Zendesk Sell CRM Review – Pros & Cons, Pricing, Features, Support Review

Zendesk Sell is one of the leading sales CRM platforms providing customer-centric tools. In this review, you will learn more about Zendesk Sell. With the Zendesk Sell review, you will understand its pricing information and features. As for the niche market, a few pricing flaws may concern new start-ups. Regarding customer databases, Zendesk can be a recommendable platform for your needs. Moreover, you can benefit from other features as well. Some flaws and benefits may influence our outcome. Ultimately, you can decide whether Zendesk Sell is right for your business.

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What is Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that supports marketing and sales. Zendesk Sell aims to deliver aligned, automated solutions to increase pipelines, conversions, and customer interactions to scale businesses. It is structured to meet customer needs with its fruitful features. It integrated sales CRM to focus on the finish line and build a data-driven team. Zendesk Sell is a customer-centric CRM platform that delivers a promising customer experience.

Who Uses Zendesk Sell CRM?

Zendesk Sell provides solutions to large-scale enterprises, mid-size businesses, small-size businesses, public administrations, and non-profit establishments.

What Languages Does Zendesk Sell Support?

Zendesk Sell enables a multilingual platform for better CRM and fruitful business revenue. It supports English, Hindi, Russian, French, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), German, Japanese, Korean, and more. You can change the language as per your requirement.

Which Mobile Devices Does Zendesk Sell Support?

Zendesk Sell supports both iOS and Android. In iOS, Zendesk Sell supports iPad, iPhones. If you require to check the compatibility facts, visit the link for further details.


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Zendesk Sell for iOS and Zendesk Sell for Android.

Is Zendesk Sell offers API?

Zendesk Sell has four accessible APIs:

1. Core API: It allows creation, reading, updation, and deletion options to Sell data reset completely.
2. Sync API: It enables the latest Sell data sync programmatically.
3. Firehose API: Real-time, consistent stream data fosters data integration with event-driven workflows.
4. Search API: You can raise a query related to your data entities in Sell, apply for a custom complex filter, sort criteria, and perform aggregations.

For detailed API documentation, you can visit: Zendesk Sell Developer Resources Page.

Does Zendesk Sell Supports Integration?

Zendesk Sell enables integrations with multiple platforms to manage massive customer data together. Here are some Integrated Apps:

Microsoft Outlook, FullContact, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Dropbox Business, Zapier, Wufoo, QuickBooks Online, Advanced, Tidio, etc. For more details, you can check the source here.

Is Zendesk Sell The Right Choice For Your Business?

It is an ideal platform for early-stage businesses. The CRM interface is easy to use for beginners. It can become an excellent choice for small businesses and freelancers because of its various features and easy integration. Simple integration with other software enables systemized processes for departments in different ways.

Regarding the right choice of business, it has to be evaluated regarding database management and lead generation. It scores high as the most effective CRM for sales and marketing. However, pricing-wise, it scores low as the most expensive CRM tool concerning general features. We will learn more about this entire review to reach an outcome.

Zendesk Sell - Easy to Use or Difficult?

Zendesk Sell is an intuitive sales CRM that is easy to understand and set up. It aims to accelerate sales, marketing, and productivity through a single, centralized tool. A user-friendly interface makes the product highly usable.

It is easy for the sales team to incorporate sales tactics into the business strategy. However, it is time-consuming in terms of familiarity. Also, while integrating with email, most users seek help during synchronization.

What Are The Prices of Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell is the most comprehensive CRM platform for small-sized businesses and early-stage companies. Zendesk Sell has four high-tier plans offering flexible features based on your requirements that improve business visibility and increase sales conversions.

The Team-tier plan is lower in pricing and costs $19 per user (up to 3 users) / per month, enabling a single pipeline with tracking emails, text messaging, and calling. This plan has lean features, but team collaboration makes sense for remote and small teams.

Growth-tier plans cost $49 per user/month, with bulk emails letting you focus on sales leads. Additionally, it allows multiple integrations, for example, Mailchimp can be integrated to increase marketing, and Zapier can be used for automation. Regardless, you can still be limited in your sales pipeline. However, you can get access to sales forecasting and goal-tracking tools to automate the distribution of deals and leads to the team.

The Professional-tier plan costs $99 per user/month, providing limited sales pipeline access that can significantly impact. Still, features like lead scoring, task automation, notification alerts, and easy customization can benefit. This way, your team can access the dialer and save time.

The Enterprise-tier plan offers unlimited advanced analytics, pipelines, conversions, and a comprehensive performance dashboard. That will cost you $199 per user / per month. Higher Pricing with an unlimited subscription.

Overall, you can save up to 25% if you buy an annual subscription in each plan with the free trial option. Zendesk Sell does not offer a refund service, so you should decide during the 14-day trial period. If you cancel your Zendesk account, it will not be worth anything because you cannot recover the data. You can think about it before proceeding.  

Plan/Price Team-Tier($) Growth-Tier ($) Professional-Tier($) Enterprise-Tier($)
Monthly/ per user $25 $59 $125 $199
Annually / per user $19 $49 $99 $150
Approx. saving(%) $24 $16 $20 $24

What Top Features Zendesk Sell CRM Offer?

By providing an easy-to-use integrated sales CRM, Zendesk Sell helps teams increase productivity, maintain customer retention, and promote customer understanding. To fulfill the businesses' desires, Zendesk Sell provides unique features. Please check the details of the components for a better idea:

› Contact Management: Zendesk Sell offers various features to manage your contacts by adding notes and tasks, setting follow-ups, and tracking contact history. As a result, more conversions and revenue are generated.

Lead Management: It captures leads through various social media platforms and enables manually adding leads to the system.

Custom Dashboard: Performance dashboard with personalized customization with widgets for monitoring sales goals, performance, deal activity, and outcome. Assist with the management of pipeline tasks as well.

Email Integration: Integrating with existing email can help you manage to sell through automatic tracking and enhance productivity with additional features such as alert notifications and templates.

Sales Engagement Tools: It focuses on leading the way by providing built-in sales engagement tools for instant lead generation and creating qualified prospects at a time. Additionally, it helps to build thriving businesses by enabling fresh lead discovery, the creation of updated profiles, and providing interaction with a personal touch.

Task Management: It provides a streamlined work process that helps you manage routine work, sales activities, follow-ups, and outreach without interruption.

Multi-Channel Communication: With Zendesk Sell, you can increase conversions through effective interaction and facilitate a streamlined process to scale your business by offering multi-channel capabilities.

Email Templates: Customization for email with flexible templates. Modification and test template changes in a sandbox are available in the enterprise-tier plan.

Bulk emails: Zendesk Sell provides automated bulk email with a filtered-wise list of prospects or customers. It can be customized as per business requirements. This tool enables automatic information pulling, including tagging, merging, and adding information.

Email and Task Sequences: The sequence describes how and when sales reps approach new leads and contacts. It is created by using email templates and needs to specify relevant contact details while setting up the email sequence.

Power Dialer: An automated feature creates a dialed call list in the Sell account synced with selected numbers for leads and contacts. As Zendesk Sell complies with all applicable laws, it will not control telephonic communication or data without the recipient's consent.

Sales Triggers: It reduces admin work and automates specific parts of workflow to get customer attention. For this, you must be an admin to create the trigger. However, the Sell user can trigger an event that begins an evaluation of the condition. It executes a predefined action if the triggers are met.

› Revenue Forecasting: It can help you to gain valuable insights about deals volume that can forecast revenue growth and provide guidance to improve sales strategy, planning, and team management for efficient productivity.

Pipeline Analysis: It can help analyze sales and lead progress. Additionally, identify the bottlenecks at each pipeline stage to increase conversions.

Advanced Analytics: Advanced analytics measures data to improve the customer experience. It can help to gain visibility into interactions through multi-media platforms and uncover customer insights to improve productivity.

Does Zendesk Sell CRM Provides Reliable Customer Support?

Zendesk Sell provides customer support in numerous ways, including email support, chat, SMS, calls, etc. and many more. Zendesk Sell facilitates support during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, Monday to Friday) specifically for prompt troubleshooting and account information. For other resources, visit Zendesk Community and Help Centre.

You can also explore live chat through ZBot for support and ask to talk with an agent if needed. In addition, Zendesk Sell offers customer services with easy implementation and support through numerous social media channels to keep customers engaged, including:

    • Chat Support,
    • Phone Support,
    • Email/ Helpdesk,
    • FAQs / Forum,
    • 24/7 Live Rep,
    • Knowledge-base, etc.

To access other customer support perks such as interactive troubleshooting, downloadable tools, role-based video courses, etc., you need to subscribe to its premier support plan, which costs you about $2500. The premium support plan includes 24/7 support with 99.9% uptime service level agreements (SLAs). It has various customer support plans with several features, Zendesk Sell has various customer support plans that include:

1. Premier Plan Includes: costs $2500

2. Assist Plan Includes:

    • Assist Lite: Costs $2500/ per instance, per month (12 hours per month)
    • Assist the Core: Cost $5750 per instance, per month (28 hours per month)

For extra technical account management and other professional support, it may be around $8000 with a one-time cost.

Overall, Zendesk Sell is a leading CRM support provider with a high price tag. However, as the price rises, it will open up additional service doors. That can be challenging for the end-user. Undoubtedly, Zendesk Sell offers 24/7 customer support with SLAs for higher plans. On the other hand, a basic plan includes limited customer support.

What Industries Are Using Zendesk Sell?

There are plenty of industries using Zendesk Sell. Whatever size it is, big or small, they happily employ customer support and CRM. Let's understand which industries use Zendesk Sell CRM. The list is below:

    • Professional Services CRM
    • B2B CRM
    • CRM for Startups
    • CRM for Freelancers
    • Enterprise CRM
    • Shopify CRM
    • Analytical CRM
    • Healthcare CRM
    • Marketing Analytics CRM
    • CRM for Consultants
    • Small Business CRM
    • CRM for Logistics & Transportation
    • CRM for Architects

What Are The Pros & Cons of Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell can be an excellent tool for small businesses and beginners in the CRM industry. It has flexible features and solutions. Here are some pros and cons as follows for better clarity:


    • Smooth interface with easy and flexible native integrations
    • Mobile CRM applications include geolocation
    • Representable dashboard with drag-and-drop analytics
    • Excellent customer interaction with clear visibility
    • Exceptional functionalities to manage the sales cycle


    • Even in higher plans, sales pipelines are limited
    • The learning curve is steep.
    • Market automation isn't built-in.
    • Getting in touch with customer support can be challenging.
    • No free plans tiers
    • High plans for more features

What Are The Best Alternatives of Zendesk Sell CRM?

There is no doubt that Zendesk Sell can provide full-featured and reliable CRM software. In addition to Zendesk Sell alternatives, the following top 10 industry-leading products are also available on the market:

Zendesk Sell Reviews on Multiple Platforms

Several leading review and rating platforms can assess Zendesk Sell's credibility. While it is about performance and popularity, you can quickly assess through reviews provided on these platforms.

Zendesk Sell Technical Point of View

Traditionally, Zendesk Sell empowers businesses to be positioned to differentiate themselves and grow revenue by expanding into multiple markets. To fulfill the business desire, Zendesk provides technical support at various stages, such as:

› Deployment: Zendesk Sell is a SaaS-based CRM system. Thus, it facilitates the easy implementation and results-driven transformation of customer processes. Easy deployment on various platforms such as:

    • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
    • Mobile - Android
    • Mobile - iPhone
    • Mobile - iPad

Training: Aside from CRM products and customer service, Zendesk Sell offers product knowledge. Zendesk Sell provides strategic product knowledge and conducts training sessions through its experts to build a better customer experience. It works training sessions for its end-users through the DEMETER platform in various flexible ways, such as:

    • In Person
    • Live Online
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Final Verdict: Is Zendesk Sell CRM For You?

Zendesk Sell is a web-based sales CRM that focuses on providing a simple and easy-to-use platform for small and mid-size businesses. It has fully stacked features that increase Zendesk Sell's capabilities. Zendesk Sell has native integration that enables clear visibility into customer interactions.
Zendesk Sell is affordable for CRM teams, though it provides limited features in the basic plans. The various plans vary in terms of pricing. Zendesk does not offer refunds, so it is recommended to take a 14-day free trial as it doesn't offer a free version.

Zendesk Sell offers excellent customer support. However, the customer support plan varies with limited services. It may concern the end user about pricing and service in return.

Overall, Zendesk Sell is the most comprehensive CRM platform for SMBs, but when it comes to pricing, it will vary in other aspects. While it is about features and services, Zendesk Sell can be the better option for your business.


What is Zendesk Sell used for?

Zendesk specializes in SaaS-based, customer-centric CRM tools to accelerate sales, marketing, and team collaboration. Furthermore, it helps align pipelines and leads that reach customer service. Unique features such as email automation, tracking, and a representable dashboard make this tool extensive.

What is the difference between Zendesk Support Suite and Zendesk Sell?

It follows that Zendesk Sell and Zendesk support suite are related. The Zendesk support suite is a full-featured CRM suite that focuses on providing Help Desk solutions and maintaining customer relationships. Meanwhile, Zendesk Sell specializes in sales CRM that automates tasks, analyzes data, and increases pipelines.

Is Zendesk Sell Free?

You can try to Sell for free by creating a new Sell account. You can evaluate Sell's features for 14 days for free.

Is Zendesk cheaper than Salesforce?

A $25 starting plan in Salesforce is significantly higher than Zendesk's $19 starting plan.

Which is better, HubSpot or Zendesk?

Here is how Zendesk and HubSpot differ. Zendesk offers both sales and customer service at a low cost. With Hubspot, you can manage marketing, sales, and customer service in one CRM. There is a solid free plan, but it is usually more expensive.