OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results; this software is one of the essential tools for evaluating performance and ensuring efficient work progress in a business. It is used for tracking, communicating, setting, and measuring results. Read More
This software is a unique tool that can spur employee productivity and improve overall business performance. It provides organizational goals for employees, teams, and management and ensures they are aligned to the optimum. Read More
Employee engagement software is an HR software to help HR and managers understand how connected the employees feel with their organizations. Businesses can use this software to promote employee engagement through surveys, community formation. Read More
Benefits administration software is designed to reduce the traditional paperwork and automate employee benefits eligibility, elections, and enrollment for medical purposes like dental and other ancillary options. Read More
A recruitment agency software is a software solution designed to cater to the needs of recruiters, hiring managers and recruiting/staffing agencies. It includes tools that not only streamline but also automate your recruitment lifecycle. Read More