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Software as a Service abbreviated as a SaaS has gained substantial growth in the last few years. From 2019 to 2021, the SaaS market expected net worth of $60.36 billion, and its annual growth rate is touched 18%

saas market 2021

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With a rise in the industry, marketers are looking out for professional SaaS writers who can offer the latest and well-researched SaaS articles and web page content to accelerate their website traffic and conversions. With B2B SaaS writing becoming a top priority today, B2B marketers also look forward to qualitative content that brings considerable leads because 52% of buyers stated that they are more likely to purchase from the brand when they are satisfied with their content. 

So, if you too are looking out for hiring professional b2b SaaS writers or freelance SaaS writers, this guide is for you. We have listed some of the industry-leading SaaS freelance writers having remarkable exposure to SaaS and B2B content writing. But before you jump on to the list, check out the top benefits of hiring SaaS content writing experts. 

» Why Must You Hire SaaS & B2B Content Writers?

Well-structured content takes time of drafting, researching, and sorting; according to the research, blog post writing takes 3 hours and 55 minutes. But, to make the content fresh, unique, and actionable, b2b SaaS writers must put in a lot of effort for conducting research. And that’s why markets prefer to outsource their SaaS writing projects to experts because hiring SaaS and B2B writers offer the following benefits:

1. Exceptional Writing Skills

SaaS Content writers have extraordinary skills in writing content according to your specification and compile the latest trends. They have special techniques, word choices, and unusual structures connecting the readers and stimulating them for conversion.

2. Flexibility of Work

When you delegate your writing work to a freelancer, your duty must be ended here; after completing the writing work, your freelancer sends it to you, and you will make his/her payment as per your convenience.

3. Innovative Approach

Freelancer SaaS writing experts are well versed with the latest industry trends, SaaS concepts, target audience’s needs, and they align their writing with an innovative approach to deliver the best content. They are habitual of drafting SEO-friendly content and help you optimize your content to achieve your SaaS and B2B strategic goals.

Here we have curated a list of the best SaaS writers who will fulfill all your writing requirements at affordable prices.

best b2b saas writers

List of Best SaaS Writers To Hire Now

1. Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard-b2b saas-writer

Kat Boogaard is a highly talented freelance writer who loves to craft online content related to SaaS, technology, careers, productivity, entrepreneurship, and self-development. She is an educator and loves to create resources that help other freelancers start and build their businesses. She believes in hard work and loves to live life on her terms. In her blog, she has defined her entire journey of freelancing, what all difficulties she handled, and how her story became successful. Kaat loves puppies; she has two. When she does nothing, she spends time with them. She is full of life and is passionate about her work.

Some Best Writing Work of Kat Boogaard

2. Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore b2b saas writer

Kaleigh Moore is brilliant with writing blogs and articles for eCommerce websites and various SaaS tools. She has a long list of trending SaaS articles and has created 75+ articles that rank on the #1 google search. She has helped in increasing organic blog traffic by 1800%+ for her valued clients. She also crafts retail and DTC trends for publications like Forbes, Vogue Business, and Protocol. She never misses a deadline and is determined towards commitments. She is a gem with practical communication skills and her clients have reviewed as there could be no better freelancer than Kaleigh Moore.

Some Best Writing Work of Kaleigh Moore

3. Marijana Kostelac

Marijana Kostelac-b2b-saas-writer

Marijana Kostelac is a freelance writer for SaaS and marketing brands. She aims at crafting actionable blog content. Her writing style is designed to generate leads and acquire more organic traffic. As a compassionate SaaS writer, she doesn’t fail in helping her clients to achieve success and thus her clients vouch for her performance. Kay started her journalism career, turned to course development for a digital marketing certification company, and finally converted into a business-focused writer. Her colleagues are of the view that she writes kick-ass content and is very professional towards her work. Marijana Kay always creates high-quality blogs and posts.

Some Best Writing Work of Marijana Kay

4. Kiera Abbamonte

Kiera Abbamonte-b2b-saas-writer

Kiera Abbamonte has incredible experience of writing for SaaS and B2B companies. She is a freelancer; her contents are not only engaging but are persuasive. Previously she worked for Boston-based grasshopper and has written for publications like Shopify, Databox, and Zapier. Her writing rates are quoted based on the value of the projects. Kiera is passionate and devoted to her work and always tries to perform much better than before. She considers utmost professionalism and reliability. For Kiera, Time is money and strictly abides by the same. She has an aura that reflects in her writings.

Some Best Writing Work of Kiera Abbamonte

5. Lizzie Davey

Lizzie Davey-b2b-saas-writer

Lizzie Davey writes for SaaS and various eCommerce Software. Her posts are high-converting and high-ranking. Her hard work and talent have to portrait her as the best freelancer. Tint, lead quizzes, Zapier are few brands that have shown immense trust and faith in Lizzie. She helps digital marketing companies to build authority and convert leads. Lizzie regards writing as a powerful tool that can change people and their perspectives. Her vigilant and care-free attitude with the bulk of confidence has helped her reach such heights and create magic. Being positive is her go-to hack.

Some Best Writing Work of Lizzie Davey

6. Elise Dopson

Elise Dopson b2b saas writer

Elise Dopson is a freelance writer for B2B SaaS companies hailing from the rainy city of Manchester. She is a master in research; her content is based on thorough research and analysis. Elise loves to deliver blogs that are not only engaging but what people would love to read. Her persuading skills are just next level. She is fast to turn around projects. Elise includes humor, entertainment, and uniqueness in her content. That makes her content stand out from a bunch. She considers delivering blogs on time, that too with clear and polished writings.

Some Best Writing Work of Elise Dopson

7. Kat Ambrose

Kat Ambrose b2b saas writer

Kat Ambrose works for SaaS eCommerce companies that are looking for more clicks, conversions, and customers. Kat currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. She develops excellent content that is not only impactful but also a game-changer. Kat believes that reading is a habit that can level up your game and help create value-packed content. She innately understands how to write in a friendly and impactful manner. She believes that copywriting is a skill that gets better with time and practice. The wonderful thing about Kat is that she loves planting and has many plants at her home.

Some Best Writing Work of Kat Ambrose

8. Catherine Heath

Catherine Heath b2b saas writer

Catherine is a freelance writer based in Manchester. She crafts unique content for B2B blog companies. She believes that content is crucial for leading the brand, and steadily nurturing is necessary to grow an authentic relationship with your customers. Catherine is addicted to copywriting and does a remarkable job in the same. She has experience working with global clients like KnowledgeOwl, Canva. Besides writing, she is also into coding and has worked with some fantastic developers. Thus she has technical expertise. She is passionate about her work and tries very hard to achieve perfection in it.

Some Best Writing Work of Catherine Heath

9. Brent Barnhart

Brent Barnhart b2b saas writer

Brent Barnhart is a high-ranking B2B and SaaS content writer. He has written for many renowned brands. He is very systematic in writing; he first does an in-depth study for clients and then makes drafts for his writings. His style is fantastic and unique. The way he conducts with his clients is phenomenal. Clients review Brent as a creative, knowledgeable person and play with words so effectively that they impact results. Brent’s smartness and experience can be seen in his content. He delivers the content well that outshines the brands.

Some Best Writing Work of Brent Barnhart

10. Kimberlee Meier

Kimberlee Meier-b2b-saas-writer

Kimberlee Meier is a content writer for B2B and SaaS companies with ten years of experience. She has a deep understanding of B2B SaaS fundamentals and is capable of distilling complicated subjects down into actionable and impactful content. She has adequate knowledge of her clients. Her client reviewed her work as the most remarkable and unique. She is attentive and quick in response. Her way of dealing with clients is too excellent and professional. Every piece of work she writes creates wonders and delivers fruitful outcomes.

Some Best Writing Work of Kimberlee Meier

11. Chintan Zalani

Chintan Zalani b2b saas writer

Chintan Zalani is a writer at SaaS companies and also an educator in the field of writing. He helps businesses to grow and provide them with a strategic ROI approach. His client’s review is the man of words as he does his work with complete dedication and devotion. Chintan knows how to present content that is informative, creative, and engaging. He believes that brilliant content can help develop a strong relationship between client and business, and hence content plays a significant role. Chintan’s content is always flawless and enticing.

Some Best Writing Work of Chintan Zalani

12. Brooklin Nash

Brooklin Nash b2b saas writer

Brooklin Nash is a professional B2B content marketer, currently working as head of content for WIZA and also runs a content marketing business with his wife, Becca. With 7+ years of experience in content marketing, Brooklin focuses on creating engaging content for the marketing and sales team in the B2B SaaS space. He is also a managing editor for Nash content consulting. He believes that there are no shortcuts in creating engaging content for the audience. His writings contribute immensely to B2B, B2C, digital marketing, and communications. Apart from content writing he is a brilliant cook and loves to read YA dystopian fiction in his leisure time.

Some Best Writing Work of Brooklin Nash

13. Alaura Weaver

Alaura Weaver b2b saas writer

Alaura Weaver is a freelance copywriter and content marketer. Her work is not only restricted to B2B companies, but also she is a tremendous mother blogger. She believes in creating the world a better place. Research plays a vital role for her. She is a woman with talent and capabilities. She loves to act and is a classically trained actress. Alaura’s forte is storytelling, and she is also a podcast enthusiast. Her clients’ review as very professional, creative, and a charismatic personality to work by. She is full of life and love. Alaura is very determined and punctual towards her work.

Some Best Writing Work of Alaura Weaver

14. Ivan Kreimer

Ivan Kreimer b2b saas writer

Ivan Kreimer is a reliable writer for SaaS companies. He always puts his reader first and drafts the content with transparency and integrity. He believes in providing top-rated content for marketing rather than publishing several articles. He writes content that is scientifically proven and provides all facts related to the topic. His writing tells a story that brings higher engagement and makes readers relate to the content. He successfully delivered much engaging content for top SaaS companies such as Foundr, Leadfeeder, Campaign Monitor, Shopify, and many more. He loves to explore new things and places even when he travels to the world.

Some Best Writing Work of Ivan Kreimer

15. Pawel Grabowski

Pawel Grabowski-b2b-saas-writer

Pawel Grabowski is an experienced SEO copywriter and consultant with 11 years of professional experience. He runs a content marketing consulting firm that helps SaaS companies to get found online, boosts ranking, attracts more leads, and acquires more visitors with SEO-driven content marketing strategies. Pawel believes in in-depth researching and then crafting it. He is high- ambitious and works hard to achieve the same. Pawel has helped around 41 SaaS brands to dominate first page rankings with content and SEO. He is a man of words and sticks to his sayings.

Some Best Writing Work of Pawel Grabowski

16. Sarabeth Lewis

Sarabeth Lewis-b2b-saas-writer

Sarabeth is a freelance content designer and UX copywriter. Her most lovable skill is her ability to transform technical content into a playful, compelling copy. She has the magic of bringing interface and navigational composition into life. She works with her husband, Alexander Lewis, in their own designed writing company. Sarabeth has completed her prestigious English honors program at the University of Texas. She loves to read in her leisure time. Her clients’ review that her communication skills are on top, and she can engage clients with her words.

Some Best Writing Work of Sarabeth Lewis

17. Charlene Anderson

Charlene Anderson b2b saas writer

Charlene Anderson works with SaaS companies and eCommerce operators to attract better leads. Her content is very engaging and helps in generating organic traffic. Her style of writing is a proper blend of data analytics, emotions, and psychology. She has uniqueness in her content that makes her stand out from the lot. The exciting fact about Charlene is that she loves to cook and is good at it. She considers herself a 5-star cook. Clients review her work by saying that she puts extra effort into making their job best and fruitful. She is highly talented in what she does. People regard her as a perfect blend of beauty with brains.

Some Best Writing Work of Charlene Anderson

18.  Zara Burke

Zara Burke-b2b-saas-writer

Zara Burke drafts contagious content that appeals to emotions as well as the reason. She helps create innovative SaaS strategies and craft compelling content that generates leads, revenue, and engagement. She is certified in content writing from HubSpot Academy and also has a professional diploma in Digital marketing. She started her career as a Content Editor at GrabOne Ireland, and now she is a Senior Editor at Intercom with seven years of writing experience. She generated a brand new content marketing strategy for Digital Marketing Institute, Dublin, that maximized the blog’s traffic at 136%. 

Some Best Writing Work of Zara Burke

19. Dayana Mayfield

Dayana-Mayfield b2b saas writer

Dayana Mayfield is a perfect blend of emotions and analytics. She is a SaaS copywriter having an intuitive ability to convert leads.  From being an exceptional researcher to a remarkable content writer, she is just perfect in everything. The content she produces is commendable as it is so impactful that it drives significant traffic. Her communication skills are up to the mark; she is also an effective motivator. Everything she writes is compelling, clear, and has personalization. People regard Dayana as a badass copywriter who put her heart and soul into writings. She believes that success does not come to those who don’t work hard for it.

Some Best Writing Work of Dayana Mayfield

20. Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis b2b saas writer

Alexander Lewis is a freelance SaaS copywriter and Executive ghostwriter living in Austin, Texas. He helps SaaS companies to multiply their leads and sales through website writing and optimization. Alexander is also good at crafting news and business letters. He and his wife together run a commercial design writing studio in Texas. Their clients review them as highly-professional, hardworking, and a perfect couple to work with. Alexander has been a game-changer for many brands and companies. He is highly-potential in driving the desired results. His style of writing is unique and magnificent.

Some Best Writing Work of Alexander Lewis

21. Dana Nicole

Dana Nichole b2b saas writer

Dana Nicole is a freelance writer for B2B and SaaS. Her writing style is pure, clear, and compelling. She believes in driving organic traffic and guides readers to take the CTA. Dana is good at breaking complex B2B topics into simple and understandable ones. Dana’s most lovable quality is that she Educates, entertains, and engages the readers through her writing. She has been successful in making the content ranked top by her writing skills. She has developed a sales funnel with blog posts, email marketing, and retargeting ads that resulted in $40,000 during a two-month sales period. Her clients review her as the most vital market researcher.

Some Best Writing Work of Dana Nicole

22. Todd A. Brehe

Todd H Brehe-b2b-saas-writer

Todd A. Brehe is a B2B SaaS writer and content marketer. He works with firms that are investing in content marketing but not generating the results they want. Todd makes it easy for people to understand something complicated. He co-founded a SaaS start-up and contributed his sales and marketing skills to grow the business into a multi-million dollar company. Todd has invested a considerable amount of time learning how to create and leverage marketing content to drive sales. He is a man of morals and has a firm belief in ethics and relationships.

Some Best Writing Work of Todd A. Brehe

23. Priscilla Tan

Priscilla Tan-b2b-saas-writer

Priscilla Tan is a freelance content writer for B2B and SaaS companies. She believes in the importance of understanding the audience before writing content for them. Priscilla can help your business to reach the desired audience through unique content. She is a writer who knows how to rank your article on Google and teach your target audience how to be better marketers. Her clients review her as a smart, talented, and creative personality who does not waste 500 words on content that carries no value. She always makes sure that the work delivered is best. Priscilla put an outstanding level of detail on the research as reviewed by one of the researchers.

Some Best Writing Work of Priscilla Tan

24. Jessica Pereira

Jessica Pereira b2b saas writer

Jessica Pereira is an expert B2B Writer for digital marketing and SaaS strategies. She drafts the content creatively that brings more leads, traffic, and sales. She creates informative and entertaining content that increases customer retention and becomes a voice for the competitors. She has excellent communication skills and an analytical mind that crosses the line of the client’s expectations. She works with many digital marketing and SaaS brands such as Motive and Zapier. Her meaningful content facilitates the long-term relationship between the brand and customers. She is an adventure lover who is always ready to play with nature.

Some Best Writing Work of Jessica Pereira

25. Michael Keenan

Michael Keenan-b2b-saas-writer

Michael Keenan has a remarkable knowledge of SaaS marketing and content creation. He drafts killer web content that ultimately improves the search engine ranking of the client’s webpage. His actionable SEO strategies lead towards attaining digital marketing goals with a high conversion rate and boost sales. He has an excellent convincing skill that builds a strong relationship with the client. He had worked with many B2B brands like Shopify, ManyChat, HelpScout, Cyfe, Silvertrac, and many more. He is a bachelor’s in Arts, Psychology from the University at Albany, Suny, and now he is an independent SaaS marketer and consultant with six years of experience.

Some Best Writing Work of Michael Keenan

26. Mahnoor Sheikh

Mahnoor Sheikh-b2b-saas-writer

Mahnoor Sheikh creates high-quality and SEO-optimized content that brings more out of Digital marketing campaigns. She is exceptionally professional, conveys her thoughts clearly, and generates powerful content that meets the client’s strategic goals. She produces the content as per the client’s preference and restructures it according to the requirements. She is brilliant in writing compelling and to-the-point content as far as completing many successful email marketing projects with generating valuable leads. She always goes beyond the client’s expectations with her extraordinary piece of work.   

Some Best Writing Work of Mahnoor Sheikh

27. Akinduyo Eniola

Akinduyo Eniola b2b saas writer

Akinduyo Eniola writes well-structured content for SaaS marketers and B2B  companies. His effective content and articles help grow small businesses by generating quality leads and stimulating them for conversion. He delivers on-time and explicit actionable content that performs beyond the expectations in creating positive engagement. He drafts SEO-optimized content that makes you stand up on Google SERPs. He is a fun-loving person and enjoys his work, and creates unique content as per the client’s requirement. His leadership contents not only attract social shares and links but also succeed in establishing authority among followers.

Some Best Writing Work of Akinduyo Eniola

28. Mark Quadros

Mark Xavier Quadros-b2b-saas-writer

Mark Xavier Quadros helps SaaS and B2B companies get the most from their existing content and writes new work according to the marketing strategies. His content is impressively relevant to the target audiences and brings a high ranking on the search engine results. Initially, he worked with ClearTax India, where he ran an email marketing campaign that brought a tremendous response from the receivers. His email content maximized the earnings as well as promoted readers for tax filing. Now, he is a freelancer B2B writer and consultant with five years of experience creating epic content for his clients.

Some Best Writing Work of Mark Quadros

29. Amy Hardison White

Amy Hardison White b2b saas writer

Amy Hardison White focuses on writing blog posts, case studies, email campaigns, eBooks, and web copy for busy marketing professionals. She loves telling stories that keep customers engaged with her brilliant skills. Amy is a Content strategist for SaaS companies. She aims at creating content that is compelling and gives high-ranked results. Amy is a nature lover and feels fresh and delighted when she is close to nature. She is diligent with her communication and produces high-quality content delivered on time. Her power of understanding is a win-win for solving problems or issues of people. Amy is smart enough to create content that is engaging and fruitful.

Some Best Writing Work of Amy Hardison White

30. Pratibha Roy

Pratibha Roy-b2b-saas-writer

Pratibha Roy is an excellent B2B writer and SaaS marketing content creator who offers error-free work with visible results. She is a versatile content creator who drafts diverse content intending to get higher engagement and return. Her exclusive writing skills help the client in beating the cutting-edge competition and her market-ready solutions will uplift your online presence. Her clients review her as hardworking, professional, creative, and a genuine person to work with. She is extremely good at playing with words and creating magic that mesmerizes readers and generates leads. Her exceptional communication skills reflect in her irresistible work. She started her career as a content writing intern, and within four years, she became a Senior Content Specialist at a well-reputed brand a product of Info Edge India Limited with her dedication, hard work, and commitment. Now, she is working as a freelance b2b SaaS copywriter writer and is known to deliver what her clients expect.

31. Kathleen Allardyce

Kathleen Allardyce-b2b-saas-writer

Kathleen Allardyce is one of the finest B2B writers. She produces excellent content that generates enough yields. Her writing style is always clear and compelling. Kathleen is also good with technology. She is adamant at combining business savvy, marketing skills, sales skills, and consulting skills to help people reach their goals. Kathleen is a complete package of skills, knowledge, and problem-solving capability. She is fearless and courageous. The most lovable quality of Kathleen among her clients is punctuality. She is perfectly on time with her deadlines; she is also passionate about her work and constantly explores something new and innovative.

Some Best Writing Work of Kathleen Allardyce

32. Zachary Petit

Zachary Petit-b2b-saas-writer

Zachary Petit is a freelance journalist and editor and a lifelong literary and design nerd from northern Kentucky. Previously, he served as the content director of the HOW+PRINT brands. He has written a book on Essential guide to freelance writing. He is also a professional photographer for personal, corporate, and non-personal endeavors, with pictures featuring many renowned magazines. Petit is an occasional speaker at various conferences by writer’s digest and writer’s workshop. The quality his clients love is of demonstrating and never missing any deadlines. He also has an admirable ability to bring a brand to life in new ways and galvanize a team with his creative vision.

Some Best Writing Work of Zachary Petit

33. Daniel Rosehill


Daniel Rosehill is a freelance PR consultant and writer, a graduate of University College Cork and city University London. He is specialized in developing and executing thought relationship-led communications strategies for clients in the technology sector. Daniel has crafted blogs, articles, white papers, e-books, and books, on behalf of technology and public sector clients. He has experience in managing marketing communications at two SaaS companies. Daniel is a keen writer who has written a lot about digital marketing. He also gives his time to editing videos, graphics, and audios. Recently he was named among the top 10 Cybersecurity ghostwriters in Cybercrime magazine.

Some Best Writing Work of Daniel Rosehill

34. Justin Cox

Justin Cox b2b saas writer

Justin Cox is a master in content writing with an experience of 15 years. His forte is writing compelling articles to reach a new audience. He decides his writing rates based on scope and requirements. Justin has experience in almost all writing fields like web copy, technical manuals, newsletters, articles, product descriptions, podcast scripts. In 2014, he founded a writing co-operative that provides support and encouragement to over 220,000 followers and 60,000 newsletter subscribers every day. He believes in bringing his experience and reputation to every business he interacts with. Justin is always available to provide support and encouragement to the freshers in writing.

Some Best Writing Work of Justin Cox

35. Paul Maplesden

Paul Maplesden-b2b-saas-writer

Paul Maplesden is a professional B2B content writer for business, finance, and technology. He is an expert in writing articles, blog posts, guides, website content, white papers, and other pieces that make a difference. Paul is an influential content creator with the approach, experience, and expertise to help you with engagement. Hiring him as a professional writer will enhance your content marketing efforts and reach more audiences in no time. He makes the content stands-out. He believes research is essential for writing an article that can attract visitors and drive more leads. A beautifully written content helps to engage the audience and build trust.

Some Best Writing Work of Paul Maplesden

36. Austin L. Church


Austin L. Church is a brand consultant, freelance coach, and writer. His vision for the next 10-20 years is to help freelancers, creatives, artists, writers, online creators, and craftspeople and get them to learn how to make money doing the work that doesn’t feel like work. Austin is against a monotonous life; he loves to live with freedom. He owns a branding and marketing studio named Balernum, which means hope. Austin will help to make wise decisions for your business.  Apart from his writing, he is the best croquet player you will ever meet. He loves to cook and watch cooking shows.

Some Best Writing Work of Austin L. Church

37. Bree Brouwer

Bree Brouwer b2b saas writer

Bree Brouwer is a freelance content marketer and has initially written for sites like Forbes and Streaming Media. Bree also served as a writer, proofreader, and eventually editor of my college’s student newspaper. She affirms that three classic marketing elements never go out of style- storytelling, building relationships with your customers, and embracing transparency. She follows these principles in her content marketing strategies and never fails to achieve the top-notch. Bree loves her job and performs it with dedication. Her writing style is unique and impactful and has the power to engage people.

Some Best Writing Work of Bree Brouwer

38. Kieran Tie

Kieran Tie-b2b-saas-writer

Kieran Tie is a content strategist and a freelance writer originally from Sydney but now living in Denver. He affirms that you can make money with ridiculously effective content. Kieran also writes and curates THE ONGOING, a free weekly newsletter highlighting new ideas, stories, and links from around the web on writing, freelancing, balanced ambition, and mindful productivity. He has experience in writing a top-ranked article for clients’ designated keywords. Kieran is passionate about his work and works with full zeal and enthusiasm. His writing is loved due to insights and creativity.

Some Best Writing Work of Kieran Tie

39. Khanyi Molomo

Khanyi Molomo b2b saas writer

Khanyi Molomo is a freelance writer and digital marketing strategist working for SaaS and eCommerce brands. She spent over ten years in writing for films and TV industries and develops exceptional storytelling abilities. Now, she is writing for top brands and delivers their stories in her online content. Her articles connect with human beings and can gain the loyalty and trust of readers. She is fluent in four languages, i.e., English, Zulu, Sotho, and Africans, and she is also still working on French and Swahili learning. She loves photography and enjoys capturing fascinating landscapes, cultures, and people.

Some Best Writing Work of Khanyi Molomo

40. Maria Prendeville

Maria Prendeville-b2b-saas-writer

Maria Prendeville is a full-time content writer since 2018, and she constantly crafts valuable and informative content that attracts potential audiences and portrays the brand’s positive identity. She rectifies untechnical and unstructured content to the blazing and data-driven piece that will heighten the B2B strategies and achieve marketing goals. Her work always focuses on all aspects that improve B2B technology, SaaS, and Marketing. She is an explorer who always loves to visit new places and eager to learn new things. She is also a dog lover and had two adoring dogs, Cloud and Cusco.

Some Best Writing Work of Maria Prendeville

41. Alexander Boswell

Alexander Boswell b2b saas writer

Alexander Boswell writes impressive blog posts and white papers for B2B SaaS companies. His contents are pretty informative and thought-provoking, which uplifts the client’s Google ranking and brings high traffic to the website. He dives deep into a subject and lifts the best content that increases sales volume and generates leads. He has an excellent command of creating quality content that attracts valuable backlinks. He understands the requirements of clients and works with peace. He has excellent communication skills as he speaks clearly and confidently; this quality also reflects in his superb writing.  

Some Best Writing Work of  Alexander Boswell 

42. Nicole Replogle

Nicole Replogle-b2b-saas-writer

Nicole Replogle is a freelance writer, content creator, and certified inbound marketer who helps attract clients, increase engagement with the audience and empower online presence. Her dynamic blogs and articles help SaaS companies and eCommerce to convert their readers into leads and then customers. She is a researcher who drafts her piece of work in a way to fulfill the client’s SaaS strategy goals. She has a degree in Business and English and also has in-depth knowledge of banking and law. However, She can be a perfect writer for your next marketing campaign.

Some Best Writing Work of Nicole Replogle

43. Alice Musyoka

Alice Musyoka b2b saas writer

Alice Musyoka is a B2B content writer and SaaS copywriter. Her content will help companies to build visibility and drive effectiveness. Her considerable skills include editing, story-telling, problem-solving skills, and many more. Before writing any blog or article, she does a thorough study. She is entirely focused and devoted to what she does. Her blogs are so impactful that they help in drawing the traffic. She is best with her organizational skills and loves to impart them too. Her writing helps to stand out and brings long-term success. Sometimes, she is an educator who helps people with writing compelling and engaging content for their blogs.

Some Best Writing Work of Alice Musyoka

44. Nelson Jordan

Nelson Jordan-b2b-saas-writer

Nelson Jordan is a freelance writer for B2B and SaaS companies. He has experience in growing more than 80 companies. He believes in creating high-quality content that ranks B2B websites and impacts your audience. Nelson has worked for ten years with a digital marketing company and knows everything about SEO. He is a master in adding magic to your content that helps a business to get more leads. Nelson is a lead marketer for a small SaaS company in his spare time. His articles are based on his own experience in the marketing field.

Some Best Writing Work of Nelson Jordan

45. Seamus Hanratty

Seamus Hanratty-b2b-saas-writer

Seamus Hanratty is a professional writer and published author from Carrickmacross. Seamus has a B.A. in  English and History, an LLB Laws, and further Digital Marketing qualifications. He is the owner of ContentWriterIreland. He has a team of specialists who produce content, copies, and technical documentation for some of the world’s leading brands. Seamus makes sure that his company receives the best SEO results possible. He believes in customization of content according to the targeted audience to optimize SEO and drive traffic. Seamus takes care that his company works with passion and dedication.

Some Best Writing Work of Seamus Hanratty

46. Tracey Stepanchuk

Tracey Stepanchuk-b2b-saas-writer

Tracey Stepanchuk develops digital content for B2B companies with her extensive 30+ years in marketing and SaaS freelancing writing. To date, she has worked with hundreds of clients and managed multiple projects, including change management projects, IT-related projects, marketing campaigns, SaaS projects, etc., and produced great content for them. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications and is a certified business management expert with a knack for content writing. She started freelancing in 2010. She fulfills all clients’ writing requirements with her complete knowledge of business processes combined with information technology.

Some Best Writing Work of Tracey Stepanchuk

47. Samantha Hoilett

Samantha Hoilett-b2b-saas-writer

Samantha Hoilett works for many SaaS brands and eCommerce companies. She provides compelling and quality content that makes the client’s online presence more powerful and prepares them to deal with cutting-edge competition. Her clarity of thoughts and analytical skills make her content stand out, bringing the crowd more attention and conversion. She graduated in Environmental Studies and International Affairs, but she was always fascinated with an online presence and media consumption; that’s why she switched to B2B copywriting in a very natural way. She is a traveler who loves to live in different cities currently; she is in Uganda.

Some Best Writing Work of Samantha Hoilett

48. Yeremi Akpan

Yeremi Akpan-saas-writer

Yeremi Akpan is a freelance content writer for B2B and SaaS companies. She believes that if the content does not initiate new discussion, then the article is not worth writing for. Her content gains the attention of the audience and is impactful in converting leads. She strategically plans her content writing, and this is what makes her content different and innovative. She drives massive traffic to the content and makes sure that the content ranks first. She is determined and a hard worker who loves to write passionately. Yeremi serves her clients on time as she knows how important it is to deliver the content on time.

49. Victor Eduoh

Victor Eduoh-b2b-saas-writer

Victor Eduoh works with SaaS companies and helps them in growing their products. His forte is storytelling that helps in capturing, engaging, and turning prospects into qualified leads. One of the critical skills he has is seeing business with a holistic view. His working style is highly recommendable, and he can turn any product on growth autopilot. His articles and blogs are based on thorough research. He aims to create genuine and transparent content and is also known as a B2B marketing expert. Victor is very skillful in persuading people through his writings and is known as a polished content writer with several qualities.

50. Alan Sharpe

Alan Sharpe-saas-writer

Alan Sharpe is a copywriter who helps the B2B technology sales team to reach their targets. His writing aims to educate, differentiate, and add value to readers. Alan is an expert in writing lead nurturing content for Martech, Cybersecurity, Cloud, eCommerce, MedTech, InsurTech, ERP, Supply Chain, 3D CAD, and more. He has also given his promotional services to many government organizations and businesses. He has learned the craft of envelope teasers, Johnson boxes, buck slips, associates, etc. Alan is also into educating copywriting skills at the post-graduate level. He loves animal photography, traveling, and trying new kinds of stuff to make him feel lively.

51. Eoin

Eoin Cunningham b2b saas writer

Eoin described himself as a SaaS and Marketing Tool Review/Comparison Writer. Still, he reviewed and compared the SaaS marketing and reviewed the software related to the marketing. He generates honest reviews that represent the brand’s tone and style and stimulate readers to become customers. He creates quality posts that generate leads, sales and ultimately delivers outstanding ROI. Apart from writing reviews and comparison contents, he can write informative blogs, articles, tutorials, and anything needed by the client. His studies provide answers to all questions drooling in the reader’s mind and leave them with great satisfaction.

52. Brian Penny

Brian Penny is a versatile personality, and a former business analyst and operations manager at Countrywide and Bank of America turned whistleblower and freelance writer.  Penny writes about entertainment, business, and even technology. His writing skills are engaging and even persuading. He is a man full of life and trill. He loves to experience everything in life. He believes that to bring clarity to your life, it is vital to experience them all. His writing skills are unique and commendable. Penny considers hard work as a key to one’s success.

53. Mabh Savage

Mabh Savage is primarily an author and a poet. She was also into journalism and had an opportunity to interview many fascinating people. She has written two books- A modern celt and pagan portals. In her leisure time, she loves to sing and write songs. Her songs are available on sound cloud and Spotify. Her love for nature is phenomenal. She loves to write about the environment, habitats, gardening, health, etc. Mabh is a sorted person and knows what she wants from her life. Her passion and love for natural things are pretty pleasing and appealing. People close to nature are always filled with energy and enthusiasm, so is the case with Mabh.

54. Matthew Allen Thompson

Matthew Allen Thompson is a writer and a reader. He is a focused reader and has set a goal of reading 100 modern library books until 2021. Matthew does not read the books; he absorbs them. He believes in reading and then converts it into his writings. Matthew thinks that his passion for reading books can someday turn dangerous. He regards books as a reason to live. His temptation towards books sometimes drives him crazy.

Some Best Writing Work of Matthew Allen Thompson

The Parting Notes

Each writer holds a separate entity; pick one that suits your marketing goals and specification. Hiring a freelancer will be a unique experience as they are the masters of their field.

The unique skills of freelancer writers with exposure to B2B business writing will offer a great deal. Hire exclusive content writers to drive the potential leads that might be your loyal customer in the future.

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