Taximail Review 2022: Drive your business with email marketing and automation

Taximail review

What is Taximail?

Taximail is a leading email marketing platform in Thailand.

Taximail is an email marketing and marketing automation platform with secure, trackable and powerful features. They propose technologies that help all kind of businesses create and send out with ease email campaigns.

It has catered to some notable brands such as LG, Pizza Hut, King Power and Thai Airways to name a few.

Taximail Main Features

⇒ Drag and drop email creator

Drag and drop easily text, call to action, or block section. Upload and place your photo quickly then adjust and order your layout in few clicks. Use our tool to preview the result

⇒ Personalization

Personalize each email marketing sent by inserting dynamic text fields whether it be subscribers information, company information or your own custom values.

⇒ In-depth result exporting

Export in few clicks the full detail of “Opens”, “Clicks”, “Bounces”, “Unsubscribe” and “SPAM complaint” in Microsoft Excel

⇒ Transactional Emails

Automate and program your triggered email marketing sent according to the action taken from your customers or on actions they were targeted. Rely on our SMTP relay or RESTful API to send out your transactional emails.


Sending the campaign marketing or transactional emails from your website, CRM software, and marketing tools with easily embedding only a few lines of code via our RESTful API.

⇒ Automation

Email automation is the most effective way to engage in email marketing because it enables you to send out messages to your customers at designated times. Using automation, they can save time by setting up the email platform to send messages when customers take specific actions. It can develop closer relationships with their customers by maintaining effective communication and brand awareness.

The Future of Taximail

Driving towards E-commerce integration

⇒ Taximail users to integrate their e-commerce site with Magento V. 2 to take advantage and use the abandoned cart automation.

⇒ Taximail users with Zapier account can simply integrate their account.

⇒ Taximail integration with the Dubu+ Korean website builder application.

⇒ Taximail APAC Expansion

Taximail is aiming towards Asia Pacific expansion and scale up to compete with the global market. We will be building more relationship and connections with another digital marketing platform. We are slowly gaining customers across the globe but making a strong presence in the APAC region is one of our top priority.

⇒ Customer-Centric Approach

At Taximail, we value our customers as we do our best to cater to the needs of our local and international customers. We can be reached through email and phone call to address any urgent issues and respond in a timely manner. We take it seriously the feedback given to us to improve our platform and service.

About Taximail

Drive your business with email marketing Taximail is the email marketing solution that helps you grow bigger, brighter business. For additional information:

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