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SuperSaaS is a flexible, customizable and adaptable online appointment scheduling software that is built around making the booking and scheduling process more efficient, less time-consuming and more user-friendly. SuperSaaS is a cloud-based system, hence, easily accessible from mobile devices, tablets or desktop PCs, allowing clients to make booking 24/7 from literally every location.

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What is SuperSaaS?

SuperSaaS allows for several different types of schedules including group scheduling like for classes, one-on-one scheduling for individual sessions, multiple resource scheduling like managing multiple meeting rooms, service scheduling for businesses who provide multiple services or creating an individual schedule offering multiple services which are dependent on multiple other schedules like salon booking dependent on multiple staff members.

Clients have the option to cancel their bookings until a certain point of time, and the system reduces your no-shows with automated email/SMS reminders. You have complete control over your booking process and your booking page can be completely customized with your colors, logo, favicon, etc. The easy set-up will get you running a schedule online in mere minutes and the affordable cost ensures your scheduling system doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. All our subscription plans provide you access to all our features (without any exceptions) and unlimited schedules, registered users and custom forms.

What are the benefits of SuperSaaS to the businesses?

SuperSaaS saves you time in back and forth emails to find a suitable time, eliminates no shows with automated email/text reminders and helps you in avoiding double bookings with external calendar sync options. You can customize your automated reminders, notifications and follow up messages and even your schedule layout to match your business requirements. Manage multiple staff schedules and allow them to adjust their own availability. Add new locations at zero extra cost and accept online payments (200+ currencies) directly to your bank account with zero commission fee. Handling multiple locations becomes easier, as clients only see the calendar that you want them to see. Collect more customer information with custom intake forms and add your own terms & conditions before customers create a booking on the schedule. This means you have an efficient approach to collect all your information in one place and manage your customers with a simple CRM.

SuperSaaS calendar can be embedded in your website for a streamlined and seamless booking experience. We also offer a single sign-on WordPress booking widget you can use to integrate SuperSaaS in your WordPress website. Many customizable options within the system allow you to build your schedule exactly the way you want it. No two businesses are alike, and therefore offering a one-size-fits-all approach to scheduling is not what is best for customers. SuperSaaS provides custom solutions for all types of businesses and industries.

All of this customization comes at one of the lowest prices on the market for online scheduling software. With packages starting at just $8 per month, customers immediately have access to calendar integration, unlimited users, and expanded appointment capacity.

SuperSaaS Features

All packages include the following features


Accept one on one appointment bookings and avoid double bookings
Schedule group events like classes, workshops, events, etc.
Manage multiple resources/people/things in a single schedule
Offer services on your own booking page
Accommodate limited-time events spread over one-day, several days or certain hours
Automatically coordinate multiple individual schedules from a single schedule


Add your availability for each day, define when your week starts and add special days or special timings for certain days as exceptions
Create your own cancelation policy
Limit the total number of bookings per user (by per day, per week, daily or on a monthly basis)
Accept appointments only at certain fixed starting times (like at 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm only)
Allow multiple slot bookings simultaneously
Constraint the minimum/maximum length of an appointment (say a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour)


Accept online payments in 200+ currencies
Offer your own credit system and create your own packages
Create pricing rules
Also, accept manual payments by saving card details for payment at a later stage


Control who can use the schedule and limit access to certain user groups, to people with a shared password, people you specify in advance or the people who are already added in your system
Add your staff or team members as super users to allow them special access to only certain schedules
Create user groups and allow them to access only certain schedules


Send automated booking confirmations via email/SMS
Send automated appointment email/text reminders
Send cancelation notifications to yourself and to the end users
Send follow up messages and notifications via text or email
Stay updated on the go by receiving an overview of appointments during the day or whenever someone adds a booking on your schedule
Use your own email provider to send reminders and notifications
Customize your email/text reminders and notifications


Connect SuperSaaS schedule with other systems through webhooks or our API
Create your own custom "Book Now" button
Integrate into your website in an iframe
Use the single sign-on widget for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
Accept bookings from your Facebook page


Add users to the waiting list
Create your own custom appointment length
Add buffer time in between appointments
Set repeated appointments in a single click
Create customized intake forms or add your own terms and conditions for users to sign before creating a booking
Customize your own custom domain name
Completely white label the software as your own and remove all mentions of SuperSaaS
Import client data directly into the system
Export user bookings or user information for further processing
Automatically coordinate multiple time zones
Redirect users to a landing page or your website after they complete the booking on your schedule
Keep track of the number of bookings and view booking statistics of your schedule
Add notes about customers, generate a unique customer ID and add additional information about each user (possible to limit it for internal use only)
Track attendance of your students
Assign any team member to a service or allow customers to select the one they like
Add your location in your appointment bookings
Accept multiple reservations
Keep a track of your visitors with Google Analytics integration
Create your own terms in the system to refer to your users and to your "appointments", "bookings", "classes", etc.


Control visible hours and booking hours on your schedule
Add your own logo, colors, and favicon
Include images for your services or with information about the schedule
Experiment with multiple views on your calendar including day to day view, monthly view, available slots view, weekly view, etc.
The system is available in 34+ languages so you can easily manage your business worldwide without losing the charm
Modify your layout to select which fields you want to display for your users
Share more information or booking instructions on the login page, on the space above the schedule and on the checkout page
Hide/display the capacity of each group event slot


Create your own coupons, discounts, and promotional offers
Offer single-use coupon codes for websites like Groupon, Living Social, etc.
Build offers only for specific resources/services
Attract new customers with special offers valid only for new customers
Build customer loyalty by selling credit packages
Sell products and service add ons with a drop-down menu
Collect reviews and request feedback from customers with automated follow-up messages
Add new locations and new staff members at no extra cost


Add SSL to your booking page (HTTPS)
Remove customer data from the system automatically. You have complete control over your customer data
In compliance with the GDPR law
Compliant with the new European Accessibility Act

» SYNC WITH EXTERNAL CALENDARS (Only available in paid versions)

Create 2-way sync with Google calendar
Automatically export bookings to your Outlook calendar
Update appointments from your SuperSaaS schedule in your Apple's iCalendar
Add SuperSaaS calendar bookings in your Office 365 calendar

We offer support via email and we respond to you most of the time (except for the time we're sleeping, we hope you understand!). We're always here to help you. In case of any questions, you can reach out to us anytime. We provide support in a total of 10 languages.

SuperSaaS Pricing

Indefinite, free trial for software testing and non-commercial usage.

SuperSaas Pricing

Full-feature packages start as low as $8 per month. Paid packages make your schedule advertisement-free. In addition to that, you can enjoy an unlimited number of registered users, external calendar synchronization, and expanded appointment capacity with a paid package.

There is no limit to the number of staff, locations, services or schedules. There is no limit to the number of appointments you can make per month. There is no minimum subscription length, so you can sign up for one month only if you need it for an event. Change your package at any time or even downgrade back to the free version without losing your settings.

What is unique about SuperSaaS?

SuperSaaS’ main benefit is that the product is very flexible so you can personalize and customize it for your organization’s booking requirements. Our paid packages are very simple, and all packages include all features. This ensures that you do not need to pay more to get access to more important features. We also provide ample ways to connect to other services or your own software if you do need something special, so you don’t end up managing multiple systems but have an integrated solution for your organization. So flexibility and affordability are two areas where we surpass most of our competitors.

Technical Details

Supported on all browsers. Can be connected to your system with our customizable API/webhooks.

Available through a desktop or on a tablet or mobile device with responsive design.

Available in 34 languages:

American English, British English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish,Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Hebrew, Slovene, Hungarian, Serbian, Turkish, Korean, Malays, Indonesian, Croatian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Thai, Cantonese,

4 accessible API libraries for developers

Support Details

We offer email support for our users, and our support helps in ensuring that you have complete control over your booking process. Our support is our top-ranked feature in 100% of our customer reviews.

SuperSaaS Awards

Red Herring European Finalist
SuperSaas Awards1

What customers are saying about SuperSaaS

"Simple administrator interface made for an easy roll out into production. Quick response from Customer Support, easy configuration of resources (in my case, boats for a homeowner’s association), quick setup of authorized users, and great interface for smartphone, tablets, and PCs. I highly recommend using SuperSaaS" - Jon Evenson, Webmaster, Kyle, Recreation Operations Manager, Health Fitness

"SuperSaaS is great appointment scheduling tool for any budget. There are so many options for functionality and features so that you never have to worry about scheduling rooms, courts, etc. It has been a great experience using SuperSaaS. SuperSaaS is definitely worth looking into for any facility manager or operations professional." - Kyle, Recreation Operations Manager, Health Fitness

"SuperSaaS is Super! So far I have been able to create any kind of schedule to meet any needs I have. It’s very customizable. I also like that I can upgrade and downgrade (or even cancel) my subscription as my needs change. SuperSaaS has been a real gold find for me. I have recommended to a number of other people. The support is awesome and very quick." - Matt Pickard, University of New Mexico

"SuperSaaS has saved countless last minute cancellations and the bottom line is it has ‘trained’ my pupils to be more organized and schedule lessons into the diary. Previously lesson alterations would take hours of ‘text tennis’ between myself and the pupil; now they make changes themselves and I just get an email notification that it’s been done." - Clive Copeland, Bin-The-L-Plates

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