7 Best Sales Management Software For Your Business in 2023

list of top rated Sales Management Software

Looking for the best-fit Sales Management Software to exceed your sales goals? Here’s a comprehensive list of the leading software solutions in the market based on their features and pricing.

Managing the sales process in a conventional way is not only tedious but also consumes a lot of your resources in the form of time, money and personnel. That’s why it is only wise to switch to a sales management system that streamlines your sales process through effective automation. But before we have a look at the best available solutions, let’s first understand the sales management software definition.

» What is Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is a system that helps organize, manage and automate the sales activities of your business. The software is designed to streamline disparate sales data and processes, empowering the sales team to achieve its goals seamlessly.

Whether it is monitoring data, assigning leads, managing contact details or automating repetitive admin tasks, the sales management systems can do it all. In fact, many solutions offer hassle-free integrations with third-party tools and email clients like Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Outlook and Slack.

As a result, you get a centralized repository of customer data, quicker access to customer history, automated workflow and prioritization of leads. What’s more? The system provides you with accurate analytics, reports and forecasts as and when you need them. That improves the quality of your decisions significantly, which, in turn, enhances the overall business operations.

Luckily, there is a plethora of sales management software for small businesses and big corporates alike, available in free and paid plans. To save you time and trouble, we’ve compiled the following list featuring the best ones. So, let’s begin.

7 Best Sales Management Software Tools For Your Organization

#1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Top Sales Management Software Salesforce Sales Cloud

One of the best sales management tools, Sales Cloud by Salesforce, helps you surpass your sales goals no matter where you are. The system now comes in with Slack to become the single, integrated platform for all your apps, data, conversations and alerts. From contact, opportunity and lead management to process automation to collaboration, projections and reports, this software helps close more deals for a revenue boost.

Touted as an ideal customer engagement platform, Sales Cloud is suitable for businesses irrespective of their size and industry globally. And it works as diligently with your external partners as it does with your internal teams.


As a comprehensive sales CRM software, Sales Cloud offers a 360-degree view of your customer accounts - right from their history to insights from social media. Its elaborated list of features include:

    • Insights into your team’s deals in terms of quotes, stage, competition and more.
    • Automation of repetitive administration tasks.
    • Lead tracking from start to finish with continuously optimizable campaigns.
    • Real-time dashboard indicating the current business standing.
    • Data intelligence for more informed decision-making.
    • In-depth, customizable reports.
    • Custom KPIs and in-line editing for accurate forecasts.
    • Remote access across devices with quick sync and share functions.


Sales Cloud by Salesforce has four different plans for businesses with varying needs: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited. The Essentials plan is a starter package with the most basic features.

Here are the pricing details:

    • Essentials: $25 per user per month
    • Professional: $75 per user per month
    • Enterprise: $150 per user per month
    • Unlimited: $300 per user per month

All the plans offer an annual billing arrangement with an option to include added functions, such as Pardot and CPQ & Billing.

#2. Keap

Top Sales Management Software keap

Keap turns into your integrated platform that not only enhances your sales operations but also brings automation to your marketing and CRM activities. From easy follow-ups with its automated texts and emails to built-in reminders, the system takes care of the mundane tasks to let you focus on getting more business.

With its simple yet efficient user interface, this sales management software is easy to use by anyone on the team. It is a perfect sales CRM solution for small businesses and established organizations alike.


Keap packs in multiple exciting features from automation to integration to take the trouble out of your sales process. It offers easy automation, as well as advanced automation, to suit your distinct growth requirements.

    • Lead capture and organization.
    • Contact segmentation for targeted campaigns.
    • Automated reminders and follow-ups through texts and emails.
    • Integration with more than 2000 third-party applications, including Gmail,
    • WordPress, BigCommerce and Outlook.
    • Repeatable process creation for tracking leads, scheduling appointments and sending quotations.
    • Pre-built landing pages and campaign builder for marketing automation.
    • Smart reporting and analytics.


Although Keap is available in three pricing plans, the cost depends upon the number of contacts your business has.

Here’s the breakdown of all the plans for a single user & 500 contacts:

    • Keap Lite at $79/month
    • Keap Pro at $159/month
    • Keap Max at $199/month

Remember, the price increases with your growing contacts. Besides, Keap offers a Max Classic plan for advanced sales team and e-commerce needs. You need to contact the team for its pricing details.

#3. Zoho CRM

Top Sales Management Software zoho crm

Zoho CRM sales management software is a top-rated solution by customers. The software, with its excellent lead conversion and customer engagement functions, empowers more than 250,000 businesses in 180 nations.

The sales CRM system by Zoho comprises a host of interesting offerings, such as conversational AI to sell smart, automation of mundane tasks and follow-ups, instant action triggers, and multiple channels to communicate with customers. What’s more, the solution is simple to use with a minimal learning curve.


Zoho offers active support at every step of the way - from consultation to deployment to onboarding to training. It also lets you sell on-the-go with its dedicated Android and iOS CRM apps.

Here’s a full list of primary features:

    • Easy incorporation of offline sales processes into the CRM through Sales Process Builder.
    • AI-powered automation of routine sales, support and marketing functions.
    • AI assistant, Zia, to fetch any information instantly, predict leads with a greater chance of conversion, and more.
    • Automatic lead capture from social media.
    • Seamless team collaboration and remote access.
    • CommandCenter to craft tailor-made consumer journeys.
    • Task reminders, intelligent alerts and recommendations on best times for contacting leads.
    • Invoices, quotations and order generation right within the software.
    • Real-time business analytics and monitoring of current trends.
    • Management and review of your sales performance based on territories.
    • Customization of features as per your unique needs.
    • Targeted email marketing campaigns and more with marketing automation.
    • Integration with third-party apps you already use, including MailChimp and Google Ads.


Zoho CRM is available in four pricing plans:

    • Standard plan costing around $12/user a month
    • Professional plan costing around $19/user a month
    • Enterprise plan costing about $32/user a month
    • Ultimate plan costing about $35/user a month

All the plans follow a yearly billing cycle. Moreover, you can choose to start with a free plan with basic features in place and upgrade later when your business grows.

#4. Pipedrive

Top Sales Management Software pipedrive

Pipedrive’s Sales CRM and Pipeline Management Software are designed to let you focus on the right deals, driving in more sales. The software comes in with a drag-and-drop sales pipeline backed by an intuitive interface and a set of easy-to-use tools, including email sync, contact management and calendar.

The software creates actionable steps out of your big sales goals to accelerate your business. It makes follow-ups simpler with reminders so that you never miss out on an opportunity. What’s striking is, Pipedrive has powerful importing tools to import your spreadsheets loaded with data. That not only streamlines information but also improves overall business operations.


Developed on the concept of activity-powered selling, Pipedrive contains a visual sales pipeline to keep you updated about where your business sales stand. It can sync with your Google calendar and lets you access and send emails right within the system.

Here are more of its features:

    • Management of sales deals and leads 24/7 from the web forms and chatbots.
    • Tracking of emails, contact history and calls.
    • Automation of routine admin tasks powered by AI.
    • Activity reminders and follow-up automation.
    • Customization of performance metrics for insightful reports.
    • Remote access with mobile device support and dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android.
    • Support for offline activity scheduling.
    • Robust security mechanism for sales data protection.
    • Integration with over 150 apps and tools.


Pipedrive’s sales management software comes in four packages. All the plans are available either for a monthly billing cycle or an annual one.

    • Essential at $12.50/user/month
    • Advanced at $24.90/user/month
    • Professional at $49.90/user/month
    • Enterprise at $99/user/month

The above plans are GDPR-compliant, available at an annual billing, offer 24/7 support and include Android and iOS mobile apps.

#5. HubSpot Sales Hub

Top Sales Management Software HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales Hub, a fully-featured sales CRM software by HubSpot, is trusted by small businesses and big enterprises alike. The solution, designed to bring all your data and tools together on a single, robust platform, empowers your teams to remain on the same page. It is an easy-to-use sales software regardless of your technical background.

With this HubSpot product, you can deepen your client relationships leveraging its powerful sales engagement tools for proactive communication and follow-ups. It provides a 360-degree view into your sales pipeline, letting you stay on top of your current business health anytime, from anywhere.


The system's dashboard enables you to shuffle between different functions, from quotations to customer details to performance analytics, hassle-freely. The solution can integrate with 875+ tools seamlessly.

Here are detailed features:

    • Live chat & personalizable email templates to save time.
    • Prioritization, recording, and tracking of calls and emails. You can make the calls straight from your web browser, record them, and the system automatically logs them in the CRM.
    • Management and monitoring of documents, contacts, and customer profiles.
    • Scheduling of meetings & appointments.
    • Sales process automation with customizations.
    • Generation of personalized, branded sales quotes.
    • Analytics, reporting, and forecasting tools accurate reviews of sales performance.
    • Support for multi-device, remote access.
    • Pipeline management with one-click addition of deals.
    • Collaborative, intuitive tools for uniting marketing and sales teams.


You can choose between HubSpot’s premium and free sales management software editions. The premium plans include:

    • Starter plan at $45 a month
    • Professional plan at $450 a month
    • Enterprise plan at $1,200 a month

#6. Monday.com

Top Sales Management Software monday

Monday.com, a simple sales management software, is an intuitive platform that you can personalize entirely as per your distinct sales process requirements. Whether it is lead scoring, tracking and management or customer onboarding and sales pipeline management, this sales CRM strengthens your complete sales process.

The software has the capability of becoming your centralized hub of information thanks to its efficient data syncing function. Furthermore, you can connect monday.com sales software with the leading third-party tools you may already be using, such as Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Zapier, Shopify and MailChimp.


The sales software by monday.com doesn’t require you to learn coding to make the most of this platform. It is easy to navigate for anyone in the team. It streamlines the business operations through the following features:

    • Lead tracking and management.
    • Task assignment and tracking.
    • Automation of mundane tasks.
    • Individual, personalized sales training through structured meetings.
    • Simplified onboarding of new sales representatives.
    • Quicker access to diverse sales material.
    • One-click integrations with other tools.
    • Collaborative tools to work alongside other departments.
    • Customized, targeted marketing content and campaigns.
    • Visual, customizable dashboards to keep tabs on your sales activities.
    • Real-time data insights to enhance decision-making.


Monday.com sales software is available in diverse pricing plans with an annual billing:

    • Individual plan is free forever.
    • Basic plan costs $8/user/month.
    • Standard plan costs $10/user/month.
    • Pro plan costs $16/user/month.
    • Enterprise plan comes at a custom pricing.

#7. Nutshell

Top Sales Management Software Nutshell

With its ease of use, the Nutshell B2B Sales Automation CRM software is ideal for teams that need frequent collaborations, whether in big firms or startups. The software solution comes in with powerful email marketing functions so that you don’t just boost your conversions but also indulge inefficient growth marketing.

The comprehensive B2B sales management software can easily connect to your existing business tools, including Slack, GSuite, and Office 365. The platform automates your entire sales process based on your unique business requirements and helps handle multiple sales pipelines seamlessly. It is backed by a solid support team.


Nutshell packs in all the necessary characteristics for effective lead capture and monitoring. Considered an all-in-one tool for sales and marketing, this system offers email sequencing and one-click calling, recording and tracking phone calls.

Here’s an elaborated list of features:

    • A personalized, automated sales process to equip your teams at every step of the way.
    • Four ways to view and manage your sales pipeline - Map view, List view,
    • Board view and Chart view. You can easily save and share these views with fellow team members.
    • Customizable reports to take a quick glance at your business performance.
    • Simplified contact management to go back to any client, contact and communication whenever you need.
    • Email marketing capabilities with automation and personalization.
    • Hassle-free collaboration tools for teams across your organization.
    • Custom audience creation from your business CRM data.


Nutshell Sales CRM System has two pricing plans to fit in with varying needs:

    • The Starter plan costs $19 per user every month.
    • The Pro plan costs $35 per user every month.

The above-mentioned plans are for an annual billing option. You can also choose a monthly billing cycle which costs $22 for the Starter plan and $39 for the Pro one on a per-user/month basis.

Final Thoughts

Sale is a crucial aspect for any business with growth in its mind. While the conventional way of managing the sales process only adds to the confusion, both the desktop and cloud-based sales management software streamlines your entire sales pipeline with ease. It not only helps close more deals but also saves tons of your time to focus on your next move. If you’re curious to get your business one such solution, pick one out of the top seven listed here. It will smoothen your overall business operations in ways you always dreamt of.

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