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Feedbackly is an all in one customer experience management software that uses customer feedback as the core of your customer experience strategy. It’s a powerful tool that has everything you need to automatically turn feedback into sustainable sales growth.

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Feedbackly allows you to collect customer data by publishing surveys on any sales/marketing channel simultaneously. Feedbackly is the most powerful feedback analytics tool on the market – with the capability to automatically track 20 different KPIs. From the most important ones such NPS® (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) to Customer Retention Rate and First Response Time. Select from a variety of question types (smileys, multiple choice, open question, form, etc) and the Feedbackly analytics will convert all data into easy to understand, visual data.

Most importantly, Feedbackly makes it easy to turn your customer insight into action with automated survey notifications – triggered by custom rules. This means that when a survey response meets certain criteria (i.e: Includes a red smiley OR orange smiley), an email will be sent to someone on your team to take action immediately.

Managing your entire customer journeys has never been this easy. With Feedbackly, you can build your customer journeys and track performance at every stage - making it easy to see when and where things go wrong.

What are the benefits of Feedbackly to the businesses?

Feedbackly gives companies the tools and knowledge to improve their everyday customer experiences so that they can grow their company. This is achieved with a workflow that focuses on the customer journey and includes built-in sales/marketing tools. At the end of the day, this means happier customers, more revenue, and long-term growth. The benefits of Feedbackly can be mapped out in 3 stages:

› Insight

Feedbackly allows you to discover customer pain points, common themes, company strengths, and weaknesses. It helps you visualize your customer journeys and makes it easier to assign causality to experiences along these journeys.

› Action

Take action with Feedbackly’s built-in sales and marketing tools. The feedback inbox allows you to send messages to your customers in real-time. Notification rules ensure that you are able to address customer experience issues immediately.

› Results

Long-term results rely on continuous action. Improve your overall customer experience and quantify it into customer satisfaction % and NPS.

With our help, our customers will be able to increase sales via improved customer loyalty and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Feedbackly Features

› Intuitive survey editor

Create beautiful surveys with the easy-to-use survey editor. You can choose from 8 question types to get more accurate customer data.

› Multi-language surveys

Add up to 10 different language-versions of your surveys. Respondents can switch between languages easily when completing an in-store survey. When completing an online survey, the survey language will automatically switch to the respondent’s browser language.

› Industry-leading analytics

Feedbackly is the most powerful feedback analytics tool on the market – with the capability to automatically track 20 different KPIs. From the most important ones such NPS® (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) to Customer Retention Rate and First Response Time.

› Multichannel distribution

Online, in-store, email, SMS, QR code, survey link – publish your Feedbackly surveys anywhere and everywhere. This can also be done simultaneously, meaning that you can publish a single survey to all of these channels at once. And managing your channels is easy with channel groups and labels.

› Visual customization

Strict company branding requirements? Add your company logo and colors so customers know who they’re talking to. You can customize the font colour and style as well as background colour and company logo. You can also create a channel specific logo that only appears on a single channel.

› Question Logic

Create surveys that react and adapt to customer responses in real-time. Segment your respondents and dive deeper into any possible service issues.

› Survey notifications

Create automated survey notifications – triggered by custom AND/OR rules. Never let a customer slip through the cracks. One of the best use cases of this feature is to send a notification to floor-level retail employees when a customer leaves negative feedback in your store. In many cases, you can address the problem before the customer walks out the door.

› Feedback Inbox

WOW, your customers with instant outreach. Send coupons and promotions to create loyal customers and win back unhappy ones. The Feedback inbox also consolidates customer feedback from the same customer so you don’t see duplicates in your dashboard.

› Multi-user accounts

Build your CX strategy as a team and add more people from your organization to help manage service-related issues shown in your Feedback Inbox.

› Data export

Export your feedback data as a PDF or Excel file.

Feedbackly Pricing

Feedbackly offers custom pricing built from our 3 feature packages. Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Our plans serve as a baseline for our sales team to build the right package for your needs. Our Basic plan includes the minimum required tools for marketing, CX, and HR managers. Our Standard plan includes customer journey mapping and a more advanced analytics package. And Our Advanced package is for large corporations who are looking for an all-in-one CX solution with a dedicated customer support line.

Each package can be selected and features can be added as needed.

What is unique about Feedbackly?

Feedbackly is the only customer experience management tool that allows you to publish your surveys simultaneously on multiple sales/marketing channels. It is also the only software with which you can build your customer journeys and track KPI’s at every stage.

Combining our unique feature-set into a tool that is easy-to-use is something which allows our customers to get a huge amount of value out of our software. With the added support that we offer (a dedicated CX expert), Feedbackly is the ultimate all-in-one CX solution.

Technical Details

Supported the most popular web browsers.
REST API available for connecting to external systems
Feedbackly app for publishing surveys on iPad devices

Supported survey languages: 63
Dashboard languages: 3

English, Finnish, Spanish

Support Details

Our support team is located in Europe and North America to offer a wider daily support window. Our team includes CX experts who are ready to answer your live chat messages (in-app) phone calls, and emails. We are proud to say that we have an NPS score of 62 and are looking to improve this number with our support excellence.

› Phone support

For customers with a phone support package - you will be assigned to a dedicated CX specialist who will be there to ensure that you are reaching your CX goals.

› Email support (tickets)

Email tickets can be submitted for questions, bug reporting, or anything else.

› Live chat support

Our live chat team will answer your question virtually immediately within support hours.

Feedbackly Awards

SoftwareWorld Top Customer Satisfaction Software

OP Smart Commerce Competition Winner

Improve customer satisfaction with Feedbackly! This is the best tool to understand the customer journey. The software offers 360-degree feedback, analytics, complaint monitoring, feedback collection, survey management, and many more features. We have found that it’s the best customer solution during our research. Many congratulations to the team.
- SoftwareWorld Research

What customers are saying about Feedbackly

"Our whole team – from management to individual curators know how important it is to understand what our customers think about their experiences, and with Feedbackly, we get insights and actions to be taken to ensure a great customer experience on a daily basis" - Minna Raitmaa Head of Public Programmes

"With Feedbackly we have been able to set and monitor new KPI’s (measuring every step of our customer Journey Map), take new actions and improve our service and customer attention at branches level" - José Enrique Treviño Cervantes Innovation Director @ Banregio

"Actions taken based on the feedback are extremely important as the competition is fierce and standards are continuously risen higher and higher. We constantly develop new ways to collect feedback and measure how we do things. This is just the beginning!" - Tommi Larikka CEO of Suomen Henkilöstötalo

"With Feedbackly Inbox we can communicate directly with our customers and track the customer’s feedback history to set Customer KPI’s. This enables us to improve our Customer Service and retain customers that have experienced a bad service and make them: satisfied and loyal" - Elías Ferrer CRM Chief @ GNP

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