Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in India 2019

Top App Development Companies in India

In recent years, India has become a technological hub for many digitally-acclaimed businesses. As the smartphone trend is capturing world-market, the requirement for apps has competitively increased. Small and medium enterprises along with many start-ups are finding it an easy way to capture a wider audience and boosting ROI through app development companies.

India is home to top mobile development companies that have left a recognizable mark in other parts of the world as well. The top Indian mobile development companies are providing GEO location tracking, live chatting, Chatbots, and virtual assistance along with designing smart mobile apps that help in elevating business performances.

Here is a list of top ten Indian mobile development companies that have proven their competency in offering high-quality end product, managing a diversified portfolio, and proven expertise in technical core developments. These app development companies adhere to timeline management, harness project management strategies, and utilize modern technologies in curating the best end result that will give a boost to business in the digital world.

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List of Top App Development Companies India | Top Indian App Developers

1. IndiaNIC - Digital Product Agency with Enterprise Experience

Our Rating 4.8/5

About IndiaNIC : IndiaNIC is a versatile app development that believes in result-driven, high impact, and user-centered applications. The company is one of the top mobile app development companies in India which imparts its designated service in providing a rich experience and elevates business with exceptionally high-class app designing. IndiaNIC maps business needs, and help the brands, business, community, and enterprises by building scalable apps that run easily on any device. IndiaNIC is different because of its nonindigenous approach in creating cross-platform app development that attracts a wider audience.

“The company allow changes throughout the development steps. There is consistent communication at all times, and the company provided pointers to better the app. What was truly amazing was I had technically had a my own indianic adviser, who maintained a one on one communication with me at all times.” - Jonathan

2. Hidden Brains - Enterprise Web & Mobile Apps Development Company

Our Rating 4.8/5

About Hidden Brains : Hidden Brains is one of the top Indian mobile app development companies with its wings in the US also. Right from the start-up business to large scale enterprise, Hidden Brains supports its clients with custom mobile app development and designing. Mobile apps are developed considering concrete strategies to attract wide audience and fulfilling the aim towards the transformation of the future-proof organization. The company harness the latest tools in building a modern framework of app design that runs evenly on iOS, Android, and Windows device.

“I have worked on two major projects with Hidden Brains. I rate HB's customer service as excellent. Also, technical delivery of the projects is very good. However, the second project has yet to be full implemented, but the cause of that is largely from the client.” - Jide Akintunde

3. Octal IT Solution - Web and Mobile Solutions for Innovative, Transforming & Inspiring Businesses.

Our Rating 4.7/5

About Octal IT Solution : Innovative app designs procure to transforming and inspiring business by attracting valued customers. Octal IT Solution is one of the top Indian mobile app development companies that customize mobile app suiting your business requirements. The company has a team of efficient developers who decipher the ideation behind innovative app development for companies who aspire a desirable profitable graph and unparalleled success. Octal adopts multiple operating systems, modern tools, methodologies, and development process in building scalable and engaging apps which are extremely functional and profit making.

“I enjoyed working with Octal Team. They guided me what would work best for my fantasy App and tweaked their solutions according to my requirements. They operated as a true IT partner. I would definitely recommend them.” - Abhishek Pandey

4. Appinventiv - We Build Apps : That Get Trending On App Store.

Our Rating 4.6/5

About Appinventiv : Business gain popularity when their apps trend in the app store and attract millions of users. Appinventiv is one of the top app developers in India which claims to create apps that become popular among the audience in no time, thus giving your business an instant boost. Appinventiv helps startup business and established brands to work smartly and gain popularity through problem-solving skills. The app development company is focused based, creative, strategic, and game-changer with proven expertise in app designing. Appinventiv is a team of hand-picked core technologists who have experience in working with the best companies in the industries.

“The client is delighted with the work done by AppInventiv Technologies and praised their expertise and designing skills. The app is live in the play store is currently trending high. The client recommends them highly to friends and colleagues.” - Saurabh Singh

5. FATbit Technologies- We Build Future-ready Digital Products for Startups and Established Firms

Our Rating 4.5/5

About FATbit Technologies : FATbit is a renowned web design company that helps startups and SMBs gain an edge with online turnkey marketplace solutions, digital enablements, design and development services, and growth solutions. FATbit holds expertise in delivering world-class iOS and Android application development services across industry verticals. We are a team of 100+ tech experts, committed to delivering excellence with reliable and tangible innovation solutions, and an agile approach. For the last 14 years, FATbit, having completed 5k+ projects, is continuously helping businesses in 80+ nations thrive in the ever-changing eCommerce market with greater returns and incessant growth.

“You guys are really on top of all the new technology, and I am just glad that my project ended up in such great hands. I am extremely proud of what we have created. You have always gone above and beyond for me, and have never said "This is impossible" or "We can't do this", which I love. - Alec Beglarian” - Alec Beglarian

6. Techugo- Let Technology Surpass Your Imagination..

Our Rating 4.5/5

About Techugo : Techugo is one of the top app development companies in India which has left its mark in countries like Dubai and the USA. The company has a completely different approach to in-app designing. Techugo ensures in undertaking best strategies and technologies in development and designing rather than going the contemporary way. The app development company ensures to fulfill its client’s demand and develops extraordinary, user-interactive designs that derive best results. The top app development company designs apps that work smoothly on Android, iOS, and Windows.

“We chose techugo after grilling over 10 companies, quotes ranging from 1/10th to 5 times of what Techugo offered. We are really happy to have stuck with techugo, Preeti Puru Rajat have great technical expertise and they are honest in their approach.” - Manveen Raina

7. Debut Infotech- A Trusted App Development Partner for Next-Gen Businesses

Our Rating 4.5/5

About Debut Infotech : Debut Infotech has established itself as one of the top-rated mobile app developers in India. The company is a group of high-skilled developers who have amazing experience in app development and curating incredible, user-friendly designs as per the business needs. Debut Infotech offers prompt customer support and ensures complete client satisfaction. With extraordinary coding quality and using excellent development tools, Debut Infotech has crafted a niche for itself in the digital market as a best custom solution provider for business.

“I spent weeks looking for a company to develop my iOS application. I spoke to about 5 of them but Debut left a great impression from the very start. They made some excellent suggestions which kind of helped taking my app to the next level.” - Imroze Farooqui

8. Prismetric- Craft customer-centric : Web & Mobile Apps

Our Rating 4.5/5

About Prismetric : Prismetric is a creative developer with logistic craftsmanship in the app developing world. The company believes in providing intelligent solutions to any complex needs of the business. Prismetric plans, develops, and delivers projects promptly and fulfils the promise of providing initiative designs with best user-interface designs. The app solution provider builds apps that reflect business intentions crisply and highly contributes to usability. Prismetric applies innovative ideas to add personalization in the design and determine flawless performances.

“Prismetric is a very good value for money. You would get a lot of value and a lot of excellent things for a decent price. The product delivered is excellent and most importantly everything is as you need it! The communication during the project is excellent, very responsive and available round the clock.” - Tomáš Doležal

9. Innofied- Turning Great Ideas into User Happy Products

Our Rating 4.4/5

About Innofied : Innofied is not just an app development company but a technology partner to business that want to increase their revenue and leave a mark on the digital world. The app development company is a team of trusted and experienced designers and developers that have won numerous awards for the service they have delivered for the last 25 years. Innofied is a modern day tech development company which fuels business growth and ideate great app designs. From native to cross-platform, consumer to B2B; Innofied builds all designs that are highly skillful, robust, and creative.

“Although the app has not yet launched, clients are already interested in using it. Innofied Solution is a true partner with their interest in the project and their desire to help. They have excellent communication skills and use their project management tools effectively to further these abilities.” - Larizza V Maya

10. InnovationM- A Global Digital Transformation Company With A Winning Mindset

Our Rating 4.4/5

About InnovationM : A Global Digital Transformation Company With A Winning Mindset – An Intersection Of Strategy, UI/UX Design, Agile Development And Mobile, Web & Cloud Technologies. InnovationM provides specialized design & development services in the technology space - focusing on an end to end solution development (product development & custom application development) on mobile, web, middleware, server back-end, cloud technologies, blockchain solutions & big data analytics. InnovationM is continuously rated among the top 10 technology solutions companies by US-based technology research firms.

“We were very pleased with their work, and their ability to implement a complex-to-understand app. It's a communication tool between shelter employees, and people to come into shelters or evacuation centers who don’t speak English or have communication challenges of some kind. They are very specific users with very specific needs for the app. They were able to get the work done, and implement it very successfully.” - Director of Interactive Media

11. Dev Technosys- Mobile Application Development for various platforms to curb modern digital appetite.

Our Rating 4.4/5

About Dev Technosys : Over the last 8 years, Dev Technosys has continuously imparted its impeccable service as the top app development companies in India. The company has designed exclusive and extraordinary app designs for both domestic and international clients through its modern approach to utilizing the best tools. The company caters to all digital needs of business and harness global functionality through its personalized software. Dev Technosys offers best n-class, well-structured, highly functional apps for Android, and iOS system. Each app developed by the developer is backed by embellishing modern technology UX.

“Working with Dev. Technosys was really a good experience. They made changes quickly and communicated often. I had the same project done with another company and it was not what I wanted. Dev. Tech was able to solve all my issues and give me what I asked for.” - Ned Murphy

12. KPIS Pvt. Ltd.- Web & Mobile App Development Company

Our Rating 4.4/5

About KPIS : KPIS Pvt Ltd. is a web development, Mobile App and Game Development company and has been established since 2015. Our Service is about attention to detail, high innovative, cost effectiveness, reliable, transparent, on time delivery, that gives wonderful desired outcomes not surprisingly, & never given you a chance to pay more than you required, or gives less opinion than you deserve. We consider business goals so as to fulfill customer needs so as to enhance the quality, diminished time and cost altogether. We are serving our clients over the globe with a vision of turning into the most confided in brands and help our customers to accomplish their business targets.

“I had a chance to work closely with KPIS. Their understanding of business logic was much above average and separated him from other in the same area. I have no hesitation in recommending their's work.” - Tangi Davidsson

13. RipenApps- Every Business Is Going Handy We Help You To

Our Rating 4.4/5

About RipenApps : Launch your business app by shaking hands with the accomplished team of developers that has vast experience in comprehensive Technology Insights. RipenApps is among the top app development companies in India which provides targeted results and holds a record in delighting its customers with fruitful app development. RipenApps develops trending apps that will definitely multiply your ROI and turn the audience into customers. Whether you want to convert conceptualization into actualization or perform research led analysis, this company will design user-centric and customized designs to help you maximize satisfaction.

“It was an amazing experience to working with the RipenApps & their team . Right from the design, to development, and deployment stages, RipenApps provided a top-notch level of work. I will recommend & definitely work with RipenApps for any further application requirements.” - Gaurav Agarwal

14. E Launch Solution Pvt. Ltd.- Creating Beyond Immagination

Our Rating 4.2/5

About E Launch Solution : E Launch Solution Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most trusted Software development companies today. We commit to make the term ‘offshore’ synonymous with ‘quality’. We are constantly refining our outsourcing model to offer better deals to our clients. Our expanding portfolio of services enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions, while our growing technical expertise makes it possible for us to tackle even highly complex projects. The open-minded professionals working with us match and exceed the clients’ expectations. We are known for delivering high quality, cost effective and productive solutions to help our clients’ business grow. We understand that our success depends on our customers’ success.

"WOW ! Amazing work done by Elaunch Solution team. They are very much supportive.first i seen few bad reviews in profile before award project but to be frankly Elaunch Solution team is very kind and genius. they did really awesome work. team continues giving a support i will highly recommend them again. thank you!" - Franck

15. Crest Coder- A Digital Agency with Creative Minds

Our Rating 4.1/5

About Crest Coder : At Crest Coder, we don’t write just mere lines of code. We compose software solutions to problems that matter. Over the past few years, our brand has emerged as the industry leader in the Information and Technology industry who provides majorly in Mobile Application Development and Web Application Development. To us, the code is like a powerful piece of poetry capable of empowering lives. As much as we like software, it is our people and the culture that are our most valuable assets. In an industry where technology changes at a rapid pace, we value adaptability as highly as persistence. Our consulting approach coupled with a solutions mindset creates a synergy leading to a high level of client satisfaction.

“I strongly believe that Crest Coder is one of the best service provider we are working with and I must say that the expertise they have in their team is terrific. Highly recommended to an individual as well as companies who need a remote team.” - Amit Bhandarker

16. Apps Maven- The Technology Experts

Our Rating 4.1/5

About Apps Maven : Apps Maven is a leading IT Company providing development services in Mobile Apps, Websites, Games along with Graphic and Web Designing, Digital marketing and SEO solutions. We are a team of highly talented and dedicated professionals who are exceptionally versatile to turn your ideas and vision into digital reality. Our work has a separate gist by going headlong into the business model, the challenges of the market, and the positioning of the product. We hold the capacity to provide world-class user-experience to our customers and serving them with utmost credibility for perpetuity.

“We have been working with Apps Maven for well over a year now. They built our app from scratch and have been adding features as needed and maintaining it. They are easy to communicate with and work fairly quickly.” - Travis Crim

16. Designoweb Technologies- We build Web & Mobile apps that users love.

Our Rating 4.1/5

About Designoweb Technologies : Designoweb Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company leading the technology development market for last 4 years. Our 6 Sigma based process ensures the development of a scalable technology solution for your business. We enhance business value by deploying solutions that are built with proven process methodology offering high-performance business excellence, significantly low costs and optimize business operations for your organizational growth. We are a pioneer into Saas product development for Web, Android, and iOS. Our technologically advanced team makes sure that no stone is left untouched including Blockchain Solidity development, IoT Applications, Beacons App development, Token sale platforms and even ICO Marketing.

“They understood our expectations and was always receptive to feedback. The team always resolved our issues and the app earned good feedback plus gained a huge number of users. They are highly efficient team to work with and are strong communicators; whenever I had any issue they were available.” - Ionut Iorgu

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App Development Companies India

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