Employee Referral Software is a software program used by hiring professionals and recruitment teams to run employee referral programs. Through this, employees are encouraged to become brand ambassadors of the company. Read More
An employee database management system is an essential tool used by companies to manage the employees in their organization. It provides a central place to store any kind of records related to all the employees. Read More
Daydreaming about a better way to run payroll? Maybe it’s because your current system doesn’t have the features your business needs. And if you’re just starting, you may not know exactly what features you’re looking for.  Whether you’re tired of your current payroll system or are just starting, we’ve got the 11must-have features your payroll … Continue reading "If Your Payroll Software Doesn’t Have These 11 Features, Ditch It" Read More
HR analytics software is a specialized tool designed to help HR uncover critical insights from data and make better decisions for the workforce. It solves the imminent issue that is very common in the HR department: “Where Do I get the data? Read More
Assessment software is essentially a tool used by corporates, exam-holding bodies, and educational institutions for evaluating employees and students through online tests and assessments of any sort. It reduces the huge expenditure of time. Read More