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Mobile apps are fast-changing the digital landscape. With the introduction of the internet on smartphones, everything seems to have changed. Let’s explore the latest trends in the mobile app industry and how these are revolutionizing the user experience.

1. On-demand mobile apps

On-demand mobile apps are the future of the application world. AirBnB, Zomato, Uber, Swiggy, and many others are examples of such apps. On-demand apps are ‘third-party’ apps allowing users to hire or rent a product or a service. These apps are present in the fields of logistics, transportation, food and grocery delivery, accommodations, et cetera. On-demand apps have made the lives of people very easy. Customers prefer these apps for features like notifications, live tracking, multiple payment facilities, customer support, reviews, ratings, and cancellation, among others.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML offer personalized experiences to users. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, right from social media platforms to food delivery apps. It's one of the most in-demand skills of 2022. Artificial Intelligence has opened up a plethora of possibilities for the mobile app development process. By shortening the app development time, these technologies even help reduce human errors. AI uses predictive analysis to offer benefits like navigation, language processing, and speech recognition, among others. Multinational companies and even start-ups are already making the most of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development.

3. IoT

IoT, or the Internet of Things, has evolved from being just a trend to becoming a part of our routine. Global giants are utilizing this technology to transform the way things are seen and used. IoT helps embed multiple apps and devices and their functions as one single system that manages everything. With the introduction of devices like Google Home and Echo, IoT has reached a new level altogether. These devices are powered by IoT. They let users switch on the light with a command. Without any doubt, IoT is the future of mobile app development, wherein companies are trying to ease the life of end-users with super mobile apps.  

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are an emerging trend in 2022. However, they are ready to take on the world with mind-boggling features. With their technology, they will become commonplace phenomena soon. Even end-users find it much more convenient to interact with bots rather than virtual agents. With innovations in AI and ML, chatbots are reaching new heights. Chatbots make use of sentiment analysis, semantic search, and voice recognition. An increasing number of companies in the field of logistics, education, IoT, health, and many others are integrating mobile apps with chatbots.

5. 5G

The new buzzword in the realm of mobile app development is 5G. This technology might have been around for a while. But it has reached its full potential with companies utilizing 5G to transform the way mobile apps are built and used. With the use of 5G, speed and competence are definitely going to improve. Video streaming apps are utilizing 5G to offer higher resolutions and faster performance to users. 5G allows Mobile app developers to build innovative features without any effect on the performance of the app. 5G is definitely going to make a ton of dreams come true with respect to mobile apps.

6. mCommerce

An increasing number of sales now take place on mobiles of consumers. And this new development has been termed as mCommerce or Mobile Commerce. It is one of the rising app development trends. There has been a drastic shift in lifestyle with the pandemic. The reliance on mobile phones has increased, be it for communication, education, or shopping. Ecommerce companies rapidly adapted to mCommerce not to lose out on customers. This is just the tip of the iceberg. With innovations in technology, mCommerce will soon offer novel features that were not even dreamt of.

7. Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics has been there around for a while now. Companies use this technology to recommend products, movies, services, etc., to end-users based on their past habits. Predictive Analytics is also used to personalize recommendations as well. However, there is much more in order for this technology.  Global companies will utilize it for optimizing the app development process and enhancing the user experience. This will result in reducing the app development time drastically.

8. Progressive Web Apps & Instant Apps

The popularity of instant apps has shot up in recent times. These apps allow end-users to check the apps before they download and install them on their smartphones. On the other hand, Progressive Web Apps uses technology to offer end-users an experience that is similar to an app but different from web pages or native apps. These apps have a low dependency on the internet, do not occupy much space on the phone, and load faster as well. Both Progressive web apps and instant apps will enhance user experience and engagement in the coming times.

9. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Brands use AR and VR to enhance the experience of users. People can check out whether the outfit suits their body type and style before buying it. Companies allow users to try furniture in their homes, make-up products on their faces, and many other things by utilizing AR and VR. 2022 will see these new technologies reshaping mobile app development in new and novel ways that were just dreamed of to this day.

10. Wearable Devices

Wearable App integration is the order of the day. Wearable devices are worn on body parts. They are connected with smartphones or similar devices through the internet. Innovative features like hands-free monitoring, data security, task accuracy, readability and other Wearable Devices are the thing today. Offering personalized experiences, wearable apps are user-centric and operate flawlessly. Mobile app development companies are building wearable apps that are versatile and offer optimal performance.

11. Apps for foldable devices

Companies are taking into account foldable devices while developing apps. Foldable devices have necessitated mobile app companies to make sure that the apps run flawlessly and seamlessly. This is one of the most challenging trends in 2022-2023. Foldable devices allow a larger screen offering end-users an immersive experience. With features like multi-windows, users are able to multitask. For instance, video streaming apps are trying to increase the screen size for the same. Foldable devices will transform the way apps are developed.

12. Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain has been growing at a rapid pace, playing a vital role in the mobile app development process. Blockchain refers to a system wherein transactional records are maintained, whether they were made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. There has been a significant increase in the number of users of blockchain wallets. Blockchain technology offers increased transparency, enhanced security, and automation, among others, making it something to look out for in 2022.

13. Beacon Technology

Beacons refer to tiny wireless transmitters that are used in sending signals to smart devices in the vicinity. The latest innovation in location technology, these transmitters use low-energy Bluetooth technology. Retail businesses have made the most of beacon technology to send real-time alerts that are location specific. It is rapidly changing the way people navigate. Companies are using it to understand buying patterns and shopping behaviour of consumers. It is a revolutionary technology for sure.

14. Edge computing

Cloud computing is paving the way for edge computing. Edge computing enables devices to process data at the edge instead of sending that data to the cloud-first. This technology has made smartphones a component of the cloud. Without a fragment doubt, edge computing has sped up the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). With quicker access to data, businesses will be able to process information at a greater speed, making informed decisions. Companies in manufacturing, retail, shipping, and logistics, among others, are adopting edge computing at a rapid pace.

15. Personal ‘Smart Hubs’

Smart Hubs are the new-age technology. A smart hub refers to either software or hardware that helps connect devices at home or the workplace and enables the communication between them. Mobile app development companies are now taking IoT-powered devices like Google Home and Echo into consideration for new introductions. Users can control devices in their homes using their smartphones as a dashboard. It has become easier to give commands without touching any of the devices. If this isn’t innovation, what is?!

16. Accelerated Mobile Pages

The objective of Accelerated Mobile Pages AMPs is to make web pages load quickly. These pages enhance load time by reducing redundant codes. Mobile app development companies need to consider this all-new innovation. While these apps cannot replace the apps completely, they can surely supersede low-quality apps, making them obsolete in the near future. The entertainment industry has been making the most of AMPs to increase the time of consumers on the sites. AMPs will surely hit big with their features, like lower bounce rates, adjustment to any kind of browser, and improved SEO.

17. Cross-Platform Apps or Super Apps

To date, mobile app companies have been running on the model of one app-one purpose. However, this approach has given way to Cross-platform Apps. These apps, known as super apps, unite different apps in one place, offering a one-stop platform to end-users. People are now able to multitask using one app. This saves time for the users and helps companies in cross-selling. Convenience is the order of the day, and super app sure is the super trend of 2022-2023.

18. Low-Code App Development

Companies do not always have sufficient resources or ample amount of time to develop mobile apps. Low-code app development is here to allow such companies to design and develop mobile apps even without prior coding experience. How cool is that! Such platforms help reduce the complexity that comes with app development. App creation has become much easier, faster, and more cost-effective now. An increasing number of businesses will now adopt low-code platforms, making them super successful in the coming years.

19. Mobile Entertainment / Mobile Gaming

Mobiles have become the new hubs of gaming and entertainment. Mobiles have provided easy and cost-effect access to a world of entertainment and gaming apps. There was a time when entertainment was possible only in confined areas. Mobile has made on-the-go entertainment a real possibility. People watch shows and play games while commuting, walking, and even while working, anytime and anywhere. There is a steep increase in the number of start-ups tapping the mobile entertainment industry with engaging apps for customers.

20. Mobile app security

One of the biggest concerns for companies these days is mobile app security. More and more businesses are trying to invest in cybersecurity or digital security. Offering data protection, information privacy, and enhanced productivity, among others, digital security is one of the top trending mobile app developments of 2022-2023. There is a huge scope in the field of mobile security for mobile app development companies.

21. P2P Mobile Apps

Another trend that is gripping the mobile app development industry is the rise of P2P mobile apps. These apps have made the lives of people super convenient and simpler. Users can now make payments quickly with these apps. Sellers, too can receive payments directly into their bank accounts. Social media platforms, shopping apps, mobile operating systems, cryptocurrency wallets, et cetera have integrated P2P apps. These apps have become the most happening trend for mobile app development companies.

Final Words

The list does not end here. There is so much to look out for in the coming times. It is a roller coaster ride for Mobile app development companies.

Author Bio: Sakshi Baid

Sakshi Baid works as a Product Associate at - Online Invoice Generator & India's most powerful platform for freelancer growth. She has worked for some renowned companies as a Brand and Digital marketing associate.

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