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One of the most significant issues that businesses currently face is room and desk reservation scheduling. With more companies shifting to a hybrid workflow, employees and managers come into the office in alternating shifts.

While a hybrid office is a great solution to increase employee productivity, it raises different concerns. For instance, workstations and conference rooms can be double-booked, and no-show reservations can delay meetings. This affects productivity in both the short and long term.

Room scheduling software is an excellent remedy for these concerns. This makes room scheduling software a vital tool in keeping hybrid workflow smooth. 

» What Is Room Scheduling Software?

Room scheduling software is a system for centralizing reservations for workstations and conference rooms. This software maintains a database for managers and employees in the office to access.

Also known as desk hoteling or desk booking software, this program goes a long way to streamlining many office functions. Using this application, employees and managers can reserve workstations or conference rooms.

While this is its primary function, room scheduling software has a few extra capabilities. It also allows workers to check for available workspaces and modify or cancel their reservations. It can even sync with calendars or integrate seamlessly with your current tools. 

» Why Do You Need Room Scheduling Software?

Room scheduling software system provides various benefits to the workplace, including the following: 

    • Allows employees to be more flexible with their work arrangement
    • Streamlines room and workstation reservations 
    • Creates a safe and healthy environment in the office
    • It maintains physical distancing practices (to maximize health and safety)
    • It monitors workstations’ and conference rooms’ occupancy stats.
    • Detailed insight on how space is utilized in the office

With these workplace optimization benefits; these capabilities and functions can result in the following:

    • Increased check-in option available for guests – Employees can easily see and reserve open workspaces with room scheduling software. They can also book it from anywhere, primarily via their mobile devices.
    • Improved space utilization: Maximizing space is a priority for offices with limited real estate. Room scheduling software can automate and enhance your space management, allowing you to stay ahead and make proactive changes.
    • More insightful reporting: Optimized hoteling practices allow managers to understand how space is used in the office. This is thanks to the data analytics that the software can provide.
    • Increased cost savings: Maximizing limited space means saving more on time and money. Both are especially important for start-ups and small to mid-level companies since real estate can be a considerable expense.

These reasons are more than good enough for any office with a traditional work arrangement. However, room scheduling software is essential if your office has a hybrid setup. 

» How to Determine the Best Room Scheduling Software?

Good room scheduling software can provide many benefits, but it’s essential to choose the one that fits your needs. It may be intimidating to find the right one when buying it for the first time. 

Look no further. We’ve compiled a detailed list of 11 of the best room scheduling tools in the market for you to choose from:

1. WorkInSync 

WorkinSync Room Scheduling Software

WorkInSync offers a hybrid desk scheduling solution that comes with the standard features for hoteling software, such as: 

    • Meeting room and desk booking
    • Employee scheduling
    • Visitor management
    • Workplace analytics

On top of this, it also offers many features, such as integrations with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Voice command integration allows employees to reserve workstations or meeting rooms from home or anywhere, hands-free.

Users can also browse interactive booking platforms to find seats, meeting rooms, or special features, like projectors or dual monitors. WorkInSync also has health assessment forms and thermal scanners to ensure health and safety in the office. 

Starting Price: Prices start at USD2.50 per month for each user. Free plans are available for organizations with fewer than fifty employees. Live demos can also be requested through their website.

 Inventory Features

    • Hot desking
    • Meeting room management
    • Commute management
    • Parking spot management
    • Meeting room booking
    • Desk booking
    • Contactless access management
    • Contact tracing
    • Third-party app integration (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Assistant)

2. DeskFlex

DeskFlex Room Scheduling Software

DeskFlex is a desk hoteling software that provides a full suite of workspace reservation options, from desk scheduling to equipment reservation. This tool offers features for both private and public sectors, especially the healthcare sector. 

 The PC version of the app is designed as a guest-centric system that can run on most internet browsers. Its mobile version is accessible for Android and iOS devices, with all features and integrations included. 

 On top of this, DeskFlex also provides custom programming options for conference rooms, workspaces, and parking spaces. It also offers switch development for added PBX support that integrates with the software. 

 Starting Price: Currently unavailable, live demos can be requested through their website. 

 Inventory Features:

    •  Desk booking
    • 3D floor maps
    • Single sign-on
    • Third-party app integration (MS Office 365, MS Outlook, Zapier, Okta)
    • Abandoned meeting protection
    • Status board display
    • Coworking software
    • Contact tracing
    • Support PBXs
    • Analytics reporting

3. Skedda

skedda Room Scheduling Software

Skedda is a customizable room scheduling app that lets you automate space management by enabling self-service bookings. With this software, system admins and managers only need to set up automated user rules and bookable items once. 

The software also comes with an interactive floor plan for easy viewing and booking via the interface. The floor plan also lets users see workspace availability using a time-of-day slider. 

On top of this, Skedda also has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and integrates with third-party apps. These apps include Google Calendar and Workspace, iCloud, and other tools like Slack and Trello. 

Starting Price: Prices start at USD5 per month. A 30-day free trial of their premium version is available, though a freemium version with five bookable spaces is available. Live demos are also available through their website.

Inventory Features

    • Scheduling automation
    • Booking calendar
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Interactive floor plans
    • Single sign-on options
    • User management

4. Smartway2

Smartway2 Room Scheduling Software

 Smartway2 allows users to book everything, from workstations to parking spots, on the go with their “book here and now” mobile feature. With this software, users can use room panels to make on-the-spot bookings using swipe cards or phone activation. 

This app includes a COVID-safe booking solution that allows users to practice physical distancing between reserved spaces. The app’s user analytics can incorporate contact tracing to ensure the health and safety of employees.  

Smartway2 also includes a Smart Desk Recovery feature, which automatically scans for no-shows and unused bookings. Additionally, it integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365. 

Starting Price: Currently not readily available, though live demos can be requested through their website. 

Inventory Features

    • Display panels
    • Mobile booking
    • Smart desk recovery
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Event attendance management
    • Meeting room displays
    • Kiosks and lobby displays
    • Visitor management

5. Eden Workplace

Eden Workplace Room Scheduling Software

 Eden Workplace is a modular room scheduling software designed as an affordable option for small businesses. It includes separate modules for different functions you might need in a workplace, such as visitor management and desk booking. 

Administrators and managers can set the available number of desks to ensure social distancing when using these modules. On top of this module system, this software comes with a built-in ticketing system for employee service requests. 

In terms of integrations, Eden Workplace works with various third-party apps, such as Google Calendar, Slack, and BambooHR. Access control and single sign-on directory apps like DAP and Cloudflare are also compatible with this software. 

Starting Price: Prices vary depending on the type of booking system, with USD2.25 per desk monthly for hot desk booking. Room scheduling software can be added for free for ten rooms. 

Inventory Features

    • Desk reservation
    • Meeting room reservation
    • Visitor management
    • Internal ticketing
    • COVID safety 
    • Reporting and analytics 

6. SpaceIQ

SpaceIQ Room Scheduling Software

 SpaceIQ is a workspace reservation software with three different tools to optimize space management. These are:  

    • Archibus A desk management tool for organizing assets and workspaces that can be customized or used off the shelf. 
    • Serraview A workplace management tool with detailed analytics for companies with unique and complex needs. 
    • SiQ - A streamlined hoteling software that companies can use right away.

SpaceIQ’s tools work together to offer a full range of primary and crucial functions for agile workplaces. These range from hot-desking and ratio seating to space inventory and vacancy management.  

On top of this, SpaceIQ comes with a Wayfinder Portal feature that allows employees to navigate office spaces more efficiently. The software’s tools integrate with third-party apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Office 365 Calendar.  

Starting Price: Currently not readily available, though live demos can be requested through their website. 

Inventory Features: 

    • Hoteling
    • Meeting room booking system
    • Wayfinding
    • Facility management
    • Space planning
    • Asset management
    • Covid-19 planning
    • Facility preventive maintenance
    • Building information modelling
    • Real estate management

7. Robin

Robin Room Scheduling Software

Robin is a room scheduling software designed to give employees more options to ensure safety and space optimization. The software’s built-in real-time analytics lets users see which desks are assigned or available.  

The app is available on PC and mobile platforms, allowing users to reserve spaces using their phones. It also includes wayfinding and search features, allowing coworkers to work closely together. 

Robin’s space utilization features also ensure appropriate bookings for the number of people to minimize ghost meetings and no-shows. The software integrates with apps like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Office 365. 

Starting Price: Prices start at USD1500 per year for their Basic level. A free 14-day trial and live demos are available on their website.  

Inventory Features

    • Desk booking
    • Room and space management
    • Employee mobile app
    • Guest experience
    • Experience report
    • Maps
    • Room display

8. Condeco

Condeco Room Scheduling Software

Condeco is a room scheduling tool that allows for different types of workspace reservations for hybrid setups, such as: 

    • Fixed Workspaces are permanently assigned to employees
    • Flexible Workspaces are assigned to regular users but can be booked if users don’t check-in
    • Bookable Workspaces have no regular users and can be booked if available

On top of this, Condenco also supports self-service bookings, which can be done via the app or Microsoft Outlook. Users can book anything from workstations to parking spaces using the map view. 

Condeco can also delineate “zones” that entire teams can book to keep members together. Search features can help colleagues find each other, and app integrations like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms allow for a smoother workflow.  

Starting Price: Currently not readily available, though live demos can be requested through their website.

 Inventory Features

    • Visitor management
    • Workspace management
    • Workplace analytics
    • Third-party app integrations (Okta, Proxyclick, Microsoft Outlook, SCIM)

9. OfficeSpace

OfficeSpace Room Scheduling Software

 OfficeSpace is a desk hoteling software designed with a user-friendly interface for ease of use and navigation. The app supports activity-based work and booking neighborhoods to ensure team members work closely together.  

Users can sign in using a contactless check-in feature present in the mobile app to ensure health and safety. They can also make reservations using other third-party apps, like Microsoft Outlook or Slack.  

OfficeSpace also integrates with 35 commonly used apps, like ADP, Oracle, and Active Directory.  

Starting Price: Currently not readily available, though live demos can be requested through their website. 

Inventory Features:

    • Desk booking
    • Room booking
    • Reports and analytics
    • Portfolio reports
    • Distancing planner
    • Request management
    • Move management 

10. Tactic

Tactic Room Scheduling Software

Tactic is a room reservation system incorporating engagement features with the standard functions needed for hybrid workspaces.  

This app emphasizes improved user experience and ease of use, including real-time analytics. Mandatory health check-ins, capacity management tools, and vaccination tracking are also supported to ensure a safe workplace.  

As part of Tactic’s ease-of-use design, workstations and meeting room reservations are presented visually for users’ easy viewing. The interactive maps also update in real-time, allowing users to book desks and rooms on the go. 

Starting Price: Prices start at USD249 per office monthly. The company offers a free trial version available for 14 days.  

Inventory Features

    • Office space reservations
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Interactive maps
    • Health and safety
    • Third-party app integrations (Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams)

11. Cloudbooking

Cloudbooking Room Scheduling Software

Facility managers looking for real estate planning functions will be happy to find it combined with desk hoteling software. Cloudbooking is a tool that combines both to help management teams make crucial decisions on office space-related concerns. 

Cloudbooking also supports different workplace configurations and 3D floor plans for easier navigation. Other advanced features, such as single sign-on and digital signage, are also included and available in multiple languages. 

This software integrates with third-party apps such as Microsoft Office 365, Okta, and Azure and allows for custom integrations. 

Starting Price: Currently not readily available, though live demos can be requested through their website.

Inventory Features: 

    • Desk booking
    • Visitor management
    • Meeting room booking
    • Car park management
    • System integrations

In Conclusion

When it comes to optimizing room and desk reservations, it’s crucial to have the right software for the job. Having room scheduling software that fits your needs might seem intimidating, but it can go long.  

Choosing good software can provide many benefits for your office. They can automate different time-consuming processes, help you save on costs, and help you solve both short and long-term problems. 

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