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Created by OpenGenius – trailblazers in innovation – Ayoa is a world-leading innovation tool combining Mind Mapping, Task Management, and Chat, all in one app. Uncover your best ideas, collaborate with your team and then get stuff done with ease in Ayoa. Perfect for teams and individuals, Ayoa is a powerful and intuitive visual tool that can be used in whichever way best suits you. With regular updates and feature enhancements, Ayoa is set to keep on developing.

Ayoa Ratings
Capterra 4.6/5
GetApp 4.6/5
G2Crowd 4.1/5
Crozdesk -


United Kingdom

11 – 50



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What are the benefits of Ayoa to the businesses?

Ayoa helps businesses to manage everything from day-to-day duties to handling major projects and campaigns. Ayoa is different to any other SaaS tool on the market – it doesn’t just help you to get stuff done, it helps you get the right stuff done – after all, the best work starts with the best ideas. For businesses looking to become more creative, productive and efficient, Ayoa is a must-have tool.

Ayoa Features

Ayoa’s features include:

Fast and powerful Mind Mapping that allows you to brainstorm collaboratively and then transform ideas into reality by turning the branches of your Mind Map into actionable tasks.

› Chat with a difference – we know that tasks spring from conversations with colleagues. That’s why Ayoa Chat allows individuals to send tasks directly in chat, allowing you to easily keep track delegation and to-dos. Talk to your team by starting group chats and add colour to your messages with emojis.

› Task Management that fits you – whether you’re a visual worker or prefer to work in a more linear fashion, Ayoa’s multi-view Task Management options mould to fit you. Work visually with circular bubbles in Canvas View or switch to Kanban Style in Workflow for structured task management.

› My Planner – My Planner is a space for personal prioritization. Easily add in tasks from across your different Task Boards by simply selecting ‘Now, Next or Soon’ – so you can manage shifting priorities and stay on top of daily tasks.

› Filters – easily filter by Assignee, Due Date, Importance, Urgency, Tags, Attachments and more – to easily stay on top of the tasks that are relevant to you.

› Email – receive a Daily Summary Email with a list of your daily priorities and upcoming work. Easily send email to-do’s into Ayoa by forwarding tasks straight into the app.

Ayoa Pricing

» 1 user:

Monthly - £11/month (billed monthly)
Annual price – £9/month (billed annually)
2 year - £8.55/month (billed every 2 years)
3 year - £8.10/month (billed every 3 years)

» 5 users:

Monthly - £51/month (billed monthly)
Annual price – £42.50/month (billed annually)
2 year - £40.38/month (billed every 2 years)
3 year - £38.25/month (billed every 3 years)

» 10 users:

Monthly - £99/month (billed monthly)
Annual price – £82.50/month (billed annually)
2 year - £78.38/month (billed every 2 years)
3 year - £74.25/month (billed every 3 years)

» 20 users:

Monthly - £192/month (billed monthly)
Annual price – £160/month (billed annually)
2 year - £152/month (billed every 2 years)
3 year - £144/month (billed every 3 years)

» 40 users:

Monthly - £372/month (billed monthly)
Annual price – £310/month (billed annually)
2 year - £294.50/month (billed every 2 years)
3 year - £279/month (billed every 3 years)

» 60 users:

Monthly - £540/month (billed monthly)
Annual price – £450/month (billed annually)
2 year - £427.50/month (billed every 2 years)
3 year - £405/month (billed every 3 years)

60+? Get in touch with the Ayoa support team on support@ayoa.com
All education users receive a 35% discount

What is unique about Ayoa?

Ayoa is unique because it allows you to do your thinking, planning, communicating and doing, all in one place. It both streamlines and enhances the work process. With a beautiful visual interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use, you can work in whichever way best suits you.

Technical Details

Ayoa is available to use and download on the web, desktop (Windows and Mac), Android, iPhone, and iPad.
While Ayoa is only currently available in English, language support is on our roadmap.

Ayoa offers a number of integrations including Google Drive, Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox and more. For more info please see this page: https://www.ayoa.com/integrations/

Support Details

Ayoa offers support via email and phone, in addition to a number of support guides and tutorial videos. The friendly Ayoa support team can be contacted via support@ayoa.com or called at (US) 1 800 9614 582 (ROW) +44 (0) 207 1177 173. Teams requiring assistance can also book a free demo to talk through key features and answer any other queries you might have. OpenGenius also run a number of Applied Innovation & Mind Mapping courses for those looking to make creativity a priority in their work, find out more here: https://opengenius.com/capabilities/certified-training/

Ayoa Awards

» OpenGenius - creators of Ayoa - have provided software solutions for over 1 million people and helped teams and individuals for a number of high-profile, creative companies, including Disney, NASA, Nike, Coca-Cola, Harvard University, Apple, BBC, Microsoft & many more.

Become more productive with Ayoa; the task management software offers a great feature for collaboration and idea generation. Ayoa offers chat, gamification, time-tracking, mobile access, and many more features to improve your productivity and collaboration level. It’s truly easy to use, flexible, and collaborative software to manage multiple tasks.
- SoftwareWorld Research

What customers are saying about Ayoa

"I’m really loving the mix of visual and text and the choice of views. I’ve left my Reminders and Trello behind (sorry), and this is all I use for both my business and personal to-dos. It’s easy and quick to setup and I’m in love." - Kylie Ross Creative Entrepreneur

"DropTask [Ayoa] designs a picture for me to view work status. This makes collaboration so much easier as people can report what they want during the day, resulting in fewer phone calls, less paperwork (with information the team need to hand to me), and no to-do ‘lists’." - Mark Pohlmann Project Manager

"I’ve tried every organisational tool going I think, I’ve not tried something that has so seamlessly fitted in to my workflow with all features I need and more with a beautiful, usable UX, so much so that I subscribed within ten minutes. Fantastic job guys." - Rich Lovelock Web Developer

"My team really enjoy using DropTask [Ayoa] and are constantly amazed at what new ideas the DropTask [Ayoa] team are coming up with. We simply love the visuals of DropTask [Ayoa] because you can instantly see where things are in relation to each other." - Jeffrey Loosli HR Specialist

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