This tool measures the experiences of your workforce during their lifecycle with the organization. You can analyze several aspects of employee experience, including NPS and satisfaction levels, onboarding surveys, review preparations, and more. Read More
360 degree feedback, popularly known as multi-rater feedback, is a performance evaluation system whereby employees receive anonymous or confidential feedback from their colleagues. It is a development tool utilized to gather performance reviews. Read More
HCM software, short for Human Capital Management Software, is a complete suite of human resources solutions that empower organizations to not just automate their HR operations but also manage the workforce better. Read More
Goal setting software is a specialized tool designed to help employees set goals, track their progress, and see the areas that need improvement. The online goal setting software handles almost every single part of goal planning. Read More
Organizations hire employees after conducting a thorough background check. That is, they verify the information provided by the candidates, including a candidate’s past employment records, education history, financial, criminal and other such data. Read More