Sinnaps Review : Control Complex Projects

Sinnaps is a simple project management tool, designed for professional projects and teams and distributes work and automatically prioritizes tasks according to the critical path. It also assesses project performance and helps optimizing resources and costs.

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Capterra 4.5/5
GetApp 4.5/5
G2Crowd 4.8/5
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What are the benefits of Sinnaps to the businesses?

Sinnaps is the first intelligent project manager, easy to use and able to automatically plan projects according to your needs. Its unique technology uses a powerful rendering engine based on PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Techniques) and CPM (Critical Path Method) logic algorithms to help teams optimize the management of their projects, as well as to advise them in making decisions.

What's more, the app continuously assesses project evolution and enables flexible planning, suggesting managerial improvements.

Sinnaps Features

Sinnaps Outstanding Services: interactive planning; risk and prediction; resource optimization; and expectation management.  

Sinnaps Pricing

€ 99 /month  Annual payment. For businesses: All-inclusive, no fees per user, Unlimited teams, Custom training, Dedicated support agent.

€ 9 /per user/month. For small teams. Unlimited projects. Unlimited teams. Unlimited activities. VIP support.

Free. Manage 2 projects. Unlimited teams. Download reports. Communicate with your team.

What is unique about Sinnaps?

The technology used by Sinnaps automatically calculates which activities take priority in planning, as well as critical points in the work.   

Technical Details

Supported: Cloud, SaaS, web. Mobile - iOS and Android 

Support Details

Emails (, Demo-Self Guided (live support), Helpdesk (, Online Chat (Business hours), Personal Coaching, Sinnaps Online Course (Video tutorials, and training articles and exercises), Youtube Official Channel.

Sinnaps Awards

Improve resource planning in project management with Sinnaps; the best project resource management software for businesses. You can easily manage and control complex projects with the software. Sinnaps is easy-to-use and intuitive software for project managers and engineers. It’s a leading resource management software technology where you can find demand forecasting, drag & drop features, employee scheduling, filtered search option, resource allocation, and many more features. You can also get skill tracking and utilization management features with Sinnaps. This is the best software to manage personal resources in real-time with visualization features. Sinnaps is the best and secure software for project resource management.

- SoftwareWorld Research

What customers are saying about Sinnaps

“I am very pleased with Sinnaps. Its an intuitive application, easy to use and understand for collaborators. Being able to export the timeline to Excel is a great success.”
- Salim Isaac Mexia Moetti / Head of ID dep

“The coaching tool is wonderful because it helps you consider things you can forget to improve the project.”
- Twinkli B. System Administrator | Tata Consultancy Services

“I have worked in most cases with Microsoft Project, but I recognize that there are many professional alternatives now in our days, some of them much more usable and visual, such as Sinnaps.”
- Alejandro Pérez Ceolevel / CEO and founder

“I am happy because before I was using Excel but without the dependency making changes was very time-consuming. I like the dependency between projects.”
- Bárbara Monserrat Ramos Biomedical Engineer | Biosingals IT

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