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Atatus offers a suite of performance measurement products to monitor and improve the performance of your browser, APM, infrastructure applications in real-time. The error tracking feature will identify and log the errors. One of the top APM software it promises cloud or on-premise deployment flexibility. Organizations that are its users recommend it.

Atatus Ratings
Capterra 4.5
crozdesk 4.7
G2Crowd 4.7

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What are the benefits of Atatus to the businesses?

Your business can benefit from using the Atatus by which you can get a complete overview of your stack, how it performs, where are the bottlenecks in performance, which users are affected the most and which errors break your code for your frontend, backend code and the complete infrastructure.

Atatus Features

Atatus offers the following features:

› Browser Monitoring - to monitor the performance of web pages, users interaction of the pages, the load time, the AJAX request wait times.

› Application Monitoring - to monitor the performance of the servers, the processes, the response time to the DB requests, response time.

› Infrastructure Monitoring - to monitor the performance of the infrastructure. The amount of CPU utilization by the servers, the storage used, the number of network packets sent and received.

› Health Checks - to monitor the servers continually to know the status (health). It tells if the server is up or down.

Atatus Pricing

Atatus offers reasonable pricing depending on your requirements. Following is our pricing list:

Browser Plans

PageViews/MonthMonthly Pricing ($)Annual Pricing ($)
>5MContact Atatus (for special discount)Contact Atatus (for special discount)

APM Plans

Hosts/MonthMonthly Pricing ($)Annual Pricing ($)
>10Contact Atatus (for special discount)Contact Atatus (for special discount)

Infrastructure Plans

The monthly infrastructure plan pricing starts at $10/ host.

The annual plan pricing starts at $84.

What is unique about Atatus?

Atatus is:

Complex- free
Simple and user friendly
Very affordable, we even provide a 20% discount from our annual billing
Best browser, APM, infrastructure monitoring
Excellent Error tracking system.
Health checks feature to quickly identify the status of your servers
Pre available packages ready for installation.

Technical Details

Atatus supports the following languages and platforms:

PHP, Node.js,  Javascript, Angular, React, Backbone, Ember, Meteor, Vue, Iconic, Iconic 2, Laravel, Hapi, WordPress, Drupal, PhoneGap

The above list is not complete. Atatus offers support to many other platforms too.

Support Details

Atatus offers the following modes of support:

Form submissions

What customers are saying about Atatus

"Extremely easy to implement, but offers so much visibility into my web app! Before installing Atatus, I was blind to the performance and errors that my clients were getting. Now I can see every error they get and look at pages that are slow to load and fix them." - Scott G.

"The best thing about Atatus as a tool is the continuous improvement of the technology and the fact that it enables its users to overcome business issues. We have been working with Atatus for only a few months now, and so far with the help of the Session Traces provided we identified bottlenecks on customer applications that originated from both the application code and the database. The ability to visualize these was enough for our Dev and Ops teams to analyze the issue further and improve the application performance." - Marco G.

"Easy to track analyze JavaScript errors. It's easy to use and it gives you very good insights, the support team is also really good and responsive. Very good if you want to monitor the most important areas of your application." - Kacper B.

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