurturing.

Who Uses the NetHunt CRM?

The NetHunt CRM software is one of the most popular CRM tools in the market. It is suitable for any business type and industry. However, during our extensive research, we discovered that the following user types use the NetHunt CRM solution more:

› Sales Representatives: Suppose you are a sales representative, you can perform your sales processes from anywhere. You can add contacts, send confirmation emails, and close deals from one place.

› Small Business Owners: Small business owners can benefit more from NetHunt CRM's flexible integrations with top applications, such as Gmail, Google Workspace, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp.

› Amazon Sellers: If you are an FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) seller, the solution can help you in more than one profitable way. Like managing your orders and supplies, organizing the sales pipeline, and updating address books.

› Marketers: NetHunt CRM is also suitable for marketing roles. They can easily send bulk marketing emails with one click, segment contacts as required, and do so without leaving their CRM solution.

› Real Estate Agents: If you are in the real estate industry, NetHunt CRM can be your sales-focused CRM. It can help manage sales pipelines, manage client databases, and automate workflow.

Which Businesses Are Suitable For NetHunt CRM Solution?

Although any business type and size can use the NetHunt CRM tools, we came up with a small list of the popular business types and sizes suitable for NetHunt CRM tools.

    • Small-sized businesses
    • Medium-sized businesses
    • Enterprise level businesses
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Freelancers

What Different Languages NetHunt CRM Software Support?

The NetHunt CRM solution supports the following languages:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian

Are There Any APIs Available For NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM solution offers API for creating, searching, and updating records and listing folders. Hence, users do not have to look outside API integrations for these processes.

Is There Any Mobile App For NetHunt CRM Software?

The NetHunt CRM solution is more popular due to its mobile accessibility. It has a mobile app for users' convenience for Android and iPhone devices.


Which Other Popular Apps NetHunt CRM Integrate With?

NetHunt CRM software supports integration with many popular apps, such as Gmail, Google Workspace, LinkedIn, Looker, Whatsapp, and Google Contacts.

Is NetHunt CRM Software Right For Your Business?

The NetHunt CRM system is one of the popular CRM tools. It is specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It has many powerful features that can be very helpful for sales and marketing teams. Additionally, it's practically built into Gmail, so users can say goodbye to switching tabs between Gmail and CRM workplace. It offers the best at a reasonable price if we talk about ease of use and features.

However, it might not be suitable for large-scale or enterprise-level businesses. This type of business needs a more advanced level of filters and reports functionalities that the NetHunt CRM does not provide. Moreover, some users found the pricing structure a bit confusing and higher. Some users say the pricing difference between plans is also a bit excessive, and they hesitate to upgrade due to that.

NetHunt CRM Software Ease of Use: Explained

In our research, we found that the NetHunt CRM software was awarded the best ease of use with the highest user ratings in 2021 and 2022 for overall usability. It is the best user-friendly platform where anyone with less technical knowledge can operate and perform tasks effortlessly. Moreover, its Gmail and LinkedIn integration and mobile accessibility allow users to engage with customers more easily.

However, some users find its mobile app a little bit complex for some CRM processes. Furthermore, the solution does not have any social media integration available to automate the process of sharing posts across multiple social media platforms. Users have to post manually to each social media platform.

NetHunt CRM Software Pricing Pyramid: Explained

According to our research, the NetHunt CRM solution has three pricing plans: Basic, Business, and Advanced. Each has different prices based on the number of users using the solution. Additionally, you can pay per month, or you can leverage a 20% off discount by paying annually.

A 14-day free trial is also available for the NetHunt CRM software with no credit card required. You can start your free trial for any plan and use the NetHunt CRM tool for 14 days from the day of registration. This way, you can check out its features, ease of use, and performance.

Billing Cycle Basic Business Advanced
Per user/Annually $24 $48 $96
Per user/monthly $30 $60 $120
    • NetHunt CRM Basic

This is the first level of the pricing pyramid for the NetHunt CRM tool. You can subscribe to this plan by paying $30 per/user monthly. You can also pay $24 per user annually.

Take note that the pricing is per user. If you have two users who will use the solution and have decided to pay monthly, you have to pay $60.
If you are a small to medium-sized business, you should limit the number of users and only give access to responsible employees.

With the Basic NetHunt CRM solution, you will access essential features like contact management, lead management, sales pipeline management, call logs, data import & export, custom fields, and integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, API, and Zapier.

However, this plan does not provide vital integration support for LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and Loker Studio. Furthermore, you will not get features like workflow templates, update time, email notifications, and sales performance reports.

Moreover, you will only get one call per month for phone support.

    • NetHunt CRM Business

You can subscribe to this pricing plan by paying $48 annually or $60 monthly per user. This section is also suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. As it is one level up from the NetHunt CRM Basic, it is evident that it offers more perks and benefits than the Basic level.

NetHunt CRM Business plan consists of most of the crucial features NetHunt offers, such as customization, integration, reports, admin permissions, and customer support.

However, it has some drawbacks compared to the NetHunt CRM Advanced plan. For instance, it does not offer a dedicated customer success manager for customer support. Moreover, you can only get two calls per month for phone support.

    • NetHunt CRM Advanced

If you do not find what you are looking for in the above two plans, the NetHunt CRM Advanced plan is for you. In this plan, you will get everything that NetHunt has to offer. You will get complete access to every feature of the CRM, from essential features to customization features, integration supports, automation features, productivity features, reports, and customer support features.

The NetHunt CRM Advanced plan price is $120 per user/month. It also comes with an annual price of $96 per user. You can pay at your convenience.

With the Advanced plan, you will have hourly synchronization with Google Contacts Syncs, 10000 monthly actions for Actions and Emails, 200 automation workflow templates, and get unlimited shared email templates.


Powerful Features Provided by NetHunt CRM software

After conducting in-depth research on the NetHunt CRM software, we have shortlisted the best features the solution provides to improve businesses’ sales and marketing efforts. On the contrary, you can leverage the features based on the subscription plan you choose. Here is a complete list of them:

› Contact Management: Using this feature, users can effectively add, edit, sort, filter, and search contacts for quick and easy customer data retrieval.
Sales Pipeline Management: This feature allows users to easily manage the sales pipeline and know exactly where leads stand in the sales pipeline. So they can take appropriate actions.

› Lead Generation: Using this feature, marketing teams can run effective lead generation campaigns to increase quality-based leads and update the lead database to work for the sales team.

› Lead Management: This feature enables users to manage the lead database effectively to qualify leads and send them to the sales pipeline easily.

› Task Management: This feature allows users to perform various actions like adding new tasks, editing them, deleting them, and tracking them to manage tasks efficiently.

› Workflow Management: Using this feature, sales reps can manage the workflow of sales processes. It ensures that they do not miss any sales process. It can also improve their productivity.

› Interaction Tracking: This feature allows users to track customers' interactions with their businesses, which can be used in many beneficial ways. I.e., analyzing customer behavior patterns.

› Calendar Management: This feature allows integration with Google Calendar and enables users to manage calendars for various activities, like scheduling meetings, appointments, and campaigns.

› Reminder System: The solution also has a system that helps users set reminders for various purposes, like follow-ups and meetings.

› Document Storage: The solution provides a secure storage place where users can store important documents like contracts, bills, work orders, and invoices.

› Email Marketing: This feature allows users to automate email marketing processes, like segmenting email contacts, filtering them, and sending bulk messages in one click.

› Marketing Automation: Users can automate many marketing-related processes using this feature. I.e., they can automate sending confirmation messages for new orders.

› Customization: This feature enables users to make custom edits, like customizing fields and folders. Users can also customize templates for branding.

› Segmentation: This feature allows users to sort and filter customer databases as required and create different customer segments for better visualization.

› Zapier Integration: This feature allows users to sync any web application with the NetHunt CRM tool and send and receive data easily, quickly, and securely.

› Social Media Integration: The solution supports integration with social media, like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Users can use this integration and run marketing campaigns for lead generation.

› API Access: NetHunt CRM tool also supports API access so users can easily create, search, and update records and listing folders.

› Mobile Access: The solution has a mobile app that can run on Android and iPhone. It gives users 24/7 access to their accounts to manage customer data anywhere, anytime.

› Knowledge Base: Using this feature, users can resolve common queries independently. It helps them get quick resolutions without waiting for their turn in the ticking system.

› Omnichannel Communication: The solution supports omnichannel communication. Users can use this feature to allow their customers to communicate with the businesses in their preferred channel.

Does NetHunt CRM Software Provide Reliable Customer Support?

As per our research, the NetHunt CRM solution provides the best customer support services in multiple ways. Users can contact customer support services agents in their convenient ways. They are as follows:

    • Phone support
    • Live chat
    • Onboarding
    • Email support
    • Online Community Access
    • Knowledge base
    • Dedicated Customer success manager

However, there are some downsides to its customer support service. We found that the solution provides a different level of customer support based on a subscription to the plan. For Basic plan users, it only allows one call per month for phone support. On the other hand, Advanced plan users get five calls per month. Moreover, only the Advanced plan users can leverage the Dedicated Customer Success Manager support.

In Which Industries Is The NetHunt CRM Software Used?

After doing market research, we learned that the NetHunt CRM tool is widely used in many major industries. Here’s a list:

    • Real Estate
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • IT and Services
    • Computer Software
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Healthcare
    • Construction
    • Automotive

What are the Pros and Cons of The NetHunt CRM Software?

The NetHunt CRM tool is one of the best CRM solutions. It provides exceptional customer service and robust security for customer data. After reading online reviews on many websites and experiencing the NetHunt CRM tool, we have listed some pros and cons for your reference. They are as follows:


    • Budget-friendly subscription plans
    • A 14-day free trial
    • Robust data security
    • Exceptional customer support services
    • Mobile accessibility for Android devices and iPhones
    • Bulk update
    • One-click new contact creation
    • Flawless integration with Gmail and Google Contacts Sync


    • Complex usability for some advanced features
    • Limited integration supports for the Basic plan users
    • No team performance reports for the Basic plan users
    • For Phone Support, only one call per month is allowed for the Basic plan users.

What are The Best Alternatives For The NetHunt CRM Software?

The NetHunt CRM tool is one of the most powerful CRM solutions for performing sales and marketing processes. Even though it offers many robust features, you might not find what you want in this CRM solution. Consider checking out other CRM tools as well. Below is a list of the best alternatives that we have assembled:

Here, you can find more about NetHunt’s features, performance, ratings, and reviews.

NetHunt CRM Software Technical Details

In our comprehensive research of the NetHunt CRM tool, we gathered its crucial technical details that can reveal much about the solution’s technical capabilities. They are as follows:


    • Web-based application
    • SaaS
    • Cloud
    • Android
    • iPhone


    • One to one
    • Videos
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Live online


    • Phone support
    • Live chat
    • Onboarding
    • Dedicated customer success manager
    • Email support
    • Knowledge base
    • Online community access

Final Verdict

We have thoroughly reviewed the NetHunt CRM software by exploring the internet to learn everything about the tool. We also used the tool to experience the solution and came to a conclusion.

There is no doubt that the NetHunt CRM software is a simple yet powerful CRM software. Its basic plan is best suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. Its Basic plan offers essential features like contact management, lead management, custom fields, and marketing automation. Additionally, the tool’s Gmail integration allows users to perform sales and marketing-related activities directly from the Gmail environment. However, Basic plan users will not get integration support with other vital tools like Intercom, Looker Studio, Stream Telecom, and Slack.

The solution enables users to easily and quickly adapt to the CRM features with its user-friendly UI and ease of use. However, some users think its Admin panel is a bit complex, and it takes some time to figure out all the levers and buttons.

The NetHunt CRM solution does not provide some advanced data-analysis abilities, which are crucial for enterprise-level businesses or companies to get actionable insights. Hence, the software might not be a good fit for large-scale businesses or companies.

What customers are saying about NetHunt CRM

“NetHunt is for me the only possible CRM which you can choose if you use GSuite / GMail, because it’s the only one which is really fully integrated and works. The support is perfect, hard to find somewhere a better one. It’s affordable for the small company as well as for the big ones. It helped us very much in the daily business, to track sales, to link all important information / emails to one client, so it’s very easy for us to do our work. The big benefit is that we can work with our base of clients and do a cross- / upselling; and not always we have to only get new clients, it helps to keep clients in service and for a long time.”
- Oliver Keplinger / Managing Director

“If you’re a sales manager working with leads and customers, you spend most of your time in the email inbox. Powering up our Gmail inbox with the functionality of a fully-fledged CRM system proved to be a very welcoming change compared to the systems we had used previously. It allowed us to get much more things done.”
- Sergey Schelkov / Sales Executive Manager at Epom

“Extremely easy to set-up and get going, no complicated training, and supremely flexible. Our Gmail inbox is now so much more than just an inbox, it is a collaborative space where information can be shared by and with anybody who might need it. Full customization gives us total control and the NetHunt team has been an absolute pleasure to work with!”
- Eran Gal / CEO and Co-Founder

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