This software supports HR personnel and organizations to file, administer and resolve requests and cases related to employee relations confidentially and effectively. This system is also known as employee relations case management software. Read More
This software is a comprehensive combination of tools that are used for the management of employees. This system stores and manages the employee’s confidential data and enables the HR team to handle and process all functions. Read More
Tracking and assessing employee performances can be laborious and difficult but is essential for the holistic development of businesses in the long run. This is where the employee evaluation software comes in handy. Read More
A performance review software is a tool that enables employers to review the performance of each employee and spur their productivity to boost their business. The employee review software is the substitute for the annual performance review. Read More
OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results; this software is one of the essential tools for evaluating performance and ensuring efficient work progress in a business. It is used for tracking, communicating, setting, and measuring results. Read More