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eXo Platform is an all-in-one digital workplace solution that helps you connect, align and engage your teams around a single interface. You can use it to improve company and peer-to-peer communication, boost collaboration and manage company knowledge.

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Capterra 4.6/5
GetApp 4.5/5
G2Crowd 4.3/5
Crozdesk 4.4/5



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What are the benefits of eXo Platform to the businesses?

Streamline your communications and centralize access to information and business applications.

Connect your teams and provide them with tools to collaborate more effectively.

Build a rich knowledge base for better problem solving, learning and decision making.

Engage and reward teams with tailored built-in employee recognition and gamification programs.

eXo Platform Features

eXo Platform offers a rich set of features such as enterprise social networking (people profiles, directory, activity streams, notifications, etc.), corporate or team spaces, document management, content publishing, wikis, calendars, task management, forums, polls, private or team chat, video calls, and search function for quickly finding any information. The platform also helps boost employee engagement through gamification, reward programs, employee recognition tools and more.

Enterprise social networking features such as user profiles, activity streams and more.Users can easily navigate through the platform and interact with their peers through a built-in chat application and the ability to like, comment on and share various pieces of content.

Collaborative groups where users can communicate, collaborate on projects and easily find what they are looking for.

Document management features that allow users to share content easily through drag and drop, organize content in rich document libraries and share information with the click of a button in the activity stream or the chat application. Additionally, the co-editing feature allowed users to co-edit documents in real time, track changes, compare versions and reduce duplicated knowledge.

Employee recognition features such as kudos to promote recognition. Users can send kudos to praise their peers’ work.

Features can be switched on or off according to your needs. You can brand and personalize the interface of the platform, build internal resource centers, news areas, collaborative spaces, communities and tailor each one of them with all the content and apps you need.

eXo Platform Pricing

Starting at $5/engaged user/month

What is unique about eXo Platform?

The ability to combine a variety of features under one holistic solution.

Integrates easily with third party applications and legacy systems thanks to its open source nature

Technical Details

Supported devices: Desktop and mobile devices

Supported operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android

Supported web browsers: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Supported languages: 23 languages

To learn more visit https://www.exoplatform.com/terms-conditions/supported-environments.pdf

Support Details

eXo Platform offers three levels of support: basic, standard and premium. The Basic level provides web support during standard business hours for 10 tickets per year and one named contact. It is included in our out-of-the-box Professional subscription. The Standard level provides web support during standard business hours for 25 tickets per year and three named contacts. The Premium level provides 24/7 web and phone ongoing support for unlimited tickets and five named contacts.

eXo Platform Awards

Digital Transformation Award with French Law Enforcement Agency

Improve team communication and boost team collaboration with eXo Platform; the best digital workplace software. You can easily connect, align, and engage your teams with the software. You can also build a powerful knowledge base to improve the problem-solving feature with the eXo Platform. You can even connect your employees, customers, and your business partners in real-time through the eXo Platform. You can also organize your business documents through eXo Platform’s document management feature. It’s the best social collaboration platform for leading companies.

- SoftwareWorld Research

What customers are saying about eXo Platform

“Without a doubt, eXo Platform provides everything you may need to put into action your innovative digital work base or customer experience solution. This app design in a way that it helps you to get real work done, without the platform being the part of the work. Because it is cloud-based, you can easily share any kind of data with your co-workers, which makes collaboration so much easier. If you are looking for a multifunctional social collaboration platform for the enterprise, I suggest you try eXo Platform, as it has an entirely new and sophisticated approach towards collaboration and communication between coworkers.”
- Tal N. / Software Engineer

“I like the way that the eXo Platform gives a helpful interface to encouraging social participation inside the organization. This enables you to effortlessly speak with different clients and to all the more adequately chip away at tasks, basically wiping out the boundaries natural in conventional programming PM and improving execution. Exo has the best apparatuses of social collaboration. He as of late acquainted video visit with better work together continuously.”
- Jackson N. / Customer Support Engineer

“eXo is an Enterprise Social Network that will improve productivity across the board in all members of the company. It's very feature rich so if you want your organization's knowledge, private, secure and organized then you have to try it!”
- Òscar F. / Information Technology and Services

“Exo is intuitive and has a friendly user interface ,which makes it easy to navigate around and use on a day to day basis. It has worked great for team collaboration and efficient for whenever I have needed to formulate ideas alongside others in my department.I like that Exo provides my organization with all we need from a collaboration program,thereby removing the need to use multiple collaboration platforms at the same time. ”
- Stuart E. / Content Marketer

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