PTO or Paid Time Off tracker software is a system that helps you monitor and manage employee leaves more effectively. From sick leaves and corporate holidays to annual vacations, the software paints a correct picture of your team’s time-off status at all times. Read More
Employee feedback software is a human resource solution designed to evaluate employee performance, engagement, and work satisfaction. It enables managers and their teams to incorporate gathered feedback into their operations and foster. Read More
Reference check software is a set of programs for automating contacting and enquiring about the references provided by job applicants. It aims to increase the efficiency of human capital management professionals in procuring a piece of detailed. Read More
Interview Scheduling Software refers to an automated system that turns the process of scheduling candidate interviews simpler, faster, and more convenient. Using such software, you can end the cycle of innumerable phone calls and emails. Read More
Mentoring software is a technical application that allows businesses to launch and run effective mentorship programs. They save heaps of time and resources by automating processes like managing, analyzing, and measuring activities leading. Read More