Patch Manager Plus Review : Cross-Platform Patch Management for All Sizes of Enterprises

Patch Manager Plus is an all-around patching solution for enterprises that distributes patches to laptops, desktop computers, servers, and mobile devices in a network. The product is available for on-premises and the cloud, and can manage endpoints from a web-based console. Apart from OS updates, Patch Manager Plus also distributes third-party updates and has a collection of over 650 third-party updates ready to be deployed to systems.

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What are the benefits of Patch Manager Plus to the business?

Patch management is a laborious and unrewarding process in business settings, but one of the most crucial steps in preventing breaches and securing the IT network.

Once the product is fully set up, it seamlessly manages patches in different systems without further user intervention, allowing IT admins to focus on tasks that require more of their time and effort. While admins rest, the product is wide awake, patching applications across the network and negating any potential vulnerabilities that may lurk within endpoints.

Patch Manager Plus Features

Patch Management Plus has the following features and more:

» Automate Patch Deployment (APD): This feature enables users to set up different workflows for the scanning and detection of missing patches, and deployment to endpoints based on the company policies. The user can set up multiple APD tasks to run at different times so employee productivity is never hindered.

» Test and Approve patches: With this feature, admins can test patches in their own environment before deploying them to systems.

» Flexible deployment policies: Admins using Patch Manager Plus can set up deployment policies that better suit the needs of their organization without affecting users. Within a deployment policy, deployment windows are created to initiate the patch management process at different times; for example, 8AM before employees start work, or weekends during non-business hours.

» Third-party patching: This feature cuts down on the time spent performing IT management tasks like checking for the latest third-party patches for Google Chrome, Adobe, and Java, and manually downloading them and deploying them to endpoints. Patch Manager Plus comes preloaded with over 700 third-party updates ready to be deployed to managed systems.

Patch Manager Plus Pricing

Patch Management Plus has a Free edition suitable for SMBs and startups that supports the management of up to 20 computers and five servers. The other two editions are the Professional and Enterprise editions. Additionally, ManageEngine provides a 30-day trial period for organizations to directly download and use. Once the trial period ends, the price starts at $250 for 50 computers with a single-user license, and the price range rises incrementally with the number of computers to be managed. All of the editions come with an annual maintenance service included with the product.

What is unique about Patch Management Plus?

Patch Management Plus sets itself apart with its unique Test and Approve feature. Using this feature, admins can test patches in their own environments before rolling them out to systems. This ensures that new patches are tested for functional correctness, authenticity, and whether they successfully install onto the target systems.

This feature is especially useful in the banking, insurance, and healthcare industries where crucial financial apps are hosted, or sensitive personal information such as medical records is stored.

Additionally, admins can decide how they want patches to be approved after testing is done. Patches can either be approved manually, or can be set to automatically approve if the patches don't fail on any of the test systems.

Technical Details

» System Requirements:

Patch Manager Plus system requirements depend on the number of computers that need to be managed. As more computers or devices are added to the network, a larger processing capacity is required to handle the surge without creating bottlenecks. For example: An enterprise with up to 250 endpoints would require a system with an Inter Core I3 processor, a minimum RAM size of 2GB, and hard disk space of at least 5GB. However, a large company with up to 20,000 endpoints would require a system with significantly higher computational power, like 32GB RAM and 120GB hard disk memory at the least to run the product server smoothly. The processor chip also needs to be specially designed for server applications; in this case, something like the Intel Xeon series.

The main product server can be installed on systems starting from Windows 7 up to Windows 10, and can also be installed on all the major Windows Server operating systems. It can be used to distribute patches to Windows, macOS, and Linux systems from the same server console.

Languages supported

Patch Manager Plus supports all major languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, and Korean, just to name a few. All supported languages can be found in the product documentation for further reference.

Support Details

Patch Manager Plus users receive extensive customer support through multiple channels as follows:

1. Users can request support by filling out the online support form with details and screenshots for any issues, and the support team will get in touch shortly after that.

2. A fully functional demo version is available online to provide visitors a hands-on approach to the product and its features. Additionally, prospective customers can request a personalized web-based demo.

3. Customers can request support by calling the country specific toll-free helpline 24/7 to receive technical assistance.

4. The technical support team is also available by email.

Patch Manager Plus Awards

In 2019, Patch Management Plus was recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights 2019 Customers' Choice for Client Management Tools. It was also honored with the CompareCamp's Great User Experience award.The product dashboard enables IT admins to gather patch-related information quickly, and use automated workflows to distribute software to update systems with missing patches.

Scan endpoints to detect missing patches with Patch Manager Plus; the best endpoint protection software. You can detect, test, deploy, and analyze patches with the software. Patch Manager Plus is a patching solution for automated patch deployment; you can use this patching solution for Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. It's a leading endpoint protection technology that offers the best security against vulnerabilities in your 3rd party applications. You can even track your patching through this software. This is the best endpoint protection software available for On-premise and Cloud.

- SoftwareWorld Research

What customers are saying about Patch Manager Plus

“Support for wide variety of 3rd party products. Excellent value for money. Easy (overall) deploy and monitor. Good support. Once up and running works its way through the outstanding patch workload.”
- David P. / Senior Field Engineer

“It has saved us countless hours due to the recent issues with quality from Microsoft and their Windows 10 updates. We were able to decline specific updates and even remotely uninstall some troublesome updates. Now we can wait until Microsoft has a real fix in a patch.”
- Brady L. / IT Project Manager

“I really like the ease of use with this product, the reporting is layed out nicely, and the customer service is excellent.”
- Sam M. / Network Engineer

“Pretty great software, especially for the price. Would tightly recommend going for the full desktop central product as it does even more. Support is pretty good and usually responds / sorts problems quickly.”
- Luke P. / IT infrastructure Specialist

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