Zoho Sprints Review : A Planning and Tracking Tool for Agile Teams

Zoho Sprints is an outstanding clutter-free agile tool which helps you to change and deliver quality products at the right time. Through Zoho Sprints, you can get feedback in advance and can ship the products according to the customer's demand. The Scrum Board feature helps in tracking your work through the 'To do,' 'In progress,' and 'Done' columns. Timesheets provide a better picture of the time involved in your work. A quick view of your project can be achieved through the Dashboard.

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About Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool that aims to provide an iterative and collaborative approach to work. It can be used equally well by seasoned agile practitioners as well as by teams that are starting their journey of agile transformation.

An intuitive backlog makes it easy to plan and prioritize work items that are in the format of user stories, tasks, and bugs. Large work items that span across multiple sprints can be broken down into Epics. The Scrum Board helps teams visualize their progress. The board can also be customized with custom status columns. Scrumban teams can also set WIP limits, sort and view progress in swimlanes, and track sprint summary in a dashboard.

Being agile in spirt is all about getting early feedback and continuously improving by accommodating the change. Zoho Sprints promotes agility by allowing teams to replan their sprints. Incomplete work items can be moved back to the backlog or moved across other active and upcoming sprints.

The Global-View helps in tracking progress across all projects. Each project gets a project dashboard that provides project managers and Scrum masters a birds-eye view of project progress. The actual vs. planned timeline helps in visually tracking the percentage completion of all active sprints, along with the estimated rate of completion based on current velocity. Actionable insights from velocity charts, burnup and burndown reports and cumulative flow diagrams help teams iterate their sprint planning.

Distributed teams can feel closer with the project Feed, where teams get live updates about all project activities. The Feed adds a social touch by encouraging contextual discussions within a work item, thereby facilitating quick decision-making. The Meetings module lets teams schedule sprint planning, review, and retrospective meetings. Daily stand-ups can be automated, while everyone gets notification reminders about due dates of important events.

All users can log billable and non-billable hours for every work item. The Global timer can be used to start a timer quickly for any work item. The timesheet reports provide a summary of log hours distributed across parameters like duration, sprint, work item type, and user.

Teams can customize their agile journey by building customized layouts with custom fields. Custom work items types, priority, and status can also be created. One does not have to write a query to get the information that they need. Custom views can be easily generated by applying filters and defining the parameters of the required view.

All your issues from JIRA can be imported using the built-in JIRA Import wizard. Software development teams can leverage built-in integrations with repository management tools like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. Teams can get the context of their customer tickets by installing Zoho Desk's marketplace extension. Zoho Flow, our integration platform can be used to connect with our suite of apps ranging from finance apps like Zoho Books to collaboration apps like Zoho Cliq. Zoho Sprints is also listed on Zapier, GSuite Marketplace and Microsoft Teams.

Zoho Sprints Features

Plan to accomodate change

Plan and incorporate feedback to keep up with the changes your agile journey throws at you.

› Backlog 

Use feedback from your last sprint to plan your next one. Make sure your product is heading in the right direction.

› Board

Customize your work statuses and personalize your scrum board. When your boards are agile, so is your work.

› Epics

Structure your work using Epics. Break down Epics into sprints and use the hierarchy to get a clear picture.

Let the numbers talk

Turn raw data into actionable insights and watch your team improve with each sprint.

› Reports 

Use agile reports to evaluate and improve your sprint performance consistently.

› Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse by following the progress of your project using key agile metrics.

› Global View

Zoom out to get a broader perspective on your progress using a cross- projects view.

› User Profile

Get a dashboard for each user to analyze and balance the team based on individual capabilities.

Conversations Matter

Great ideas can come from unlikely places. Create a space that encourages discussions and brainstorming.

› Meetings

Encourage face-to face communication by making agile meetings a part of your workflow.

› Feed

Use Feeds to create a space for constructive ideation and quick feedback. Make distributed teams feel closer by keeping discussions online.

Make your projects your own

Customize your projects to suit the exact needs of your team.

› Custom Fields & Layouts

Every project has a personality of its own. Use custom fields to give the context and depth that each project deserves. Leave no room for doubt - build specific layouts to make sure your work items are as detailed as possible.

› Custom Views

Ever get tired of running the same filter again and again? Get quick access to the most relevant work items by creating custom views for your work.

› Project Templates

Minimise time spent on mundane tasks by reusing existing projects as templates or creating new ones for recurring projects.

› Priority

Ever needed an 'ASAP' when 'High' priority was just not enough? Create your own priorities, ones that your team understands best, and get your message across.

Don’t forget to get paid

Managing time is as tough as managing money, so make sure you get it right.

› Timesheets

Use feedback from your last sprint to plan your next one. Make sure your product is heading in the right direction.

› Timesheet reports

Know where your team spends its time. Get reports of your timesheets based on sprint, item type and users.

Extend the power of Sprints

Get more than what we offer in our native application by using our extensibility features.

› Integrations

Get a comprehensive solution by integrating Sprints with tools you already use.

› APIs

Use our API to push or pull data from Sprints to third party applications.

› Webhooks

Use webhooks to deliver real time data from Sprints to other applications.

Zoho Sprints Pricing

Zoho Sprints offers a free trial for 15 days ( no credit card required), a freemium plan and two paid plans.

1) Premium plan at $42 per month for a team of 20 users.
Additional users can be purchased at $4/user/month

2) Enterprise plan at $80 per month for a team of 25 users.
Additional users can be purchased at $5/user/month

For more information visit : https://www.zoho.com/sprints/pricing.html

Zoho Sprints Webinars

Getting Started with Zoho Sprints

Getting Started with Zoho Sprints

Getting Started with Zoho Sprints

Languages Supported

We support 17 different languages - Chinese, Danish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Dutch, German, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, English, Czech, Turkish, Polish, and Korean.

Technical Support

Phone, email, live chat, free online training

What customers are saying about Zoho Sprints

"I really like Zoho Sprints because it includes a drag-and-drop center that allows you to plan through the prioritization of tasks and the configuration of reminders for each Sprint. The panel provides an overview of the key metrics of the project and the weekly updates of the project status. Different reports can be generated, such as burn and burn reports, as well as speed charts to track progress and identify bottlenecks. Timesheets allow my employees to track billable and non-billable hours and calculate the actual time spent on each work item. The Scrum board allows the visualization of the work status for each sprint based on its completion stage. The solution is available in a monthly subscription and offers email support, a knowledge base, a community of employees and an online help form."
- Elizabeth M.

"I love how everything is in one place and everyone can be on the same page while working together on a project. Zoho even allows us to schedule meetings and invite people via email to them. I go right ahead and put it into my calendar after that. The best part for me about this product is how organized it keeps me and my colleagues and how everyone can stay on tract because of this."
- Genevieve S.

"Great software that helps development teams. It has everything with an agile methodology: free time graphics, time tracker, you can also create a list of tasks with priority and pass them to your current career as priorities change during the progress of the projects, from the beginning of the task until completion. Thanks to the feed, each project helps to keep the discussions alive. When meetings, reviews and retrospectives are scheduled, the application reminds those involved that they should be there."
- Alonso P.

"Zoho Sprints is by far the most efficient project management system we have ever used. We always know who's working on what and who has available time for new projects. No more status meetings! "
- Steve S.

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Deliver great products on Time with Zoho Sprints; the best Online Agile Project Management Software for teams. You can easily plan your work and track project progress with Zoho Sprints. It’s the best collaborative approach to work. The software offers incredible agile project management features like backlog management, Gantt view, template management and much more. You can also prioritize the task and track the status. It’s secure and easy-to-use online agile project management software.
- SoftwareWorld Research

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