10 Top Most Popular Video Streaming Software to Take Your Business to the Next Level

The video on demand transforms the traditional television by offering unique features like high quality and exclusive video content on demand through the devices of customer choice. A significant trend observed in the VOD market is the increasing adoption of mobile TV and multi-screen services for viewing videos. Also, continuously expanding online users globally and the increasing penetration of smartphones is expected to contribute to newly emerging opportunities for the growth of the VOD market.

The global VOD market is expected to grow from $38.9 billion in 2019 to $87.1 billion by 2024. The convenience of accessing videos anywhere, anytime, and on any device, high-speed connectivity, a higher proliferation of digital devices, and affordability are some of the factors that drive the growth of the VOD market globally.

Here is the global VOD market growth in 2019-2023.

VOD market growth in 2019-2023


This indicates that VOD is the future of digital media and there is no surprise in new VOD services popping up every year offering viewers a brand new way to consume media. Modern technology offers tools for anyone including small startups to large organizations to build their VOD platform.

1. StreamView

StreamView from StreamHash is one among the best professional video streaming software for creating a full-fledged VOD platform. It is a ready-made solution that helps to launch a customizable and scalable VOD solution to run your streaming business.

The software comes with all the essential features of the VOD platform like Netflix and helps you to integrate any customizations in front end UI, development, deployment, and maintenance.

› Features

StreamView enables you to set up your on demand video streaming platform and application quickly with excellent quality at affordable prices. It comes with standard back end structure and built-in features that allow you to kick start your project with ease. StreamView comes with the Ngnix server that translates the HTTP file format to HLS and RTMP file format for Android, iOS, and sites. It also supports different revenue strategies like transactional pay, subscriptions, etc. according to your preferences.

Another important feature is it allows you to integrate payment gateways you prefer to integrate into your video streaming site. StreamView is the best video-on-demand solution that has a powerful admin dashboard using which you can alter and integrate essential features and capabilities. In addition to that, you can also release a mobile application with all the necessary features to deliver the best viewing experience to your users. You get access to the full source code and tech stacks at just a single time payment. Streamhash makes the best bet if you are looking for how to set up a video streaming service.

2. Muvi

Muvi is another OTT solution offering audio & video streaming and VOD solutions. The cloud- OTT solution helps businesses and individuals to build and personalize their VOD and live broadcasting service. Muvi is a complete VOD solution that is simple to use considering the technical elements of setting up your VOD website from managing the infrastructure to set up payment integrations.

› Features

Muvi provides built-in templates and visual editors to build a custom VOD site to represent your brand. The solution uses AWS and Cloud flare CDN to stream buffer-free videos when delivering streaming services across the globe. It also offers an extensive range of features, great UI/UX, and versatile offering to help anyone to create and launch video on platforms like Netflix.

Sophisticated content management systems (CMS), a wide range of monetization options, advanced analytics, etc. are some of the great features of the solution. Muvi provides both mobile and television apps along with the VOD website so that you can reach your viewers through multiple channels like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and iOS. You can create your website and applications and establish them in your own branding making it easy to adapt a multiple platform existence. But, the mobile applications are offered as an add-on service which is additionally chargeable besides the regular fees.

3. DaCast

DaCast is another famous cloud hosting solution for VOD and live broadcasting services. Being a simple, highly functional, and flexible solution, DaCast offers all essential features to reach a broad global audience. It leverages Akamai CDN to distribute and broadcast the best quality video streaming experience across all devices.

› Features

It features a versatile video player that provides multi-bitrate video playback and less buffering for providing the best user experience to viewers. It also offers a customizable native HTML5 video player and paywall integration. Additionally, DaCast offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective live streaming service offering clients to stream the best quality live streams from their own website.

It is an all-inclusive ready-made solution for high definition VOD and live streaming. The ability to personalize the integrated video player according to your unique needs and full API access makes it easy to create customized workflows and add unique features according to client requirements.

4. Setplex

With Setplex you can build or upgrade to a state-of-the-art OTT / IPTV solution that is future-proof, and delivers a superior user experience across all major platforms.

› Features

Built with decades of experience, the system is designed to launch your platform in 24 hours. The Setplex team is comprised of leading IPTV / OTT professionals who combined all key aspects of the software and built the system for scaling. No technical skills are required for you to launch and grow globally. Setplex has 24/7 support to address any issues you may have.

The infrastructure was developed to be managed under one hood. Manage content linear channels, radios, VOD, SSAI, catchup, customer information, support tickets, billing, payments, analytics, reporting, EPG, DRM, security, and more from a single unified dashboard. Setplex supports AVOD, SVOD, TVOD (or hybrid) monetization.

5. Uscreeen

Uscreen is an all-in-one video hosting platform that allows content creators to distribute the content safely and profitably. It is a simple yet great SaaS solution offering video creators complete control over the revenue generated. With Uscreen, both small and large scale video distribution services can video of any size. It also allows selling single videos and setting up subscription plans to generate revenue as well.

› Features

Uscreen features a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use for people with little or no technical knowledge. Pre-built templates allow displaying videos in a customized manner according to unique business requirements using a visual editor.

Uscreen allows anyone from small businesses to medium size businesses to effortlessly build their VOD platform and sell their content online without having to worry about hosting.

Uscreen also has rolled out its live-streaming features recently enabling users to live stream through their platform. It also comes with a powerful CDN to broadcast your live videos without any buffering across the world from any device of your choice. The all-in-one VOD development platform works on a subscription-based monetization model so that you can keep all the revenue to yourself.

6. Brightcove

Brightcove is yet another VOD solution that helps you to meet the entire content publishing and distribution requirements for both individual content creators and businesses. The complete suite of video solutions is designed mainly for brands to provide video streams the best way possible and generate revenue with your video streams on different devices and platforms.

› Features

Brightcove offers video solutions mainly for content creators and media brands. Its services are intended for content creators, publishers, content streamers, and distributors who are looking for a service that will allow them to deliver and monetize the content in the best way possible.

Brightcove’s streaming services for businesses concentrate more on offering great quality content at each stage of the user journey. Best playback experience, video library, transcoding, content management, marketing, etc. are some of the great features offered by the solution.

Brightcove boasts a powerful back-end framework for the top quality video delivery. The UI is simple and user-friendly and helps users to get started with VOD business effortlessly.

7. Webnexs

Being a global Video-on-demand solution for broadcasters, video creators, creative artists, and media entrepreneurs, Webnexs is one among the popular video on demand platform providers that offer solid price plans to suit the requirements of different types of users.

› Features

Webnex features all functionalities needed for the flexibility and adaptability of your VOD platform. Considering the revenue models, the platform offers catch up TV and push VOD besides subscription video on demand (SVOD), Transactional video on demand (TVOD), and Advertisement video on demand (AVOD). While push VOD facilitates content suppliers to drive their content to the set-top-box of users even if they have not requested for the content. Whereas, catch TV up allows users to enjoy the content at their own time after the original broadcast.

Real-time streaming, video content association, OTT TV, digital rights management (DRM), complete personalization, etc. are some of the great features offered by Webnexs. It also features an advanced CMS to manage all the aspects of VOD from a central admin panel. Multiple revenue channels and secure payment integration are some of the other major advantages.

8. VdoCipher

VdoCipher is a cost-effective video hosting solution provider that offers a fully encrypted VOD system for 100% protection of your online content. With a flawless video playback experience, VdoCipher makes the delivery of best quality video streams at any even fluctuating internet speed.

› Features

VdoCipher offers a simple and user-friendly dashboard to upload and import videos, personalized thumbnails, modify subtitles, and configure security settings. The solution also helps to build VOD websites and apps that are compatible with a wide range of devices.

VdoCipher is powered by AWS service and CDN infrastructure to ensure smooth playback of videos. VdoCipher is a great solution if you want to ensure 100% security from third-party intrusion to the content. The platform provides a great level of security and encryption to make the content safe from illegal downloads and third-party access. Workflow automation, WordPress plugins, smart HTML5 players are some of the other best features. The pricing of VdoCipher is based on a pay-per-model which is a flexible solution for small size businesses.

9. Vplayed

Vplayed is a professional VOD service to create personalized video on demand websites. The VOD solution comes with robust revenue options like AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, etc. and more to generate a significant amount of revenue from your offerings. VOD solutions from Vplayed are compatible with web apps and digital devices, making the solution highly adaptable to all situations.

› Features

Vplayed features a powerful back-end structure to handle the database, analytics, and reporting tools, etc. coupled with the best quality transcoding to deliver a bufferless video playback experience. The solution supports adaptive bitrate to deliver smooth live streams. Supported by AWS cloud, Vplayed also features highly-functional video player, podcasting, social integration, DRM, HD transcoding, etc.

10. Vidizmo

Another best all-inclusive video on demand solution that provides video streaming and live broadcast services is Vidizmo. It uses powerful AI technology to offer great video services to small size, medium-size businesses, and enterprises.

› Features

The expert service provider offers innovative business-ready solutions to help brands launch an affordable VOD platform. The solution supports a broad variety of file formats for videos, images, audios, documents, etc. for several purposes like education, training, learning, entertainment, and compliance. Advanced analytics and reporting tools, on demand HD streaming, API integration, multiple device compatibility, etc. are some of the best features.

11. Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a readymade video on-demand solution that helps to launch an exclusive platform for distributing videos for online broadcasters, TV channels, training providers, production houses, and corporates.

› Features

Contus Vplay specializes in customizable VOD solutions. The custom-built HTML API toolkit is compatible with all platforms and ensures delay-free and high-quality video delivery. The platform is equipped with a powerful CMS that has high flexibility and scalability. The hosting is taken care of by AWS and the videos are stored on Amazon S3. Contus Vplay comes with features to render live streaming services for all kinds of events.

The platform comes with AES encryption that ensures your digital assets are not downloadable by any third-party services and prevents unauthorized users from accessing your video assets. The versatile video player with HTML5 support ensures a seamless playback experience for viewers. You can also get your VOD platform integrated with other advanced players as well.

If ready-made solutions don’t solve your specific business needs and your case requires a more tailored approach, you can team up with an experienced VoD app development company like Oxagile.

Underpinned by its multi-year OTT expertise, the firm builds robust, cross-device VoD solutions able to deliver stellar viewing experiences for a virtually unlimited number of users.


With the video streaming services like Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, HBO Now, etc. are gaining momentum, the demand for VOD sites is sustainable. Therefore, there is enough space for a new video on demand business to enter the industry. By focusing on the right business strategy and leveraging the best video on demand software, you can launch a lucrative VOD service. The 10 VOD service providers mentioned in this blog are some of the providers who offer the best quality video services to launch your own VOD service. However, while selecting a platform, you need to make sure you choose the solution that suits your unique business needs, objectives, and overall budget.

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