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Marketing Automation Software is the go-to solution for perplexed marketers in a world with intense competition and several media platforms. With excellent CRM integrations, the software aligns the marketing and sales departments, improving the effectiveness of campaigns. Email marketing tools come with attractive templates that help to create relevant product-specified content, achieve multi-platform previews, and facilitate advanced email reporting. Social media automation tools generate well-structured posts that are optimized for various social media platforms, eliminating time- ...

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List of Best Marketing Automation Software

ActiveCampaign for Marketing

Grow your B2C business with marketing and sales automation

ActiveCampaign is a versatile marketing platform focused on email marketing, automation, and CRM tools. It allows users to create personalized email campaigns, automate marketing workflows, and manage customer relationships. The platform features segmenting capabilities for targeted campaigns, a drag-and-drop email designer, and detailed reporting to analyze campaign effectiveness. ActiveCampaign ... read more about ActiveCampaign for Marketing

14 Days

$9 Per month

United States

Acoustic Campaign

Digital Marketing Experience Solutions

Acoustic Campaign is a versatile marketing automation platform designed to streamline your marketing efforts. With an intuitive interface, it empowers you to create and execute targeted campaigns effortlessly. Customize email templates, segment your audience, and personalize content to enhance engagement. Acoustic Campaign offers robust analytics, enabling you to track key metrics like open rates ... read more about Acoustic Campaign

7 Days

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United States

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Marketing Software for Businesses of Every Size

HubSpot Marketing Hub is an all-in-one marketing software designed to assist businesses in growing their online presence. It features email marketing tools for creating and sending targeted campaigns. The platform offers SEO tools to enhance website visibility. Social media management tools within HubSpot enable scheduling and monitoring of posts across platforms. The software includes a content ... read more about HubSpot Marketing Hub

7 Days

$800 Per month

United States

Constant Contact

Get the email marketing platform that powers small business growth.

Constant Contact is an online marketing platform primarily focused on email marketing. It allows users to create and send professional-looking emails with ease, using customizable templates. The platform also includes features for managing contact lists, segmenting audiences for targeted campaigns, and tracking email performance with detailed analytics. Additionally, Constant Contact supports ... read more about Constant Contact


$10 Per month

United States


Proven CRM and turnkey marketing solution

Act! is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to streamline business processes. It helps manage contacts, leads, and customer interactions effectively. Key features include sales pipeline management, which enables tracking of sales opportunities from lead to close. Act! also offers marketing automation, allowing users to create and send targeted email campaigns. The software ... read more about Act!

14 Days

$30 Per month

United States

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Adapt and innovate with intelligent CRM and ERP business applications.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a versatile software from Microsoft, designed to unify customer information and marketing activities within a single platform. Its strength lies in seamlessly integrating with other Dynamics 365 applications, enhancing data consistency and accessibility. The software excels in automation, enabling users to create and manage marketing campaigns efficiently. A standout ... read more about Dynamics 365 Marketing

30 Days

$20 Per month

United States


Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

SAP Emarsys is a comprehensive cloud-based marketing platform designed to significantly enhance customer engagement through personalized experiences. This software uniquely integrates advanced data analytics and marketing automation tools, allowing businesses to create, manage, and optimize their marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, SMS, and web. SAP Emarsys... read more about Emarsys

7 Days

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United States


Versatile & Robust Project Management Software

Wrike, a dynamic project management platform, revolutionizes team collaboration with its user-friendly features. Designed for simplicity, Wrike empowers teams to plan, track, and manage projects seamlessly. The platform's customizable dashboards offer real-time insights, enhancing decision-making processes. Wrike's flexibility adapts to various work styles, making it suitable for diverse teams and... read more about Wrike

14 Days

$9.80 Per month

United States


Get measurable results from online marketing

Semrush is a powerful suite of robust online marketing tools. It helps you analyze and optimize your website's performance. With Semrush, you can track your keywords, spy on competitors, and discover new opportunities. It provides insights into organic search, paid advertising, and backlinks. The tool's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. Semrush also offers site audit features to ... read more about Semrush

7 Days

$129.95 Per month

United States


Marketing, Automation & Email Platform

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform that simplifies communication for businesses. Its user-friendly interface allows users to design engaging email campaigns without the need for advanced technical skills. With customizable templates, businesses can create visually appealing newsletters that resonate with their audience. Mailchimp's automation features streamline marketing efforts by ... read more about Mailchimp


$6.89 Per year

United States


All-in-one free platform to manage your team and run your sales

Bitrix24 is a versatile business management platform designed to streamline tasks and boost team collaboration. It serves as a centralized hub, integrating tools for communication, project management, and customer relationship management. With features like file sharing, automation, calendars, and task tracking, Bitrix24 simplifies daily operations for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly ... read more about Bitrix24

15 Days

$49 Per month

United States

Brevo Marketing Platform

Drive conversions with multi-channel campaigns and marketing automation.

Brevo Marketing Platform is a user-friendly digital marketing tool designed for efficiency and simplicity. It offers a range of features including email marketing, social media management, and SEO optimization to enhance online presence. With analytics and reporting, users gain insights into campaign performance. The platform supports targeted advertising, helping to reach specific audiences ... read more about Brevo Marketing Platform

7 Days

$9 Per month



Leading small business CRM and automation platform

Keap is a versatile customer relationship management (CRM) software designed for small businesses, offering an array of features to streamline client interactions and business processes. It includes advanced automation for tasks and marketing, helping users efficiently manage emails, appointments, and follow-ups. Its sales pipeline management tool ensures effective tracking of prospects and deals... read more about Keap

14 Days

$249 Per month

United States


Customer-Centric Marketing Automation Platform

Drip, the innovative online platform, revolutionizes email marketing for businesses. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Drip empowers companies to create, automate, and personalize their email campaigns effortlessly. This versatile tool allows you to segment your audience, ensuring that your messages reach the right people at the right time. Drip's intuitive drag-and-drop editor... read more about Drip

14 Days

$39 Per month

United States

Zoho CRM

Top-rated Sales CRM Software by Customers

Zoho CRM is a user-friendly software designed to streamline customer relationship management for businesses. It helps companies organize and automate their sales processes, fostering better customer interactions. With Zoho CRM, users can efficiently manage contacts, track leads, and monitor deals in one centralized platform. The software offers customizable dashboards, enabling businesses to ... read more about Zoho CRM

15 Days

$14 Per month



Full-Stack Customer Engagement and Retention Platform

WebEngage is a multi-channel marketing automation software that empowers businesses to create more personalized and effective customer engagement strategies. It focuses on enhancing user experience across various digital platforms including email, SMS, in-app messages, and web notifications. With its robust segmentation and targeting capabilities, WebEngage allows marketers to deliver highly ... read more about WebEngage

7 Days

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Insights-led Customer Engagement Platform

MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform designed to aid businesses in understanding and responding to their customers' needs more effectively. This software excels in analyzing customer behavior across various digital touchpoints, enabling companies to craft personalized marketing strategies. MoEngage's key features include automation of marketing campaigns, real-time segmentation... read more about MoEngage

7 Days

Contact Vendor

United States


The Ultimate All-in-One Customer Engagement Platform

CleverTap is a comprehensive customer engagement and retention platform that leverages real-time analytics and user segmentation to help businesses maximize user engagement. It integrates advanced data science to understand user behavior, enabling personalized and timely interactions across various channels like push notifications, emails, and in-app messages. CleverTap's platform offers ... read more about CleverTap

30 Days

$72 Per month

United States

EngageBay CRM

All-in-One CRM - Marketing, Sales & Support Software

EngageBay CRM is a comprehensive software solution tailored to enhance customer relationship management for businesses of all sizes. It serves as a centralized platform, simplifying the organization and nurturing of customer interactions, marketing efforts, and sales activities. With EngageBay CRM, you can efficiently manage leads, track customer interactions, and automate marketing campaigns, all... read more about EngageBay CRM


$12.74 Per month

United States

Agile CRM

Best, easy, powerful yet affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales and marketing automation for small businesses.

Agile CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that integrates sales, marketing, and service functionalities. It offers contact management to organize customer data. Sales tracking tools help monitor deals and stages. With Agile CRM, users can automate marketing tasks like emails and social media campaigns. The software includes a telephony feature for customer calls within ... read more about Agile CRM


$9.99 Per month

United States


Ecommerce Email Marketing and SMS Platform

Omnisend is an e-commerce marketing platform designed to streamline communication with customers. It offers tools for creating, automating, and personalizing emails, SMS, and push notifications. Key features include advanced segmentation for targeted messaging, pre-built automation workflows for events like cart abandonment, and a drag-and-drop editor for easy email design. Omnisend also provides ... read more about Omnisend



United Kingdom


Create Email Marketing Your Audience Will Love

MailerLite is an email marketing tool designed for ease of use. It offers a drag-and-drop editor, making it simple to create attractive emails without needing design skills. Features include automation to send emails based on subscriber actions, segmentation for targeted campaigns, and A/B testing to optimize messages. You can also create landing pages and pop-ups to grow your list. Integrations ... read more about MailerLite



United States


Marketing Automation for Email Marketing, SMS & CDP

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform focused on email and SMS messaging. It helps businesses create targeted and personalized communication strategies. Key features include email segmentation, which allows for sending relevant messages to specific groups. Klaviyo offers integration with numerous e-commerce platforms, facilitating data-driven marketing campaigns. Its analytics tools provide ... read more about Klaviyo



United States


Easiest Email Marketing Software, Platform & Tools

iContact is a streamlined email marketing software designed for businesses aiming to boost their email communication effectiveness. Renowned for its simplicity and efficiency, iContact is perfect for both novices and experienced marketers. Its standout feature is the drag-and-drop email editor, making the creation of professional-looking emails quick and straightforward. The software boasts a ... read more about iContact

7 Days

$8.50 Per month

United States

Adobe Marketo Engage

Leading Marketing Automation Platform

Adobe Marketo Engage is a comprehensive marketing automation platform designed to assist businesses in managing their marketing campaigns and customer engagement effectively. It offers tools for email marketing, lead management, and revenue attribution, enabling marketers to create personalized experiences for their audience. With its advanced analytics, users can track the effectiveness of their ... read more about Adobe Marketo Engage


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United States

Marketing Automation Software Buyer's Guide

If you are running a business then the plan of its future expansion must always keep turning around inside your head. In fact, it happens to all entrepreneurs and existing business tycoons. With that being said, it is also a common thing to acknowledge that growing business requires improving marketing strategies. Also, you should have your resources ready to take down any opportunity that comes as a result of your new marketing strategy. Well, though the above-said ideal case scenarios sound impressive but are equally difficult to achieve unless you have a helping hand to automate most of your marketing rituals – yes, we are talking about an ideal Marketing Automation Software.

» What is the meaning of marketing automation?

Marketing automation can be defined as a technology that helps companies manage their marketing campaigns and processes across channels automatically. An example of marketing automation can be automated messages businesses send to their prospects and consumers on social media, emails, and texts. It centralizes the company’s diverse marketing efforts and customer interactions.

» What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing Automation Software is a complete suite that automates and synchronizes your sales, marketing, support system, and CRM to bring the best outcomes for your business to the table. Instead of using separate marketing automation tools for separate marketing activities, it empowers you to manage your data and sales activity from a single platform. You get to customize conditional workflows from a single dashboard that controls all your marketing activities with ease. Though it may take a while to get comfortable with the tools once you master them, it opens up the door towards endless possibilities for market penetration.

» How does Marketing Automation Software work?

The marketing automation platforms work in multiple stages to fulfill your marketing needs. To get started with, it enables you to create customizable drag-and-drop forms and landing pages through which you can capture more potential leads than before. It seamlessly integrates your marketing and sales team with those leads who can easily convert them into sales before they get bounced. Once the deal gets inked, it takes care of the hassle-free payment and delivery of service from both ends. As a marketing automation system keeps a constant tab on customer’s behaviour and interest, keeping them happy with what they want becomes a cakewalk. Also, it helps your happy clients spread a word about your excellent service on various social media platforms thereby drawing more organic clients without any extra effort.

» Is it worth investing money in Marketing Automation Software?

It is undeniable that marketing strategies are getting stiffer day by day with businesses going global. Designing an effective marketing campaign these days requires everything to be perfect starting from emails to pages and pop-up forms. Unless you are an old-time market Nazi, predicting specific consequences of actions becomes difficult. However, a marketing automation software does all of the above discussed with its top marketing automation tools. That’s why the best marketing automation software for small businesses are on demand nowadays. That clears the air whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a big MNC, having an ideal marketing automation software will save your time and will streamline your efforts for getting desirable results.

» What are the features of Marketing Automation Software?

When one tries to complete the daily chores of marketing companies using human resources, it leads to wastage of time as well as resources. Similarly, the pen and paper-based methods don’t have a lasting effect as they are prone to human mistakes as well as theft or loss. However, after the inception of Marketing Automation Software, the companies and businesses can now efficiently manage marketing tasks without any worries. The software has wholly transformed the marketing process of marketers by automating all the tedious work. Hence, let’s study the various features of the software which come together to make the software a success.

› Automating Daily Tasks

If your company has been operating in the market for many years, then you are no stranger to the risks and longevity of the traditional methods of marketing. However, using marketing automation software has dramatically streamlined the process. Nowadays gathering customer data, arranging, and tagging them does not take more than some hours or even minutes in some cases. Thus, the employees can ensure more celebrated work with higher productivity.

› Lead Nurturing

The main task of the marketing automation software is to help the companies gather leads from the details of their regular visitors. By letting the companies detect and understand the pain points of the customers, the software helps in generating a massive number of leads for sales and marketing purposes. Moreover, it also helps in setting the leads based on their conversion rate, thereby placing higher probability ones at the top position.

› Integrating CRM

CRM plays an essential role in managing the marketing sector of your company by providing various crucial information. Hence, the developers of the software have allowed the marketing automation software to integrate the CRM with other marketing channels seamlessly. Moreover, this helps the sales agent to stay updated on any changes to the leads, which is then assigned to a particular agent once the software captures a lead.

› Customizing Land pages

The marketing automation tools are also capable of customizing the landing pages. The software has simple drag and drop tools, tools for changing colors, themes, font sizes, and more. Hence, one can sketch down their dream landing page into reality rather than focusing on a previously designed one.

› Real-Time Reports

Nowadays the marketing automation tools also come with real-time analytics and reporting systems which helps in understanding the customer’s behaviour based on their visiting and scrolling history. This data provides a piece of detailed information on how the products and services can be modified to keep the customers hooked.

› Bulk Email Marketing

The companies and businesses often prefer email marketing for sending out invitations and promotional notifications to their customers. As the list usually consists of a large number of participants, mailing each one of them takes time. In this regard, marketing automation tools streamline the job by sending bulk emails with less or no user interference.

› Lead Scoring

Imagine if your leads are arranged according to their value to your organization, then, won’t it become easy to prioritize them separately? In such conditions, marketers can use the software to sort the leads according to their buying cycle prospects. Afterward, depending upon the priority, managing each customer by sending them customer-specific offers, invitations, etc., becomes easy.

» What are the benefits of Marketing Automation Software?

Similar to other software, the marketing automation platforms also allow their users to avail a plethora of benefits over the traditional methods of marketing. The facilities and tools provided in the software make it stand out from the pen and paper-based processes. So, let’s proceed to the next step by learning some of the benefits of the software.

› Increases Traffic Inflow

The marketing automation platforms help in achieving a greater traffic inflow to the company or business by sending triggered emails. These emails are automatically sent depending upon the customer’s activity on the page or product, which are accompanied with exciting rewards. It helps in luring the customers while ensuring a better customer experience.

› Reduces Time Required

The software helps in atomizing more than half of the tedious work; hence, a great deal of work is easily achieved within a short period. Moreover, it also serves as an add-on for the employees as they get more time in their hands which they can use for creating customer-specific solutions. Similarly, the work which earlier used to take days to complete is now processed within hours and in some cases even in mere minutes.

› Boosting Return on Investment

ROI plays a significant role in maintaining the profit of the company. If a marketer invests a hefty amount in the company, then it is normal that he/she will expect a higher return on it. In this case, the software helps achieve this mission by reducing the number of human resources required for carrying out daily repetitive tasks.

› Monitoring Employees

Imagine if you can detect the poorly performing employees in real-time, won’t it be a good thing for the company? To help the companies do so, nowadays the marketing automation system comes with tracking facilities. The feature supports the operator to monitor and verify the employee activities, their online time, and more. Afterward, this information can then be used to detect any lacking along with best solutions for efficiently tackling them.

› Enhanced Accessibility

The Marketing automation System nowadays allows users to access their projects using their smartphones and tablets on the go. Moreover, using the software, the users can keep a track on the project’s progress while simultaneously getting intimations on any changes. It also plays a role in unchaining your users from the desktop, hence, allowing them to log in to the server at any time and from anywhere.

» How to choose Marketing Automation Software?

The task of choosing the best marketing automation software is not an easy task as the market is full of choices. Hence, we have created a list to help you out in case you are looking for hiring the software for your company.

› Mobile Optimized Display

In an era where the majority of your customers are using mobile services to navigate anything, and everything, a mobile-optimized access platform can boost the traffic. Apart from this, the feature also allows users to avoid desktops as they will be able to access your products through the mobile app.

› Response Handling

Another essential feature of the best marketing automation which must not be avoided is its response handling quality. If your customers face any issues with the software, then they must be able to communicate with your customer service team instantly. It will act as a trust enhancing factor while ensuring users about the product’s authenticity.

› Tight Security protocols

Apart from managing marketing tasks, the best marketing automation software must have a two-factor authentication process to prohibit unauthorized entry. Furthermore, features like single sign-in, activated firewall, Digital Encryption, and more are also proactively installed in the software.

› Google AdWords Visibility

Many companies and businesses use AdWords to increase profits as well as to get the best ROI. Hence, an online marketing automation software which efficiently complies with Google AdWords is a must to go for. Moreover, the software can also collect visitor data by leveraging the platform’s visiting history.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Marketing Automation Software

1. How does this marketing automation solution work with the CRM software I use?
2. Would there be a two-way flow of information between CRM and marketing automation systems?
3. Does the system support integration with other apps and software?
4. In what ways does the system handle the data flow?
5. How flexible is the software’s reporting module?
6. Does the platform offer tailored reports? Can I export the same?
7. How can I measure success with this solution?
8. Will it offer smooth migration from my present system? Or would it be easy to migrate to another system in the future?
9. Is the process of adding new users simple enough?
10. How long will the deployment take?
11. How much would be the training period?
12. Is the contract/pricing inclusive of all the features and support? Or are there any additional costs?
13. How often is the software updated?
14. What practices do you follow for on-going support for the software?
15. In what ways can we personalize the system?
16. Is the system capable of fulfilling our future needs?
17. Is the product compatible enough to work seamlessly on a range of devices, including mobile devices?
18. Does the system have the functionality to tackle the full customer lifecycle?
19. Should I expect any downtime?

» Key factors to consider before choosing Marketing Automation Software

If you are looking for the perfect marketing automation solutions, then, you should know that the market is full of a massive amount of choices. But in such situations, how can one find out what are the key factors which can ensure that choosing the marketing automation software will be a profitable business. Hence, in this list, we have compiled some of the essential points to help you in the decision making process.

› Users Allowed

If your company has a larger employee base, then managing the marketing chores will need software which allows a larger group of users to work on it. Hence, one must be careful enough to subscribe to software which fulfills the requirement. In such circumstances, one can also estimate the number of users beforehand to simplify the process.

› Facilities and Tools Provided

To ensure that you land with the perfect deal, the first thing is to check if the facilities you are looking for are available in the software. Moreover, the software should feasibly comply with your existing business tools to provide a seamless experience.

› Available Budget

Before choosing the marketing automation solutions, one must consider the budget the company can afford. It is always important to remember that the number of facilities and tools availed is directly proportional to the cost of the software. Hence, it is still advisable to make time and explore as many options available before picking one.

» How much does Marketing Automation Software cost?

Depending upon the facilities and tools availed, along with the other factors the pricing plan dramatically differs from one to another. While the lowest premium plan starts from $8/month, some of the expensive ones can also reach a whopping high of $399/month. Nowadays various top marketing automation tools also come with ‘Pay-as-you-go’ feature which helps the individuals to hire additional tools by paying their fees. However, the best method to land with the perfect software is to initially subscribe to the free basic version of the software, before going for the premium plans.

» Conclusion

There is no doubt that an online marketing automation software can help you in big ways starting from creating marketing campaigns to using insights to get desirable results. Thus, it’s time for you to use all your marketing effort together in combination with various marketing automation solutions to serve your customers through your full experience. Use the knowledge supplements from this guide to select the best marketing automation software from the market and easily adjust your campaigns to max out your sales.