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The online marketplace is full of options when it comes to salon management software. Just Google your term and it will display several matching results. Different salon management software comes with different features & functionalities that are meant for various industries. There are many people who end up choosing lousy salon software and suffer a great loss in the business sooner or later. Therefore, you must select the salon management software with good features. So, have a look at the top 6 features that the salon business management software.
1. Online Appointment Booking Facility
Online appointment booking facility is one of the most important features of the salon management software. It allows entrepreneurs to book appointments with customers at any time and from any place by showing the availability of the requested salon services, staff and time slots. These days, most individuals don’t like to visit salon centers without having any prior appointment as a lot of time is spoiled because of the long waiting list. Online appointment booking facility is the best way to handle a large number of customers, process their requests immediately for products and salon services, and help them get the requested services on time.
2. Automatic Storage of Business Data on Cloud Servers

The storage and protection of business data is a big headache for any business person if he/she maintains a large customer base which is increasing rapidly with each passing day. The accidental loss of business data is great damage to your business. Hardware failures and hacking attempts cause in most of the cases. A company which manages business data easily can perform well in SEO activities, make personalized offers to customers and create more leads. So, the salon management software should have a cloud storage facility. It will automate the process data collection, storage, segmentation, and automatic creation of personalized offers and lead generation. It also enables business owners to access the details of their businesses at any time and on any system.
3. A Pre-Installed POS System and Support for Multiple Payment Gateways
You must always choose a salon management software that comes with a pre-installed POS system and support for multiple payment gateways. It is because different folks choose different methods to make payments for the purchased products and services. The POS system helps you to process the customer’s requests immediately & take payments from customers. It should also support different payment gateways to allow customers to make payments to service provides easily and effortlessly.
4. Automated Reminders
Individuals love to be reminded in real time by companies or service providers when they generate requests to purchase products/services. It makes them aware of the status of their orders and let know when they are going to receive the requested services. So, the salon management software must deliver automated notifications to customers via SMS or Email reminders.

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5. Automatic Creation of Personalized offers & Discounts
These days, business personalization is very important. In this process, digital marketing professionals carefully analyze the behavior of customers, their interests, previous transactions, etc, segment them into different groups, and make personalized offers for them to increase the sales of products and services and improve the customer satisfaction up to a great extent. This is a time-taking process and requires ultimate care in order to avoid mistakes. It is impossible for business owners to do this job at all the times if their customer base is increasing by leaps and bounds. So, you must choose the salon software that automatically tracks customer’s activities and creates personalized offers & discounts for customers and accelerates the process of lead generation.
6. Analytics

It doesn’t matter how well your business marketing efforts, there always remain some areas of further development or improvement. It is extremely important to analyze the effectiveness of sales campaigns if you want to make speedy progress in the business. So, always choose a salon management system that has analytics and reporting features. You will be able to fetch reports on different aspects of your business in a few clicks, analyze them on the spot and hatch up new marketing strategies to increase business multiple times in a few days.
Final Words
There are plenty of options available on the digital market space when it comes to purchasing the salon management software. Different software has different features & functions aimed at meeting the needs of various industries. Common entrepreneurs often get confused when they have to choose a salon management software. There are some features (mentioned above) that must be available on all salon software. Keep these things in mind and make a smart selection easily & effortlessly. Good luck!

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