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Flokzu is a cloud-based business process management suite (BPM Suite) that helps you to automate and optimize your business workflows, enabling you to streamline your business operations. Flokzu lets you save you a significant amount of time, money, and other resources so you can focus where you really add value to your business.

Flokzu Ratings
Capterra 4.5
  GetApp  4.7
G2Crowd 4.9
Crozdesk 4.9



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What are the benefits of Flokzu to the businesses?

Flokzu lets you automate your processes in minutes/hours, instead of weeks/months as traditional on-premise BPM Suite required. It also reduces consultancy services, letting you show results quickly. Deploying automated processes at this pace becomes a very relevant competitive advantage and lets you respond to market changes at light-speed.

Using the worldwide standard for process notation (BPMN) ensures that your processes will be executed as they were designed… always. Flokzu provides KPI’s to measure how they are running, so you can continually improve your operations.

It is an ideal platform to centralize, organize, and expedite tasks pertaining to contracts, due diligence and compliance, document approval and management, expense reporting, purchase requests, customer complaints, and more.

With your workflows optimized and your recurring tasks set on autopilot, your hands are virtually free to do other things that require your time and attention.

On top of that, Flokzu integrates with more than 700 popular business applications via Zapier and also supports Web Services. That means you can integrate your business processes with other business systems that you normally use such as Salesforce, Stripe, Dropbox, and Evernote saving time and avoiding errors.

Flokzu Features

 Low-Code. It is ready to use. No programming skills needed.
Standard BPMN 2.0 diagrams for process modeling
Form builder, to cover your specific needs.
Highly available & secure
Powerful search engine (including attachments)
Public Forms and External Participants.
System Integrations (via Zapier and Web Services)
Integrated KPI’s, Real Time, Historical and Custom Reports.
Process Versions and Process Sandbox for testing and continuous improvement.

Flokzu Pricing

Standard Plan: $15 per user per month. No setup fee, no minimum contract.
Premium Plan: $21 per user per month. No setup fee, no minimum contract.
Starter50 Plan: $50 per month. Unlimited users, up to 50 new process instances per month.
Business Plans are available for more than 50 users.
More information: https://www.flokzu.com/plans

What is unique about Flokzu?

Flokzu is the only cloud BPM tool in the market that is easy enough for you to have a process automated and running in 30 minutes, but powerful enough for corporate users having thousands of users and really complex processes.

With an exceptional User Interface and carefully designed features, Flokzu balances the easiness of use with advanced capabilities, so you can be sure it will cover your current needs but also future requirements.

Our customer support team is built with process analysts that not only know the tool, but also are able to understand your business, your needs, and always provide the best way to automate your processes. And we provide this support online, immediately, and without additional charges. This is why our customers love our support.

Technical Details

Flokzu is 100% web-based, supporting most web browsers. It is 100% web responsive, so it runs fluently on Android and iOS. On the server side, Flokzu runs on Amazon Web Services, the best platform in the cloud world.

Flokzu is available in Spanish and English. We also provide a full knowledge base (https://docs.flokzu.com ) where you can find product documentation, templates, business cases, good practices, etc.

Support Details

We support our customer through:

Live chat, online, with highly trained process analysts
Email for complex or sophisticated questions.
Web conferencing, setting up 30’ sessions to work together with our customers on their own processes.

Flokzu Awards

2017 - Rising Star Award

2017 - Great User Experience

2019 - Top Workflow Management Software

2019 - Top Business Process Management Software

2019 - Top Rated BPM Suite

What customers are saying about Flokzu

"Workflow simple, flexible and affordable. Great support, easy to use. We have several offices in different Latam countries, and use Flokzu to manage commercial leads, and then the containers delivery, invoicing and so on." - Virginia G.

"Easy to use, yet flexible Workflow & BPM Tool. The ability to model and deploy a full process within minutes. DueDates, alerts, and timers helps meeting deadlines. Very nice UI. Powerfull BPMN modeler." - Jose M.

"Flokzu is designed for making workflow processes, where each step can be completed online and assigned to different users. One of the outstanding features compared to its competitors is the ability to set up custom reporting. The GUI looks nice and is easy to navigate." - Dylan E.

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