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Collecting all the necessary information before starting a project can feel like extra work and frustrate you at times. Still, project management software forces you to collect all the relevant project-related details before beginning the project. This saves you from extra work later on during the project.

What is Interior Project Management Software?

Interior design project management software is specifically designed for interior designers, architects, and design professionals to manage their workflows and creativity.

With the right interior project management, you can stay at the top of your business. It's like wearing the right size of shoes.

This real-life scenario can sum up perfectly that interior project management is not icing on the cake.

Accounting and bookkeeping are a nightmare for every designer. When you are a creative person, dealing with numbers can kill your creative flow.
Client changes their mind on the product or demands a change in the material or product's color texture. This can be frustrating because you need to notify the vendor of the product change urgently to keep up with the client's demand.
Not knowing which team member or contractor is available on which dates can put you in a difficult position.

As an interior designer, you find many such scenarios playing out in your day to day life. Won't it be nice if you can manage everything in one central place?

Interior design project management software can help you just do that. It provides project management tools for interior designers to manage invoices, client approval, proposals, sending product orders, making changes, and arranging products you name.

Project management software will help you avoid spreading too thin or running over all the place. The software can be cloud-based or on-premise. Most of them are paid, but there are free options available. However, the decision to choose the correct interior design software depends on your business organization's structure.

Let's take a look at how interior design project management software can ease up your load and give you more time to grow your business rather than wasting time on menial tasks.

If you are looking for the best interior project management software, below, we have provided a list of the best project management software for interior designers. The list contains both paid and free interior design project management software. Let's have a look at them:

Top 5 Interior Design Project Management Software

1. ClickUp

ClickUp Best Interior Design Project Management Software

Are you tired of using bloated and hard to navigate project management software? Then ClickUp is your best bet. ClickUp is one of the best and top-rated project management companies that provide project management software with a clean, flexible, and intuitive interface that lets you manage your projects without fuss. As an interior project manager or business with a hectic schedule, you have less time on hand. Click up allows you to concentrate on what is necessary, while ClickUp offers integration with popular third-party apps like Slack, Dropbox, and more than 1000+ integrations through Zapeir.

› Notable features of ClickUp

Convenient client appraisal system
Smart tools for architectural and interior design management
Automatic time tracking features for tasks.
Agile board view to see every single task at one single place.

› Benefits

Get your ideas and design approved by clients instantly using ClickUp's client appraisal system.
Never miss a deadline; ClickUp's automatic time tracking feature will notify you when the deadline is near.

› Pricing

Forever free plan provides 100 Mb storage and allows unlimited members and tasks but has limited features.
Unlimited plans start at $5 per user paid annually and have various functionalities such as unlimited storage, unlimited dashboards, integrations, goals posts, and custom fields.

2. Mydoma Studio

mydomastudio Best Interior Design Project Management Software

Mydoma Studio is the newest kid on the block, but don't let that scare you. It had powerful, packed features to let interior design manage the processes seamlessly without affecting their creativity. One of the most useful features in Mydoma Studio is its Project board. Project boards allow interior designers to collect all the project related information in the Project boards and share it with clients. This makes it easier to maintain transparency and enables both client and interior designer to be on the same page. However, Mydoma Studio does not have a built-in accounting feature and needs integration with QuickBooks online for accounting work.

› Notable Features of Mydoma Studio

The client portal provides instant collaboration between designer and client.
Create design packages
Clips the products directly from vendors to create a personalized product catalog
Create invoices, proposals, purchase orders and send them instantly for payment.

› Benefits

Use a design package to offer various packages such as paid consultation to generate new leads for your business. Most paid consultation packages are known to convert into a full-time project.
No need to visit the vendor's website every time you want to choose a product. Use Mydoma's clipping tool to clip the products directly into your product catalog.
Integrate your QuickBooks account with your Mydoma account and quickly generate invoices and get paid!

› Pricing

Mydoma Studio has 15 days free trial but has a free version.
• Solo Plan - Starts at $59 per month and is limited to a single user.
• Team Plan - Starts at $79 per month and allows up to 8 users.
• Agency Plan - Starts at $129 per month and allows unlimited users.

3. Gather

gatherit Best Interior Design Project Management Software

While no project comes without challenges, an interior design project can be frustrating due to the number of details included. This is where Gather's interior design project management software saves you the day. One of Gather software's top perks is that it allows you to see all the project elements in one place, and this can be very time-saving. Whether you want to see the logistics details, determine product assembly, or clients need a budget update, Gather has everything in one single place. Gather is best suitable for those interior designers with clients who want more control over the project decision.

› Notable features of Gather

Create mood boards for instant inspiration.
Create a spec sheet for your clients and contractors.
Get approvals from clients instantly on the product.
Arrange all your vendors at a central place.
Real-time chat with clients and contractors.

› Benefits

Never wait for clients and contractors to see your emails and reply. With Gatherit's real-time chat support, get replies instantly.
A scattered list of vendors can be frustrating for an interior designer. Collect it at one place using Gatherit's vendor management tool.
It helps you create a project specification sheet and print it for vendors and clients.


Gather provides a 14 days free trial but does not have a free version.
• Solo plan - Starts at $65 per month (paid annually) and allows one user, ten client accounts, and 50 projects.
• Studio plan - Starts at $165 per month (paid annually) for five users, 100 client accounts, and 200 projects.
• Firm plan - Starts at $290 per month (paid annually) for ten users, 200 client accounts, and 500+ projects.

4. Binary Management

Binary Management Best Interior Design Project Management Software

Binary Management was created by keeping the needs of interior designers and the firm's needs in mind. Binary managed is cloud-based project management software for interior designers and the interior design industry to make their lives easier. BM consists of four key components that are costing, planning, tracking, and reporting. The one feature which sets it apart from other project management software is its ability to create a full project design delivery plan per stage. This plan includes a list of team members, their tasks, and weekly, daily, and monthly schedules.

› Notable features of Binary Management

Drag and drop project deliverable based on the team member's expertise.
The time tracker of BM notifies you when there is a deviation in the project planning
Integrate every project calendar to create one single master schedule.

› Benefits

Time tracking tools allow you to remain focused on the project by notifying if there are deviations in the project
Know when the team members are available by creating one master scheduling by combining all the project calendar.
Manage your profits and losses using a powerful calculation tool.

› Pricing

• Free plan - Comes with essential features and is limited to one project and three users.
• Team plan: Starts at $90 per month and $9 for every extra user. Includes 50 users and 20 projects.
• Enterprise plan: Start at $180 per month and allow 100 users, 50 projects, and everything that comes with a team plan.
• Custom plan: Starts at $270 above per month and has full features including unlimited projects, team booking, time trackers, workload features.

5. Indema

indema Best Interior Design Project Management Software

Indema is specially built for interior designers, decorators, and interior designer firms. Indema stands out from most project management software due to the fact that it was explicitly created for the interior design field. It automates almost every business needs. The platform is sleek and user-friendly, and users are no longer stuck with bulky software and difficult to use. Ease up your Management with Indema. Indema does not come with a built accounting feature, but those with QuickBooks account can easily integrate with Indema and import their data.

› Notable features of Indema

Indema integrates with Zoom to schedule meetings instantly.
Various reports, such as finance, income vs. expenses, attendance, and project status report.
In build messaging system. Integrates with Slack.
Seamlessly integrate with payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Razor Pay, Paystack.

› Benefits

Get paid instantly by raising invoices using payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, and others.
Schedule instant meetings with your clients and contractors via Zoom integration.
Generate reports instantly to share with your clients, team members, and contractors.

› Pricing

• Forever free plan- Unlimited projects for a single user.
• Solo plan - Starts at $19 per month with unlimited projects but is limited to a single user.
• Pro plan - Starts at $39 per month with unlimited projects and can be used by three users.
• VIP plan - Starts at $49 per month and comes with unlimited projects and unlimited users.


Not every interior project management software is the best fit for everyone. Hence it is critical to understand how the software will help you in growing your business. Having a dedicated interior project management system can save you from "So much work to do in so little time" syndrome.

Unlike yesteryear, when interior designers succeeded without using interior project management software, today, the scenario is very different. Today interior designers have to manage social media, online competition is fierce, and they need to follow the digital age's complex rules and regulations.

If you are not using it until now, give it a try, and you might wonder why you weren't using it sooner.

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