You’ll be surprised: By the end of 2017, mobile browser and app usage were reported to be 5.41% as against desktop usage, which were 3.99% conversions. Also, the average order value of mobile browsers and apps were more than desktop in 2015-16. Given these stats, it’s no wonder why there has been a sudden increase in the demand for mobile app development tips, tricks, and trends, over the years. So, are you too looking forward Read More
How to Streamline The Customer Experience with Data Integration
Data integration, in its purest sense, is a careful and methodical blend of data coming from different sources, making it more useful and valuable than a single point of data would have been on its own. Customer experience, defined as the impression your customer has of your brand at any touchpoint, either with people or product, and should be the main focus of every department. While these two areas seem to be unrelated, the two Read More
The Relevance of Simplification in BPM
There is plenty written about the importance of proper Business Process Management (BPM), the relevance of BPM Suites (BPMS), and the difference between cloud BPM Suites (i.e Flokzu ) and on-premise BPM Suites (i.e INTEGRADOC ). There is also plenty written about the dichotomy between automating processes as they are ("As Is") or applying re-engineering to improve them prior to automation ("Should Be"). However, very little has been written about the absolute importance of simplifying Read More
Data Security Controls Primary Objective
Information security management has grown increasingly complex over the years. Nowadays, businesses need to implement data classification processes, protection protocols, change management, and many other measures as part of their information security management strategy. The growing complexity of security management has resulted in many businesses blindly following compliance. You will find that companies are more concerned about meeting all their compliance guidelines without understanding how these guidelines help their systems, networks, and platforms to remain Read More
9 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A CRM For Your Small Business
It’s true that even the biggest brands had to start with a small set up but they have managed to become giants because of sheer determination and impeccable customer service. Small business owners have to do a lot of struggle in establishing their identities but one of the best ways with which they can do this is by collecting, retaining, and converting quality leads. Comprehensive sales CRM for small business can be the right tool Read More